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Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? You might be right. There could be a spy app on your phone right now watching your every move. Learn about the top spy apps and how to protect yourself from them. Stay safe and keep your information private with these tips.

Spy Human App Review: Children spend most of their time online, so parents need to pay close attention to modern technologies. It is important to know what kids do on the internet and who they talk to on social media.

Statistics show that about 30% of bullied teens hurt themselves, and about 10% end their own lives. Prevention is better than treatment, so it’s important to know what your child is doing on his or her smartphone. Parental control programs like SPY24 and SpyHuman can help keep your kids safe from the Internet’s dangers. You should try both programs.

But you can’t use SpyHuman if your child has an iPhone. All of the reviews of SpyHuman say that this app is made for Android phones and doesn’t work on iOS phones. So, as an alternative, you can try SPY24. But if you need a way to keep an eye on an Android device, keep reading this review to find out more about SpyHuman.

What is SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is software for Android phones that lets you spy on other people. This app is made to help parents keep track of what their kids are doing on their smartphones at all times and in any place.

When SpyHuman is installed on a target device, it collects information like call logs, text messages, and social network chats so that parents can find out what their kids are doing online.

SpyHuman has three main advantages:

Parental controls help keep kids safe from online dangers and people they don’t want to talk to.

Information that lets parents know what their kids are doing on the Internet is backed up.

With the anti-theft feature, if your child’s phone is lost or stolen, you will get a message right away.

How does SpyHuman work?

To get started with SpyHuman, you must sign up for SpyHuman, sign in to your account, and purchase a subscription.

Download & Procedure to install SpyHuman


If you are a new user then, register an account on the SpyHuman for FREE

Download the FREE mobile tracker from the admin panel on the targeted device

Install the downloaded SpyHuman app on the targeted device


Login to the admin panel and start monitoring

Download & Procedure to install SpyHuman

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to SpyHuman.com, fill out the registration form, and register.
  • Confirm your email.
  • Download the SpyHuman app file from the official website and install it on the target Android device by following the installation guide.
  • Make sure you give the program all the necessary permissions.
  • Go to SpyHuman.com and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the SpyHuman admin panel and add your desired phone.
  • Allow the app a few minutes to collect data and start monitoring your child’s online activity.

Once the installation is complete, the SpyHuman icon will disappear from your child’s phone.

All SpyHuman features are located in the left sidebar. To view all related information, tap the required feature.

For example, if you want to check your browsing history, click on its icon and access your child’s browsing history, frequency of internet access, list of websites visited, and so on.

What activities can I monitor with SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is monitoring software that has different features that help parents find out what their kids are doing online. The SpyHuman features that are used most often are:

What activities can I monitor with SpyHuman?

Call logs: View a complete list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. If your child is talking to an unknown or unwanted person, you can easily block their number with SpyHuman. You can also record and play all calls from a target device and view more information such as call duration, date, and time.

Text messages:¬†Access all sent and received text messages and viewed your child’s contact information.

GPS Location:¬†Track real-time GPS locations and travel routes anywhere, anytime. Check the child’s current location and all its details such as date, time and places visited.

Contact Book:¬†Check the contact list, view contact details, and view deleted items from the device’s contact book.

Social Media:¬†Learn about your child’s social media and instant messaging activities.

Web Monitoring:¬†View your child’s browsing history, view the list of sites visited, and block any suspicious or unwanted sites on the device remotely;

File Explorer:¬†Control saved media files, storage space details, and files in the device’s internal storage.

Gallery: View images, photos, and thumbnails remotely;

Restrictions: Restrict certain websites, contacts, and applications.

App Tracker: Check the list of installed apps, track the daily usage of the app, and block unwanted apps.

How much does SpyHuman cost?

SpyHuman offers only two pricing programs: trial and premium.

Spy Human App Review Trial 

This is a free version of the app that is available for 7 days. You can use the trial version to control only 1 device at no cost. This package includes the following features: SpyHuman’s Premium Subscription¬†

SpyHuman premium plan

SpyHuman's Premium Subscription 

It is a paid SpyHuman version that costs $9.99 per month per device and is available for download here. 

There are no advertisements and there is no storage limit with the Premium plan, which includes all of the features available in the Trial version. 

The Premium plan includes all the features of the trial version, including ads and limited storage space.

