Features: SPY24 the World's Most ​ Advanced Parental Monitoring App

Remotely Control a Cell Phone

If you want to know how to control a cell phone from afar, SPY24 smartphone tracking can help. With this app, you can change how things work and send commands to the target device from a distance.


IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber can have their keystrokes watched.


Get instant alerts when your kids use certain words in their SMS, emails, phonebook, and locations. This will protect them from both online and offline abuse.


View the top 10 websites visited, top 5 callers and top 5 call durations. Also includes a Call Time Activity Punch Card for the numbers of calls made on a certain hour and day of a week.


Keep an eye on your kids' or employees' emails and the sites they visit. Look at all the sites they have bookmarked and find out how often they go to those sites.


Record and listen to their phone recordings to know what they are up to and what they talk about on and without their phones.


Check all photos and videos they have saved on their phones and tablets. Also, monitor all appointments scheduled on the target devices.


This application allows you to read all SMS and MMS sent or received by the user of the phone. Learn more by clicking on the following features: SMS & MMS tracking, SMS alert


This application lets you view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, their duration, the date and time they took place. Learn more by clicking on the following features: Tracking Call Logs, Call Recording, Blocking calls

GPS Locations

Mobile Tracker Free lets you track the position of the target phone live. Learn more by clicking on the following features: GPS Position History, Real-time tracking


This application allows you to view all the pictures taken and images received by the user of the phone. Learn More: View photos and images

Remote control

With remote control, you can fully control the phone, delete data, make it vibrate / ring, take a picture and more. Learn more by clicking on the following features: Audio recording, To take a picture, SMS Command, Other Features

Live viewing

With Mobile Tracker Free you can view live what happens on the phone screen and around it. Learn More: Audio / Video / Screen

File Manager

With Mobile Tracker Free, browse the file explorer and view all downloaded and received files. Learn More: File Explorer - Remote File Download

Schedule restriction

Mobile Tracker Free allows you to restrict the use of the phone by blocking access to all applications. Learn More: Restrict phone use


Access all phone applications, block applications that you think are harmful to your child. Learn more by clicking on the following features: Monitoring installed applications, Application Blocking

Web sites

View all websites visited by your child or employees, block sites that you think are too dangerous. Learn more by clicking on the following features: History of sites visited, Blocking websites


Mobile Tracker Free alerts you when a new event is added to the calendar. Learn More: History of events


Mobile Tracker Free notifies you when a new contact is saved in the address book. Learn More: Track new contacts

Analysis tools

Generate PDF, Excel reports. Know with who your child is talking about the most, with which game he plays the most, ... Learn more by clicking on the following features: Statistics, Report PDF / Excel / CSV

Instant messaging

SPY24 lets you access incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber, Instagram and YouTube history without the target phone being rooted. You can also access messages received from Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Kik, WeChat, Tinder, IMO, Gmail, Tango, SnapChat and Hike without the phone being rooted.

Track WhatsApp Calls

You can check who your child has taken a call with, when the call was made, if it was a video or voice call, the duration and any missed calls accurately. And, call logs can be exported.

The Best Cell Phone Spy App & PC Monitoring Software in the World

You can use the links below to get the software for iPhone Spy and Android Spy that lets you keep an eye on your kids.

Computer Monitoring Software

SPY24 computer monitoring software gives you access to cutting-edge features that let you spy on any Desktop/Laptops from anywhere. SPY24 MAC & PC spy app is able to do stealth operations without letting your target know. For example, you can see exactly when each activity on a PC or MAC computer happened online.

Spy Phone Software

SPY24 App, also called "Spyware Apps," is software that lets you spy on a phone. You can track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, and locations with these kinds of apps. These apps are hidden, so the end user can't find them. This software also tracks GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Android Monitoring

Instant Messenger chats can be watched on Android right away! SPY24 is a powerful Android monitoring app that can keep an eye on call logs, chats, and multimedia from... Mobile Spy Apps, also called Spyware Apps, are software that lets you spy on a smartphone.

iPhone Monitoring

SPY24 is the only iPhone Spy app that lets you listen to the surroundings, listen to live phone calls, track the location of the device, and watch chats. Free iPhone Spy App is a monitoring app that keeps track of what iPhones and iPads are doing online. You can spy on an iPhone with SPY24 iPhone spy by

Mobile Spy App Free

SPY24 cell phone monitoring software lets you keep track of what your child or employee does on their Android-based smartphone or tablet. What is a spy app for a phone? Spy Phone Apps let you track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Call Phone Tracking Spy

Spy app for call logs Do you get calls from numbers you don't know, which makes you feel very uncomfortable? Want to stop that and have more control over the calls that come in? The answer is SPY24 call tracking! We made a complete, easy-to-use call tracking software package so you can keep track of callers and even find out where they are calling from. SPY24 lets you see the full call history of a monitored phone right away. Check the times and details of your child's phone calls.

WhatsApp Spy App

How to Track WhatsApp You can see all of the messages sent and received through the WhatsApp app. Prevent contacts with adults hiding behind children’s profiles. Track all WhatsApp chats, including the date, time, and length of every call, message, and other WhatsApp activity.

How SPY24 Protect your teens and business assets in 3 steps

You can download the parental control software for iPhone spy and Android spy PC - MAC through the following links.


All it takes is a few minutes to get started with SPY24. Finish the setup by logging into your SPY24 dashboard using the provided account credentials.


Use our emailed instructions to download and install SPY24 monitoring app on the target cell phone or tablet.


