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13 Best Telegram Spy Apps in 2023 – How to Telegram Messaging Spy

Nowadays messaging apps are getting more popular than ever. The more popular it gets, the more you may feel the need to protect yourself, your kids, your employees, or your loved ones from its dangers. If you are worried about their social communications too, well here in this blog we are going to discuss the best telegram spy apps of 2023 that you can use to keep tabs on telegram messaging.

So to speak, telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Since its launch in 2013, it has gained popularity day by day and millions of users are using this app for their social communications. As you know, when something gets more popular, more hackers and snoopers aim for it to gain benefits. So you need to find a tool to keep yourself and your conversations safe from it being spied on. That is why in this blog, we are going to look at the 13 best Telegram spy apps of 2023.

Looking for a quick answer? SPY24 is one of the best telegram spy apps available. It is affordable, safe, and offers many useful features including tracking incoming and outgoing telegram messages, media files, and more. This app is compatible with iPhone, android, mac, and windows so you can easily install it on your device and track the online activities of your loved ones. SPY24 is 100% secure and trustworthy, so you can use it to monitor your spouse, children, or employees. You can try it now for 30 days risk-free and see if you are content with it or not. To know more about its features, you can read below.

What is a Spy App?

A spy app, also called spyware, is an app that lets you secretly collect information from someone’s device without them knowing about it. More than that,  You can use it to track GPS location, monitor text messages and it can even access passwords. No matter what social media platform, spy apps work on many platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and more.

How to Track Telegram App?

If you want to track the telegram app, you need to use a spy app that is capable of monitoring it. You can use SPY24 to track telegram messaging. It can also track social chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, Hike, IMO, and more.

Best Telegram Spy Apps Compared

Many spy apps are incompatible with IOS or Android and as stated before, some may even be scams. Here in this article, we have compared the 18 best spy apps to give you an overall view of their features and abilities.

The best Telegram spy apps on the market today for 2023 are SPY24, mSpy, Spyic, Cocospy, Hoverwatch, eyeZy, FlexiSPY, uMobix, Spyera, XNSPY, and iKeyMonitor.

1. SPY24 – Best Telegram Spy App to Spy on Telegram for Free 🏆

SPY24 is a parental control app that helps families to track their children’s activities on their phones and computers. This app provides a 30-day free trial which can help you to test the app and make sure about its performance. What devices does it support? It supports iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows devices.

This spy app is installed on your device stealthily and monitors your messaging, call logs, GPS location, and more. SPY24 is so popular among parents, employers, and partners and has been used for more than a decade. With this app, you can easily monitor the activity of your loved ones without them knowing about it and ensure that they are safe.


SPY24 subscription plans start from $4.99 monthly and go up to $24.99 annually. Aside from its great yearly discounts, this app offers you a 7-day free trial to test its features before buying the subscription plan.

With the interesting features this app offers, you already have a perfect choice ahead of you. According to this SPY24 review, Some of them are listed below:

Monitor messages: With SPY24, you can easily track messages, calls, and multimedia sent and received on Telegram. You can also check the content of group conversations and be alert if you notice any suspicious activities.

Track location: This app allows you to track the exact, real-time location of the person you want to spy on.

View information: You will have the ability to view photos, videos, and voice messages sent and received on Telegram. 

View contacts: SPY24 enables you to view the contacts of the person you are spying on. Actually, This feature helps you to get to know their social circle. 

Monitor social activities: Well, to make sure your children, spouse, or employees aren’t engaging in any inappropriate activities, you can always track their social networking communications using this app. 

Above we mentioned some of the features of SPY24 that not only have turned it into one of the best telegram spy apps, but also help you to effectively keep an eye on the activities of family and employees.

Long story short, SPY24 is the best phone spy app that excels at being reliable and helping you to monitor the activities of your social circle on telegram. This messaging app is offered at an exceptional price and is easy to work with. so, if you want to spy on telegram, then SPY24 is the most efficient option for you.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS30-day free trial
Telegram Spy App



2- Flexispy – Telegram spyware

Flexispy is the newest telegram spy app on the market. This app allows you to effectively monitor telegram conversations, messages, multimedia, and more. This messaging spy app has technical and advanced features that make it able to keep track of anything that is happening on your target’s device. 

With this app, you can remotely access the phones and computers of your family and employees as well as monitor their activities, files, and more. You can also block contacts from receiving messages and calls from specific people. Another interesting feature of Flexispy is that you can also control the device of your target remotely. 


If you have decided to use Flexispy, you can choose from the three packages it is offering. The first one is the Basic package which is available for $29.99 monthly and gives you access to the basic features of this app. The Premium package is priced at $69.99 per month and with this package, you get access to more advanced features of the app, like monitoring multiple devices. Finally, there is the Ultimate package that you can buy for $99.99 monthly and gain access to all of Flexispy’s features.