Remotely install SpyHuman?

The device requires 5 minutes of physical access. Easy setup. You can download the SpyHuman Android apk file from a mobile web page or transfer it via Bluetooth. Install it with your credentials and go. 

Can I detect SpyHuman on my phone? 

Your admin panel will provide a secret code to check if SpyHuman is installed on your device. 

How do I install SpyHuman?

The device needs 5 minutes of physical access. Easy setup. You can download the SpyHuman Android app file from a mobile web page or transfer it via Bluetooth. Install it with your credentials and go. 

Remotely uninstall SpyHuman? 

No, you cannot uninstall SpyHuman App remotely. You must physically access the device, dial the unique code in your admin panel, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

How to uninstall SpyHuman from the target phone?

To uninstall the app, log in to Admin Panel, go to the Account Configuration page (Top Right Corner of Admin Pane), check to uninstall code, dial it on target mobile, and click Uninstall button. 
Follow these steps if the uninstall code fails. 
Visit the Remote control. 
When online, press disables stealth mode. 
Select secure service or system service. 
Click Uninstall. 

SpyHuman – The All-in-One Android Monitoring App – Mobile Tracker

The free mobile tracker app has many free features, such as SMS, Call recording, GPS locations, Facebook tracking, Cell phone tracker, WhatsApp tracking, and much more. Mobile Tracker.

The All-in-One Android Monitoring Solutions

Would you like to monitor the smartphone activities of your underage child? Then, here are the FREE mobile tracker offers:

  • Try Before You Buy!
  • (7-DAY FREE TRIAL of Premium Subscription)
  • Monitor call details, SMS, Location, Browsing History, and much more
  • No Root required
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Easy Installation
  • Parental Control

Mobile tracker protects your children from online threats by monitoring their smartphone activities, i.e., Facebook.

  • Data Backup

Get up to date with real-time data uploading and back up all your data on our highly-secured server with our app.

  • Anti-Theft

Lost your mobile phone, get the instant SIM Change notification in your control panel with SpyHuman

  • 24/7 Live Support

We are providing 24/7 live support via emails and calls; drop your queries at our email


SpyHuman’s Cell phone tracker app stays invisible on the targeted device and collects all the activities of your child without being known by them; the Phone tracker helps you to locate your children’s or employees’ real-time GPS Location while the App remains undetectable on the targeted device.

bluetooth spy app copy 2


  • Monthly login required
  • No Ads
  • No Storage Limit (3 Month Retention)
  • Call Logs
  • SMS Logs
  • GPS Location
  • Contact Detail
  • Call Recording
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • Facebook Messages
  • Browsing History
  • Website Blocker
  • Live Recording
  • Remote Photo Capture
  • File Manager
  • Remote File Manager
  • Photos & Images
  • App & Call Blocking
  • Device Detail

Note: To purchase an app, you are first required to install the app on the device then you can proceed with purchase from your account.

So that we can keep the application fee, we have to limit the number of requests so that the database doesn’t get too crowded.

So, only customers who are still using the site will be able to keep using the service for free.

For customers using the free offer, without connecting to the site for 7 days from the last login, the target phone will be automatically deleted…

For customers using the basic or premium offer, without connecting to the site for a month from the last login, the target phone will be automatically deleted.


SpyHuman‚Äôs FREE Mobile Spy App has been helping many parents to track their children‚Äôs activities remotely for the last couple of years. Many employers use our app to keep an eye on what their employees do on their phones while they’re at work and make sure that sensitive information doesn’t get out to their competitors.

How to use a FREE Android tracker for monitoring your kids?

Track all the Phone activities with FREE Android Tracker

Free Android Tracker Provides


Track all the details of your child’s smartphone with a FREE Android tracker remotely.


Track all Android smartphone activities like calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., with a FREE mobile tracker.


Android Tracker tracks the entire app history with the exact date and time stamp of usage.

  • Photos and Images

View and Download all photos that are stored on phone storage.

  • Web History

Phone Tracker tracks full web history with visited page links.

  • Live Recording

Record the live surrounding of the targeted device remotely.

  • File Explorer

Explore phone storage and download any files from the targeted device remotely.

Get the location of every moment when the target Android device changes its Location.

  • App Blocker

Mobile Tracker allows you to block any suspicious apps on the targeted device.

