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20 Best Facebook Tracking Apps in 2023

Imagine you are a business owner who is trying to keep track of your competition. You could spend hours on Facebook tracking their every move, or you could use a tool that does it for you. SPY24 is the best Facebook tracking tool out there, and it’s free! With SPY24, you can see exactly what your competition is doing on Facebook, and how they are performing compared to you. So stop wasting time trying to track everything manually – with SPY24, you can get the job done quickly and easily. Check it out today!

Why you need a Facebook Tracking App

If you are curious about who is following your Instagram account, you can use a private Instagram viewer to see this information. A private Instagram viewer is a tool that allows you to access your account’s information without having to worry about human verification. These tools are easy to use and allow you to see all of the pictures that someone is looking at, as well as their follower count and other information. Whether you are just curious or need to keep an eye on your account for security reasons, using a private Instagram viewer is the best way to do it. Check out some of the top options now!

How to use a Facebook Tracking App

Using a Facebook Tracking App is easy! Simply enter in your target’s username and you will be able to see all of their public information, including their follower count, what pictures they are looking at, and more. You can also use these apps to see private information, like direct messages and posts if you have the person’s login information. Simply enter in your target’s username and password and you will be able to access their account just like they would.

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The best Facebook Tracking App on the market

There are a lot of different Facebook Tracking Apps on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some apps are more accurate than others, and some have more features than others. When choosing a Facebook Spy app, be sure to read reviews and compare features to find the best one for your needs.

How to get started with the best Facebook Tracking App

Once you have chosen the best Facebook Spy app for your needs, simply enter your target’s username and you will be able to access their account information. Start by looking at their follower count, what pictures they are looking at, and more. You can also use these apps to see private information, like direct messages and posts if you have the person’s login information. Simply enter in your target’s username and password and you will be able to access their account just like they would. With a private Instagram viewer, you can easily keep an eye on your account for security reasons or just to satisfy your curiosity. Get started now!

The best Facebook tracking apps help you protect your kids and employees from any cybercrime or bullies as we all know, the internet is an amazing tool to learn and open new horizons in life. There is almost anything, and everything on the internet, and every other person is now tech-savvy. Even educational institutes enlighten students on how to use the internet for their good.

But we all know, that too much of anything is never good, especially for kids. Most kids nowadays have a smartphone and have easy access to various social media platforms and adult websites which can easily pollute their innocent minds. Therefore, every parent needs to keep a check on their kid`s phone and online activities.

Also, it is important for employers too, to keep an eye on their employee`s internet usage and work properly, especially during working hours. Spy tracking software can also help employers to reduce the risks of fraudulent activities done by many criminal-minded employees. This also helps employers to keep track of employees’ daily work patterns, mistakes, and social media usage during working hours.

What is a Spy Phone Tracker?

The spy phone trackers are the smartphone surveillance applications and software which are installed in the smartphones to track down all the recent activities of the person over the phone like phone call records, messages (SMS), browsing activities, GPS locations, and most importantly, messages and other activities on social media applications such as;

  • LINE,
  • etc.

These applications or software generally come with free trials and later if you find the installed spy phone tracker fulfilling your required needs then, you can purchase the installed application or software on your phone.

Uses of a Spy Phone Tracker:

Please install the application or software on your child’s or children’s phone and can monitor their activities to keep them out of each of the dangers of cyber-crimes.

Also, install it on your employee`s office phone or laptop, or computer; to monitor his daily activities so that you can figure out whether he is doing his job properly or not.

Even use it for yourself like, tracking down your phone if it is lost or stolen and taking data backups from the phone.

How to Use a Spy Phone Tracker:

Installation: Install the spy phone tracker application or software and the application which needs to be monitored.

Sign-In: The phone tracking application or software will upload all the activities in your online account, which remains highly secured.

So, every time you log in to your secured online account created in the phone tracking server, you can easily view and access all the activities that have taken place in the monitored application in detail.

How to Monitor Spy Phone Tracker Remotely:

The spy phone tracker uses your internet data to send the details to their servers. Once it is done, then you may log in to the server remotely and monitor every detailed thing that took place in the application.

You will need your e-mail i.d. registered with the server and the password which is generally provided by them to log in to their servers for your use.