Pros and cons:

Flexispy has some advantages that turn it into a favorable spy app. It is easy to install and use and once you choose this app, you don’t need to worry about its security because Flexispy offers its users a way to keep their conversations and activities private. To spice it up, it is also affordable and as we said, it provides a variety of plans to suit different needs.

Just like every other app, Flexispy has some disadvantages too. This app is relatively expensive and it has no free-trial option. It is not compatible with all devices and it may be challenging for you to track your family or employees. Finally and most importantly, this telegram spy app doesn’t offer a full range of features and because of that, you may have difficulty monitoring certain conversations.

To sum it up, Flexispy is a powerful and effective telegram spy app. With a variety of features this app offers, you can monitor conversations and activities easily and it is relatively affordable. On the other hand, it is not free and not compatible with all devices, so that can make it a little hard to use. Lastly, due to its lack of a full range of features, you may find trouble in tracking certain activities of your loved ones.

Flexispy – Telegram spyware



3. mSpy – Does Telegram Spy on You

Here you are with mSpy, one of the most powerful hidden phone monitoring apps that you can use to track the activities of your family and friends. This app is designed to monitor calls, text messages, emails, exact locations, and more. mSpy is a discreet and cautious telegram spy app, so it makes sure that your loved ones are safe.

There is a question that needs to be answered; does it also spy on you? mSpy has plenty of features and because of its variety of options, it’s logical to ask this question. Fortunately, this app is safe and doesn’t spy on you. It enables you to monitor the activities of people whose devices you have installed this app on.


mSpy is quite affordable and it’s provided in three different plans- basic, premium, and family plan. The basic plan costs $14.99 per month and includes 30 days of data storage. With the basic plan you can track text messages and device locations and you can also control your target’s phone remotely. The premium plan is $19.99 monthly, it has options like email monitoring, keylogger, and web history check in addition to all of the basic plan features. In the end, there is the family plan for $39.99 monthly that has all of the last two plans’ options plus a few ones like geo-fencing and app blocking.

Pros and cons:

Considering the advantages, mSpy is full of them. This app is easy to install, has a user-friendly interface, and has a reasonable price. More than that, it doesn’t spy on you so you can make sure about its safety and know that the privacy of your family and friends isn’t at stake.

Maybe the only disadvantage with mSpy is that it needs jailbreaking on IOS devices. It means that before trying it on an iPhone, you should take your time and follow the instructions carefully in order to install and use it.

Overall, mSpy is one of the greatest telegram spy apps that can help you to monitor the activity of your family and friends. It’s reasonably priced, includes a long list of features, and is safe. So if you are looking for a reliable phone monitoring app, you can consider mSpy.

telegram spy copy 3
Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$139.92/year



4. Highster Mobile – Telegram Spy bot

Highster Mobile is a powerful telegram spy app that allows you to monitor messages, images, videos, and other activities on telegram. Because telegram uses end-to-end encryption and it allows its users to set up aliases, it is difficult to track your family and loved ones easily. Highster Mobile is the app to solve that problem effectively. This messaging app is easy to install and use and it also provides useful information about your social circle’s activities.


Highster Mobile is available for a reasonable price compared to other similar apps. It has a basic package that starts at $69.99 which provides additional features according to your needs.

Pros and cons:

Tracking the activities of your child or spouse is much easier with Highster Mobile. It provides detailed information about monitored messages, pictures, videos, and more. If you are looking for a special message or conversation, you can quickly find it through the powerful search feature that Highster Mobile provides.

Despite all of its advantages, Highster Mobile has some disadvantages too. So to speak, it doesn’t provide real-time monitoring, so you can’t instantly see what your family, partner, or employees are doing on their phones. more than that, It isn’t compatible with all devices, so it won’t work if your loved ones are using different devices.

Generally speaking, Highster Mobile is an efficient telegram spy app that allows you to monitor your family and friends’ activities. It is affordable and provides detailed insights about what’s going on in your target’s devices. However, it has some drawbacks that may not suit your needs, so you should consider all the features before using this app

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$69.99
Highster Mobile – Telegram Spy bot



5. iKeyMonitor – Telegram Spy apk

When it comes to effectively using a spy app with a free trial, the name of iKeyMonitor shines. With this app, you can easily monitor the telegram activities of your social circle and keep an eye on your loved ones or employees. iKeyMonitor is available for both IOS and Android devices which gives you good accessibility.

Did you also know that With iKeyMonitor, no matter what social platform your surroundings use, it can monitor conversations on telegram or any other messaging app for that matter? So no need to worry about its access to different platforms.

Moreover in this article, we’ll discuss some of the features of this spying app in addition to its pros and cons.

Using iKeyMonitor gives you a comprehensive vision of the whereabouts of your loved ones. It comes up with various features like keystroke logging, screenshot capture, call recording, GPS location detection, and more. Additionally, with this app, you can easily get your hands on monitoring messages, contacts, shared multimedia, and more. 


