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Have you ever wished you could spy on someone’s phone to see what they’re up to? Well, with Evaspy, now you can! This top-rated spy app allows you to track all activity on a smartphone, including calls, texts, emails, and more. So whether you’re trying to keep an eye on your kids or catch your spouse cheating, Evaspy is the perfect tool for the job!

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Cell Phone Android Monitoring App, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber Monitoring App: Control calls, SMS, and more than 50 apps, like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Telegram, and Snapchat. The first app we want to add to our list is called EvaSpy. People love it because it can record everything. If you are worried about something, you can check the child’s social media and messaging apps. You can find out where they are by tracking their GPS location.

You can also use geofencing to make sure that your child stays in one place. Another important feature is that messages and calls can be monitored and limited. You can also look at any photos, videos, or music files they have on their device. You can also see what they do online by taking a look at what they do online. This lets you see what they look up on the Internet. Track everything they do online and off, including using their mic and camera to see what’s going on around them.

EvaSpy is a powerful and reliable tool that can give you full control over what your child does on his or her phone. It might be the most annoying app, but it might also have the most features and functions of any app.

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EvaSpy Features

EvaSpy Features

Use an online dashboard to keep an eye on your child’s activities even when you’re not at home.

Track your kids’ WhatsApp chats to make sure they are safe.

  • Viber

Check with your teen’s Viber contacts to see what they’re texting about.

Listen to all incoming and outgoing phone calls and compare the time, length, and information about the caller with the phone number.

  • Gallery

You can look at all of the photos, videos, and music that are on the device.

  • Stopping access

Block apps and websites that your kids don’t need to use to keep them safe from inappropriate content.

Find out where the GPS is right now, see paths, and go to places on the map.

  • Past questions

Check what your kids are searching for on the most popular web browsers to find out what they are up to.

  • Instagram

Keep an eye on Instagram chat messages sent and received with contact nicknames.

  • Snapchat

Spy on text messages from Snapchat.

  • Contacts

Look through the list of contacts and block anyone who looks like they might be in trouble.

You can record your keystrokes in the most popular chat apps, web browsers, and other programs.

EvaSpy Advantages

EvaSpy is a smart and easy-to-use app for keeping track of what users do on their mobile devices. It only takes up 230 KB of space and can’t be seen by the user, but it has more than 50 powerful features.

The program runs in a mode that hides it from the user, so they can’t see it. The icon for the app is not shown.

It only takes a few minutes to set up EvaSpy. There’s no need for a root.

You can use a web browser on any device or computer to look at the data that has been recorded.

EvaSpy can be installed on most Android devices.

  • Additional solutions from EvaSpy

Record all keystrokes, capture passwords, visited websites, and chats, and take screenshots.

  1. Keylogger for Android
  2. Keylogger for iPhone
  3. Keylogger for Windows

Windows Monitoring App, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber Monitoring App

  • EvaSpy for Windows

A simple program that lets parents watch what their kids do on the computer from afar. With EvaSpy, you can always keep track of what your kids are doing on their devices.

EvaSpy effective Android cell phone spy app

Android cell phone spy apps allow free mobile spying. EvaSpy is the best personal, family, and business, assistant. Find the best way to track activity, text messages, calls, locations, history, and more here.

Which spy app is best?

EvaSpy effective Android cell phone spy app

Free is not always best. Evaluate several parameters to find the best solution:

  • Android version supported;
  • Languages;
  • Features;
  • Hidden work;

EvaSpy works on Android 4.0+ smartphones. It covers most modern cell phones. Turn on stealth mode in setup to make the spy app undetected. The app tracks browser history, calls, and screenshots while someone is using your phone.

Mobile Spy Free

Download the app for free and test it without limits for several days. After the trial, you can use it with limited features if you like it. Below are three popular ways to use it, but you can think of others:

Business – you’ll know your employees aren’t wasting time.

At home – you’ll be able to determine whether your kids are ok. Remote child supervision is safe. Protect your kids with this invisible cell phone tracker.

For relatives – use this free cell phone spy to ensure that your relatives are being honest with you.

Use this spy phone app for many reasons.

EvaSpy Android features

EvaSpy is the most innovative and powerful app. Anyone can secretly monitor any device. It won’t be tracked. Great features cost less than a daily coffee or tea. All smartphones and networks support the software. The program installs and runs easily.

This software allows:

  • Record calls;
  • Read Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and other messages;
  • Check Facebook;
  • Track and store videos, photos, and audio recordings received and sent;
  • Locate phone;
  • Screenshots and camera photos;
  • SIM card change information.

This app uploads call and location data to your web account. GPS phone spy apps can locate the target device. It’s useful for phone mapping.

EvaSpy solves many home and work issues. Many business people and parents use it. Join them today.

