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StealthGenie Review 2023: mobile Spy Legit or Scam? FBI

Believe it or not, there are many jealous partners and stalkers who want to spy on their loved ones’ phones and online conversations. If you’re one of them, or even if you’re a mother who wants to track her kids’ phones, you should know that StealthGenie spy software was once a good answer.

Note: StealthGenie Is No Longer Working. So if you’re one of the people who have heard about this app, you should go for an alternative like SPY24.

Here on the SPY24 website, we’re trying to review famous spy apps to help you choose better. In this article, we’re going to review all the features of StealthGenie spy software, an app that was once a user-friend and popular spying tool.

Finally, we’ll compare it with SPY24 to prove why you have to choose our own app.


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What Is StealthGenie App

StealthGenie Review app

Remember that not all tracking activities are malicious. As mentioned, many times, people
just want to know what their family members are doing on their phones.

employers and partners might want to spy on some target phones with good

Fortunately, there is an app for everything these days. There are numerous spying,
monitoring, and tracking apps on the market, and it might be a bit confusing to
choose one of them. Apart from the features and price, the apps’ safety is also

Considering these facts, StealthGenie App was a good choice for many users, and
unfortunately, it’s not working anymore. StealthGenie used to offer cell phone
monitoring and location-tracking services to its users.

How Does StealthGenie Work?

StealthGenie Review app

StealthGenie is a powerful phone spy software that can be installed on any device, including Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.

When you install the app on the target phone, it runs in the background without being detected.

It uploads every information about using the phone to a single dashboard that the software provides you with. You can access this dashboard using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

So you need physical access to the target phone to install the app. Then, the StealthGenie app offers all the features a comprehensive spy app is expected to offer.

After the installation, the app sends the data from the phone to your dashboard, which takes around 25 minutes on the first use. After the first time, new data will
be updated in real-time.

Your data, customized settings, and preferences are all saved on the StealthGenie server. Note: The app has stopped working, so your data might be removed.

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor texts, social media activities, and web activities, and track the target’s location.

If you want to become familiar with the details of its features, read the following section.

StealthGenie Features

StealthGenie Review app

StealthGenie is one of the most advanced phone spy apps on the market. It offers a wide range of features suitable for different people with different purposes.

Here is a summary of what this app used to offer to its users:

Intercepting Phone Calls

StealthGenie is a great spy app for listening in to any ongoing call on the target phone without being detected.

Activating the Recording Feature

You can call the phone from a distance of 15ft to activate the app in order to record conversations. Recording all incoming and outgoing calls is a sought-after
service among users.

That is a great feature on spy apps, although many tools, including SPY24, are offering this feature these days.

Monitoring the GPS Location

Using StealthGenie, you can use the current GPS location of the target phone to
figure out where the owner is going.

StealthGenie app

Viewing the Location History

Another great feature regarding the location is viewing the location history. This feature lets you check where your target user has gone even during the hours you’re not spying on them.


Geo-fencing is also a great service that lets you know if the monitored user goes to a specific location. Actually, StealthGenie used to let you mark specific locations
on the map to be alerted when the user enters or leaves there. Using geo-fencing, parents can forbid the areas they don’t want their kids to be in.

Reading the Text Messages

Text reading is a common service all spy apps offer. StealthGenie lets you know what target users send and receive as texts. So you could spy on their instant messengers using this app.

Reading Emails

Reading all the sent and received emails of the target phones is another service StealthGenie used to offer to its users. Now you can do this using many other tools, specially SPY24.

Accessing Media Files

The StealthGenie spy app has the ability to display all the media files stored on
the target phones, including videos, pictures, and audio files. So you can be sure about the content your kids save on their phones.

Viewing the Browser History

You can also track the websites the target users visit and also the sites they’ve bookmarked on their browsers. This is also great for both parents and employers because they can detect any irrelevant or harmful web browsing.

Checking the list of Apps

The app gives you a list of the applications that the target user has installed on their phone.

Instant Alerts

Using this app, you will be notified whenever the target user changes their SIM. Also, you can determine any suspicious words or phone numbers to be alerted then they use them.

Controlling the Phone Remotely

You can remotely pause or even start any applications on the target phone. Also,
locking the phones, wiping phone data, and backing up or deleting all sensitive
information are among the features of StealthGenie that can be done remotely.

