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IMEI Tracker – Track Phone Using IMEI Online Free 2023

You lost your iPhone or Android smartphone, then? I suppose that we’ve all been there. No matter how cautious you are when using your smartphone. In the span of a single blink, everything occurs. It was in your pocket for a moment before disappearing. Even if your missing Android or iPhone gadget isn’t silent, it can be incredibly challenging to locate when you’re by yourself.

The most recent Android and iOS phones provide a wide variety of cutting-edge tracking apps that can guide you in finding your phone if it is misplaced or stolen. But the unfortunate fact is that most smartphone users don’t download these apps until they lose their phones. After that, we’ll discuss IMEI tracking. Let’s look at the following sections to learn how we can use them to help us find our lost phone. So be ready for an amazing, fun, and instructive ride! Let’s begin!

What Is IMEI Number?

A distinctive device identification number called the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is typically found behind the battery and the phone cover. GSM, WCDMA, iDEN, and some satellite phones are identified by this 15-digit number; CDMA devices contain a MEID number.

What Is IMEI Number?

The IMEI number can be used to quickly unlock a new phone that has been locked by the manufacturer. Each smartphone is distinct from the others since no two smartphones have the same IMEI number. Keep in mind that the IMEI number cannot be modified, unlike the SIM card. Typically, the IMEI is used to track the hardware itself, while the SIM card can be changed and used to identify the specific subscriber using the SIM Owner Information Finder. The IMEI number is therefore highly helpful if your smartphone is lost, forgotten, or stolen.

How to discover your IMEI number?

How to Find the IMEI Number of Your Phone

Given that you are now familiar with the IMEI number, let’s go over the various methods for locating the IMEI number. Let’s begin!

1. Dial *#06#

By using the Phone Dialer app and entering *#06#, you may find this number most conveniently and universally possible.

Dial *#06#

2. Open the About Phone

Users using Android devices must open the device settings. Thereafter, go to About Phone —> Status to get your IMEI number there.

Open the About Phone

iOS users must open Settings. Later, locate your IMEI number by going to About phone —> Status.

Open the About Phone

3. Look at the Reverse Side of the Phone

This number is usually located on the back of the phone, next to the battery, for the majority of cell phone manufacturers. The number should be prominently marked with a barcode on the phone’s packaging, where you can readily find it.

How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online Free

1. IMEI Tracker Online

How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online Free
  • On an iPhone or an Android smartphone, launch IMEI Tracker.
  • In the provided box, enter the IMEI number of the lost or stolen phone.
  • Enter the captcha code correctly to verify.
  • Tap the Track IMEI Number button once the verification process is complete.
  • Google Maps will now display the current position of your stolen or lost phone.

2. Report on CEIR (Online IMEI Tracker Free)

The Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR), a new website that the Indian government has unveiled, allows you to disable and locate misplaced phones.

Report on CEIR (Online IMEI Tracker Free)

Here’s how to do it:

-Visit the CEIR’s official website (Central Equipment Identity Register).  Prior to using this service, make sure you have filed a complaint with the local police department.

-Choose the Block Stolen/Lost Mobile radio button in the red hue.

-You will be prompted to enter the following data:

  • Details about the device include the mobile number, 15-digit IMEI, brand, model, and sales receipt.
  • Place, date, State, district, police complaint number, police station, and complaint upload were lost.
  • Owner Name, Address, Identity Proof, and Email ID are examples of personal information.

-Touch the submit button, and the Request ID number will be generated. 

-Visit the IMEI Request Status page and enter your special Request ID.

-The status of your misplaced phone will be displayed on the following screen. The IMEI number will be deleted from the main database if it is blocked. The phone will not function on any network and the number is no longer regarded as active.

3. Track Lost Phones using mSpy (IMEI Number Tracker)

As its name implies, mSpy isn’t really a phone tracking application. It’s more geared toward parents who wish to monitor their children by tracking their actions. But, you may use it to examine WhatsApp messages, keep an eye on the target’s social media accounts, and—most importantly—track down a lost iPhone. Imagine you had the mSpy installed on your phone and you lost it. You can find your phone by utilizing this app to locate GPS signals. The app provides you with reliable and up-to-date information by updating the data every few minutes.

Track Lost Phones using mSpy (IMEI Number Tracker)
mSpy: Top iOS & Android Spy App for Parental Control

4. Try Google Timeline

Google Timeline displays a history of the locations you visited using your mobile device, rather than being used to monitor a phone. You can use Google Timeline to get a list of the sites you visited even if the battery in your phone is dead.

Google Timeline

Here’s how to do it:

  • On your iPhone or Android device, launch Google Maps.
  • In the search bar’s upper right corner, tap your profile icon.
  • Choose Your Timeline from the pop-up menu that will appear after pressing the button. The entire day’s history, including the locations you went to, is available here. To find out if your phone has been seen, check out these locations.

5. Try Google Photos

If you think your phone has been stolen, you can use the Google Photos approach to find out where it is right now. Please let us demonstrate how to do it. 

Google Photos

You can access your Google Photos ID on a computer or another phone and keep track of the most recent pictures if you gave Google Photos permission to see your location and you had it synced with your Google account. Your phone will upload any new photos taken by the thief to Google Photos. As a result, it will not only reveal the identity of the individual who took your phone but also their location.

6. Google Find My Device (IMEI Number Tracking)

As was already noted, the majority of users don’t set up phone tracking software before their phones are stolen or misplaced. You may now track your device with Google Find My Device without installing any other apps. You only need to be aware that your phone needs to be online and linked to your Google account. Visit the Find My Device website and sign in to your Google account using a different phone. The app will instantly begin tracking your phone, and it will show your Android phone’s present location or the last location it was tracked at. Google has introduced a new feature that makes it simple for users to find their Android phones simply by phoning them. The best thing is that even if your phone is in silent mode, the ringtone will continue to play for a few minutes.

