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Do you ever feel like your child is too quiet in their room? Are you worried about what they might be up to on their phone? If so, then you need to check out Cocospy ‚Äď the top monitoring app for parents. With Cocospy, you can see exactly what your child is doing on their phone ‚Äď without having to sneak around and spy on them! Plus, Cocospy is completely undetectable, so your child will never know that you’re watching them. Read our Cocospy reviews to learn more.

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Why you need the Cocospy app

The Cocospy app is one of the most powerful and versatile tools for monitoring and tracking the activities of your devices. Whether you need to keep an eye on your children’s online behavior, monitor your employees’ work-related communications, or simply want to ensure that your own personal information is kept safe and secure, the Cocospy app has you covered.

Why you need the Cocospy app

How the Cocospy app works

The unique architecture of the Cocospy app makes it easy to use and highly effective, allowing you to get real-time data about virtually any activity taking place on your devices. Whether you want to track text messages, monitor social media or email accounts, or review call logs and locations, the Cocospy app is designed to give you all the information you need in one convenient place.

What the Cocospy app can do for you

To get started with the Cocospy app, simply sign up for a free trial account on the Cocospy website. From there, you can download and install the app on any device that you own or have access to – no special hardware or software is required! And with 24/7 customer support available via chat, phone, and email, you can rest assured that you will always have the help you need to get the most out of your Cocospy experience. So why wait? Sign up for your free Cocospy trial today and start taking control of your devices!

Cocospy – Spy Phone App – Best Software for Tracking and Monitoring: Cocospy is a popular mobile tracker app that makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids’ location, texts, phone calls, and other things. You can now watch, control, and manage everything they do on your phones from a single dashboard. This online software for keeping an eye on your kids is available for both Android and iOS devices.

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

How to Track Phone Calls Online in 3 Easy Steps

Sign up for Cocospy with an email address that you already have.

Install Cocospy on the Android device you want to spy on, then hide the app icon. No app needs to be downloaded for an iOS target phone.

  • Listen to phone calls.

You’re all set! From the dashboard, you can start keeping an eye on phone calls.

  • Check phones and tablets.

You can keep an eye on Android and iOS phones and tablets with Cocospy. Set up and run Cocospy in minutes. Remotely watch without being seen.

  • Keep an eye on children and workers.

Children shouldn’t go on the internet. Your employees can make or break your business. With Cocospy’s advanced monitoring features, you can protect your own interests.

Do you need a high-tech spy app for your phone like Cocospy?

  • Can you count on the people you know?
  • Are your kids in danger online?
  • Is a bad worker giving you away?

In the last few years, the world has changed a lot. Technology has changed quickly and given us many benefits, but it’s not all good. After all, technology brings many temptations and pleasures. No one is perfect, either.

Cheating is common, and marriages that used to be strong are falling apart. There are dangers you and your loved ones haven’t even thought of yet around every corner. The recent pandemic has only made things worse.

  • Sometimes, you need a trustworthy watchdog and private detective.

Every problem has a solution, which is a good thing. You can protect your interests in the Digital Age by using a digital spy phone app. If something bad is happening, the app will help you figure out what it is. A spy app can be your best friend when you need clarity and direction.

Cocospy is the best phone monitoring software on the market. It can be used from a distance and is 100% safe and can’t be found.

What Does a Phone Spy App Give You?

From a simple web control panel, you can see everything that is happening on the target phone. You’re kept up to date on what’s happening.

  1. Calls and records of calls.
  2. Contacts.
  3. SMS and iMessages.
  4. Tracking with GPS and Geofence.
  5. Apps were put in.
  6. Social media activities.
  7. Checking the calendar.
  8. Web browser’s past.
  9. Photos and videos.

Is it wrong to use a phone spy app?

We get this question a lot because we are in a niche that is sometimes controversial. In the end, we think that intentions are the most important thing. Are you spying to keep yourself safe and find out what’s going on?

If your motives are good, we don’t think it’s wrong. When everyone lies to you or when you can’t find the truth, you may have no choice but to spy on someone. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what’s right and wrong.

Disclaimer: Cocospy is made to be used legally. Check local laws before using this software.

Spying on my children: Will this affect them in any way?

Cocospy is used by parents everywhere. It’s a way for parents to keep an eye on their kids as well as a spy tool. So if you’re trying to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they stay out of trouble, it won’t affect them in any way.

