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Spy App Reviews

Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023

Can you envision a present-day child without a smartphone with access to the worldwide network? Not truly, as social media and messengers are necessary parts of kids’ and teens’ lives. As the Web is broadly utilized by all sorts of individuals, counting bullies, predators, and scammers, guardians ought to keep an eye on their children’s digital well-being. Employing an observing app, such as SPY24 or Copy9, is a proven way to ensure a kid from the potential threat of being bullied or annoyed. But what app ought you choose?

If you need to undertake the Copy9 spy app, you need to consider that their site was prohibited by search systems in 2018 and hasn’t been upgraded since that point. What’s more, Copy9 may be a sub-brand of the TruthSpy app, and its location is presently archived.

Copy9 is among the apps planned to combat this problem. It’s a fundamental spyware app that can assist you to keep tabs on your partner’s smartphone activity with minimal effort. Copy9 could be a cell phone checking solution, permitting parents and bosses to keep tabs on everything from content messages and phone discussions to GPS areas, Skype, WhatsApp, and more.

If you log into your account’s admin page, you’ll be able to see every single character composed, message sent, message received, and message deleted.

In case you’re fascinated by knowing more about the app, keep on perusing these Copy9 reviews. But if you wish monitoring program that works right presently, we prescribe simply trying SPY24.

Website: https://copy9.com/
Domain Age:2010-09-29

What is Copy9?

 Let’s start our Copy9 reviews by explaining what is copy9 exactly. Copy9 is a parental controls app that assists parents to remain upgraded on what’s going on in their kids’ computerized lives. Not only does Copy9 permit you to screen your kid’s social media accounts, but it can also track their call logs, messages, GPS locations, contacts, and other activity.

What is Copy9?
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 18

 Copy9 is outlined to assist parents to monitor their kids online remotely. To make the program work invisibly, you must turn on the covered-up mode within the app’s settings. In any case, to guarantee that your child won’t distinguish the app, you need to expel its symbol from a target phone’s screen. If you’d like to run the Copy9 observing app on an iOS device, note that it’s compatible only with Android-operated smartphones.

How does Copy9 work?

Copy9 begins observing the user’s activity after you download and install the program on a target device. The app works within the background. Copy9 records all the activity on a checked phone or tablet and sends logs to your Control Panel.

 Control Panel is your personal space where all observed information is kept. There, you’ll be able to check your kid’s contact records, screen their real-time areas, see messages, and check on other activity logs.

To get to your Control Panel and begin observing your kid’s activity, you must follow many steps.

How does Copy9 work?
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 19

 Purchase a membership. Head over to the Copy9 official site and find the Costs page. Copy9 offers three packages to cover diverse needs. You’ll be able to select from Standard, Premium, and Gold plans. Each of them highlights different observing alternatives. Select the favored payment method and after that download the app.

Download and set up the program. Ensure to turn on the installation from unknown sources on a target device. You won’t be able to install the app in case you miss this detail.

When the planning arrangement is complete, log in to your Copy9 account from any device you want and screen your kid’s activity on the Internet.

How to install Copy9 on a target phone

Putting in or taking out Copy9 is an easy process.

 The most basic preparatory step before installation is guaranteeing that your network connection is continuously live and active.

 Once Wi-Fi is actuated, knowing the target’s operating system version is basic. Knowing in case the target’s version is comparable with Copy9’s is crucial.

 To ensure that the app will work faultlessly, you need to take after the installation instructions:

How to install Copy9 on a target phone
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 20

Root a target device.

  • Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Download the apk file from the official site.
  • Open the file and perform the installation. Entirely take after the instructions.
  • Log in to your Copy 9 account. In case you haven’t signed up with the app, do it now.
  • Set up all the required permissions.

After you finish the installation, log in to your account and begin checking a target device. The information and activity assembled by the app will be shown on your Control Panel in a couple of minutes.

How much does Copy9 cost?