The 20 Best Apps to Spy on Facebook Messenger

We’ve tried dozens of Facebook Messenger spy apps on both iPhones and Android phones. Here are the 20 best Facebook spy apps for 2023, based on what we found:

  1. SPY24 🥇
  2. Hoverwatch
  3. Spyzie
  4. Pumpic
  5. Webwatcher
  6. Mobile Tracker free
  7. Spyera
  8. KidsGuard Pro
  9. CocoSpy
  10. XNSpy
  11. iKeyMontior
  12. mSpy
  13. Snoopza
  14. EvaSpy
  15. SpyMaster PRO
  16. Spyic
  17. TheTruthSpy
  18. SpyHuman
  19. uMobix
  20. EyeZy

1. SPY24 Best Facebook Tracker 30-day free trial 🏆

With this app, you’ll forget about wondering how to track Facebook messenger online. This spyware lets you read all Facebook chats remotely from your online account. Facebook monitoring features include tracking all chats from the popular social app, viewing all multimedia files saved on the gadget from the Facebook messenger, checking the time, contact, and date stamps, as well as exporting the recorded data to an off-server location. The app is compatible with all Android devices, be it a Nougat 7.0 smartphone or a Gingerbread 4.0, 13 tablets. As for spying on iPhone, the app can also track Facebook messenger if the device is jailbroken.

SPY24 Best Facebook Tracker
SPY24 Best Facebook Tracker

SPY24 Facebook Monitoring

The app is easy to use and install. You need to access the target device once to install the software. All the recorded data will be sent to your online account, which can be used from any device and any browser. One of the pros of the app is the fact that it keeps monitoring Facebook chats even if the device is not connected to the Internet. However, to check the recorded messages, you’ll have to wait until the monitored gadget is online.

  • compatible with iOS and Android;
  • one-time access to the monitored device;
  • tracks text messages, media files, and contact stamps.
  • Compatible OS:
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • the device must be jailbroken.

2. Hoverwatch Facebook Monitoring app

Hoverwatch is one of the best Facebook spy-tracking apps. It can be used to monitor activities done on Facebook or any other application on both phone and computer of a person of your kid, employee, or any other person whose Facebook activities you want to monitor closely.

Hoverwatch is a cross-device Facebook Messenger spy app. Hoverwatch works on Mac and Windows computers, unlike other spy apps. This app can monitor a target user’s messaging activity across devices.

Hoverwatch collects timestamps and details about group chat participants. It lacks a screen recorder or keystroke logger, so it’s hard to access a user’s Facebook news feed or ads. Taking screenshots while a user scroll is best.

Hoverwatch Facebook Monitoring app
Hoverwatch Facebook Monitoring app

Hoverwatch costs $8.33 for one device and $16.66 for five.

Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps

  • Easy to monitor and access browsing history on the internet.
  • Lets you capture screenshots of the monitored person browsing and Facebook activity details without the person having any clue about it.
  • You may monitor and access multiple social media accounts of the concerned person.
  • It comes with a 3-day free trial.
  • Manual installation needs to be done on the device.

GPS tracking might be inaccurate.

The best application and works on any of my Android devices. Support solves and fixes all problems in most cases within a few hours”.

Compatible OS:

Windows, Mac, and Android

2. Spyzie Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps in 2023

Spyzie comes second in our list of the best Facebook spy tracking apps for the year 2023, due to all its features like no jailbreaking or rooting your device, and also it enables you to keep a record of typing history of the concerned person.

Spyzie Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps in 2023
Spyzie Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps in 2023

Easy to monitor and access browsing history on the internet

Capturing screenshots and video previewing are enabled to the monitored person`s browsing and Facebook activity details without the person knowing about it.

  • No jailbreaking
  • No rooting of the device
  • It is an invisible app that makes the phone user unaware of its presence completely.
  • User-friendly

Facebook spy app for android

  • Some features are absent for iOS device users.
  • Compatible OS:
  • iOS and Android
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3. Pumpic best facebook tracker

It is primarily a parental spying application and software to monitor the phone usage of their kids. This application helps protect their children from various kinds of cyber-crimes and cyber-bullying and also from online predators. Pumpic costs were different for different users depending upon the duration of the subscription. Longer the duration period, the lesser the cost per month.

Pumpic best facebook tracker
Pumpic best facebook tracker

Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps

  • Allows to access and view all call records including, number, time, call duration, and name
  • You can easily go through all the text messages and also iMessage
  • Current and past location details are also easily accessible.
  • The phone gallery is easily accessible.
  • Web browsing can also be easily monitored.
  • Monitoring most social media activities, including Facebook, is possible.
  • Geo-fencing, a list of apps used by the person, and website blocking add up to its features.
  • Some features might not be availed depending on your device`s Android version.
  • For such devices, rooting might be required.
  • Not compatible with some web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox
Compatible OS:

Windows, iOS, and Android

4. Webwatcher Facebook monitoring app

Webwatcher is a popular spy phone app that helps parents to monitor and control the apps and websites used by their kids.