Most kids don’t want to be supervised. Most of them will go to great lengths to keep their activities from their parents. This includes turning off or blocking any traditional parental control apps. This is where covert spy apps like Cocospy come in.

Spying on my partner: Is this going to hurt our relationship?

Some partners lie and cheat. If you are in a toxic relationship, we think you deserve to know the truth.

But in the end, we can’t give you advice about your relationship. What is healthy and right for you may not be for someone else. Many couples agree to share what they do on their phones with each other. Maybe you and your partner could come to an agreement like that.

  • The benefits of phone spy software can’t be denied.

Find out who your loved ones are in contact with: Is your child being bullied online or stalked by a pervert? Is your ex in touch with your partner? You can figure out what your loved ones are doing and if they are in danger.

Follow their moves: Where do your loved ones go when they’re outside? Is your child skipping school or going to the bad part of town? You can keep track of someone’s movements from your phone or computer.

Find out if they’re faithful: Is your partner faithful and truthful to you? Or are they lying to you and possibly sleeping with someone else? Instead of hiring an expensive private investigator, you can follow your partner with phone monitoring software.

Keep your children safe. If your child is in trouble, you need to act quickly. Children are especially weak and susceptible to harm. They get depressed, and that could hurt your child’s future. Using phone monitoring software like Cocospy, you can keep them safe.

Protect your business. In the US, it is legal to monitor company-owned devices if you tell your employees ahead of time. You can watch over your employees and make sure they don’t do anything wrong at work.

Save money and time: Without a phone spy app, you would have to hire a private investigator. Either that, or you can do the investigating yourself. It’s a huge waste of time and money. A spy phone app can save you a lot of money and time.

Best of all, Cocospy is a completely private and anonymous solution. The name of the software isn’t listed on your bank statement. Also, you can use Cocospy in private because it doesn’t collect your information. Lastly, it’s a totally hidden solution.

CoCoSpy Reviews – How Much Does It Cost and How Does It Work?

Who is Cocospy?

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps that lets you track the target device you want. It is a reputable brand. According to their website, there are more than 3629 good reviews. Once you install Cocospy on the phone you want to watch, it will record almost everything that the device does.

Cocospy Review: A Blend of Good and Bad

Not too long ago, you thought giving your child a cell phone was a good idea. But it seems like a bad decision now.

If you’re a parent of a teen, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this situation.

Your worry is real, especially when you think about the dangers that the phone and the internet pose.

Cocospy Review: A Blend of Good and Bad

But sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself isn’t a solution either. Now, what should you do? You can let your kids use the phone as it is, but keep track of what they do on it. This will give you peace of mind and let you make sure of the safety of your child or other loved ones.

You can give them full control over their phone but take all the information they receive on it. This is only possible with the help of a spying or monitoring app.

But the chances of picking a good parental control or spying app at random are like finding a needle in a haystack. This leaves you with no choice but to get advice from someone like me who works with monitoring apps every day.

So, I’ve decided to share with you today a detailed review of Cocospy, which is thought to be one of the best-hidden spyware for Android and iPhone.

After reading this article, you won’t need to read any other Cocospy reviews because I’ve tried to answer all the questions you might have about it.

Cocospy Reviews

For your convenience, here are the links to the different parts of the review.

  • Free Cocospy Trial

You can use their free demo account to try out Cocospy and see how it works. It shows what information you’ll get on your Cocospy account from the target cell phone after you install Cocospy on it.

Cocospy iPhone Spy App: Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Cocospy is the most trustworthy and reliable Spyware app for the iPhone. You can keep an eye on your child’s SMS, location, WhatsApp, LINE, call logs, and more with the Cocospy iPhone spy app.

The best way to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking

Cocospy is a powerful iPhone and iPad monitoring tool with a lot of features. You can now track your kids or employees from afar and in secret.

The best way to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking

The best way to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking

  1. Find out where the target device is in real-time.
  2. Read your SMS, iMessages, and messages from social media.
  3. You can look at your call history, media files, calendar events, and contacts.
  4. No need to download apps or break out of jail. Set up only takes a few minutes.
  5. Compatible with any Apple device that runs iOS 7 or later.

Safeguard What’s Important About Cocospy

  • Keep your children safe.

Cocospy was made so that parents can keep an eye on their kids. Children can be hurt by things on the internet. Cyberbullying, phishing, scams, malware, viruses, schemes to make money quickly, and sexual predators are all examples of common dangers that children may face.