You can purchase iKeyMonitor once and for all, for only $59.95 and you don’t need to buy it again. As an additional option, you can also attend to choose a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month.

Pros and cons:

One of the biggest advantages of iKeyMonitor that stands out to your eyes is its flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to track your target from anywhere you like. After you go through its quick installation process, you can successfully start eavesdropping on your loved ones’ social conversations and ensure their safety.

With all of the good stuff, we can name one drawback of this spy app and that’s its high value price-wise. It can be a bit pricier than other telegram monitoring apps.

Now that you’ve read on here, in conclusion, you should consider iKeyMonitor if you can take care of the price, as it is a great choice for those who want to track the activities of their family and friends easily and no matter the platform they use. Available for both Android and iPhone, what other things do you need to consider?

iKeyMonitor – Telegram Spy apk
Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS, PC$59.95



6. TheOneSpy – iPhone Spy App for Telegram

Worried about your children’s activities, employees’ behavior, or potential data breaches? TheOneSpy is the answer to your concerns. This app gives you the ability to effectively monitor one’s iPhone messages and more.

TheOneSpy provides a wide range of features for eavesdropping on all activities of IOS devices. To add up to its customer satisfaction, TheOneSpy has come up with an intuitive user-friendly interface, so you can quickly get used to this telegram spy app.

TheOneSpy comes with a list of features to help you get the most out of this app. Some of them include: 

  • Monitor text messages, emails, and instant messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Access contacts, notes, photos, and videos
  • Spy on web surfing history and call logs
  • View messaging app usages such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber

TheOneSpy also offers optimized features to monitor telegram- the most popular messaging app. By having remote access to your child or partner’s phone, you can track sent and received messages effectively. In order to appeal to you, this app enables you to see the time and date of each message, the name of the receiver, and the IP address of the sender.


TheOneSpy is ready for you to purchase at a reasonable price and with various interesting packages. The basic package starts from $9.99 and includes basic monitoring features like text and email tracking, GPS location detection, and instant conversation monitoring. You can go further and buy the premium package for $29.99. This one comes with all the features of the basic package in addition to some other features like call recording and more.

Pros and cons:

TheOneSpy offers many advantages in a way that makes it such a favorable spy app. Its features range from ease of installment and use to being undetectable which makes it difficult for your loved ones to know about the app on their device. No need to mention its ability to effectively monitor different activities on IOS phones.

It’s time to talk about its disadvantages. TheOneSpy is relatively expensive and it doesn’t offer any free trials, so you have to buy it to check its performance. This spy app needs a stable internet connection if you want it to work properly. It is true that we said it works on iPhone, but it doesn’t support all versions of IOS and the services may not be available in some regions.

Finally, it is a great choice for you if your goal is to monitor activities on iPhone devices. It is easy to install and use and it offers a wide range of features as we talked about above. Being undetectable resolves your concerns of being tracked too. That’s an interesting app to consider overall.

TheOneSpy – iPhone Spy App for Telegram
Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS, PC , MAC OS$59.95



7. Spyic – Telegram Monitor App

Here you are with one of the best parental control apps that makes it super easy to keep your kids safe online. it’s more reassuring to know that it was first made to do so. Spyic is a reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient spy app. It gives you access to all telegram conversations, real-time location, and an overall view of activities on telegram.

Spyic allows you to monitor messages, photos, videos, and audio files on telegram whether sent or received. Another useful feature is that you can view the list of your child’s telegram contacts and delete any suspicious contact you think can be dangerous for your kid. This doesn’t end here and you can even set up keyword alerts so that messages with specific words will be shown to you.


When it comes to pricing, Spyic is one of our highly-recommended offers out there. You can purchase it with both monthly and annual plans, of course, no need to say that the annual plan is more cost-effective. More than that, if you are not happy with this spy app, it offers a 30-day guarantee and will refund your money in no time.

Pros and cons:

Well, about Spyic there is not a lot to mention compared to other apps. But in order to count its advantages, we can point to its user-friendly and intuitive interface that has a decisive role in making it easy to keep track of your child’s activities. Need more? You can also spy on their multimedia content and monitor the kind of images or videos they are watching.

Unfortunately, Spyic is only available for Android and IOS, so if you are using a different operating system, like Windows or macOS, you won’t be able to use this app. Some of the features may not be available in certain countries too, so you should make an informed decision.

Concluding Spyic, if you are a parent who is worried about their kid this app is built for you. It’s equipped with a GPS tracker, so you can know about the location of your kid all the time. You can of course monitor their activities, messages, contacts, and more. This telegram spy app is only compatible with Android and iPhone and lastly, it has a 30-day guarantee to compensate your number if you weren’t satisfied.