Webwatcher can spy on Facebook Messenger. This app can be installed in minutes on an iPhone or Android. Installing this Facebook messenger spy app without the target iPhone is a huge advantage in some situations.

Webwatcher displays Facebook messages, including group chats and multimedia. Online dashboards show to monitor the latest messaging activity.

Webwatcher can’t spy on the main Facebook app, unlike other apps. There’s no screen recorder or keylogger. This app is best for Facebook message readers.

Webwatcher Facebook monitoring app
Webwatcher Facebook monitoring app

Webwatcher costs $8.33 per month (billed annually) for one Android device or $10.83 for one iPhone.

Facebook Spy Tracking

  • Allows to access and view all call records including, number, time, call duration, and name
  • You can easily go through all the text messages and all e-mails.
  • Easy access to current and past location details
  • The phone gallery is easily accessible.
  • Web browsing can also be easily monitored.
  • Monitoring most social media activities, including Facebook, is possible.
  • A list of apps used by the person and website blocking adds up to its features.
  • Non-detectable app
  • Need to accept the terms and conditions of use every time you log in
  • Subscription to different features has extra charges.
  • Costs higher than the other best Facebook spy-tracking apps

Compatible OS:

Windows, iOS, and Android

5. Mobile Tracker free – facebook tracker app

Mobile Tracker free has a fantastic array of features to monitor and control kids, employees, or any other concerned person.

Mobile Tracker Free lets you read Facebook messages. The report includes the date, time, and recipient/sender information. Mobile Tracker is free and doesn’t require rooting to spy on Facebook Messenger. Developers recommend rooting the device to track messages smoothly.

Aside from Facebook tracking, the app has standard features like SMS and call recording, GPS position history, messenger monitoring, live screen viewing, and more. This app allows remote SMS monitoring and control. Send a password and command via SMS to the device’s number. Possible commands include ringing, WiFi, GPS, or blocking the phone (the latter works on old versions of Android only). When the target device has no Internet connection, the commands feature is useful.

Mobile Tracker free - facebook tracker app
Mobile Tracker free – facebook tracker app

As the name implies, Mobile Tracker Free is free. The app is free (with some restrictions). For unrestricted access, subscribe. 6€ per month.

Mobile Tracker Free only works on Android. Sorry iPhone users!

  • Allows to access and view all call records and text messages including iMessage
  • Current and past location details are also easily accessible.
  • Easy access to all media files
  • Web browsing can also be easily monitored and controlled.
  • Monitoring most social media activities, including Facebook, is possible.
  • No jailbreaking and rooting of the device
  • The price is also reasonable.
  • Not compatible with Window supported devices
Compatible OS:

iOS and Android

6. Spyera Facebook spy viewer

Spyera is another best Facebook spy-tracking apps of the year 2023, which helps parents and employers to monitor and control their phones and certain website usage. If you want your kids or employees away from certain kinds of stuff, then this app could be quite handy.

Spyera is a Facebook spy app. The app monitors a target phone’s messaging activity and cellular and WiFi connections. It can remotely activate a phone’s camera or microphone for eavesdropping.

Spyera doesn’t just show Facebook Messenger messages and media. It records Facebook Messenger VoIP calls and video chats. This improves the app if the user uses Facebook Messenger’s calling features.

Spyera Facebook spy viewer
Spyera Facebook spy viewer

Spyera is pricier than other Facebook spy apps we reviewed. Monitoring one iPhone or Android phone costs $32.41 annually or $89 monthly.

Facebook spy online

  • Allows to access and view all text messages only
  • Current and past location details are also easily accessible.
  • Easy access to all media files
  • Web browsing and social media activities can also be easily monitored and controlled.
  • Live call listening is available
  • Can hear conversations remotely.
  • Not compatible with Window supported devices
  • Jailbreaking and rooting of devices are required.
  • Call records cannot be accessed.
Compatible OS:

iOS and Android

7. KidsGuard Pro fb spy viewer

The KidsGuard Pro can be called a flawless phone spy app especially post its latest updated version is released. The efficiency of this app is quite good. You won’t regret downloading it.

Kidsguard is a great Facebook tracking app. Kidsguard pro’s tracking capabilities may surprise you. Despite its name, it can also track your partner’s phone.

Kidsguard pro can be installed on Android without rooting and on iOS using iCloud credentials.

Facebook Messenger conversations will be stored in this app’s “Messenger” section. You can see the messages’ time and date.