Electronic surveillance is sometimes the only way to keep them safe, so they can’t get away from you. You can keep an eye on your kids from afar with Cocospy. The iOS version is all done on the web and is completely private.

  • Supervise Your Employees

Your business can’t run without good employees. But one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. With Cocospy, you can find out which employees are good for your business and which ones are bad. In the digital age, it may be the only way to protect your business.

Cocospy is the best iPhone spy app that lets you keep an eye on your employees without drawing attention to yourself. How they use the company phone tells you a lot about who they are, how honest they are, and how valuable they are to you. You can also find out if an employee is working together with a competitor.

Cocospy Android Spy App: Monitoring Android Phones & Tablets Made Easy

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps for Android because it has top-notch features and works like butter. With Cocospy, you can spy on Android devices from afar and without being seen. You don’t even have to root the device.

The Best Way to Keep an Eye on an Android

Cocospy is the best spyware app for Android. It lets you easily keep an eye on target Android devices from any browser.

Cocospy Android Spy App: Monitoring Android Phones & Tablets Made Easy

Cocospy Android Spy App: Monitoring Android Phones & Tablets Made Easy

Watch what people are doing with messages and social media.
Check locations, call logs and people on the phone.
Set up in a few minutes. Then, watch from afar.
Stealth Mode will make sure you are never found.
Not all features require you to root your phone.

Cocospy is the only monitoring tool you’ll ever need.

  • Keep your kids safe.

Your kids are in danger online. Swindlers, bullies, hackers, phishers, and sexual predators may try to take advantage of them. Cocospy lets you watch over your kids from afar to keep them safe.

  • Make your business better.

Your workers are the most important part of your business. The good ones will help your business grow. Bad ones will hold it back. You’ll know who is loyal to you and who isn’t if you use Cocospy.

How much does Cocospy cost?

You’ll be glad to hear that this Cocospy app doesn’t cost very much. You can choose between three plans when you install this app: basic, premium, and family.

  • Cocospy Pricing

The answer to “How much does Cocospy cost?

” depends on whether you use it to monitor Android or iOS. There is no free trial of Cocospy. If you find a free download of Cocospy online, it is probably illegal or a scam. Now, let’s see how the price of Cocospy changes depending on your operating system:

  • Price of Android
Cocospy Pricing
  1. For the Premium plan, you pay $9,99 a month
  2. The Basic plan costs $8,33 a month
  3. The Family plan costs $16,66 per month (up to 3 devices.)
  • Price of iOS
Cocospy Pricing
  1. For the Premium plan, you pay $10,83 a month
  2. The Family plan costs $33,33 a month (up to 3 devices.)
  3. The Business plan costs $83,33 a month (up to 25 devices.)

The difference between the family version and the premium version is that with the family version, you can track up to three devices. At the same time, the basic version gives you the most important features, like call logs, messages, GPS tracking, browsing history, photos, contacts, videos, and bookmarks. If you want more than these, you should buy the premium or family pack.

Questions People Usually Ask

Work Spy Apps?


Is Cocospy Legal?


How Well Does Cocospy Work?


What Does Cozy Mean?

Cocospy lets parents monitor kids remotely. Parents who want to keep an eye on their kids remotely use it, as do managers and business owners. Cocospy lets you spy on iOS and Android devices. 

How Does The Android App Cocospy Work?

Cocospy is a background Android app. Cocospy shares Android device activity. It works without the target knowing.
After installing Cocospy, log in to start monitoring. Any browser works. Cocospy FAQs for Non-Jailbroken Target Devices explain how it works.

Where Can I Use Cocospy?

Cocospy can spy on any device with a supported operating system and carrier network. Cocospy works as an alternative to carrier networks on always-connected devices like tablets. 

Cocospy supports which Android versions? 

Cocospy works on Android 4.0+. 

Does the app require a Cocospy account?


Will Cocospy be in the App Drawer? 


Is Cocospy Legal?

Coocspy is legal in the US if used to monitor children under 18 or company devices. Cocospy is legal for self-spying. Before using Cocospy, check local laws. Cocospy is legal outside the US. Check local laws before.

Is Cocospy remote-installable? 


How do I install Cocospy on an Android device? 

Log into Cocospy on any browser. Click Control Panel. Get your device.
Install the 3MB app from the link. Then setup. 
Not all device features require rooting. 

How do I uninstall Cocospy? 


How Do I Pay For Services From Cocospy?

Pick your plan and payment method. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club. PayPal, JCB, and Giropay can send money overseas. We accept fax, purchase, and vendor-to-vendor orders. 
Your payment options depend on your location.