Spyic – Telegram Monitor App
Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$99.99/year for Android, $129.99/year for iOS



8- KidsGuard Pro – Parent-Oriented Telegram Spy Free

Are you worried about your kid’s online activity? Do you want to know about their social circle? Well, you are at the right place. KidsGuard Pro is the perfect answer for you. With this app, you can monitor your kid’s messages on telegram and make sure that they are safe. This parental control app provides comprehensive features like remote access to chats and calls, reading messages, viewing contact details, and more. With KidsGuard Pro, you can always stay on top of your child’s activities on telegram.

Good news for you, parents! KidsGuard Pro is totally free and you don’t need to pay for any subscriptions if you want to use its basic features. This gives you a chance to install and test the app to see if you like it or not.


In the area of pricing, KidGuard Pro comes with a great deal. First of all, installing and using the app is completely free and you don’t have to pay. After a while, if you like the plan, you can buy the subscription plan. It starts from $39.99 per month, which is fairly affordable. 

Pros and cons:

This telegram spy app is capable of monitoring multiple devices. This way you can use it if you have more than one kid in your home. It has a user-friendly interface and is so affordable. It takes less than minutes to start and once it’s running, you can use the extensive list of features it provides.

This app has two major disadvantages that can make it difficult to use; first of all, it’s not compatible with IOS devices, and other than that, this spy app isn’t available in all countries.

To sum it up, KidsGuard Pro is a great tool for parents who are worried about their children and want to monitor their activities on telegram. This app is free, easy to use, and provides a comprehensive set of features that makes it so efficient to use. If you are looking for a way to ensure your kid’s safety in the virtual world, remember to keep KidsGuard Pro in mind.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$39.99 Android, $69.99 iOS



9. Spybubble – Best Telegram Spy App

Are you looking for one of the best telegram spy apps on the market? Look no further than Spybubble. It’s the premier telegram monitoring app out there. This messaging app allows you to track every conversation, file, and media shared on telegram.

Spybubble is a full package and it is no wonder it has made it in the best telegram spy apps list. It allows you to monitor both private and group chats, read messages that have been deleted, gain access to shared files, track different activities of any telegram account, and more. 


Spybubble is surprisingly affordable. There are two plans available: the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan. The Basic Plan costs $9.99 per month and the Pro Plan costs $14.99 per month. Both plans come with a 7-day guarantee. To refund your money if you weren’t satisfied with the app.

Pros and cons:

Spybubble comes with several advantages as your telegram spy app. It’s easy to set up and use and it is equipped with a long list of features that can satisfy your needs. There is no need to tell you that with a 7-day money-back guarantee and an affordable price, it is one of the most useful spy apps to purchase.

With all that said about the advantages of Spybubble, it also comes with some downsides too. It is only available for Android and IOS devices, so if you have a different operating system like Windows or macOS, you can’t use it. Additionally, the pro plan is rather more expensive than other spy apps on the market.

To summarize Spybubble in one sentence, it is a great telegram spy app to use. From ease of use to an extensive pack of features, we can decide that this app is so effective and functional. It comes with a 7-day guarantee to refund your money. Finally, If you are looking for an effective way to monitor Telegram conversations, then Spybubble is definitely worth considering.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS

$9.99 Android,

$14.99 iOS

Spybubble – Best Telegram Spy App



10. Cocospy – iPhone Spy App for Telegram

In this part, we are going to discuss Cocospy, one of the most powerful, secure, and user-friendly telegram spy apps. With the ability to monitor your children’s and employee’s activities, it is the perfect choice for you and is such a lifesaver if you are worried about them.

Being undetectable by the target, it’s a cutting-edge monitoring tool that helps you to track messages, calls, and media files of your loved ones. As an additional feature, it also enables you to have access to group chats, giving you a general overview of your family and friends’ social circle.


For those whose, money burns a hole in their pockets, this app is available for an affordable price of $24.99 monthly for its basic plan. This plan offers features like monitoring chats, calls, and multimedia files. For those who want to move one step further, there is a premium plan for $49.99 per month. In addition to basic plan features, the premium plan offers advanced features like GPS location tracking and call recording.

Pros and cons:

Unlike other spying apps, Cocospy is 100% undetectable by the one whose device is holding this hidden spy app. it doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting. Apart from the app services, it has 24/7 customer support ensuring that your questions are answered and your problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, Cocospy has some disadvantages. It’s only compatible with Android and IOS devices Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any free trial version, so you need to purchase the app to check and see if you like it or not. 

Overall, Cocospy is a perfect telegram spy app for IOS and Android. With an affordable price and a range of interesting features, it is incredibly exciting to use.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS

$24.99 Android,

$49.99 iOS

Cocospy – iPhone Spy App for Telegram



11. XNSPY – Best Telegram for Remote Control

Do you want to keep track of your child’s online activity? Are you suspicious of your girlfriend and need to monitor his conversations? If your answer is yes, then XNSPY comes in handy. This is the best telegram remote control spy app that is so smooth and user-friendly. With this exceptionally powerful app, you can remotely monitor your children’s activities, control their devices and keep them safe from cyber threats.