KidsGuard Pro fb spy viewer
KidsGuard Pro fb spy viewer

This app lets you search for messages. If your spouse is cheating, look for words like “meeting” or “love.”

Kidsguard pro offers screenshots of certain conversations, which can be useful if you need proof.

This app tracks the user’s Facebook comments, posts, and other activities. Using Kidsguard pro to monitor your kids’ or spouse’s phone won’t miss anything.

Facebook spy without target phone

  • Allows to access and view all call records and text messages including iMessage
  • Also, records calls
  • 100% undetectable
  • You clear all data history before deleting the app.
  • Current and past location details are also easily accessible.
  • Easy access to 30-plus media files
  • Web browsing and social media activities can also be easily monitored and controlled.
  • No rooting and jailbreaking of devices for installation and their use
  • Geo-fencing, capturing screenshots, and Wi-Fi loggers are some more appreciable features of the app.
  • You can also monitor the emoticons or stickers being used, and if they are not appropriate for your kid, you may even block them easily.
  • Detecting calendar activities are also one of the features of this app.
  • Not compatible with Window supported devices
Compatible OS:

iOS and Android

8. CocoSpy facebook online tracker

Smooth operation No jailbreak or root solution Stealthiness and minimal drainage of battery Easy installation Facebook Messenger spying only available for Android

CocoSpy is one of the best Facebook spy apps, confirmed by its recognition on more than one well-known platform including Forbes and TechRadar. This app gains popularity for its powerful digital surveillance. Many employers use this app to monitor their employees’ productivity to see if they are doing their job properly in the workplace.

With the hard work of the developers, CocoSpy provides a smooth user experience with no bugs to hinder your monitoring process. It also offers one of the most distinguishing features, which is to allow you to spy on Facebook messages without root or jailbreak.

CocoSpy facebook online tracker
CocoSpy facebook online tracker

Also, this app is known by users for its stealthiness. You will be able to run the app without the knowledge of the user of the target device. It may also interest you that it barely consumes the battery life.

The installation on a cell phone uses fairly simple steps. Step 1 is to head to the official website and register for a web account—key in a username and password. Then grant any permission needed by the app to function. Lastly, for Android, download the CocoSpy Android app but for iOS, enter iCloud credentials and let the app sync – open your cloud panel on the remote device and log on with the registered credentials and you are all set!

The cost of the app is extremely affordable at discount. Android (premium) costs only $9.99/month while iOS (premium) costs $10.83/month. While CocoSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS, unfortunately, the Facebook Messenger spy only works for Android.


  • Install on iPhone via iCloud
  • Monitors all FB Messenger activity
  • Inexpensive for Android monitoring
  • Very easy to use


  • Does not monitor the main Facebook app

9.XNSpy Facebook spy viewer tool

XNSpy analytic features Quick spying app Alert updates on keywords Budget-friendly Spy for Facebook messages available on Android only Root required

XNSpy brands itself as one of the best spy apps in the market due to its powerful features. This includes remotely monitoring call logs, recording phone calls and surroundings, GPS tracking, e-mail tracking, and checking media files including photos and videos on the target phone.

Not to mention the keylogger technology which allows for tracking Facebook and other social networking like Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp. Parents, employers, or spouses will be able to spy on Facebook messenger chats instantly through keystroke logging.

XNSpy Facebook spy viewer tool
XNSpy Facebook spy viewer tool

The unique part of this spy app is the original XNSpy analytics offered. This allows users to view the top 10 websites visited on the target device, as well as analyze the call history for the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations. This is a great feature for call tracking, which allows you even to track the phone number of calls made on a specific day or hour in the week.

Also, XNSpy provides alerts from its keyword filters. This would alert you if specific words that you have set were used. In this manner, you will be in the know regarding the type of content in the target smartphone. For example, you can receive an alert of certain inappropriate words that pop up in Facebook text messages of your child.

Sadly, the two setbacks are that this mobile spy only allows for monitoring Facebook messages on Android but not for iOS like iPhone or iPad. The app also needs root to utilize the features linked to Facebook and other social media monitoring. But in terms of cost, it is very budget-friendly at only $7.49/month.


  • compatibility with Android and iOS
  • does not require constant access to the monitored device
  • tracks text messages, media files, and contacts
  • allows remote control of the device


  • requires jailbreak

10. iKeyMontior Facebook messenger online tracker free

Call interception Real-time ambient listening Blackberry messages tracking Monitor multiple devices at one time iPhone requires jailbreaking

iKeyMontior is a top Facebook spy app due to its unique features for spying. Firstly, Sypera not only allows access to the phone contacts, but its call interception also allows you to record calls on the target phone and even intercept the live call of someone.