How do I watch the gadget? 


Will my bank statement show Cocospy? 


How do I use Cocospy? 



Customer service handles refunds. Ten days after purchase, contact us. Our refund policy is available online. 

When does Cocospy update surveillance information? 

Cocospy updates non-rooted, non-jailbroken target devices once a day. Rooted or jailbroken devices can be updated manually. 10-minute minimum.
Once every six hours is recommended. Overdoing it could kill the battery. 

How do I cancel this service? 


What Can I Watch? 

Depending on your plan, you can only monitor so many devices. Learn more from your subscription. Upgrade your plan to monitor more devices.



Where Can I Get Help With My Computer?

Contact¬†us¬†at¬†[email protected]¬†Details,¬†details!¬†We’ll¬†reply¬†within¬†24¬†hours.¬†Visit¬†our¬†Help¬†Desk.

How do I know if monitoring software is installed? 

Unknown if a device has monitoring software. Check storage for odd files. Check if your phone restarts drain the battery, or slows down. 


Rooting¬†lets¬†you¬†access¬†Android’s¬†“root.”¬†The administrator¬†has¬†the¬†most¬†access.¬†Cocospy¬†needs¬†more¬†permissions¬†to¬†use¬†Geofencing.¬†

Jailbreaking void warranty? Can I jailbreak my phone? 

Jailbreaking voids the warranty. Jailbreaking is reversible. Apple may still fix your device if you do this. 

Does Cocospy require jailbreaking? 

Cocospy is jailbreak-free. Messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp data, GPS location, and calendar events can be viewed. Advanced features like Instagram and Facebook monitoring require jailbreaking. 

Call Tracker: Track Phone Calls Online In 3 Easy Steps – Cocospy

Who’s calling a phone? Cocospy Call Tracker allows this.

  • Call Tracker: Record Calls
  • Calls tracked
  • Track outbound calls.
  • Cocospy’s Call Tracker lets you see who your friends are calling.
  • Check inbound and outbound calls.
  • View call timestamps, lengths, and frequency.
  • List your top contacts.
  • iOS/Android is compatible. No jailbreak/root

What Can You Learn From Calls?

Call logs tell stories. You’ll see who calls your family or employees the most. If the person looks suspicious or like a competitor, beware.

Parents must watch their kids closely today. Your child may be talking to a bully. Your employees may be working with a competitor or not coming to work.

Call Tracker: Track Phone Calls Online In 3 Easy Steps - Cocospy
  • Call-tracking phone setup

After creating a Cocospy account, choose iOS or Android. Follow the platform’s instructions. Cocospy’s dashboard loads.

The dashboard shows the top 5 callers. Left-hand options include “Calls.” You’ll see a detailed call log if you click it.

The call log is very detailed. You can look up contacts’ names, numbers, and call lengths. Cocospy automatically saves call logs.

  • Call logs don’t require root or jailbreak.

Cocospy is strong and stealthy. It’s great for monitoring kids and workers.

Read Other People’s Text Messages Online With Cocospy Text Spy

Download Cocospy’s text message spy app to learn more. This SMS spy app makes it easy to read people’s text messages.

  • Text Message Reading Online SMS Spy
  • Check iMessages and SMS.
  • Cocospy’s Text Spy reads sent and received messages.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Deleted messages are viewable.
  • Timestamps matter.
  • Browse MMS files.
  • Reading reveals‚Ķ

Information-packed texts. They provide valuable target information. They tell you whether to worry. This could keep them, you, or both safe.

Kids today often talk to strangers. Some strangers are malicious. Cons, bullies, and sexual predators are examples. To protect your kids, read their texts.

SMS spy app

Important employees. You must monitor their performance. A worker may reveal company secrets to a competitor. You can prevent both by monitoring texts.

Are your kids with the right crowd? Do your employees socialize with rivals? Reading people’s texts can be revealing.

  • Without rooting or jailbreaking, you can read texts.

Cocospy lets you read texts without jailbreaking or rooting a device. Cocospy installs quickly.

Stealth Mode:

Cocospy is a spying tool. Secret. You won’t be seen.

How To Find The Location Of A Cell Phone Online – Cocospy GPS Tracker

Coco can track the location of a device. Find your kids or employees.

  • Online Cell Phone Location
  • Locator app.
  • GPS pinpoints your target.
  • Cocospy shows current and past locations.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi show your location.
  • Check entry/exit times.
  • Read about locations.