EvaSpy Features

EvaSpy Features
  • Remote Monitoring

With EvaSpy, you can watch everything a user does from a safe web account. This means that you don’t have to have access to the target device in order to look at the data that was recorded. EvaSpy lets you keep an eye on your kids’ activities from anywhere and on any device.

  • Activity in IMs

EvaSpy keeps track of what kids do and lets you record video calls in the most popular instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.).

  • Recording the screen

It is a constant recording of the screen of the monitored computer. Screen recording is a great way for parents to find out what their child was doing on their device during a certain time period.

  • Webcam Recording

EvaSpy can turn the target device into an advanced surveillance tool and record the surroundings with the webcam, so you can see what was going on near the target device during a certain time.

Thanks to the Voice & Video Call Recording feature, EvaSpy can record incoming and outgoing calls in the most popular IMs (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Line, Google Talk, and more) (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Line, Google Talk, and more). Go to your online control panel and choose the messengers you want to record. EvaSpy will then record all voice and video calls made with those apps.

  • Live Screen Viewing

View the target computer’s screen in real-time from a distance to see what your child is doing when you’re not there.

  • Screenshot Capturing

EvaSpy takes screenshots of different things that happen on the device being watched.

  • Search Queries

Watch what your child types into the most used search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL).

  • Action on Social Networks

Check what your kids are doing on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, and more, and protect them from cyberbullying and other online dangers.

The app keeps track of all the websites your kid’s visit and sends the information to your online account. With EvaSpy, you can see what your kids look at on the Internet.

Using the website blocker, you can add sites you don’t want to the blacklist. You can block websites by category (dating sites, video hostings, torrents, adult sites, etc.), by URL, or by a particular keyword.

  • Running Applications

EvaSpy keeps track of what apps the user opens, so you can find apps that waste your time or aren’t necessary.

  • Recording a sound

By using the computer’s microphone to record sounds on a regular basis, EvaSpy can turn the target device into a high-tech surveillance tool.

  • Work with the printer

When a printer task is active, EvaSpy takes a record of it.

  • Control comes from the outside.

The program keeps track of everything you do with USB, HDD, and SD storage devices.

  • Statistics on Users

All recorded data is represented in graphs, charts, and analytical tables for your convenience.

  • Webcam Video

The program can record webcam videos every so often or when certain important events happen.

  • Webcam Pictures

Find out what’s going on near the target device by taking pictures with a webcam and looking at them from afar.

EvaSpy for iPhone Spy

A powerful parental control application for iPhone monitoring. EvaSpy lets you track SMS, GPS locations, media files, used applications, visited websites, and keep on your kids’ social activities (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, and more).

  • One App for iPhone Monitoring
  • EvaSpy is considered the best iPhone spy app online. Why:
  • EvaSpy works on jailbroken iPhones.
  • After five minutes, iPhone monitoring is instant and anywhere.
  • EvaSpy works on all iOS devices.
  • EvaSpy offers many iPhone monitoring features without jailbreak.
  • EvaSpy is 100% undetectable.
EvaSpy for iPhone Spy
  • Monitor Kids

Parents created EvaSpy. Online child protection is difficult for parents. It’s hard to track kids’ online activity because they value privacy. EvaSpy shows parents their children’s online activities without them knowing.

Children are innocent and vulnerable to bad habits. EvaSpy blocks harmful content to keep kids safe 24/7.

  • Supervision

EvaSpy protects employers too. Monitoring employee phones ensures company loyalty. Employers can catch slackers or leakers before it’s too late.

EvaSpy even lets employers monitor field workers. EvaSpy tracks employees’ real-time locations and informs employers.

EvaSpy Features


Text Messages Sent and Received


BB, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, Gtalk, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, iMessage (iOS), Facebook Messenger


Track GPS Locations


See All Email Activity


Call Durations, Times, and Dates


Record Contacts on Phone


URLs Visited in Mobile Web Browser


Get Alerts on Prohibited Activities


View Photos Taken By Phone


Record Events and Tasks


See YouTube Videos Watched


Info on Cell Towers In Range


Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Instagram, Tinder


Restricts Apps Usage on Phone


See Gmail Messages


Send SMS Commands to the Phone


Apps Installed on the Phone


Uninstall EvaSpy Remotely


All keystrokes, including deleted ones.


Automatic software updates

Prices EvaSpy

Android 2.1 and more

  • Basic:$177.90 $88.95

The Basic subscription includes the major features with limited but powerful functionality.

  • Standard:$199.90 $99.95

The Standard package offers major monitoring features with the ability to record phone calls and track social networks and IMs, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, and more.

  • Pro: $219.90 $109.95

The Pro subscription provides you with total control over the target device and gives you a full picture of the user’s online and offline activities.