Secondly, you will also be able to secretly send a call to the target smartphone to listen to any conversations and secrets, or even figure out the whereabouts of your kids or which friends they are with. This is known as ambient listening. Also, something special about iKeyMontior is the tracking of blackberry messages.

iKeyMontior Facebook messenger online tracker free
iKeyMontior Facebook messenger online tracker free

Also, for one subscription, you can monitor multiple phones. This way, iKeyMontior is a good pick for parents who want to monitor a few kids’ phones at once or even business owners who want a mobile spy for more than one phone to keep an eye out on multiple employees at one time.

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iKeyMontior will work well with Android for its spying features, but it requires jailbreaking on an iPhone. This is a downside because this increases the chances of the person being monitored discovering that spying or jailbreaking may not be easy for you. However, Sypera’s website provides information on how to do so properly. The cost of this app is $189 for 3 months.


  • Detailed activity summary
  • Well-designed monitoring dashboard
  • Take screenshots remotely
  • Free version available


  • No screen recording

11. mSpy FB tracker apk download

mSpy is the top parental monitoring app. Considering the app’s functionality, it’s hard to disagree. mSpy’s 36 monitoring features include Facebook spy. You can read all Facebook messages and media files. You’ll know who and what your child talks about. You can act quickly if danger arises.

mSpy can monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Tinder, among others. The app can monitor calls, SMS, location, applications, screen recording, and more.

mSpy fb tracker apk download
mSpy fb tracker apk download

MSpy is a popular tracking app. This app can track social media well.

You can use mSpy to monitor your child’s, spouse’s, and employees’ social media apps. This tracking app can strengthen your relationships.

Install mSpy on the target device and choose a payment plan to access the dashboard. This app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

mSpy’s dashboard includes Facebook tracking. Here you’ll find Facebook messages and activities. Simply click on a chat to see the entire conversation.

mSpy lets you see deleted messages and media files, which is a rare feature.

The best Facebook Messenger spy app is mSpy. Users can see all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages with mSpy. This includes photos, videos, and conversation contacts.

mSpy can monitor Facebook ads. The app can record any phone’s screen, allowing monitors to see the target user’s news feed and ads as they scroll. mSpy’s keylogger can also record Facebook app searches.

This app can block Facebook, helping parents limit their children’s screen time. mSpy, the best Geofencing app, also monitors Instagram and Snapchat.

Annually, mSpy costs $9.99 to spy on one phone.

mSpy supports Android and iOS.


  • Facebook chats and media tracking
  • available for Android and iOS
  • remote control via the online dashboard


  • jailbreak required for Facebook tracking
  • requires registration

12. Snoopza Facebook Spy

“How can I spy on Facebook messenger for free?” is a common search. Snoopza makes monitoring Facebook easy and effective. Create a free account and install the app to use it. Once you do these, you’ll start receiving Facebook messages, audio, and video. Reports include phone calls, SMS, social media activity, screenshots, and more. Snoopza monitors to-do lists, contacts, and SIM card changes.

Snoopza Facebook Spy
Snoopza Facebook Spy

Free apps have limited functionality. $14.95 per device per month to monitor a person’s device activity.


  • a free version
  • quick setup and configuration
  • spying on Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp.


  • advanced features are paid
  • and compatible with Android OS only

13. EvaSpy facebook tracking apple

EvaSpy is the most feature-rich and affordable monitoring tool. It offers a comprehensive monitoring solution for Android, not just Facebook messages. Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and Hangouts are tracked. EvaSpy records incoming and outgoing calls and provides call duration, time, and caller info. Other monitoring features include website and app blocking, search query recording, keylogging, and contact list access (photos, videos, and audio).

EvaSpy facebook tracking apple
EvaSpy facebook tracking apple

EvaSpy’s user-friendly interface and easy installation are additional benefits. The app doesn’t require rooting or special knowledge. After installing the app, you can track your target device from anywhere using your online dashboard.

You might think a top-notch app like EvaSpy is expensive, but it’s not. Basic plans start at $7.16/month (when buying a yearly subscription). The app costs $9.12 per month for a year plan, which is affordable. Buying EvaSpy for Android + Windows saves you up to 70% on the Windows app.

EvaSpy’s affordable price and extensive features make it a highly recommended monitoring app.


  • more than 50 monitoring features
  • spying on live surroundings
  • online dashboard with all monitoring data
  • call logs
  • no root required
  • affordable pricing


  • compatible only with Android devices

14. SpyMaster PRO Facebook tracking android

Spymaster PRO monitors iOS and Android. Both versions have similar features, but their setup and operation are different. Android spy works like similar apps. After installing the app on the target device, you’ll start receiving data online/via email/etc. For iOS, no app installation is required. The support team will set up monitoring with your Apple ID. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage that you don’t need to do anything special to start monitoring.