Why Find Someone’s Location?

Several reasons may require finding someone. You may want to protect the target, monitor them, or protect your interests. Cocospy lets you spy remotely and undetected.

Tracking helps parents keep their kids safe. Children go to inappropriate places. They may skip school and act absent. Knowing where they help you spot them.

Employers can use work phones to track employees. If someone calls in sick but their phone tracker shows them at the beach, they lied.

How To Find The Location Of A Cell Phone Online - Cocospy GPS Tracker

Cocospy’s Location Tracker can find lost phones. Setting up Geofence alerts is another way to track someone’s location.

  • Cocospy Location Tracker

Cocospy account and subscription are required to use Location Tracker. Once Cocospy is set up to track your device, log in and click Location in the left menu.

The Location window shows the target’s recent movements. Clicking a pin gives location information. Below the map is a log of places.

Address, Longitude, Latitude, and Location-Time are in the location log. Cocospy can update the location every 6 minutes.

  • without jailbreaking or rooting

Location Tracker works with stock iOS and Android. Our programmers did it.

Cocospy is invisible. Hidden Cocospy Android app. It runs in the background and uses few resources or a battery. Web-based iOS version is missing.

You can start remotely, incognito, and without jailbreaking or rooting immediately.

Geofence Alert: Geofence Marker, Geofence Alarm, And Geofence Alert – Cocospy

Cocospy Defense Tracker can restrict zones. You’re notified when the target enters a restricted zone. Someone’s location is visible.

  • Geofence Alarm, Geofence Tracker
  • Virtualize Geofence. Get breach notifications.
  • Cocospy’s Geofence Marker creates virtual map areas.
  • Breaking the zone triggers a warning.
  • Mark a zone as watched or off-limits.
  • When a target enters or leaves the zone, get alerts.
  • Follow people’s current and past locations.

Geofence Alerts uses

A geofence is a virtual line around an area. This line will be crossed when a target enters or exits. Real-world applications for geofence alerts abound. They can help you watch the kids. When they leave or return, you’ll know.

You can create restricted areas for your children. You’ll get a message if your child goes downtown or outside the suburbs. You can quickly find them and ensure they don’t go wrong.

Work can benefit from geofences. As a manager, you can mark your building’s perimeter. When employees enter or leave, you’ll know. You can ensure everyone’s punctuality. You’ll know if an employee leaves while working.

Geofence Alert: Geofence Marker, Geofence Alarm, And Geofence Alert - Cocospy
  • Geofence Alert

Set up Cocospy on the target device. Log into Cocospy then. In the left-hand menu, click Geofence.

Start Geofence. The window shows your target’s past locations. Create geofences here. Set alerts if you like.

The Geofence section tracks who enters and leaves a certain area. Every entry and exit has a timestamp, so you’ll always know.

  • Jailbreak or root required?

Android devices don’t need to be rooted. iOS Cocospy lacks this feature. Without jailbreaking, it can find an iPhone’s location.

  • Stealth-watch

Cocospy isn’t clear. The program runs in the background. It doesn’t use much battery or slow down the phone. Targets can be unaware of geofence zones.

Facebook Spy App ‚Äď Track Facebook ‚Äď Spy on Facebook – Cocospy

Cocospy Facebook Messenger Tracker shows Facebook activity. You can see who sent messages. Open Facebook media files.

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Listening.
  • private Facebook Messenger activity.
  • Cocospy’s Facebook Tracker monitors Messenger use.
  • Browse Facebook messages.
  • Timestamps and group chats are visible.
  • What can Facebook or Messenger tell you about someone?

Most people spend 2+ hours a day on Facebook. Your goal may be similar. Defining “target” If your country’s laws allow it, you can monitor your children, family, and employees.

Your family is important. They may meet toxic people, bullies, scammers, and sexual predators on Facebook. You can help them if you monitor their Messenger activity.

If you own a business, your employees may interact with customers on Facebook. Are your employees acting properly? Solving customer problems? Observe their Messenger activity.

Facebook Spy App ‚Äď Track Facebook ‚Äď Spy on Facebook - Cocospy

Facebook Messenger Tracker

Watching Facebook Messenger activity takes minutes. Cocospy account first. Follow the instructions to configure Cocospy for the target device. Sign in to Cocospy to access the dashboard.

Left-side dashboard menu: “Social Apps>Facebook” So long. After Facebook loads, you can read chat logs. You’ll get timestamps, contact info, and sent media files.