Prices EvaSpy

EvaSpy | Whats App tracker for Android

  • Android app to track WhatsApp

Read both the ones you sent and the ones you got on WhatsApp. With EvaSpy, you can keep an eye on what your child does on WhatsApp and protect them from cyberbullies and online predators.

  • See all of your WhatsApp data

Check all received and sent text messages with media files, see the name of the contact and the exact time and date when WhatsApp messages are received or sent.

  • Check your texts

View all sent and received text messages, along with the name of the contact and the time they were sent or received.

  • Keep track of photos and audio files

You can look through all the pictures and music that have been shared on WhatsApp and saved on the device.

  • Watch what people do on WhatsApp from afar

Through your EvaSpy online account, you can get to all the data you’ve recorded from anywhere and on any device.

On some Android devices, you can’t track WhatsApp media files. Contacting our support team to ask if the feature works on your device is highly recommended.

Why should you monitor WhatsApp Activities?

Teens are willing to trade goods and services for personal information on social apps.

All parents care about the safety of their kids and want to keep them safe from the dangers that lurk on the Internet and in social apps. WhatsApp monitoring is a great way to keep track of who your loved one talks to online and make sure your child is not being bullied. With the EvaSpy WhatsApp tracker, you won’t have to worry about your child talking to strangers on this instant messaging service.

With our app, you can keep track of all the text messages, photos, and audio files your child shares on WhatsApp, as well as their contacts’ nicknames. EvaSpy makes it easy and smooth to keep an eye on WhatsApp.

  • Apps that keep an eye on others

EvaSpy can keep an eye on more than 50 apps, such as

Call Monitoring & Recording

Record all of your child’s phone calls, both incoming and outgoing and listen in on what he or she talks about with friends and classmates. Use the call-blocking feature of EvaSpy to stop people you don’t like from calling you and to see all of their call logs.

  • View all call logs

Check call logs with time and date stamps, the length of each call, and the names and phone numbers of the people who called.

  • Look in the phone book

Check the address book to find out who is calling.

Record all phone calls

Listen to all phone calls, whether they are coming in or going out. EvaSpy records all phone calls your child makes or accepts and sends the recordings to your online dashboard.

  • Limit on Calls

Use EvaSpy to block some unwanted contacts and stop people from talking to each other in unhealthy ways.

  • Limit calls that go out

With EvaSpy, you can look at call logs, listen to phone conversations, and find people you don’t want to talk to. Block people who seem sketchy so that your child can’t call them. This will keep your child safe from bad influences.

  • Stop calls from coming in

When you add a contact to the blacklist, that person won’t be able to call your child.

EvaSpy lets you watch Snapchat.

Access Snapchat text messages and make sure your kids are not being bullied online. Check how long your kids spend on this app and what they share with their Snapchat contacts. With EvaSpy, you can find out what your kids are talking about and doing.

  • Check the timestamps on Snapchat.

You can see the time and date of every text message and make sure your child isn’t chatting with classmates instead of doing their homework.

  • Save text messages that were sent

You can look at your child’s Snapchat text messages and find out what he or she is doing.

  • Read the text messages you’ve gotten

Check your child’s Snapchat text messages to make sure he or she isn’t being bullied online.

  • View Snapchat nicknames

Find out who is sending your child inappropriate text messages and keep your child away from bad influences before it becomes a real problem.

How to Track Facebook Messenger

EvaSpy lets you check your kids’ Facebook text messages, so you can see who they talk to and what they talk about on Facebook.

  • Record sent messages

The built-in keylogger in EvaSpy records every keystroke made on Facebook, except for passwords. This lets you see what messages your kids send to their friends.

  • Check for updates on Facebook

Our spy app for Android keeps track of all Facebook notifications, which lets you look at text messages that have been sent to you.

  • See the timestamps on Facebook

Find out the exact time and date when your child typed something on Facebook or got a message.

  • Limit who can use Facebook.

If you think Facebook is a waste of time, you can put it on a list of apps that users can’t use.

  • Checking on Skype

With EvaSpy’s powerful monitoring tools, you can keep your child from talking to people who are bad for them on Skype.

  • Track every key you press.

See all the keys Check that when your kids use Skype, they don’t give strangers personal information about themselves and their families.

  • Look at your Skype messages

EvaSpy records all Skype notifications, so you can see received messages and call logs with timestamps and the name of the contact.

  • Get to it on the go

Your online account lets you check Skype logs from anywhere and on any device.

Tracking a Telegram

With the EvaSpy Telegram tracker, you can make sure your kids are safe online. Our app saves Telegram text messages so you can see what your kids are talking about on this instant messaging service.

  • Track What You Type

You can see what your kids are doing on Telegram by looking at all of their keystrokes.