XNSPY is a cloud-based spying app that allows you to view the data from their devices in real-time, meaning you can track them down any time you want anywhere. With this interesting useful feature, you can monitor their telegram messages, calls, browsing history, GPS location, and more. 

More than that, XNSPY is more like a parental control app. You can use it to efficiently regulate and optimize your child’s device usage. It helps you to block inappropriate websites and apps, monitor your loved one’s social media activities, and check their device’s battery life, storage capacity, and data usage.


You can buy XNSPY at an affordable price. The basic plan is available for just $7.99 monthly which is so efficient for those who aren’t going to spend big money and it includes all the primary features of XNSPY. There is also a premium plan that comes with some advanced features like call and message recording, remote screenshots, and more.

Pros and cons:

This messaging app has many advantages, given from its affordable price and powerful features to its ease of use and security. Further on, this app is useful for monitoring dating apps and giving you a way to track your partner’s activities. Because of this option, XNSPY is considered one of the best girlfriend spy apps on the market.

The only downside of XNSPY is its limited accessibility. It’s only compatible with Android and IOS devices which can be a little tricky to deal with if you are using other devices.

To make a general conclusion, XNSPY is an excellent solution for parents who want to keep their children safe from online threats or people who are suspicious of their partners. Alongside its affordable price and useful features, it is definitely one of the best spy apps to remote control your target’s device.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS

$7.99 Android,

$24.99 iOS

Best Telegram for Remote Control



12. uMobix – Telegram Spy Apps for Android

uMobix is one of the most effective and powerful telegram spy apps on the market. This app is compatible with Android and IOS devices. Overall, this app is highly popular among parents or employers who are worried about their loved ones’ activities.

With its wide range of various features, you will be equipped with one of the most functional spy apps available. uMobix enables you to monitor sending and receiving messages, view deleted texts, and even spy on group conversations. This app is a location tracker too which gives you the ultimate help to detect the whereabouts of your children. uMobix also provides some extra information and notifies you when certain events occur, like when someone is online or offline or when they have sent or received messages.


When it comes to pricing, uMobix is a balanced app. At first, it’s free to download and use, but if you desire to take advantage of more features and some advanced tools, you can purchase its premium plan. The rate for premium is $19.99 monthly and $35.99 annually. 

Pros and cons:

It has many upsides that unconsciously convince you to use it. First of all, you can monitor conversations without the target knowing about them. It also provides some detailed information about their activities. Regarding its interface, uMobix is so easy to use and gives you dozens of options in order to customize settings to better satisfy your needs.

On the other hand, it has some disadvantages too. It only works for telegram and doesn’t support other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber. Its premium plan is rather expensive and gets on the list of more expensive apps which makes it not affordable for some users. Finally, uMobix doesn’t offer any encryption, which means that all of your monitored information is at stake and anyone with access to uMobix can see that.

If you need a summary, uMobix is an excellent choice for telegram users. With its different features, you can easily track conversations, GPS location, and deleted messages.  It makes a great useful helper for you if you want to keep an eye on your loved ones and employees.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS

$19.99 Android,

$39.99 iOS

uMobix – Telegram Spy Apps for Android



13. EyeZy – The Top Telegram Spy Apps in 2023 Reviewed

EyeZy is an easy-to-use telegram spy app that has gained massive popularity since its launch in 2021. It is a reliable tool that provides you with information about the activities of your loved ones using a modern, user-friendly interface. 

It offers a bulk of useful features that is so satisfying for its users and enables you to track telegram messages from around the world.

Talking about its features, you can view conversations in real-time, set up alerts for when new messages arrive, and even block unwanted users. EyeZy also allows you to delete inappropriate texts and even record audio messages. This spy app is compatible with IOS and Android devices and it has a high-grade encryption system to increase its security.


Regarding its price, it’s slightly affordable. It starts at an unbeatable price of $10.00 per month which is so efficient.

Pros and cons:

EyeZy is a reliable messaging app that provides a very cozy interface to enhance its users’ experience. With this app, you can easily monitor telegram messages and with a range of useful features, you won’t have trouble tracking different activities of your target.

One of the disadvantages of EyeZy is that its pro plan is slightly more expensive than most of the other spy apps and also it has some features that can be a little confusing for those who are new to this platform.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS

$28.99 Android,

$49.99 iOS

EyeZy – The Top Telegram Spy Apps in 2023



14. Mobile Tracker Free – Download Telegram Spy App

Do you feel like you have no control over your children’s activities when they are away from home? Are you worried about their safety but don’t know how to monitor their activities? If so, you should consider trying out Mobile Tracker Free, the ultimate telegram spy app.

Designed for all parents who are concerned about their children’s online activities, this messaging app brings up a user-friendly interface with detailed information that can be remotely viewed. With the aid of Mobile Tracker Free, parents can set up alerts for specific activities, block websites, and even limit access to certain apps.