Cocospy immediately backs up chat logs. You can see deleted chats even if your target deletes them.

You can watch a non-rooted Android device on Messenger. iPhones can’t monitor Facebook. WhatsApp and LINE are still available.

Cocospy is stealthy. Once downloaded, you can hide the app. Then it runs in the background without using system resources. You won’t be seen.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Online – Cocospy WhatsApp Tracker

With Cocospy, you can spy on other’s WhatsApp messages. It ensures safe chat program use.

  • Read WhatsApp messages
  • WhatsApp Spy features.
  • Remotely monitor WhatsApp.
  • Cocospy lets you spy on WhatsApp undetected.
  • Check WhatsApp.
  • Examine chat timestamps.
  • WhatsApp photos.
  • No root/jailbreak.

Why Check Another’s WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is popular. 1.5 billion people use it globally. Your target probably uses it.

As a parent, you can monitor your child’s WhatsApp activity to keep them safe. Bullies, sexual predators, and cons abound.

You can monitor your employees’ WhatsApp activity to make sure they’re working. This could also help you find stealing employees.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Online - Cocospy WhatsApp Tracker
  • How to hack WhatsApp

You need a Cocospy subscription. Set up Cocospy on the target device. Sign in to Cocospy. Left-side list: “Social Apps>WhatsApp”

Recent WhatsApp conversations are displayed. Timestamps show when a chat began and ended. You get a photo and phone numbers.

What happens if WhatsApp is deleted? Cocospy periodically saves WhatsApp archives. Even deleted WhatsApp messages are always accessible.

  • Without jailbreaking or rooting, you can watch Whatsapp.

Cocospy’s WhatsApp Spy works on Android and iOS. No jailbreaking or rooting is required.

  • Stealth-mode-using

Will your target notice? Never! Web-based Cocospy for iOS can’t be found. Android is silent. It’s hidden and uses few system resources.

Cocospy enables WhatsApp spying without rooting or jailbreaking. Now try!

Snapchat Spy App ‚Äď It’s Easy to Spy on Snapchat – Cocospy

You can read Snapchat messages with Cocospy’s app. Even deleted Snapchats are viewable.

  • Snapchat Spy App Makes Spying Easy
  • Snapchat.
  • Snapchat your target.
  • Cocospy lets you sneakily monitor Snapchat.
  • Read sent and received messages.
  • Contact information.
  • Monitor conversation timestamps.

Why watch Snapchat?

Many reasons exist for watching Snapchat. People use them to watch kids or employees. If allowed in your country, you may want to monitor your spouse.

Snapchat has creeps, cons, and bullies. Snapchat’s sketchy users could abuse children. A stranger may try to share nudes. Parents should monitor their kids’ Snapchat use.

Snapchat Spy App ‚Äď It's Easy to Spy on Snapchat - Cocospy

You may give employees company phones. Do they work or waste time on Snapchat? You may need to watch them.

  • Snapchat Spy

Snapchat Spy requires a Cocospy account and subscription. Then install Cocospy on the target device. It’s quick and easy. Then, log into Cocospy.

Left-side menu: “Social Apps>Snapchat” Clicking it opens Snapchat. You can see the target’s Snapchat activity here. The first page shows only recent messages.

Messages have timestamps. Cocospy monitors all sent messages. If a user deletes a message later, you’ll still see it.

  • Root-free Snapchat

Cocospy lets you watch Snapchat without rooting. Cocospy doesn’t work on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Cocospy is invisible, so the target won’t know. Once set up, it operates invisibly. It’s rare and uses few system resources.

Cocospy can spy on Snapchat without rooting. Try Cocospy.

Track and spy on Instagram messages with Instagram Spy – Cocospy

With Instagram Spy for Android and iOS, you can see your target’s Instagram messages. You get contact info and timestamps.

  • Instagram Spy App
  • Remotely monitor Instagram.
  • Cocospy lets you secretly monitor Instagram:
  • Verify sent and received messages.
  • Your contacts and chat start/end times are visible.

What can you learn from your target’s Instagram?

First, create a Cocospy account and link it to the target device. Then, sign into Cocospy. Left-side options include Instagram.

What does “Watch them” mean? Your child may use Instagram. Your child may be in contact with harm-wishers. They may post inappropriate photos. Keep them safe by monitoring Instagram.

We’ll protect your interests means what? Some of your employees may be on Instagram while working. Your partner may be flirting with a stranger. You’ll feel better after seeing how they use Instagram.

