LINE Messenger Spy App - Monitor LINE Messages

Are you curious about what your child is talking about on their LINE messenger app? Do you want to be able to track their conversations and contacts? If so, then you need the LINE Messenger Spy app. This app will allow you to see all of the conversations and contacts that your child has in their LINE messenger app. You can also see when they are online and what type of messaging they are using (text, voice, or video). With this app, you can keep your child safe and informed.

How to Monitor LINE Messages On Android & IPhone Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 not just monitors LINE Messages chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

LINE Tracker App for iPhone and Android Kid's Cell Phone

How to spy on LINE hidden chats, incoming/outcoming messages? How to track activity in LINE messenger remotely on target iPhone (iOS) or Android mobile phone? Is it possible monitor exact time when the message was sent/received? Yes, definitely! With SPY24 LINE Tracker App!

  • View text messages

    Read any sent and received text message directly from your Control Panel

  • View any contact details

    Ensure your children don’t communicate with strangers or inappropriate people

  • Track Hidden chats

    View the hidden communications and always know what your kid is up to.

What is SPY24 Line Messenger Spy Software?

What is SPY24 Line Messenger Spy Software?

With SPY24, you can remotely track LINE messages sent and received on the target phones or tablets. Instantly check names and numbers of callers and other details like time and date stamps too. Read all LINE chats threads. Check the sender’s name and number. View time and date stamps. Export all LINE chats as spreadsheets.Line Screen Recording: Record Performances of the Line App Screen When They Are Turned On: With the line screen recorder app, you can record a person's live performance. End-user can secretly watch the person they want to. It helps you record your screen in real-time and find out what they are doing. It lets you keep track of the device and see how they do online.

Line Tracker

Line Tracker

Line Messenger Spy App lets you see what people are doing on Line from afar. With a Line tracking app, the user can keep track of the targeted Line user's chats, calls, and group chats. It lets you know how your loved one is doing while you're using the social messenger app. It helps you stay on top of things so you can avoid danger. What is Line Monitoring Software SPY24: SPY24 can help you find out what is happening online right now. You can spy on your loved one's Line activity from afar and find out what they are doing. SPY24 is the best Line messenger spying app that lets you keep an eye on anyone you want without them knowing.

Why Use SPY24 LINE Messenger Spy?

  • With SPY24 LINE Messenger Spy tool, you can monitor LINE messages on all Android devices. If you have to monitor your kids’ personal devices, then there’s no better way to that than with SPY24. Children love LINE messenger because its full of emojis and quirky stickers that they prefer playing with.
    Your Kids Deserve SPY24 Line Spy App

    Your children need your help to tread in the online world. There are all kinds of risks lurking in their digital space – be their protector and savior whenever and wherever they need you. And when you spy on LINE app on their phones, you are actually doing them a favor. You can view who they are chatting with and what those chats are normally about.
    More Cell Phone Use Means More chances of Bullying!

    According to a study, people who use their mobile devices more extensively are more prone to cyberbullying. When it comes to kids, particularly teens, they spend around 9 hours every day on their phones. Don’t let your kids fall prey to anyone’s nuisance—get SPY24 LINE spy today and start keeping tabs on their online activity.

Why Use SPY24 LINE Messenger Spy?

Frequently Asked Questions - LINE app spy

  • Which devices are compatible with SPY24 LINE app spy?

    SPY24 can be used to spy LINE Messenger on all Android, running Gingerbread 2.3 or above. Also, make sure that the target Android device is rooted for this feature to work. For more information, check out our compatibility page.

  • How to spy on LINE messages?

    Once you have subscribed to SPY24, you can spy on LINE messages by going to your SPY24 web account/online dashboard. On the dashboard, go to the “Messenger” tab, and select “LINE” from the drop-down menu to access all LINE messages.

  • Is it possible for me to access those LINE messages that are present on the target device prior to the installation of SPY24?

    SPY24 let’s you access all those LINE messages that exists on the target device upon to its installation. Other apps only upload data that’s saved on a device after the installation.

  • Can I still spy on LINE app messages if there is no internet connection on the monitored device?

    SPY24 works in offline, which means that you can still continue to spy on LINE messages even if there is no internet connection. However, you can only access those messages once the target device connects to the internet.

  • How long does it take for SPY24 to upload LINE texts from the monitored device to my web account?