Copy9 contains some pricing alternatives to select from. You’ll be able to purchase the app for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

How much does Copy9 cost?
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 21
  • The cheapest package is the Standard plan which costs $30.02 for 1 month. It has restricted features, though and you may be unable to track social media and instant messaging.
  • The Premium plan shifts between $105.6 and $158.4 for 6 months. You’ll be able to track a restricted number of social media apps.
  • The Gold plan is the most expensive and costs $184.8 for 1 year. This is often the main feature-rich version and contains all tracking and checking features.

Is it legal to use Copy9?

This app wasn’t made to pry into people’s lives, but it’s implied to keep your loved ones secure from making poor judgments in a minute of emotion.

 To use Copy9 in any of the following ways will not be considered illegal:

  • Keep an eye on your youths – The expansion of social media platforms and messaging programs threaten children.
  • When parents utilize Copy9, their children are less likely to be exposed to hateful speeches, cyberbullying, hacking endeavors, scams, and other threats.
  • Employee Monitoring – Copy9 permits you to screen company-issued devices in real-time to check whether employees are paying attention within the office and following procedures.
  • You track your device.
  • You notify a checked grown-up individual around observe their activities and get their consent.

You ought to understand that all the actions you perform with the assistance of the Copy9 app are beneath your obligation. On the off chance that you’ve got any lawful issues uncertain, it is prescribed that you consult a legal advisor.

How to uninstall Copy9?

In case you need to delete Copy9 from a target device, you ought to follow these instructions:

  • Access a target device.
  • Open Settings -> Scroll down and select More -> Tap Security.
  • Find and deactivate Device Admin.

You can moreover attempt an alternative strategy.

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> System Service -> Uninstall.

 If you can’t access a target device, you’ll be able to attempt uninstalling the app remotely. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Copy9 official site and log in to your client account.
  • Click Settings within the top right corner.
  • Click Uninstall Remotely.

The application will be deleted from a target phone in minutes. Once the method is complete, you may no longer be able to screen your kid with the Copy9 parental control app.

Now that we got basic information, let’s proceed with our Copy9 reviews to answer more complicated questions.

Copy9 Features

With this application, you’ll be able to achieve an incredible deal with only a single app. The following high-level characterizations can assist you way better understanding this function. Let’s discover Copy9 features!

Copy9 Features
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 22

1. Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is one of the basic features of Copy9. Copy9 can screen and record your calls. The caller’s area, the time and length of the call, and the caller’s name were all collected and saved.

 It is a valuable app for collecting keyword records from call logs to choose whether or not to intercept or block a certain contact.

 It also can be utilized to turn on the Android smartphone’s mic remotely. This function empowers the covert to observe and record the targeted phone’s environment from a distance.

 This may be a helpful tool to keep tabs on a kid’s whereabouts or bordering environment. The dashboard can save recordings for the most extreme of 180 days.

2. Social Media Chat App tracking

Many individuals install spy apps to monitor social media platforms. So, social media chat app tracking is a vital feature for any spy app.

Fb, Google Conversation, Hotmail! Delivery person, WhatsApp, Line, and Skype are fair a few of the social media platforms that Copy9 screens for time and date stamps.

 Reviewing past messages and media resources, you’ll be able to learn about risky usage habits.

 3. Message Monitoring

Keep an eye on chats and recover lost SMS messages. You’ll be able to set up keyword databases that will caution you whenever one of the keywords on the list shows up in any of your emails.

If you’re concerned about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content online, or if you proposed to limit your staff’s access to individual websites, a keyword list might be useful.

Message monitoring will allow you to find out what your kid or employee talks about most of the time and what concerns them.

4. Phone Recordings and Auto-Answer

This can be an extremely powerful capability. With Copy9, you’ll listen to already recorded phone calls. Phone recordings and auto–answer are specific features that not all spy apps possess.

 You can get recordings of all approaching and active calls. You’ll be able to get the music recordings and listen at whatever point it’s suitable.

 Because call records don’t leave any paper tracks, this may be very valuable. Everything talked about or done on the call is private and cannot be followed back to its source.

The targeted device can be instructed to record and send all approaching and active calls with Copy9. Another auto-reply work is included as well.

You can dial the number of the targeted device, and it’ll expeditiously choose up the call, permitting you to tune in.

