Windows PC Spy Software - Monitoring For Desktop/Laptop

Remotely supervise the digital behavior of your children and employees by tracking their desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS. Sneak into Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG or any Windows PC with the SPY24 Windows monitoring solution. Windows monitoring software to remotely spy on windows computer such as desktop and laptops Windows spy app can secretly monitor the activities.

Windows Monitoring Software – Remotely Microsoft PC Spy

windows spy software to monitor windows computers & laptops. SPY24 spy software for windows computers can secretly monitor all the activities remotely. The most powerful and undetectable Windows spy software. Remotely check all activities on a Windows PC. Windows Spy software is hidden and undetectable

User- friendly Reports

Reports will be easy to understand regarding all of the activities performed on window device.

On demand screen shots

Smoothly capture screen shots of every single activity your kids or employees are doing

Block website

Stop functionality of any particular website that you think is inappropriate

Mighty Alarms

Fix alarms on specifically marked activities of your kids or employees on your target window device.

Invisible Mode Tracking

Invisible remote installer allows stealth mode tracking to ensure uninfluenced tracking.

Online/Offline Tracking

Unlike most of the productivity assessment tools, SPY24 provides both online-offline tracking.

Real-Time Monitoring

See exactly what’s happening on your monitored devices in real-time; there are no coverage gaps.

Simple setup and Usage

Just install the windows PC & laptop spy software and start tracking remotely what you are looking for

Real-Time Monitoring

Remotely witness the real-time computer activities of the object with the help of screenshots or screen recording.

Windows Monitoring Software Reports - Spy Software For PC To Track Someone In Real Time

Software for monitoring employees working on the Windows operating system. Installation requirements, peculiarities of working on Microsoft Windows, open source program


A unique undetectable monitoring software and keylogger for Windows PC:Windows spy is a great little program that can help you keep an eye on what your kids are up to online. It records all the websites they visit and sends you weekly reports so you can be sure they're staying safe and off of inappropriate websites. Plus, it's totally invisible to the user, so they'll never know it's there!

Website Blocking

Manage internet access by blocking objectionable and unproductive websites. Block websites by URLs, category or keywords.

Online & Offline Tracking

Keep track of almost every single online and offline activity performed on the targeted personal computer.

Invisible Tracking Mode

Sneak into the targeted computer device without letting the target know. Monitor device with complete secrecy.

Track Device

Find out the GPS location of the device.Remotely track the current GPS location of lost or theft windows PCs virtually on the MAP.

Why only SPY24 Windows PC & Laptop Monitoring Software should be the Ultimate Choice?

Do you want to know what your children are doing online? Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you need to monitor what your employees are doing during work hours? Is someone tampering with your computer while you are away? You can easily find out the truth with SPY24 PC Spy software.

Worth of SPY24 Windows Spy Solution for Individuals

SPY24 PC monitoring solution lets you track and operate a computer without having access. It offers online storage for data and allows finding stolen or lost computer.


Get reports regarding activities that occurred on target device.Get real-time reports regarding activities performed on the target widows laptop & desktop devices


Secure media files by uploading them to online storage.Remotely save data of the target windows PC in terms of photos to the online dashboard.

Screen Recording

Record whatever appears on the computer screen.Record short videos of the screen to know the activities happening on windows in real-time.

Who uses SPY24 PC Spy software?

SPY24 PC Spy software can be used in many computer environments, and in countless ways. Here are a few possible uses for SPY24 PC Spy software.

Top Categories

Differentiate websites and apps as productive and unproductive using employee monitoring software.

Sent/Received Emails

SPY24 enables you to get your eyes on sent /received top emails.

Activity logs

SPY24 let you install spy software on any PC or laptop.

Alarm logs

It provides you complete reports of made-to-order automatic alarm signals.


SPY24 is specifically developed to notify and set up management stats

Strokes & mouse click

View an accurate number of all applied keystrokes on laptop keyboard and mouse clicks on PC by the target users.

Visited Websites

Most visited websites along with the real time and duration. It clarifies you to the fullest.


Click here to see the full features, detailed comparison list with competitors.


Can run 100% invisible or visible. Undetectable, runs in the background without any evidence.


Offers everything competitors have plus extra 70 features that no one else can offer.


Provides remote updates, remote upgraded, remote settings changes, and remote uninstall

Windows Spy Keylogger - Windows Spy Tool

SPY24 Free Keylogger .It’s a powerful keylogger for children and employees control .Remote monitoring on your PC – recording keystrokes, passwords, screenshots


The program records all content copied to the clipboard.


You can remove the program on the target PC remotely – through secure web account


View all running applications including games and iTunes


SPY24 Keylogger Free will record the date and time the computer is used and by whom


This program also has the trait of Printer Control which allows controlling the printer activities on the system


The activities of removable drives such as HDD, USB and SD can be both monitored and controlled


See all recorded keystrokes even they are removed


Also included in this program is the feature of Analytics module which is used for report generation and other services

SPY24 Spy Software - Computer Monitoring Software - Internet Recording Spy Software

SPY24 Software provides users with award-winning PC and Mac computer monitoring, employee monitoring, spy software, and parental control software for home users and businesses.

REMOTE UPDATE Update Remotely

Update to the latest version faster and easier than ever. Always stay up to date with the latest version of SPY24 Computer Spy. One click updates and PC key-logger automatically and remotely update

MONITOR IMS Spy On Online Chats

See every word typed on popular Chat apps. View the contents of the most popular IM chats - Skype, Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp, etc. - even those that have been deleted

SEE FILE ACTIVITIES Monitor Files Transfers

Monitor all file activity and transfers. Know when a file was opened, who modified it and where it was sent with our file transfer and activity tracking feature

EASY ACCESS Smart Reporting System

Data is uploaded to your portal. View all computer activity in your secure online portal or download our first-of-its-kind mobile viewer app for access on the go


Monitor the USB devices activity at the time of connection. You can know the date and time when a particular USB drive was used on your machine and moreover


Keep track of all computer network connections including bandwidth usage, user logins and even print jobs. Track users log on/off activity with date/time and login details

REMOTE SETTINGS Change Settings Remotely

Remotely change software features. Enable or disable any feature you want at any time from your online control panel. All settings can be adjusted remotely without access to the target PC

TAMPER CONTROLS Hidden or Visible

SPY24 gives you the option to run the software visible or hidden mode. No other software gives you this options

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