    Because SPY24 works in real time, it usually takes just a few minutes for the LINE text messages to be uploaded to your SPY24 web account.

  • What are the perquisites for spying on LINE messages using SPY24?

    For SPY24 to spy on LINE messages, you will need to have a working internet connection and a valid SPY24 subscription which is available for as low as $/month.

  • What is the line's screen recorder?

    The line screen recorder app tracks devices' online performances. This app records online activities back-to-back. This finds a person's online messenger app.

  • Which app records Line best?

    Live screen recording is best with SPY24. It allows remote online monitoring. This software shows live device activity. It lets you find your target and see real-time online activity.

  • Is line activity logged?

    Yes, line apps can be recorded live. Current events can be filmed and researched online. You can monitor a loved one's online activity. This protects your child from harm.

  • What's the benefit?

    It finds social media activity without touching the device. It lets you protect your kids from cyberbullying and online stalkers. It's the best way to protect your child.

  • How to use the line's screen recorder?

    Install the app on the device. You must install SPY24. After installing SPY24, you can get screen recordings from the app's dashboard.

  • Kid-friendly?

    Without supervision, it's dangerous for kids. It's a good way to share and get information, but it can harm kids. So, protect kids from online threats.

  • Need a Line spy app?

    Emerging technology is both beneficial and dangerous for us. Complete monitoring is needed to counteract their negative effects. Parents want to monitor kids' social messenger app activity remotely.

  • Line monitoring app for employers?

    Business owners can use the spy app to monitor employees remotely. End-users can spy on employees' online activity. It monitors employees' Line performances.

  • Line monitoring app for employers?

    Business owners can use the spy app to monitor employees remotely. End-users can spy on employees' online activity. It monitors employees' Line performances.

  • How SPY24 monitors Line?

    Remember SPY24. App installers should learn their process. Visit SPY24's website and download the Line tracker app. You'll then receive a login email. After that, you can install the app on the device. In the final step, access the SPY24 Line app dashboard to get monitoring software.

  • What does the Line tracker app let you do?

    Using the SPY24 Line Messenger Tracker, you can find out everything your loved one does online in secret. You can see all of their chats, log all of their messages, and do a lot more. So, this is a simple way to find out what your target person does.

Why do you need to monitor LINE Messages with SPY24?

  • LINE app has more than 900 million users, of which, most of them are teens and tweens. In Japan, 95 percent of female smartphone users (ages between 10 and 19) use LINE, while 89.1 percent of male smartphone users (ages between 10 and 19) use this instant messaging app.
  • Due to its popularity amongst young adults and its features like private chats, LINE is a powerful tool for pedophiles and online bullies.
  • Kids generally believe that it’s all right to share their personal photos and texts with others on LINE; which isn’t true, at all.
  • With SPY24, you can track LINE messages timely, cost-effectively and easily.
  • You can spy LINE messenger chats even if they are deleted (after a successful backup by SPY24) from the monitored device.
  • SPY24 is not just a LINE spy app. You can also use this app to spy on eight other IM apps, on-storage multimedia, emails, and even contacts.



“I have a business and need to keep track of my trucks. The best feature for me is definitely the GPS. It shows the location and is constantly updating to new locations, making it easy to track my employees. I would definitely recommend using this product if you are trying to keep track of someone or something!




"I wanted access to my son's social media accounts, and so I tried SPY24. Not only did I gain access, I found that I can control what he can and can't do with his iPhone"




“Why did I decide to use SPY24? Simple, I am not gonna sit and wait for something to happen. I read about Amanda Todd and other kids. Seriously, my son’s safety costs way more than $30.”

Line Tracker

Line is a free phone calling and texting app that includes avatars, games and other activities, making it a very attractive tool for online predators. With SPY24 you can read all your kid`s Line messages and stay ahead of any possible danger.

You Can Totally Rely on SPY24 – We’ve Got Your Back

SPY24 won't leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction is on top of everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spying app experience that you will never have like it again!

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SPY24 LINE tracker: a new way of assuming control

What is LINE Messenger Spy app and how does it work

LINE Messenger is a chat app that allows you to exchange messages with your friends and family. LINE Spy app is an app that lets you monitor the activity of your contacts on LINE Messenger. It works by tracking the IP address of the person who is using the app. The app can be used to track the location of the person, as well as to see their messages and calls.