5. Remote Control and Access

The Copy9 app’s capacity to be utilized remotely is another one of its numerous extraordinary features.

The app gives further following and checking capabilities and inaccessible device management.

You have perused accurately! Parents can instruct the phone to make calls, send messages, or complete other assignments through SMS. A few websites can even be blocked.

 Therefore, utilizing Copy9 will give you remote control and access and permit you to control the target device from the consolation of your own home. You’ll utilize the phone even in case you can’t see it.

 This may be a reasonably unusual addition and numerous programs need it through and through. However, it serves an awesome purpose.

6. App Usage Statistics

In case you’re worried that your child is spending too much time on a smartphone, you’ll discover what they’re doing on it with the help of the Copy9 app feature: app usage statistics.

 This function makes it easy to record the target’s app action on a mobile device.

 Whether your kids utilize Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, or another app, you’ll be able to see precisely how much time they’ve gone through using each one.

There’s too a function that can impair possibly risky apps. This is often one of the foremost asked and well-known alternatives for parents who need to screen their kids’ activities.

7. Visible Internet Activities

Individuals do things on their phones that go beyond making calls, sending text messages, and chatting on social media platforms.

Copy9’s designers have given a part of thought to this situation but haven’t come up with a legitimate solution.

To begin, you’ll be able to see which websites genuinely merit your time and attention.

 A user will not only have full control over their browser history but moreover over each site, they have ever visited.

 That suggests you’ll be free to select which noxious websites you need to boycott utilizing this approach.

Therefore, visible internet activities are a useful feature.

8. Logging

The logging features in Copy9 are not foremost supportive. The call history of a child’s phone can be logged with this parental control app for mobile devices.

All inbound and outbound calls made or gotten by the checked smartphones can be seen in this manner.

 You may too see all of the smartphone sent and gotten content messages in a log.

 Copy9 will show a total duplicate of all content messages sent and gotten if the first content message has been eradicated from the mobile device.

 The phone’s address book is at your transfer, and you’ll keep track of all active and approaching mail messages.

 You can check to see whether your youth has included any new contacts to the smartphone by seeing the total list of contacts currently on it.

 Moreover, you cannot get to the phone’s notes, calendar, or database of gone-by websites.

9. Ease of Use

Ease of use is a capability that we all expect from our apps. Imagine signing up for a Free Account to screen your children’s smartphone workouts after you’ve acquired and downloaded Copy9.

All of the open logs can be gotten through a menu that runs along the top of your online account. You’ll see the foremost recent records by clicking on the particular tabs.

 There will be a list format for your findings.

 Nevertheless, in case a lot of information is related to each assignment, you’ll have to channel through it to find the required data.

 It’s disorganized, but you’ll need to do some digging to find what you’re looking for.

10. OS Compatibility

If you’re utilizing Android OS4 or later, Copy9 will run well on your device since it’s an OS compatibility feature. When installing on an Android device, you must have direct access to the device you proposed to install on.

 If your target’s device doesn’t have an online connection, you can’t monitor it. Remember that you simply will root your Android target smartphone to spy on its IM chats.

 You’ll have to get to the settings menu on your Android smartphone in case you need to discover what version it is running. Choose the “System Settings” menu.

 Then, go to the page’s bottom. Tap “About Phone” at the bottom of the page. Underneath the Android version, you’ll see your device’s particular operating system.

Copy9 works with all major smartphones and may be downloaded on Android 4.0 and higher.

11. Customer support

One of the most vital features to see out for is customer support. In our Copy9 reviews, we saw that the app has devoted customer support channelers. These operate round the clock. This is often amazingly vital as you’d not want to stay stuck with a problem.

 If you confront any issues or have questions, you’ll contact the Copy9 support group. What’s incredible about the site is that it incorporates a lot of online assets and articles as well. You’ll check out the user directory and the tips for investigating on their website.

Drawbacks of Copy9

We discovered the advantages of Copy9. The Copy9 spy app gives a few points of interest, such as broad observing and a user-friendly interface, but it also incorporates a few disadvantages.