This app is available for both Android and IOS devices and is also compatible with widely used browsers. If you are new to the platform, it is super easy to install and it requires few setup steps. In addition to all that said, as the name of this app makes it crystal clear, it’s free to install and you can use it without charge.

Mobile Tracker Free is highly secure and is updated over disciplined periods to make sure that it’s up-to-date, so if you are worried about the accuracy of its features, there’s a way out for you. The goal of this app is to gain the trust and satisfaction of its users and to do so, it lets you monitor your children’s activities, their real-time location, internet usage, social media, and more.


The pricing is also very competitive. The free version of the app provides basic tracking features, while the premium version includes additional options such as detailed reports, parental control settings, and more.


  • Easy to use – Mobile Tracker Free is simple to install and requires little setup.
  • Comprehensive features – The app provides a comprehensive range of features that allow parents to stay informed and in control.
  • Customizable – Parents can customize the monitoring of their child’s activities with alerts, blocked websites, and more.
  • Secure – it is highly encrypted to make sure there is no leak in the app
  • Cost-effective – the price of this app is its selling point which makes it so affordable and popular.


  • Lack of advanced features – The premium version of the app provides additional features such as detailed reports, parental control settings, and more, but these may be too advanced for some users.
  • Limited compatibility – The app is only compatible with Android and IOS devices.

To sum it up, Mobile Tracker Free is a smart choice, as it owns many useful features to give its users the best experience possible. It’s secure and easy to use and if you are considering purchasing this spy app, you better know that it is free to download. One more thing is that it’s on the market for a reasonable price which is so important for people who are low on budget.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Mobile Tracker Free – Download Telegram Spy App



15. Hoverwatch – Best free Telegram spy

Hoverwatch is on the list of best telegram spy apps on the market today. With this app’s interesting features, you can stealthily monitor the activities of your loved ones and employees and make sure they are safe. Interestingly, Hoverwatch is free to download and use, so you can feel free to test its performance.

The main features of this app include gaining access to conversations, messages, and multimedia. If you need to know about the location of your family or employees, Hoverwatch has a powerful feature to track GPS location of them and be alert if they exceed your predetermined area. This messaging app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices too. 


Hoverwatch provides a variety of plans. There is a basic plan that costs $24.95 monthly and enables you to have access to conversations, messages, and media. Further, you can apply for the premium plan with $59.95 per month which gives you more features like access to user activity logs, keylogging, call logs, and more.

Pros and cons:

To count the advantages of this app, firstly we refer to its versatility, affordable price, and ease of use. With this app, you can easily monitor conversations and activities on telegram. Hoverwatch is quick and easy to set up and you can use it for multiple devices which is so efficient.

Unfortunately, Hoverwatch isn’t compatible with all devices, in fact, it’s not available for iPhones and some models of Android phones. technically, this spy app is dependent on the target’s device hardware, concluding that its performance can be inconsistent at times.

Long story short, Hoverwatch is a great spy app to consider and it will satisfy your spying needs. With its wide range of features, you can track telegram activities and conversations of your loved ones. It’s free to download and is efficiently priced and enables you services like taking screenshots, getting access to the location, and more.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, MAC, PC

$24.95 for 1 month

$59.95 for 3 months

$99.95 for one year

Hoverwatch – Best free Telegram spy



16. Spyera – Telegram spy app android free

Spyera is one of the most useful telegram spy apps available. It’s made for professional use and allows you to monitor the activities of your target successfully. This app is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, and macOS which gives it a comprehensive appreciation among users.

This super awesome spy app allows you to keep a close eye on different telegram activities, shared files, and account activity and it lets you take recordings from the screen of your loved ones. Spyera is powered by a detector to let you know about your children’s or employees’ real-time location. As extra features, this messaging app provides access to contacts saved on the target device and allows you to track sent and received messages.


The price of this spy app is just much higher than its comparable apps. After purchasing the app, you need to register and then provide details like your target’s phone number and email address. After the initial process, you will be able to access the app

Pros and cons:

Spyera captures the attention when it comes to power and an app’s ability to monitor conversations. This spy app can be used to track locations and access contacts and files. It has a user-friendly interface. Other than that, the setup process is a piece of cake, so it won’t be hard to adapt for those who are new to the world of spying apps.

The only downside of this app is its high price. If you want to have access to all of this app’s features, you need to pay around $50 to purchase it. As it is a high amount, it can cause some users to forget the app and put off buying it.

Well, despite its high price, it’s an incredible tool for those who are worried about the activities of their loved ones and need to monitor them. The app is easy to use and install and the wide range of powerful features it offers has turned it into an ideal choice ever. So if you have seen it through and can afford the price, such a powerful spy app can really come in handy.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS$389/year
Spyera – telegram spy app android free



17. Spapp Monitoring – How to Spy Telegram

Here we are introducing Spapp Monitoring, an ultimate solution for your telegram spying worries. With this app, you can monitor telegram chats, and keep track of conversations, contacts, and more. It can even help you block unwanted messages and people who look suspicious.  