FREE Android Tracker SpyHuman

Nowadays, Android Tracker applications are trending in all mobile operating systems, whether it is IOS or Android, or others. Everybody wants to know what other people were doing on their smartphones. And that’s why they tried to do different mobile hacking tricks or Android Tracking. It is not good to spy on other people’s activities but, in the case of parents, it becomes necessary.

Nowadays, no doubt the internet has excellent stuff for learning or education purposes, but at the same time, there were many things that have negative effects on your children’s minds. So, being a parent of a teenage child, it is good to use those Android Tracker applications and watch out for your child’s activity.

Android Tracker application helps you monitor complete activities performed on the targeted device such as Contacts spy, SMS Spy, GPS Tracker, Call Spy, Ambience voice recorder, Whatsapp Spy, Facebook Spy, etc.

SpyHuman Android Tracking Application:

  • Spy on the sent/received SMS
  • Spy Call logs
  • Spy the exact GPS location anytime
  • Record phone surrounding anytime
  • Spy on Whatsapp conversations
  • Spy on Facebook conversations
  • Block unwanted calls on the targeted device
  • Lock the targeted device remotely


What is SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is an android app that monitors children and workers for their safety, future, and productivity.

How does SpyHuman Work?

Install SpyHuman on the target phone first. It will silently upload all data from your children’s or employee’s phone to the SpyHuman Server over the internet.

What devices are supported by SpyHuman?

SpyHuman supports Android 3.0 and higher.

What If need technical support?

If you need more help, use the contact form and we’ll get back to you. Contact us.

What is SIM change notification?

SIM change notification protects your phone from theft or anonymous use by alerting you to SIM card changes.

Does SpyHuman work worldwide?

SpyHuman is global. Since our app is internet-based, we are global.

WhatsApp Spy is now easy with WhatsApp Tracker – Spy on WhatsApp

Everyone, from kids to businesspeople, uses WhatsApp, the most popular online texting app. Are your kids spending hours on WhatsApp? Are your employees using WhatsApp at work? SpyHuman’s WhatsApp Tracker App provides all the answers.

SpyHuman is an effective tool for monitoring your children’s online activity or your employees’ work hours. SpyHuman lets you track the targeted phone’s personal and professional life.

WhatsApp Hacker, WhatsApp Tracker, Facebook Spy, Text Message Spy, FREE Phone Tracker.
As a parent, you must monitor your kids’ Whatsapp, Facebook, and other online activities.

As an employer, you must know how your employees interact with others. Is it confidential? Work hours?

Spying on social media, especially WhatsApp is acceptable in the above cases. SpyHuman’s Whatsapp Hacker lets you monitor the targeted phone’s Whatsapp activity. If your kids or employees delete Whatsapp, you can still read it. Get the date, time, and sender/receiver mobile numbers. Whatsapp tracker lets you see all media shared or saved on targeted phones, including photos, videos, audio, and documents.

How Useful Whatsapp tracker feature with Free Phone Tracker – SpyHuman?

Get all of the Whatsapp messages.

You can share photos, videos, documents, and audio files through Whatsapp.

Find out the full names and phone numbers of the people your kids have been chatting with.

Get full control over what your employees do while they’re on the job‚Ķ

Can I Monitor My Child’s iOS Devices? – SpyHuman 2022: Can I Monitor My Child’s iOS Devices?¬†

Since most kids spend most of their time on the Internet these days, new technologies mean that parents need to be more involved. It’s important to know what your kids are doing online and who they are talking to on social media.

Statistics show that about 30% of teens hurt themselves after being bullied online, and about 10% of them end up killing themselves as a result. Because prevention is always better than treatment, it is very important to know what your child does on his or her smartphone.

Online monitoring tools like SPY24 and SpyHuman can help you keep your kids safe from the dangers of the Internet and social media.

You should spend time on both of them. If, on the other hand, your child has an iPhone, you can’t use SpyHuman. All of the reviews of SpyHuman suggest that the app is made for Android devices and will not work on iPhones or iPads. Because of this, you can try SPY24 instead.

Read on to learn more about the SpyHuman mobile monitoring app if you need a way to keep an eye on an Android device.

What exactly is SpyHuman? 

SpyHuman made SpyHuman, which is monitoring software for Android phones. It was made so that parents could keep track of what their kids were doing on their phones at any time and from anywhere.