Choose your mobile monitoring subscription plan and payment option that rightly serves your monitoring needs.

Why Choose SPY24 Mobile Monitoring App ( Control Panel Preview)

  • The best value for your hard-earned money with a top of the line Monitored features for any spyware currently available.
  • in the best iPhone spy apps category for its install spy version.
  • Crowned no. 1 in the best iPhone spy apps category for its iCloud spy version.
  • Ranked amongst the best Android spy apps for its over 40 innovative features.
  • Works effortlessly on all Android Spy and iOS Spy devices.
  • A helpful and 24/7 customer support staff with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Minimalist, intuitive and user-friendly interface that’s super-easy to get started.
  • Acknowledged as one of the best parental and employee monitoring apps.
  • Non-intrusive and fully-discreet mobile spyware for amazing surveillance.
  • Most-affordable packages and different payment options for added convenience.
  • A safe and reliable smartphone tracking software with the most innovative features.
  • A complete cell phone monitoring package for parents and business owners.

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Us



Bonn, Germany

I’ve heard a lot about the victims of online predators but never thought my daughter would become one of them. SPY24™ helped me to bust a man who sent my 14-year-old daughter inappropriate texts and disgusting photos. I could not believe my eyes! He was trying to lure her into meeting him and running away together. I don’t want to even imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t found out about it on time.




“I have a business and need to keep track of my trucks. The best feature for me is definitely the GPS. It shows the location and is constantly updating to new locations, making it easy to track my employees. I would definitely recommend using this product if you are trying to keep track of someone or something! Paige



Bonn, Germany

ersonally, I have used other tools before like Mobile spy but I have to say SPY24 is the best among all these. The customer service is very efficient and always ready to answer all the questions and this was my motivation in the first place to subscribe. I would recommend SPY24 at any time. 10/10 for me.

Why SPY24™ Is the Best Mobile Phone Tracker

SPY24 has what it takes to be the most trusted parental and employee monitoring software. It works in complete stealth mode and runs in the target device's background so your target phone or tablet holder will never know about it. What's more: SPY24 mobile spy software is so easy; even your grandfather will be able to use it easily!

Android Monitoring (No Root) Mobile Tracker Free

User-friendly Control Panel

Around-the-clock support. Our multilingual support team has your back 24/7.

Up-to-date information. Data about the target phone activities updates every 5 min.

Secure and reliable. All data is encrypted and protected. Only you can access it.

Affordable solution. Monitor your child’s device for less than $1 per day.

Works in a background mode. The app is not visible on the target device.

Easy installation & remote monitoring. It takes less than 10 minutes to install.

You Can Totally Rely on SPY24 - We've Got Your Back

SPY24 won't leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

100% Secure Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Live Chat

Stealth Mode 100% Invisible


Can I keep an eye on my kid's phone?

Yes, SPY24 is a good monitoring tool that lets you keep track of almost everything on your child's phone. You will also be able to limit how apps or websites can be used and block calls you don't want to get.

What happens when I buy something?

You will get a confirmation email once your order has been sent and your payment has been approved. If you haven't gotten the email in a couple of minutes, check your Spam folder. Next, click on the link in the email to log in to your Control Panel and open the Installation Wizard, which will help you set up the application.

How do I put SPY24 on an iOS device?

Only if the iPhone has 2-step authentication turned on do you have to install the app directly on it. In other cases, SPY24 is linked to the device through iCloud. If you put the iCloud login information into your Control Panel, the software will automatically connect to the device.

How do I put SPY24 on my Android?

Use the login information sent to you in the confirmation email to get into your Control Panel, and then follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard. Please keep in mind that Android devices need to be "rooted" to use Premium features. If you don't know how rooting works, you can get more information by contacting our support.

Is it possible to track a phone number from a distance?

No matter what the online articles say, you can't use a phone number to find out where a phone is. Even if you find a way to get information from a phone number, it won't help once the person changes their sim card. But with SPY24, you don't have to think about how to track a person with a cell phone number because it doesn't need the sim card information to work. So, even if the devices' phone numbers change, you can still use the software to its fullest without having to reinstall anything.Stay up-to-date with SPY24Hidden Cell Phone Tracker: With the best phone tracking software, you won't have to worry about anything. With the SPY24tracking app, you can see who your child is talking to on Facebook or WhatsApp, track their GPS routes, or block dangerous websites from afar. One-click will take you to a new level of safety online.

Is SPY24 the best tracker app that stays hidden?

SPY24 is one of the best-known phone tracking apps. It has more than 30 monitoring features, such as limiting calls, tracking social media, a GPS locator, blocking websites, and much more. We also offer multilingual support around the clock, so feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Does SPY24 track cell phones in real-time?

How often the data is updated depends on how well the target device is connected to the Internet and how often you set it to update. The shortest amount of time between updates you can choose is 5 minutes.

Can I listen in on a phone just by knowing its number?

As was already said, you can't use someone's phone number to spy on them. To keep track of what they do on their phone, you would have to put tracking software on it.

Can someone's phone be tracked without them knowing?

You have to ask the user's permission before you can put software on their device. SPY24 does not want the software to be used illegally in any way. But you can monitor someone's device without telling them if it has to do with the safety of your children who are underage.

Is SPY24 okay to use?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use software like SPY24 to keep an eye on your kids. But it's up to you to decide if you have the right permission to put it on someone else's device. If you're not sure if this kind of software is legal in your country, you should talk to a lawyer.

Can I track by IMEI or phone number?

No. Installing monitoring software on the device is the only way to keep track of what the device is doing or where it is.

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