Spapp Monitoring offers a wide range of features that make it the perfect tool to track telegram activities. In the list below, we have prepared some of its features:

  • View messages and conversations from the past 24 hours and monitor conversations history and contacts
  • Block unwanted messages and contacts
  • See when people are online, typing, or see their presence status
  • Get notifications when someone sends a message
  • See who is sending messages and when
  • See who is in a group or private chat or see who is joining or leaving a group


In order to use this app, you only need to purchase it once and for all. Spapp Monitoring is on the market at a one-time price of $33.99.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Monitor conversations and contacts
  • Block unwanted messages and people
  • Receive notifications whenever someone sends a message
  • Monitor who is typing and when
  • See who is online and when
  • Very affordable


  • It can only be used to monitor Telegram conversations
  • It does not allow you to view previously deleted messages
  • It cannot monitor other messaging apps

Based on this article, Spapp Monitoring is an efficient spy app to keep an eye on your family and friend’s telegram activities. With this app, you can monitor conversations, block unwanted messages and people, receive notifications whenever an action is done on telegram, and more.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$33.99
Spapp Monitoring – how to spy telegram



18- EvaSpy – Telegram spy app review

Here we are with our last spy app to discuss, EvaSpy. Being such a reliable and easy-to-use tool, it has gained great popularity among parents and employers. It is available at an affordable price and has a wide range of features that will satisfy your needs, whatever they might be.

With EvaSpy, you can monitor all sending and receiving messages, photos, videos, and more on telegram. Considering if your target has changed some information about a contact, this app helps to track down whether they have deleted or added a contact. In addition to messages, EvaSpy lets you spy on incoming and outgoing calls too.


After all that said, EvaSpy provides a unique feature called Tacking Mode that allows you to be aware of when a specific person is online or not. It works by setting an alert for it and when they get for example offline, it triggers the alert. This way, you can easily monitor your loved ones’ activities and make sure they won’t do anything suspicious.


EvaSpy is one of the most affordable Telegram spy apps available. You can use its basic features free of charge, but if you feel the need to upgrade to the advanced features, its prices start at $9.99 and go up to $49.99 per month. 


Talking advantages, the best selling point about EvaSpy is its reasonable price. It also provides a wide range of features designed to keep up with your loved ones and take care of their privacy. Lastly, this app is easy to use and you won’t have trouble adjusting its appearance and all.


The only downside to EvaSpy is that it’s not compatible with all devices. More than that, this application doesn’t offer advanced features like keylogging or call recording. Its last and worst disadvantage is that it’s not compatible with Android devices.

Operating Systems SupportedPrice
Android, iOS$33.99
EvaSpy – Telegram spy app review



How Do Telegram Spy Apps Work?

The algorithm of a telegram spy app is simple yet smart. It works by getting access to a target device- your children, employees, or partner- and collecting your needed data from it. Spy apps track information such as sending and receiving messages, media files, and other activities on telegram. There are also some advanced apps that can track GPS location, browsing history, keystrokes, and more. Finally, the data that is stealthily gathered by the spy app, is sent to a secure online control panel, where users can observe them.

How to Spy on Someone’s Telegram Messages Without the Target Phone

It is not possible to spy on someone’s Telegram messages without the target phone. Spy apps require physical access to the device in order to be installed and to be able to monitor the needed data. Therefore, it is not possible to spy on someone’s Telegram messages without having access to the target phone.

Best Telegram Spy Apps Compared

Best Telegram Spy AppPriceCompatible Operating Systems
SPY24freeAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows
Flexispy$99.99Android, iOS
mSpy$139.92Android, iOS
TheOneSpy$99.99Android, iOS
Highster Mobile$99.99Android, iOS
KidsGuard Pro$99.99Android, iOS
Spybubble$99.99Android, iOS
XNSpy$99.99Android, iOS
Eyezy$119.88Android, iOS
Spapp Monitoring$99.99Android, iOS
uMobix$179.88Android, iOS
Cocospy$99.99Android, iOS
XNSpy$99.99Windows, iOS, Android
Spyic$99.99iOS, Android, Windows
Mobile Tracker Free$5.99Android, iOS
EvaSpy$99.95Android, iOS
Hoverwatch$99.95Android, iOS
Spyera$389Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
iKeyMonitor$29.99Android, iOS

Table of Contents

Are Telegram Phone Spy Apps Safe?

Generally, using spy apps is safe and there is no threat following you. But you should keep in mind that every app might be spam or they may misuse your information. For this matter, you should do research and read reviews to make sure that the spy app you are using is safe. Another important thing is to use well-known reliable apps that have been used and evaluated by many users worldwide. One more thing, do not use this app for illegal activities. 