When SpyHuman is installed on a target device, it collects information like call logs, SMS messages, and social media conversations so that parents can see what their kids are doing online.

Here are the three most important benefits of SpyHuman:

Parental controls make it easier to keep kids safe from online dangers and people they don’t want to talk to.

Information that keeps parents up-to-date on what their kids are doing on the Internet

With the anti-theft feature, you can get an instant alert if your child’s phone gets lost or stolen.

What is the functionality of the SpyHuman application? 

Before you can use SpyHuman, you must first create an account with the company, log into your account, and buy a subscription.

Just follow these simple steps:

To sign up as a member, go to SpyHuman.com and fill out the registration form.

  • Check that your email address is correct.

Install SpyHuman on an Android device by downloading the SpyHuman apk file from the official website and following the instructions on how to install it.

  • Make sure that the app has access to everything it needs.
  • SpyHuman.com lets you log in to your account by going to the site.

Go to the SpyHuman control panel and type in the phone number of the person you want to spy on.

Give the app a few minutes to gather the information it needs before you start watching what your child does online.

After the installation is done, the SpyHuman icon will no longer show up on your child’s phone.

On the left side of the screen, you can find all of SpyHuman’s features. To see all the information about a certain feature, you just have to tap on it.

For example, if you want to see your child’s browsing history, you can just click on the icon and see their browsing history, how often they use the Internet, a list of websites they’ve been to, and so on.

What Kind of Activities Can I Keep Track of Using SpyHuman? 

SpyHuman is a monitoring software package that lets parents see what their kids are doing online through a number of different features. Here are the SpyHuman features that people use most often:

Call logs let you see a full list of all calls that came in, went out and were missed. You can easily block a phone number if your child is talking to someone you don’t know or don’t want them to talk to. You can also record and play back all calls made from a target device, as well as see other information like the length of the call, the date, and the time.

  • Get access to your child’s sent and received text messages and contact information.

Tracking your GPS location and travel routes in real-time from anywhere and at any time. Find out where your child is right now and all the details about it, like the date, time, and places they’ve been;

Some of the features are monitoring the list of contacts, see details about contacts, and seeing who has been deleted from the contact book of a target device.

Online social media: Use social media and instant messengers to find out how your child acts online;

You can keep an eye on your child’s web history, see the list of sites they’ve been to, and block any suspicious or unwanted sites on the target device from afar;

What Kind of Activities Can I Keep Track of Using SpyHuman? 

File Explorer lets you keep track of your saved media files, storage information, and files on the device’s internal storage space.

  • From anywhere in the world, you can look at images, photos, and thumbnails in a gallery.
  • Some of the restrictions include being able to block certain websites, phone calls, and apps.

The App Tracker lets you look at the list of installed apps, keep track of how often you use each one, and block apps you don’t want to use. You can get it for free.

What is the cost of the SpyHuman service? 

SpyHuman only has two price plans: a free trial and a paid plan.

  • The experiment with SpyHuman

It is a free version of the app that you can try out for 7 days. During the trial, you can only keep an eye on one device at a time without being charged. This package comes with the following things:

  • Storage for seven days

There are website blockers for live records, call logs, and SMS logs, as well as for web browsing history. Information about who to contact based on GPS location: call recording Messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Information on how to reach the GPS location

Details about the target device: remote photo capture, remote file manager, photos and images, blocking apps, and calls remote image capture remote file management.

In the battle of SpyHuman vs. Spy24, 

If your child has an iPhone or iPad, SpyHuman is worth your time but ineffective. The app only works on Android devices, so you may want to use another program.

SPY24 is a great alternative to SpyHuman because it offers a wide range of monitoring features and flexible pricing.

SPY24 lets parents monitor Instagram, Line, Kik, Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat, as well as geofencing and keylogging.

You can choose an app based on your needs now that you know its pros and cons.

Family advisor and psychologist Daniel Black has two children. He’s in NYC. He believes that understanding family dynamics can make anyone a better parent, partner, and person. Daniel hikes, backpacks, and treks.


In the text above, we tried to explain SpyHuman software, explanations about the download method, the installation method, the membership method, etc.

But I also want to listen to the important point that this software should be used correctly and not try to destroy people’s privacy.

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