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How to Monitor BBM Messages On Android & IPhone Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 not just monitors BBM Messages chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

Monitor BBM Chat

SPY24 can be used to monitor BBM Chat specifically via its unique features, such as logging keystrokes input in BBM, recording text messages and voice messages sent and received, and capturing screenshots. As long as you install SPY24, you can monitor BBM Chat on your kids or employees’ Android or iOS devices in a discreet and tamper-proof mode.

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BBM Spy App to Spy on BBM Messages for Free

BBM spy is an application which monitors messages on Blackberry messenger. SPY24 BBM spy app is a monitoring application for tracking BBM text messages, logging keystrokes and capturing screenshots. It also records SMS messages, call logs, call recordings, surroundings, websites visited, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, and social chat conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hike, imo and more. SPY24 BBM spy app offers a free trial which enables you to spy on BBM messages for free.

Use our BBM Spy App to keep an eye on BBM.

You can see all incoming and outgoing instant messages on the target device with our BBM messenger spy app. SPY24 makes it easy for users to get important information. Information can be seen right away and saved for later. You can even look at the captured data in your online SPY24 account and download it in an easy-to-understand format. BBM spy is an app that can read your Blackberry Messenger messages. The SPY24 BBM spy app is a monitoring program that lets you track BBM text messages, log keystrokes, and take screenshots. It also keeps track of SMS messages, call logs, call recordings, surroundings, websites visited, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, and social chat conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hike, IMO, and more. The free trial of the SPY24 BBM spy app lets you read BBM messages for free.

BlackBerry BBM Spy Messenger

Conversations in BlackBerry Messenger can reveal a lot about the people talking, including your children and employees who use company-owned devices. When it comes to communication, chatting is the new it-thing, and the products offered by SPY24 guarantee that you will be able to maintain your finger on the pulse of each and every BBM chat that exists. When you make use of a product from SPY24, you can: 

Keep an eye on everything that goes on in the BBM chat. 

You can also view the time and date of chat messages sent and received, and thanks to alerts, you can keep track of which appointments are made in real-time. 

You will be able to view previous conversations that were saved on the device because they will be uploaded to your online dashboard as soon as the phone is connected to the internet. 

The Process Behind the Recording of BBM Chats 

In a matter of seconds, SPY24 grants access to BBM chat logs. SPY24 records all of the conversations that take place through BBM, then upload those recordings to an online control panel where the user can view them at their convenience. 

How exactly can the BBM Spy feature assist you? 

This feature was developed bearing in mind the fact that BBM chats have evolved to become the predominant mode of communication on Blackberry devices. It is very helpful for parents who want to keep an eye on the interactions and activities that their adolescents participate in outside of school. Employers can reap the benefits of this feature as well by monitoring the amount of time absentee workers spend away from the office.

Frequently Asked Questions - BBM App Spy

Can BBM be hacked?

If a person is using a BES system his BBM Protected has an extra encryption layer with custom key. It's impossible to hack it. However under extreme circumstances regular BBM messages are decrypted by BlackBerry under court order.

Can i spy on a phone with just the number?

In one simple word- YES. It is actually very easy to hack a cell phone, even if all you have is the phone number. In fact, there are various ways to hack a cell phone through its number.

Is there a spy app for text messages?

SPY24 comes with an exceptional reputation that offers the easiest way to read someone's Android and iOS text messages for free. After installing the spying app, one can get access through a web-based control panel.

Can BBM be tracked without having to "root" the phone?

The SPY24 BBM spy app works on both phones that have been rooted and phones that have not. Your Android device doesn't need to be rooted. Check out the list of features here.

Can BBM chats be watched on an iPhone that hasn't been jailbroken?

No. The SPY24 BBM spy app can't read BBM chats on devices that haven't been jailbroken. You have to jailbreak the device you want to use. Here is a link to the Jailbreak Guide.

Can old BBM messages be read again?

Yes. SPY24 saves BBM messages that are deleted after the SPY24 App is installed. It can't keep track of the messages that were deleted before it was installed. For iPhones and iPads that haven't been jailbroken, it can read BBM messages that have been deleted after an iCloud backup. It can't read messages that were deleted before an iCloud backup was made.

What you can do with our BBM Messenger spy app feature

  • Our BBM messenger spy app allows users to spy on Blackberry messenger conversations completely undetected. The benefits of this feature include:
  • Benefits for Parents Ensuring the safety of your children online is becoming more of a challenge than ever. If like many parents you are worried about the company your kids keep, or you are concerned about the people they are speaking to on BBM, you’ll be glad to learn our Blackberry Messenger spy app is what you need to protect them from danger.
  • Online bullying is another huge concern for parents in the modern age. Having technology as useful as the BBM Messenger spy app feature can be vital for ensuring your children are safe.
  • With SPY24’s Blackberry Messenger spy technology, you will remain completely anonymous and be able to protect your children from threats and predators.
  • Benefits for Individuals If you own a Blackberry or use the Blackberry Instant Messenger and would like to back up important conversations, SPY24 is the ideal choice for this. It makes it easy to archive and access Blackberry messages at any time. You will feel secure knowing that your messages are saved even if your phone is lost or stolen.

Benefits for Employers

If your employee is using a company device with Blackberry Messenger, our BBM Messenger monitoring feature will enable you to track employee activity and productivity. It gives employers the technology they need to record every Blackberry message sent and received by a target device. Importantly, employers can make sure their employees are not sharing valuable company information to their friends or worse, competitors. All contact details between the sender and recipient are also available, so you will know exactly who is communicating with whom.

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