 Thus, it is vital to think about a few additional things that can save you inconvenience and disturbance before committing to a purchase. So we continue our Copy9 reviews with drawbacks of Copy9.

Drawbacks of Copy9
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 23
  • Copy9 originally isn’t mobile-device-friendly.
  • Copy9 is reasonable for tablets and mobile devices running Android 4 or higher; in any case, it isn’t compatible with Apple’s iOS.
  • Expansion, the search engine expanded the Copy9 site back in 2018 and hasn’t been revived since then.
  • Truthspy, the program from which Copy9 was inferred, has been preserved too.
  • In expansion, Copy9 has blended evaluations from its clients. Even though it’s seen as a supportive checking tool by its users, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd in any way.
  • Many alternative monitoring programs with more progressed usefulness and lower costs than Copy4 will be accessible in 2021. These observing apps work similarly and without any interference.
  • The app’s reliability is measured by the relative seriousness of its downsides and advantages.
  • Most users say it’s not worth their time to install. SPY24 is the leading choice if you’re attempting to find a fix.

Copy9 Reviews Verdict

The ultimate say of this Copy9 review will be negative as this app isn’t the one you ought to attempt.

 Most mobile phone monitoring apps offer comparable usefulness, but the level of specialized support changes enormously between suppliers.

 Even even though Copy9 is a compelling cell phone monitoring tool, we proceed to suggest SPY24 due to its predominant features and user assistance.

While SPY24 is consistent with a wide range of mobile platforms, Copy9 supports only Android smartphones and only a subset of iOS devices.

 SIM card alter discovery is included in both Copy9 and SPY24; in any case, only SPY24 coordinates geofencing with Google Maps.

 The SPY24 app keeps tabs on where its users are at all times, as well as their social media activity, SMS sent and received, and phone calls made and received.

Copy9 Reviews Verdict
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 24

Pros of Copy9

  • Easy to install
  • primary interface
  • Several checking options

Cons of Copy9

  • The location following doesn’t work suitably
  • simply detectable
  • Stealth mode doesn’t operate
  • poor performance
  • Blocked by primary search engines due to security reasons
  • No upgrades since 2018
  • Website not reachable
  • Fails to convey call observing

My Copy9 reviews

My Copy9 reviews are getting to uncover the facts about the app and its function.

 Major search engines blocked Copy9’s site in 2018, and it hasn’t been updated since that point, so keep it in mind in case you’re considering around giving the surveillance tool a go.

 Additionally, the Copy9 site has been archived since it was a brand title for the TruthSpy program.

 Continue examining these Copy9 reviews in case you’re inquisitive about learning more about this app. In any case, we advise SPY24 if you require a utilitarian checking app immediately.

 To access the most viable phone tracking solutions, Copy9 is an American company.

 The app was outlined to let both parents and businesses keep tabs on their kids and employees utilizing one easy-to-use interface.

 The only data proposed that users of a platform outlined to be a spy app are to confirm that they have full access to all information got from their customers and planning devices.

Copy9 VS SPY24 app

In case you studied different Copy9 reviews, you’ll see that the app isn’t accessible for buying and is impossible to return to the market. Even in case, you could purchase it, you won’t be able to screen iOS devices and PCs, as the app is consistent with Android 4 and above devices.

Copy9 VS SPY24 app
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 25

 Nonetheless, with SPY24, you’ll be able to screen nearly any device and get the following features:

  • view call log details
  • monitor the SMS and MMS
  • observe social media conversations
  • monitor contacts
  • GPS tracking
  • Forming geofencing
  • monitor multimedia files
  • Blocking undesirable apps
  • Limiting suspicious calls
  • save keyboard strokes
  • Setting limited words

SPY24 gives point-by-point data about your kids’ online activity and their whereabouts. The device locking feature guarantees more powerful control over your kid remotely, permitting you to lock the phone and anticipate an information leak in case a device is lost or stolen.

What is SPY24?

Ideally, Spy24 is an all-in-one solution to stalk any Android or iOS device remotely. It gives all the fundamental as well as progressed device tracking features for standard and rooted/jailbroken versions. Using the Spy24 app, you’ll track your partner, kids, workers, companions, or nearly anybody else you need remotely.