Track and spy on Instagram messages with Instagram Spy - Cocospy
  • Instagram Tracker

Instagram opens. Here’s an Instagram chat log. Always-current chat log. By default, only 10 entries are shown per page.

A billion people use Instagram monthly. One could be your aim. They may send messages, photos, and videos to their contacts. You can protect yourself by watching what they do.

Conversations are timestamped. Messages sent and received times will be clear. Find out who the target was talking to. Print conversations to find them later.

Administrators can monitor Instagram. It must be rooted or jailbroken. Every Instagram monitoring app needs this. Our Help Center has more.

  • What’s better: rooting or jailbreaking?

Hacking an Android phone doesn’t require “rooting.” Cocospy’s iOS solution can monitor WhatsApp, LINE, and more.

Cocospy can really spy. Installed icons can be hidden. Then it runs in the background, so the user won’t see it. Cocospy is resource-efficient. It works and isn’t slow. It’s hard to find the iOS web-based version.

Viber Spy: Read Viber messages online from afar with Cocospy

Spy on Viber messages with our app. Always monitor your target’s Viber calls and messages to see what and who is sent.

  • Spy on Viber Messages Viber Spy online features
  • Viber single- and group-chat spying.
  • Cocospy enables remote Viber monitoring.
  • Read private and group chats.
  • Examine chat timestamps.
  • Check call logs.
  • Check phone numbers.

Viber spying reveals what?

Viber spying may be necessary or legal. You might do it to watch over a loved one. You may also be checking your business.

You might have Viber-using kids. Watch what happens there. Sexual predators, con artists, and bullies threaten children. Cocospy can protect your kids.

Cocospy’s Viber Spy lets you monitor employees’ app use. Viber while working? What’s their job focus? It’s a far-off guess.

  • Viber Spy

Cocospy requires a subscription and account. Install Cocospy on the target device. Sign into Cocospy and click “Social Apps” > “Viber”

Viber displays sent and received messages in reverse order. Chats are timestamped. You can see target names, numbers, display images, and media files.

What if the target deletes a useful conversation? Okay. Cocospy syncs old chats. You can read deleted Viber messages.

  • Viber without root

Viber activity can be viewed without “rooting” the device. This feature doesn’t work on iOS devices. Cocospy monitors texts, iMessages, WhatsApp, and LINE.

Stealth Mode Stealth Mode

Cocospy is a spying app. After setup, it’s hidden. After that, it runs in the background without slowing down or draining the phone. Unattainable.

  • Cocospy makes spying fun again.
  • Cocospy is a hard-to-find spy app.
  • Hidden GPS tracking.
  • Uncover messages.
  • Cocospy’s Stealth Mode

You may need to watch someone. You may be protecting them or yourself. If they find out, they may not see how nice you were, ruining your relationship with them. Sometimes, be quiet.

How can I monitor someone remotely? Parental supervision is an example. Rebellious kids hate being watched. If you watch them, they’ll escape. Sometimes spying is necessary.

Employee spying is another acceptable practice. Check if your employees are loyal and not working for competitors. Ensure they’re on time and productive.

  • Cocospy has many stealthy features.

Cocospy is an advanced, flexible app. You can remotely monitor Android and iOS devices. Plus, it’s discreet. You’re lost.

Using GPS, you can always track a device’s location. You’ll know when a device enters or leaves a zone with Geofencing.

Call logs, messages, and social media can reveal who someone is talking to. Cocospy tracks even deleted messages.

Cocospy accesses media files, browser history, a keylogger, calendar events, and SIM card details. It tracks deleted SMS and social media messages.

  • Don’t jailbreak or root.

Cocospy can be hidden and works without jailbreaking. Cocospy requires a brief touch on an Android phone to set up. Cocospy will then telecommute.

There are many stealthy spy apps. They drain the battery and use all the power. Some slow down, restart or act strangely on the phone. Suspicion arises. They discover their phone was hacked.

Cocospy is a spy app. Silent. The app is under 2MB. The app uses few resources. Cocospy is hidden and runs in the background. Cocospy for iOS isn’t online.

Cocospy demo? Top-level “Demo” link. Create an account and download the app.

How to Track a Cell Phone’s Website History – Browser History Tracker

Cocospy Internet History Tracker for Android shows real-time browser activity. You can see what someone does online and which sites they visit.