SpyMaster PRO facebook tracking android
SpyMaster PRO facebook tracking android

Spymaster Pro lets you read Facebook chats without the user’s login. Each message is time-stamped. Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Snapchat can also be monitored. SpyMaster Pro can monitor phone calls, SMS, browsing history, location, and contacts.

Spymaster Pro has fewer features than the other apps. If you want a simple tracking app without bells and whistles, this is it.


  • no jailbreak is required to monitor Facebook
  • you don’t need to install anything on iPhone
  • compatible with Android/iOS


  • no free trial
  • price
  • personal data security issue

15. Spyic facebook IP address tracker free download

No longer will you need to speculate about how to monitor Facebook Messenger discreetly and remotely. Spyic is going to take care of it for you. It will record every single text message, every piece of shared media, and the entire activity log. You will have access to both private and group chats, and you will be able to view the profiles of the individuals with whom your child communicates. Because the information is presented in the form of a chat, similar to the way it appears in Facebook Messenger itself, it is very easy to view and read. However, spying on Facebook messenger is not the only use for Spyic; it also has other applications. The app provides a fairly standard monitoring package, which includes tracking calls, the contacts list, visited websites, locations, and popular social media like Snapchat. Additionally, the app can monitor popular locations.

Spyic facebook ip address tracker free download
Spyic facebook ip address tracker free download


  • compatibility with iPhones and Android devices
  • remote control of the device
  • a wide choice of extra features
  • a free demo version


  • the app requires iCloud credentials to monitor an iPhone

16. TheTruthSpy location tracker by Facebook

TheTruthSpy is a free spy app with more than 15 ways to keep an eye on what’s going on with a phone. As for monitoring Facebook, the app saves the chat history with timestamps and information about the people your child texts. So, you can find their profile and read it to make sure they are not up to no good.

The files your child shares on social media may tell you a lot about what they like and what they think about. You can also keep track of these files with TheTruthSpy.

TheTruthSpy location tracker by facebook
TheTruthSpy location tracker by facebook

Other features of the app, such as GPS monitoring, control over installed apps, keystroke logging, remote monitoring through an online account, and so on, make it much easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids.


  • large functionality
  • total monitoring of Facebook messenger
  • compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • the price is rather high

17. SpyHuman download facebook tracker apk

SpyHuman is the app to use if you want to listen in on Facebook chats on Android. This Facebook tracking tool gives you a free 7-day trial where you can try out all of its features, such as capturing incoming and outgoing messages, media files sent over Facebook, and information about the person your child is talking to. With this feature, you can check to see if your child gets any inappropriate pictures or videos and take steps if they do. You can even block Facebook from your online account, even if you are not near your computer.

SpyHuman download facebook tracker apk
SpyHuman download facebook tracker apk

SpyHuman has a lot of the same monitoring features as the apps we’ve already talked about. It can track GPS, spy on your surroundings in real-time, watch your files, track your web history, and more.


  • a free 7-day trial
  • all-in-one monitoring solution for Android
  • remote control via the online dashboard


  • not compatible with iOS

18. uMobix Facebook spy app camera

One of the top Facebook spy apps for the iPhone is uMobix. This is due to the app’s ability to provide complete access to an iPhone user’s Facebook news feed and ad stream. On Android, uMobix is still very helpful, but monitors can only get screenshots of the Facebook feed on a target phone.

The app has a tonne of power. Monitors can scroll through the Facebook news feed on the target phone, click on posts, and view all of the people the target user is following. They are not restricted to merely scrolling while listening to a recording.

uMobix facebook spy app camera
uMobix facebook spy app camera

Naturally, uMobix is just as effective as Facebook Messenger. The app includes GPS tracking data so users can see where the target phone is when a message is sent and allows monitors to view all messages and multimedia. With the help of uMobix’s app-blocking features, Facebook or Messenger access can always be limited.

If paid yearly, uMobix costs $14.99 per month.


  • Full access to the Facebook news feed on iPhone
  • View all Facebook messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Can block Facebook or FB Messenger


  • Screenshots of news feed only on Android devices

19. EyeZy Facebook spy app chart

EyeZy is yet another highly effective phone spy app that can be used to monitor Facebook use. Parents will love it because they can restrict access to social media sites like Facebook and other apps at any time. Apps can be blocked at predetermined times, making it simple to limit a child’s exposure to media or time spent on social media.