Features of LINE Spy app:

- Tracks the IP address of the person using LINE Messenger

- Can be used to track the location of the person

- See their messages and calls

- monitor their online activity

How to use LINE Spy App:

1. Download and install the app on your device.

2. Register for an account and log in.

3. Enter the phone number of the person you want to track.

4. Select the tracking period.

5. View the activity logs of the person you are tracking.

Benefits of using LINE Spy app:

- Helps you keep an eye on your children's online activity

- Helps you monitor your employees' online activity

- Helps you track a person's location

- Helps you see their messages and calls

Price and availability of LINE Spy App:

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is also a premium version of the app which offers more features such as call recording and message interception. The premium version of the app costs $9.99 per month.

SPY24 is the best way to record activities on a computer screen.

SPY24 is the best app that keeps you up to date on what your target is doing online. Using screen recording, you can now keep track of what your target is doing on the line with a time stamp. You can find out what's going on in the lives of anyone you want to.

LINE Spy App

What is the Screen Recorder App for Line?

It is a monitoring tool that lets you check the device you want to track and see what it is doing. It lets you keep track of the Line app. With video recording, you can keep track of your loved ones and find out where they are in life. It lets you find the person's device and find out what they are doing with an online messenger app.

How does that help you?

Now, kids and teens are using the Line app more and more. They use social message apps all day and night. Because of this, kids shouldn't spend too much time on it. So, parents worry most about their kids and want to keep them safe from cyberattacks, online stalkers, and other bad things. So, the SPY24 line screen recording app lets you record and save what you do on social media.

Can Line Screen Activities Be Recorded Without Rooting Android Phones?

Yes, you can record what your target is doing right now without having to root their Android phone. It helps to know how well the line is doing right now.

  • Line Messenger Spy App lets you see what people are doing on Line from afar.

With a Line tracking app, the user can keep track of the targeted Line user's chats, calls, and group chats. It lets you know how your loved one is doing while you're using the social messenger app. It helps you stay on top of things so you can avoid danger.

What is Line Monitoring Software SPY24?

SPY24 can help you find out what is happening online right now. You can spy on your loved one's Line activity from afar and find out what they are doing. SPY24 is the best Line messenger spying app that lets you keep an eye on anyone you want without them knowing.

  • Is the Line app the best for doing sneaky things?

With the growth of technology, more people are using social media. It comes with online risks that you need to protect yourself from. The SPY24 Line Messenger app can be used to secretly spy on someone and find out what they do online. It is software that can't be found that helps find out anything about online performances.

  • What Can Users Do with the Line Tracking App?

Do you want to keep an eye on what your kids do online? For your loved one's safety, you need to keep track of what they do online. You can read and send Line messages, watch group chats, and keep track of multimedia files. It helps you keep track of everything with a time stamp.

  • How to Start Using a Spy App for Line

Don't use tools for parental control that say they are a Line spy app but don't let you do much. SPY24 is made for parents whose kids use chat apps like Line and many others. Here's what to do first.

  • Buy a subscription to the Line tracker app and set up your account.

Check your email for a package of information. It will have a link to your personal Control Panel, your login information, and instructions on how to install SPY24 on your child's device, among other things.
Follow the steps to get your Line tracker app set up and running. And if you still need help understanding how to Track line chat conversations, an expert is always ready to help. The Control Panel, on the other hand, is so easy to use that you probably won't need help.

  • How a Line Tracker App Can Help You

Check out their texts. We're talking about both the messages they sent and the ones they got. You can even see the emojis they have used, which gives you a better idea of how they are feeling.

  1. Check out who they are. Our Line tracker app has this feature so that you can make sure they aren't talking to strangers.
  2. Uncover hidden chats. A Line messenger spy tool can find chats that they don't want you to know about.
  • The Answers to Your Top Line Tracker App Questions

Is Line really a risky app to use to talk to people?

It might be. To be clear, Line does a good job of telling minors who want to use the popular messaging app what they need to know. For instance, their guide tells people not to give personal information to people they don't know. It tells people not to put their Line ID or QR code on websites, blogs, forums, or reviews of apps. It also says that users should block people they don't know if they suddenly become friends with someone they don't know in real life. Even though this is good advice, kids don't really read safety rules. Kids download an app when they see one they want. They don't have time to read blog posts, advice, Terms, and Conditions, or Privacy Policies. Having a line spy app is a good idea if you think your child might be using Line and not following any of these rules.