Accessing the Address Book and Calendar Entries

You can check all the important data, including the scheduled meetings, addresses, and any other entries on the target phones.

StealthGenie Pros and Cons

Now that you know the features and services of Stealthgenie, it’s good to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of the app.

Here are some pros and cons of StealthGenie spy software, based on its customer’s reviews:

Advantages of StealthGenie

  1. Relatively good compatibility: StealthGenie supports Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

Note: You need to install specific versions of the operating system if
you want Stealthgenie works well:

Android: Version 4.4 and higher

iOS: Version 3.0 and higher

Blackberry: Version 6.0,
7.0 and 7.1

  1. User friend
  2. Remote control
  3. Sound recording
  4. Geo-fencing

Disadvantages of StealthGenie

  1. Needing jailbreak on iOS: If you have an iPhone target device, you must jailbreak the device to be able to use it, making it difficult to use Stealthgenie on
  2. No customer supports
  3. No website

Actually, the app has stopped working, and you need to go for other spy apps, such as SPY24.

StealthGenie Cost

StealthGenie used to offer 3 different packages with different pricing plans. The pricing plans are quite competitive, considering many apps on the market.

Overall, you just need to pay between $8 and $16 each month, depending on the package you purchase.

Basic Package

The basic package is actually the entry-level package of the app with simple features like reading text messages and call logs.

Gold Package

This package is a bit more advanced compared to the basic one. Gold Package has all of the features offered in the basic package plus some extra services, such as spying pictures, reading emails, and receiving basic alerts.

Platinum Package

Last but not least, you can choose the most advanced package, Platinum. Along with what you can have in the previous packages, the platinum package offers some other advanced features, such as instant spying on online chats, tracking the target location without GPS, recording calls, viewing videos, etc.

How to Install StealthGenie

The installation procedure is really straightforward:

Support Device

Step #1: Compatibility Check

First, you have to make sure that StealthGenie spy software is compatible with your target cell phone. As mentioned earlier, it works on specific versions of Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

Step #2: Purchase, Download, and Install

After you check the compatibility, you have to purchase the app. After purchasing a plan on StealthGenie, you can easily download and install it into the target phone.

Step #3: Set Up the Dashboard and Monitor the Data for the First Time

After the installation, you must sign in to the StealthGenie dashboard and choose your customized settings. After that, you have to wait around 25 minutes to get the data for the first time. Then, you can monitor the target phone in real-time.

StealthGenie Customer Reviews

When StealthGenie was still working, it used to provide great customer service. As a result, many of the customers were satisfied with the app, despite the fact
that it doesn’t work anymore.

In sum, more than 76% of customers are satisfied with StealthGenie, which is a good score compared to other apps. Here are some of the key factors customers are satisfied with:

Features &

As mentioned in the article, Stealthgenie has many features, so many customers are satisfied with its functionality and the range of services it offers. More than 70% of customers say that they consider its features enough for their daily usage.

Ease of Use

It’s a user-friend app, and many users with different levels of skills can work with
it. So a lot of customers are satisfied with StealthGenie’s ease of use.

Help & Support

The customer service of StealthGenie is good, and you can trust their team.

Look & Feel

The Stealthgenie spy software has a good design and modern look, so lots of
customers feel good about it.

Value for Money

This is actually one of the most affordable spying tools on the market.

SPY24 VS StealthGenie

Now that you are familiar with Stealthgenie, you’d better know a great alternative to it.
SPY24 can respond to every need you might have.

StealthGenie app features

Here is a summary of what SPY24 offers. This will give a deep insight into this app, and helps you compare SPY24 vs. StealthGenie.

SPY24 App Features

First, it’s good to look at the list of SPY24 App features:

Monitoring Calls and Messages

With SPY24, you’ll be able to

     View Call Logs

     See Call Dates

     Read Text Messages

     Track Watchlist Contacts

Accessing Chats and Multimedia in Real-Time

Social media activities are of paramount importance these days. Of course, it might have some dangers, and as a result, parents always try to figure out what their kids are seeing on social media platforms.

This is one of the most important differences between SPY24 and StealthGenie because SPY24 has complete monitoring services for social media apps.