  • History Tracker
  • Unrestricted browser history.
  • Cocospy’s Web History Tracker displays recently visited sites.
  • List popular websites.
  • Read site summaries.
  • Check timestamps and bookmarks.

Browser history contains a wealth of information.

Browser history can be useful. Your goal is clear. You can learn about their likes, dislikes, and personality. Your research can help them. Find out if they’re trying to harm you.

“Protect” means what? Have kids? You may know that the Internet is dangerous for kids. There are many cons, bullies, and sexual predators. Don’t forget inappropriate sites. Watching a child online can keep them safe.

How to Track a Cell Phone's Website History - Browser History Tracker

Rather than working, your employees may be surfing the web. They may talk to competitors or look for jobs at work. Cocospy lets you monitor site history and protect your business.

  • Using Browser History Tracker

Cocospy must be installed to view someone’s browser history. Join Cocospy. Install Cocospy on the target’s Android or iPhone. Log into Cocospy’s control panel.

Left of the dashboard is a list with Browser History. Open “Browser History” by clicking it. Here are the target’s recent websites. Refreshing the window updates the history.

You get the website’s URL, title or description, visits, bookmarks, and visit time. This information can be printed for future reference.

  • Without rooting or jailbreaking, you can see browser history.

Cocospy’s Internet History Tracker works on any rooted Android device. iPhones and iPads work similarly.

  • Private browser history

The hidden spy app Cocospy is real. You can hide it after setup. The background process continues. It’s scarce and resource-efficient. Since iOS is only online, it’s unfindable.

SIM Tracker: Find the Location of a SIM Card Online – Cocospy

Cocospy SIM tracker can monitor a phone’s activity. The easy-to-use design lets you know what someone is doing with their phone.

  • Online SIM Card Tracker
  • Tracking SIM
  • Cocospy checks SIM card details remotely:
  • Network/carrier details.
  • Network location.
  • Check IMEI.
  • Switching SIM cards triggers a message.

What can SIM Card Tracker reveal?

Cocospy’s SIM Card Tracker is versatile. Uses include remote tracking. Cocospy can track a lost device. Sending the IMEI number to the carrier finds the device.

It can also store phone numbers. Changing a child’s or employee’s phone number without telling you will be discovered. Then Cocospy sends the new SIM card info.

SIM Tracker: Find the Location of a SIM Card Online - Cocospy

Finally, a device’s SIM card shows its current location. Don’t confuse this with regular GPS tracking. Network-based.

  • How to Track SIM Cards

Want to use SIM Card Tracker? You need a Cocospy subscription. After creating an account, connect Cocospy to the target device. Sign in to Cocospy and click SIM Card in the left panel.

The SIM Card screen shows the carrier and IMEI number. An interactive map shows where your SIM card is and has been. So, you might find a lost target or device.

You can also get SIM Card Alerts. When the SIM Card is replaced, we’ll email you. This makes it easy to check if someone’s phone number has changed.

  • SIM Card Tracker doesn’t require rooting.

SIM Card trackers don’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

Cocospy is sneaky app. iOS is web-based and unavailable. Installed Android can be hidden. It’s the background and uses little. No way to know.

See how the Demo works. Start downloading with Cocospy.

Keylogger for Android: No Root, Invisible, and Remote – Cocospy

Android Cocospy Keylogger

Cocospy’s keylogger logs every Android keystroke.

  • Login info.
  • Crack passwords.
  • Read social media messages.
  • Check your calendar and notes.

Pros and Cons of the Cocospy Spy App

We looked at Cocospy in-depth, breaking down each feature and comparing it to its rivals. Cocospy is a good spy app, but it’s not as good as SPY24, which is our top pick in this category. We’ve found that SPY24 not only has more features than Cocospy, but its features are also more powerful, and its user interface isn’t much harder to use.

  • Pros
  1. Extremely user friendly
  2. Designed with parents and employers in mind
  3. Great quality GPS tracking
  4. Features of precise geo-fencing
  5. Doesn’t show up at all on the target phone.
  6. Multiple pricing plans
  7. 24/7 customer support
  8. The price of Cocospy isn’t too high.
  • Cons
  1. Not a lot of features.
  2. The paid version can only keep an eye on one device.
  3. There are a lot fewer features on iOS than on Android.

Cocospy is a popular mobile tracker app that makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids’ location, texts, calls, and other things. You can now see, control, and manage everything they do on their phones from a single dashboard. This online software for keeping an eye on your kids is available for both iOS and Android.

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