It’s simple to keep tabs on all Facebook Messenger conversations with the help of EyeZy. Parents have the ability to view group chats and view members’ profiles. The app’s GPS tracking features make it simple to monitor your child’s whereabouts as they send and receive text messages.

EyeZy facebook spy app chart
EyeZy facebook spy app chart

With its built-in screen recorder, this app is not only one of the best TikTok spy apps but also a useful Facebook ad spy app. If the target user has Facebook open on their phone, the person recording the screen can see the exact same content in their news feed as the person they are spying on.

EyeZy is reasonably priced, monitoring a single device for $9.99 per month when paid annually.


  • Restrict Facebook usage
  • Set app blocking on a schedule
  • Records screen while Facebook is open
  • View all FB Messenger activity


  • Doesn’t support keyword-based alerts within Messenger

Spy on Facebook Messenger

Keeping an eye on a target user’s Facebook Messenger messages is one of the most common reasons to use a Facebook spy app. Spy apps can show both incoming and outgoing text messages, photos, and videos. Monitors can see who is in a chat and keep an eye out for conversations that could lead to harm.

Most Facebook spy apps give the time each message was sent, which can be used with GPS tracking to find out where a phone was when a message was sent. Some apps can also send notifications when they see certain words in Facebook messages.

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Watch what’s happening on Facebook.

Some Facebook spy apps, like mSpy, give you full access to the Facebook app on the phone you want to spy on. That lets monitors see a user’s full Facebook news feed, any connections they have to other Facebook users or groups, and any posts they’ve made on other people’s pages.

Apps that don’t let you do everything on Facebook usually let you record your screen or take screenshots. So, monitors can see what a target user sees as they scroll through their feed.

Keep track of the ads on Facebook

Facebook spy apps can also be used to keep an eye on Facebook ads, which can tell a lot about what a user has been looking for on the web. These apps don’t just show ads on their own. As a target user scrolls through their Facebook news feed, monitors can also see any ads that are there.

Limit how much you use Facebook

Some Facebook spy apps let a person who is being watched limit how much the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are used. Spy apps can block access to these apps at any time or limit how long you can use them after you’ve used them for a certain amount of time. This is especially helpful for parents who want to limit how much time their kids spend in front of a screen or stop them from using social media.

Facebook spy apps must be put on a phone that you want to spy on. Once they are in place, they are made to be hard to find and work in stealth mode. When a Facebook spy app is running, most users won’t know they are being watched.

Can You Spy on Someone’s Facebook Without Their Phone?

Once a spy app is on a phone, you can spy on Facebook or Facebook Messenger without having access to the phone. To install the spy app, you usually need to have access to the phone you want to spy on.

There is one exception: some spy apps can be put on iPhones by using iCloud, which lets apps be put on devices from afar. To use iCloud to install a Facebook spy app on a phone, the monitor needs to know the username and password for iCloud on that phone. If two-factor authentication is turned on, the monitor will still need to get this code from the target phone.

Are Facebook Spy Apps for Phone Safe?

Spy apps for Facebook can be quite safe. The best Facebook spy apps use encryption to send information from the target phone to a monitor’s account without letting any of this potentially sensitive information leak.

So, it’s important to choose a phone spy app that you can trust. Some cheap or free apps may sell user data, which can be very personal since the app has full access to a target phone. Most apps have privacy policies that explain how data is used, so it’s a good idea to read these before signing up for an app.

Free Apps to Spy on Facebook

There are a number of free apps that let people spy on Facebook Messenger online. Even though these apps are free, which is a big plus, they often can’t do as much as paid Facebook spy apps. For example, they might only be able to use Facebook Messenger and not the main Facebook app. Or, they might not have a screen recorder or keystroke logger, which helps make sure that monitors can see everything a target user does online.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you might want to try out a free Facebook Messenger spy app like Mobile Tracker. But if you want full access to the phone you want to spy on and the best monitoring features, it’s usually best to pay for an app like SPY24 or mSpy.

How to Use a Spy App on Facebook

Are you ready to use the best Facebook spy app of 2023? We’ll show you how to use SPY24, which was our top pick all around.

Step 1: Sign Up for SPY24

Go to SPY24’s official website and click “Try Now” to create a new account. Enter your email address and choose whether you want to track an Android or an iPhone. Next, choose a subscription for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months, and finish the checkout process.