  • View sent text messages

Keep an eye on all the messages your loved one sends and make sure they don’t tell strangers anything personal.

  • Read the text messages you’ve gotten

Check Telegram text messages to make sure your child isn’t hanging out with bad people or being picked on.

Checking on Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a social app that lets teens talk to each other online through chats, voice calls, and video calls. The app is very popular among kids, so parents should also keep an eye on it.

  • Check your Hangouts for messages

This app’s notifications let EvaSpy know when a text message comes in on Hangouts. Make sure your kids aren’t being picked on by other Hangouts users and aren’t texting with online predators.

  • Don’t let EvaSpy join your hangouts

If you think the app is dangerous or not useful, you can block it with our monitoring solution.

  • Get to from anywhere

Track Hangouts data through your EvaSpy online account. You can check for new logs from any Internet-connected device, no matter where you are.

Tinder Tracking

Teens can meet new friends through the popular dating app Tinder. Tinder is very popular with strangers and people who want to hurt other people because it is designed to help people meet new people online. Tinder users can sign up with any name and photo, so there are a lot of fake profiles on the app. Parents can use EvaSpy to keep their kids safe from online strangers who wait for teens on this dating app.

  • Monitor keystrokes

EvaSpy has a feature that records what keys are pressed on social apps so you can see what messages your child sends to Tinder users.

  • Check the messages you’ve got

EvaSpy saves all Tinder notifications, so if a notification tells you about a new text message, you can see it on your online account.

  • Don’t let people in

You can block Tinder from your online account if you think your child is too young to use dating apps.

Viber Tracking

Teens use Viber, an instant messaging app that is growing quickly, to text, make voice and video calls, and share multimedia files. Track what your child does on Viber with EvaSpy to keep them from talking to people they don’t want to.

Keep in mind that EvaSpy gets text messages from Viber notifications. To read incoming Viber text messages, make sure the Preview feature is turned on in the messaging app on the device you want to read them on.

  • Viber tracker for Android

Read text messages that have already been sent

Check with your teen’s Viber contacts to see what they’re texting about.

  • Text messages were sent to the track.

Keep an eye on the text messages your kids get on Viber to make sure they are not being bullied and to keep them safe from bad influences.

  • View Viber nicknames

EvaSpy lets you see the Viber nicknames of the people your child talks to by putting them next to each message you record.

  • Manage your Viber tasks on the go

Through your EvaSpy online dashboard, you can access all Viber logs from anywhere and on any Internet-connected device.

Instagram Monitoring

Check your child’s Instagram account and texts to find out what they are talking about. With EvaSpy, you can keep track of all the text messages your child sends and receives and protect them from online predators who make friends with teens on this popular social app.

  • Read chats on Instagram

Follow all of your child’s sent and received text messages on Instagram Direct to find out who he or she talks to.

  • View Instagram nicknames

You can see the nickname of the person your child is texting with next to each message they send and receive.

  • Monitor keystrokes

Record your kids’ Instagram keystrokes to find out what they talk about in comments, what they look for in their feeds, and what they write under their posts (passwords are not recorded).

  • Access from wherever you are

Through your EvaSpy online account, you can get the Instagram data you’ve been recording from any device.

GPS Location Monitoring

With EvaSpy, you can find out where your child is through your online account, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your loved one has arrived safely.

  1. where GPS is right now
  2. See where your child is right now on a detailed map.
  3. See where you’ve been.

Using a location path, you can see all the places you’ve been and see the history of your route over a certain amount of time.

  1. View location list details
  2. Check the location’s exact time and address.
  3. Track where your child is on the go

The EvaSpy dashboard lets you access the data from any device, no matter where you are.

Keylogger for Android

You can record keystrokes on the target device and see them on your EvaSpy dashboard from a distance.

  • Track what you type

EvaSpy keeps track of everything typed in the most popular social apps and web browsers, except for passwords. This feature lets you know what your kids talk about on social apps with their friends, what they search for on the Internet, etc.

  • Look at timestamps.

With date and time stamps, EvaSpy lets you know exactly when the text was typed.

  • View the keystrokes recorded on the go

With an online account, EvaSpy lets you monitor from afar, so you can see the recorded keystrokes from any device, anywhere.

Gmail Monitoring

You can keep an eye on your child’s Gmail notifications to keep them safe from cyberbullying, online predators, and strangers. EvaSpy keeps track of Gmail alerts and tells you what the email is about and who sent it.

  • Keep track of Gmail alerts

With Gmail notification tracking, you can see what kind of emails your child is getting. EvaSpy will show you the subject line of the email and information about the person who sent it.

  • Check time & date stamps

With EvaSpy, you can see when your child got this or that email.

  • Check Gmail while on the go

You can check your online account from anywhere and on any device to see what Gmail has sent you.

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