Google Find My Device (IMEI Number Tracking)

Best Alternative – Track a Phone with a Professional App

SPY24 App Free

You may keep track of a mobile device’s position by using a phone tracker app. The software can help you find your lost or stolen tablet or phone. The app can be used to monitor your kids as well. You can see the kid’s mobile device’s location and other data, such as call logs, web searches, social media messages, and more.

SPY24: The Ultimate Parental Monitoring Solution on a Global Scale
SPY24: The Ultimate Parental Monitoring Solution on a Global Scale

A fantastic parental control and phone tracking app is SPY24. The majority of Android phones and all iOS versions are compatible with the app. In comparison to other apps, it includes a ton of cutting-edge features such as browser filtering capabilities, and secured data access. This app also allows you to easily find your missing phone.

Track Phone Real-time Location and Monitor Phone Activities

A lot of contemporary issues can be solved by real-time location tracking. Although it is not a novel idea, recent years have seen a significant improvement. Real-time location tracking was once prohibitively expensive and difficult to execute, but because of falling technological costs, users may now take advantage of its advantages.

Track Phone Real-time Location and Monitor Phone Activities

There are numerous uses for it today. It is used by businesses to monitor delivery vehicles and personnel. As they are around the world, people utilize them to keep tabs on their kids or pets. Also, it can be applied to ensure travel and holiday safety. Real-time location monitoring can be used for a wide variety of additional purposes. Real-time location monitoring can be utilized for entertainment purposes as well, such as following a favorite sports team or learning where your favorite band will be performing next.

Real-time Location Tracking types

Several kinds of real-time location tracking exist. It contains Google maps, mobile phone numbers, and live GPS tracking.

A GPS is used to track real-time location the most frequently. This kind of tracking is used by businesses to keep track of their cars, but parents may also utilize it to scan their kids or pets. This form of accurate real-time location tracking is independent of mobile phone numbers.

Instead of using GPS, another kind of real-time position tracking makes use of mobile phone numbers. The infrastructure of the mobile network provider is used in this type of monitoring to pinpoint a subject’s location and position. The data is subsequently transmitted to a server that can locate the problem using cell towers and cellular signals. Although more mobile phone operators now provide this service, real-time location monitoring has been greatly improved in recent years.

The third kind of real-time location tracking depends on Google Maps to share details about a subject’s position. Google receives information on the tracked topic and utilizes it along with Google Maps data to tell you where your loved ones are at any given moment. This approach may be useful, but it necessitates the user sharing his position via WhatsApp or a message.

Methods of Real-time Location Tracking

SPY24: Free Remote Monitoring App for iPhone & Android
SPY24: Free Remote Monitoring App for iPhone & Android

Online mobile number tracker with real-time location

Any cell number’s live location is available on numerous apps and websites. These programs or websites locate a specific mobile number using cell towers, then show the position of the phone. You can trace any cellphone number with a brand-new smartphone app called Mobile Number Tracker. You can track all of your buddies, coworkers, family members, and anyone else who has a cell phone using this software. All GSM devices, including iPhone and Android phones, are compatible with this app.

Installing the software on your device and then entering the phone number of the person you wish to track are the only steps required. Without any delay, the app will begin automatically tracking that person’s whereabouts in real time. Additionally, this app uses a GPS signal to locate a certain number, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. On Google Maps, you can also always see your target individual.

Google Map Sharing Locations in Real-Time

With an iPhone or an Android, Google Maps makes it easy to share your location. To share your location, you can send a message using SMS, WhatsApp, email, or other services. When someone gets the message and opens it, Google Maps is the first place they will be directed, and they can see the person’s exact location. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both offer free Google Maps software for Android and iPhone users. With the help of the Real-time Location Sharing feature, users may share their current locations both privately and publicly on Google Maps.


Even if the battery is dead or someone turned the phone off on purpose, there are various ways to find a missing phone. But as soon as you detect your phone is missing, you need to block its IMEI number to prevent the thief from using it inappropriately.

Although the suggested apps need some setup, they are also useful. Yet, when it comes to tracking, the correct parental control software can really make a difference. The SPY24 Control App includes more functions in addition to those we’ve already covered. Because IMEI number tracing is simple to utilize, many consumers have used it. Hence, track your phone using its IMEI online right now for more pleasing phone tracking for your children and family!


How can I locate a synced device’s IMEI number?

You can attempt any of the methods listed above, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, to locate your IMEI device. Another place to look for it might be in the phone’s box, as most of them have stickers on them.

How Can I Find the Live Location of a Mobile Device?

The SPY24 Parental Control App allows you to track a mobile device’s current position. Installing the software on the target phone is simple, and you can then use it to track its current location.

Can Google Maps Track in Real-time?

Absolutely, users of Google Maps can easily be located anywhere by sharing their current location with friends and family.

How Can I Find Out a Phone Number’s Current Location?

A phone number’s location is determined by the position of the network tower that uses it. With call monitoring software, which can display the phone’s position, you can find out where it is.

How to Track a CELL PHONE with IMEI Number!

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to track an iPhone’s location using its IMEI number. The same method applies to Android devices as well. To install the tracking app on your device, open Safari or Chrome and go to the website sideload.net. Once you’re on the website, click on the search bar and type “track” or “how to track phone location” and begin the search. Important note: Once you reach the screen that says “almost done”, complete all offers below and follow all instructions carefully. When the app finishes downloading, follow the instructions carefully since it is the most essential part of this whole method to get the app.

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