Free Android & iPhone Spy Apps for Telegrams


There are several free Android & iPhone spy apps available for Telegram. These apps are generally not as powerful as paid spy apps, but they can still provide some basic features such as tracking sent and received messages, calls, and other activities on telegram.

Some of the most popular free Android & iPhone spy apps for Telegram are SPY24, mSpy, and Spyera.

How to Use a Telegram Spy App

Using a Telegram spy app is relatively simple. First, you need to install the app on the target device. Once the app is installed, it will forward all your needed information from that person’s device to your spy apps interface, information like sent and received messages, calls, and other activities. Most spy apps will also allow you to take screenshots of the device and track its location.

Steps to Use SPY24 to Spy on Someone’s Telegram

How to Hack Telegram on Android

Step 1: Create an account with an email ID and password.

SPY24 install
SPY24 install
SPY24 install
SPY24 install
SPY24 install
SPY24 install

Step 2: Install SPY24 on your target Android device.

spy24 app free 1
SPY24 install free
spy24 app
SPY24 install

Step 3: Log in to your SPY24 dashboard to access Spy Telegram.

spy app spy24

How to Hack Telegram on iPhone?

Step 1: Open your SPY24 account.

Step 2: Provide iCloud login details of your target device.

Step 3: Log into your SPY24 control panel to spy on Telegram group chats.

iphone icloud spy

What else can you do with SPY24?

  • Read all text messages on your target device
  • View all chats and media files shared on WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Viber, and more
  • Track real-time Gps location of your target
  • View call logs with contact details, timestamps, and call duration
  • Access all saved and shared media files including videos, music, and photos
  • View over 160 data types

How do We Choose the Best Spy Apps for Telegram

Are you worried about your social circle and need to monitor them without them knowing? Are you looking for the best spy apps for Telegram?

Here at SPY24, our motto is to keep customers returning again. Here we help you to find the best telegram spy apps according to your needs. To do so, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best tool for yourself. We’ll be looking at five key areas: Setup Process, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Pricing, and Customer Support.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors:

Setup Process:

The setup process is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a telegram spy app. The easier and quicker the process, the better. Look for apps with a quick setup process that walks you through each step. Also, make sure the app is easy to install and use on your device.

Ease of Use:

An app’s interface and how easy it is to adapt to its menus and settings is an important factors to consider before you purchase your spy app. Search for apps with simple and intuitive navigation systems.



What’s the use in purchasing a spy app that can’t satisfy your needs and isn’t effective for you? The effectiveness of a telegram spy app is the most important factor you need to consider before purchasing. Look for apps with a bulk of features that allow you to monitor a wide range of activities on Telegram.


Pricing is another key factor to consider when choosing a spy app. Before you buy the app, consider your budget and on the other hand, notice what kind of information you need your spy app to provide. This way you can make a logical smart decision.

Customer Support:

As the last factor to take care of, look for an app that provides excellent customer support. Make sure they are available 24/7 and can answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Can We Spy on Telegram Messages?

Yes, the goal of this whole article was to say that you can spy on telegram messages. In order to be able to monitor your loved one’s activities, you need to spy the spy app on their device. However, notice that spying on someone’s telegram without their permission Is considered illegal.

How Can I See Someone’s Telegram Messages Without Them Knowing?

Before answering this question, we need to say that it’s not recommended to spy on someone’s activities without their own consent. Although sometimes you may worry about the safety of your loved ones or need to check the activities of your employees, in this case, you can use a third-party app like SPY24. You need to install this spy app on your target’s device and after that, you will be allowed to monitor their telegram activities like sending and receiving messages, calls, and more.

Q1: Is it legal to spy on someone’s Telegram messages?

A1: No, it is generally not legal to spy on someone’s Telegram messages without their knowledge and consent.

Q2: Can I track someone’s location using a Telegram spy app?

A2: Yes, most spy apps have the ability to track the location of the user.

Q3: Can I use a Telegram spy app to monitor the activities of my child?

A3: Yes, you can use a Telegram spy app to track your child’s activities. However, it is important to make sure that you get their consent first.


This is the era of communications and technology. If you don’t want to miss this fast-going train of social activities, you need to catch up with its latest hot platforms. Telegram is inevitably one of the most used social platforms, more interestingly daily new users who are installing and using this app are adding fuel to the fire of telegram’s popularity. At that rate, the number of hackers and snoopers is increasing too and as a parent or employer, you may be worried about the safety of your children, spouse, or employees. So that’s why you should have a tool to protect yourself and your surroundings from being spied on. In this article, we talked about the top telegram spy apps of 2023. We discussed how these apps can be used to monitor telegram activities like sent and receiving messages, calls, and more.

If you need to protect your Telegram conversations from being spied on too, then using one of these introduced apps is your best solution. Just make sure to use a well-known and trusted spy app such as SPY24, Highster Mobile, mSpy, Spyic, Spyera, SpyBubble, SpyFone, XNSPY, TheTruthSpy, or SpyMyFone.