Here are the social media apps you can monitor using SPY24:

     Facebook Messenger spy

     WhatsApp Spy

     Tango Spy

     Snapchat Spy

     Telegram spy

     Instagram spy

     Skype Spy

     Hangouts Spy

     Line Spy

     KIK Spy

     Viber Spy

     Gmail Spy

     Hike Spy

     IMO Spy

     Zolo Spy

     Twitter spy

Tracking the Location

SPY24 is by far the best location-tracking app on the market. If you want to have a 24/7 monitoring ability on your target phones, try these:

     Current Location Tracking

     Location History Tracking

     Monitoring Specific Locations and Geo-Fencing

StealthGenie Reivew

Viewing Installed Apps on Cell Phone or Tablet

Do you know that your children’s smartphones may include apps that are harmful to their development or health?

You may check the list of programs on your kids’ or employees’ phones or tablets to see if they’re using them too much with SPY24.


Spying Video Camera App: Remote Video Recording

The camera surveillance function permits users to manage the target device’s camera remotely and record sights from the front and rare cam using the Camera Bug App.

A camera bug application allows you to capture photographs and video footage from a different mobile phone.

A spy video camera application can be used to covertly capture surrounding videos using the device’s front and back cameras.StealthGenie


Reading Emails

SPY24 is an app you can trust to spy on your kids and employees when they’re using email providers such as Gmail.

More than 70% of firms in the U.S. use tracking software to check employees’ emails. This might be due to several reasons, including corporate data theft. SPY24 can act as a great email and Gmail monitoring app for both businesses and parents.

StealthGenie review

Recording Phone Calls and Surrounding Voices

Using SPY24, apart from listening to calls, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. Also, you’ll be able to record the ambient voices.


Viewing Photos, Videos, and Calendar Entries

SPY24 lets you see all the saved pictures, videos, schedules, and other calendar entries on the tracked phone.

Erasing Data on the Target Phone/Tablet Remotely

With SPY24 Remote Data Wipe, you may delete data from any monitored Android
device with just one click. Using SPY24 is that simple! You can remotely delete
data from your monitoring Android devices with SPY24.

StealthGenie  review app

App Blocking for Unwanted Apps

SPY24 is the best remote app blocker for unwanted apps in the world. When it comes to monitoring how a cell phone is used, SPY24 is the most current solution that works as well as magic.

For example, if you see an unwanted app on your kids’ phones, you can easily block it remotely. Until their homework, chores, and other important tasks are
completed, you may temporarily disable apps on your kids’ Android devices with


SPY24 App Cost

Now, let’s look at the pricing and plans offered by SPY24.

Here are the plans SPY24 offers:

Android Packages

   1 month –

   3 months –

   6 months –

   12 months
– $120

Windows Packages

   1 month –

   3 months –

   6 months –

   24 hours –

MAC Packages

   1 month –

   3 months –

   6 months –

   24 hours –

SPY24’s plans and packages are much more diverse compared to StealthGenie.

Conclusion: Which One Is Better, SPY24 or StealthGenie?

According to what we mentioned as the features of SPY24, it’s obvious that SPY24 is much better than StealthGenie and the best alternative available out there. Once
StealthGenie was one of the best tracking and spying apps in the world. After a
while, it stopped working, and therefore, you have to go for another tool.
SPY24 is the best Stealthgenie alternative, offering all the tracking, monitoring, controlling, and spying services you need. So if you’re looking for a modern spying app, don’t go anywhere else.


Here are some of the most common questions people ask regarding spy apps, especially StealthGenie.

Can Apps Spy on Your Phone?

Unfortunately, YES. Many apps can spy on your smartphone without being detected. Of course, not all apps are malicious. For example, many parents use SPY24 to track their kids’ phone to be sure about their safety.

What Does StealthGenie Do?

StealthGenie is not working anymore. Anyway, it used to offer monitoring services for all cell phones, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Does StealthGenie Still Work?

Unfortunately, NO. You have to go for other spy software. The best alternative to StealthGenie is SPY24.

What Is the Price of StealthGenie?

You must have between $8 and $16 each month, depending on the package you purchase.

What Is the Best StealthGenie Alternative?

SPY24.According to what we discussed in this article, SPY24 provides a wider range of features compared with StealthGenie. Also, SPY24 has better customer service and a user-friend dashboard to control all the monitored devices in one place.


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