  • Can I use a Line tracker to find out where my child is?

Not all apps for keeping an eye on kids have the ability to track where the Line app is. But SPY24 does. In fact, SPY24 is much more than a simple Line tracker app because it lets you do a lot more than you might think. Do your kids use Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or other chat apps? SPY24 also lets you see what they are talking about on those platforms. And geolocation technology is built into SPY24. This lets you find your kids on a map, and it also lets you know if your child enters or leaves a forbidden zone that you set.

  • Do I have to be one of my kid's Line contacts to see what they're talking about?

Nope. To read their Line messages, you don't need a Line account. All you need is a Line spy app like SPY24 to listen in on their conversations. The best thing about SPY24 is that you only need your own SPY24 account to use it. Once you install SPY24 on their device, you can just log in to your Control panel to see what they've been saying. Everything is there for you to read in black and white (and in color, too, since you can see their emojis).

  • I like the idea of a spy tool for Line, but it sounds like it would cost a lot.

SPY24 has a reasonable price, and when you think about all the features it has, it's a great deal. Remember that you can track more than just what they say on Line. You can also read their other conversations with the Line messenger spy tool. It comes with a Keylogger, can track their location in real-time, and has a lot of other advanced tools to help keep them safe.

  • Can't I just ask my kid to show me their phone?

That is certainly one choice. But remember that kids can figure things out. They know how to hide some chat apps on their phone, which makes it hard for you to find them. With SPY24, you can see all of their chats, no matter where they have put their different chat apps. And many experts say that constantly asking your child to show you their phone can make them feel like you don't trust them, forcing them to hide their behavior in other ways. With a Line messenger spy tool, you can keep an eye on what they're doing while still letting them live their digital lives.

  • I want to learn how to track Line chat, but it looks hard.

Not everything has to be hard. There are Line spy tools that are hard to use, that's true. But we don't think parents should have to go through hoops to keep their kids safe. That's why we made SPY24, a parental control app that makes it ridiculously easy to track someone on Line. After the first setup, everything is so easy it's hard to believe.


What is a line tracker app and what are its features

A line tracker app is a tool that allows you to see how long a line is at a specific location. This can be useful in many different situations, such as if you are trying to avoid a long line at the grocery store or if you want to find the shortest line at an amusement park. There are many different features that these apps offer, but some of the most popular ones include the ability to see how long the line is in real-time, the ability to see estimated wait times, and the ability to find out if there are any discounts or promotions available.

How to use a line tracker app

To use a line tracker app, you will first need to download it onto your smartphone. Once it is downloaded, you will need to open the app and allow it to access your location. After that, you will be able to see a map of the area with different lines represented by different colors. Red lines indicate long wait times, while green lines indicate short wait times. You can also tap on a specific line to get more information about it, such as the estimated wait time and the current discounts or promotions.

  • The benefits of using a line tracker app

There are many benefits to using a line tracker app. One of the most obvious benefits is that it can save you a lot of time. If you are trying to avoid a long line, you can simply check the app to see which lines are currently short and then head to one of those lines. Additionally, these apps can also help you save money. If you see a long line at a store, you may be able to find a nearby store that has a shorter line and a better discount. Finally, line tracker apps can also be useful in emergency situations. If there is a long line at an airport or a hospital, you can use the app to find the shortest line and get the help you need as quickly as possible.

  • Examples of how to use a line tracker app in different situations

There are many different line tracker apps on the market, but some of the most popular ones include Line Tracker Pro, FastLine, and QuickQueue. Line Tracker Pro is a paid app that offers a variety of features, such as the ability to see estimated wait times, the ability to find nearby lines, and the ability to add multiple locations. FastLine is a free app that offers similar features to Line Tracker Pro, but it also includes ads. QuickQueue is another free app that offers basic line tracking features, but it does not include any of the extras that the other two apps offer.

  • Comparison of the top three line tracker apps on the market

No matter which line tracker app you choose, you are sure to find it to be a useful tool in a variety of different situations. Whether you are trying to avoid a long line or you are looking for the best deal, a line tracker app can help you save time and money.