Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring

How to Monitor Wi-Fi Network Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how you can monitor Wi-Fi Network via SPY24?

How Does the Wi-Fi, Battery, and GPS Status on the Target Device Work?

Once the user has full access to the SPY24 online control panel using the login information, you can use it to get to the features you want. Now you need to tap on the target device's Wi-Fi, battery, and GPS status. It will let you know if the target device is connected to Wi-Fi, if GPS is turned on on the target cell phone, and, last but not least, how much battery is left on the target device.

Social Media Tracking

Social media tracking can track messaging apps, chat, messages, voice and video conversations, and share photos & videos.

Unlock Photos

Unlock the photo gallery of your kid’s mobile phone without knowing the passcode. Create an online backup of all images saved on phone memory and retrieve deleted photos.

Browsing History

Get remote access to the history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and commonly used internet browsers.

What is SPY24 Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring?

You won't find anything on the internet about monitoring Wi-Fi logs because most people don't think about it. But SPY24 goes above and beyond so you can find out every little thing about where they've been. SPY24 lets you view: Every time you sign in to a Wi-Fi network, write down the name of the network, the date, and the time. where the Wi-Fi connection that is signed in Introducing a new way to look at your WiFi and improve it, Make your Android phone or tablet a WiFi analyzer. WiFi Analyzer tells you where and on what channel your network will work best. WiFi Analyzer gives you the best information on how to improve your network to reduce interference, speed up your connection, and make it more stable.

Why use spy24 wi-fi network logs monitoring?

Regular users of spy apps know how important it is to be able to see what Wi-Fi networks the target person logged into. Other spy apps won't tell you about "extra check-ins" like these. 

If you looked at your kids' Wi-Fi network logs, you could tell if they were at Shawn's or Bradley's. Also, you get the addresses of all the places they like to go to most often. 

With SPY24's monitoring of Wi-Fi network logs, you could still find out where they hang out even if they try to hide it. 

SPY24 can find out if your employees are connecting to Wi-Fi networks with poor security if you are worried about that. 

SPY24 now has more than 35+ monitoring features, one of which is watching the logs of a Wi-Fi network. 

Spy on Wi-Fi Networks 

If you are worried that your child is going to dangerous or unsuitable places, SPY24 can help. Find out where your child is going by keeping track of the Wi-Fi hotspots that their phone connects to.

Frequently Asked Questions - WI-FI Spy

Is It Possible To See The Monitored Wi-Fi Connections’ Security Type?

For now, it’s not possible to do that. But we do understand the significance of it and will come up with it in the future.

Is There Any Extra Fee For The Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring?

No, there’s no additional fee. Wi-Fi network log monitoring comes free with every SPY24 Android subscription.

Which Mobile Operating Systems Are Compatible With The Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring Feature?

The feature is only available on Android due to platform restrictions on iOS and other mobile devices.

Why will you find this feature useful?

  • There are Wi-Fi hotspots all over your city and by monitoring your child’s connection to them, you can put together an accurate picture of where they have been and what they have been doing.
  • Let’s assume your teen daughter has skipped Math class to sit in a café located in the immediate vicinity of school grounds. By relying solely on GPS location tracking, you may think she is where she should be, as determining location is at best only approximate. With SPY24’s Wi-Fi Networks feature, location tracking provides you with precise location details.
  • Please keep in mind that monitoring Wi-Fi hotspots isn’t enough. A comprehensive monitoring system is essential for responsible parental control.
  • Wi-Fi Networks If you’re worried that your child is visiting dangerous or inappropriate locations, SPY24 has the solution. Discover the locations your child is visiting by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone connects with.

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