How to Use a Spy App on Facebook
How to Use a Spy App on Facebook
How to Use a Spy App on Facebook
How to Use a Spy App on Facebook

Step 2: Install SPY24

After you buy SPY24, it will be sent to your email address. The easiest way to set up SPY24 is to download it to the phone you want to spy on and then run the installer. There is no need to log in as root. Just let the installer run and give the app any permissions it asks for to make sure it can fully monitor apps and messages on the target phone.

How to Use a Spy App on Facebook

Step 3: Start to keep track

Once SPY24 is installed, you can use your online SPY24 dashboard to start keeping track of what is going on with the target phone. Sign in to your SPY24 account, choose the phone you want to look at, and then start looking through the data.

How to Use a Spy App on Facebook
How to Use a Spy App on Facebook


Phone spy apps are powerful tools that can help you track any device remotely. However, one should always choose a phone spy app carefully as it can do havoc damage to the devices and the present data. Thus, I hope the above information regarding the best Facebook spy tracking apps helps you to purchase the appropriate app for your use. You may pick any of the above-mentioned apps as per your choice and requirements.

Why Are Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Useful?

Spyware that helps you read Facebook chats is growing more and more popular due to several reasons. First of all, Facebook is one of the beloved social apps that teens use to text with friends, share photos and statuses, meet new people, take part in discussions, and many more. This fact makes Facebook very attractive to online predators and strangers who await trustful kids online. Surely, worried parents want to protect their kids from online dangers and use Facebook spyware for parental control purposes.

Facebook Messenger spy app can also be used by an employer who’s willing to make sure that the team members spend their business hours efficiently and don’t waste time chatting with friends. Facebook messenger spy app for employee monitoring is usually installed on the company’s devices. Further, employee monitoring should agree with privacy laws, so the staff members are asked for written permission stating that they know about monitoring tools installed in the office.

Is It Legal To Spy On Facebook Messenger?

It mostly depends on your monitoring purpose. As long as you use Facebook spyware to track your kids or employees on the devices that you own (like a child’s smartphone or an employee’s computer), using a spy app will be legit. However, before you decide to install such software on the target device, I recommend you check your state laws. If you are a woman who wonders, “How can I spy on my husband’s Facebook messenger?” and if you’re going to track your husband without this consent, such monitoring will be illegal. It will contradict the privacy laws of any country. The same rule works for men who want to spy on girlfriends’ Facebook messages without letting the targets know. So, the thing that you must remember about spying on Facebook chats is the fact that the spyware must be installed on the devices that you own and that you must notify the monitored person that they are being tracked.

Without further ado, let’s check the list of the best Facebook messenger spy apps of this year.

One Last Thing

No matter what the reason is, it’s useful to be able to spy on a target device now and then.

If you own a business, it’s important to be able to check in on your employees and make sure they’re working. If you’re a worried parent, it’s also important to be able to see what your kids are doing on their phones.

The best Facebook Messenger spy app that doesn’t need access to the target phone is also very helpful if you want to see what your partner is doing on social media so you can be sure they are being faithful.

Don’t forget to see if any of these spy apps have free trials and good luck!


Why Would I Want to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger?

There are a few reasons why you might want to see what someone is talking about on Facebook Messenger. You might not get along with them anymore, but you still want to know what they’ve been up to lately. Or, they could be your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, and you might want to know if they tell any of their friends about you.

Can I spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without touching their phone?

If you target an iPhone, you can spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without touching their phone. But if you want to reach someone with an Android phone, you won’t be able to do this.

Is it better to use a free app?

This depends. Some Facebook Messenger spy apps have a free version or a free trial that you can use. However, in general, we don’t recommend using a free app because its security is likely to be weak.

Why Use a Spy App for Facebook?

There are a lot of reasons to use Facebook spy apps. Let’s look at what these apps can do in more depth.

How do spy apps for Facebook work?

Like TikTok spy apps, Facebook spy apps allow a monitor to see what’s on a target phone or do something on it from afar. Most of the time, these apps give users access to more than just Facebook and other popular social media sites. They may also let monitors see SMS text messages, record phone calls, and find out where a phone is using GPS.

Best Facebook ad spy tool?

SPY24 is the best Facebook ad spy. SPY24 gives iPhone users full access to their Facebook feed, allowing them to see targeted ads.

Facebook spy apps: detectable?

Facebook spy apps are hidden. They’re often disguised as other apps and lack a home screen icon. Finding and removing a Facebook spy app usually requires specialized software.

What’s the best Facebook spy app?

In 2023, SPY24 is the best app to spy on Facebook news feeds and messages. SPY24 can record a phone’s screen, take screenshots of Facebook, and access Facebook Messenger.

Can you hack Facebook?

Yes, you can spy on Facebook Messenger messages using SPY24.

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