What is SPY24?
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 26

 Spy24 Survey: Key Features

Let’s proceed with our Spy24 review by looking at a few of the imperative things that simply can track utilizing the spying tool. Whereas Spy24 can get tons of data from any device, these are a few of its major offerings.

 Spy24 Survey: Key Features
SPY24 install

1. Location-based Features

The most noticeable feature of Spy24 is that it underpins real-time area tracking of the device. You’ll be able to do a Spy24 login to screen their live whereabouts and past location history. Location-based features are one of the vital elements of SPY24. There’s moreover an arrangement to set up geofences and get alarmed by their movements.

2. Calls and Contacts

No need to say, the Spy24 app can also allow you to get to their whole calls and contacts list. Other than that, you simply can moreover check their approaching and active call logs counting contacts and timestamps.

3. Messages Tracking

Just go to your Spy24 dashboard to check their sent or gotten messages. Message tracking will complete through conversational threads including their contact and timestamp details.

 4. Social Media Monitoring

Most parents are worried about the effects of social media on their children. So, social media monitoring is a key feature for them. Likewise, Spy24 too bolsters the following of all the major social media platforms. You’ll be able to head to the Spy24 sign-in to screen subtle elements from apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

5. Access Saved Media

You can moreover go to the Spy24 dashboard to access saved media from your device like photographs and recordings. Separated from seeing their photographs, you’ll moreover download them to your system.

 6. Inbuilt Keylogger

If you need them, you’ll be able to empower an inbuilt keylogger on the Spy24 app. This will let you get to their account passwords, erased messages, and each other keystroke written on the device.

 7. Browsing History

Spy24 will let you get to their detailed browsing history – the websites they have gone by with timestamps. You’ll be able to check what they look for on the internet and how much time they went through browsing it.

 8. Customer Service

Spy24 provides live customer service through chat on its site which you’ll get to resolve your problems. If you need it, you’ll be able to compose them a mail, but there’s no arrangement to call their customer agent presently.

SPY24 app cost

SPY24 app cost depends on your membership plan. There are three membership levels accessible for Android. The first is the basic package, which begins at /month/ and incorporates only the most essential tracking features. You wouldn’t be able to follow any social media application, for example. With the basic package, you’ll only screen one device.

 The Premium plan, on the other hand, permits you to keep track of everything. The Premium package moreover only permits you to screen one device per account and costs /per month. There’s too the Family plan, which can set you back /a month. The Family plan, as the title infers, permits you to manage three devices per account.

SPY24 app cost
SPY24 install free

There are three plans for iOS: Family, Premium, and business. The Family plan, which is accessible for 5 devices per account and costs /per month is the foremost reasonable alternative. The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month for one device, whereas the Business plan costs $399.99 per month for 25 devices.

SPY24 app Pros Cons

Before you obtain an active Spy24 membership, make sure that you simply check the following pros and cons of the app.


  • Spy24 is completely consistent with all the driving Android and iOS devices.
  • It incorporates a few progressed features like a call recorder, geofencing, keylogger, etc.
  • You can get tons of analytics regarding the device’s general activities.


  • Tracking different devices with the Spy24 app can be costly.
  • It can be very complicated to install and set up Spy24 on the target device.
  • To access most of its progressed features, you may need root/jailbreak access.
  • There is no Spy24 free trial accessible, and you’ll only get to its demo online.

Is Spy24 Detectable?

One of the most excellent things about the Spy24 app is that it isn’t detectable. After installing the application, you’ll be able simply to empower the “stealth mode” features of Spy24. This will let you track the targeted Android/iOS device without letting the owner know about it.

 Does Spy24 Require Root/Jailbreak Access?

To screen the fundamental details of the targeted device like call logs, texts, browsing history, and so on, root/jailbreak get to isn’t required. Although if you need to get to its progressed features (like call recording or surrounding tuning in), at that point earlier root/jailbreak authorization is required.

How to set up SPY24 app on any device

Ideally, before you conduct Spy24 installation, you need to make sure that the targeted devices are rooted/jailbroken. In case not, you’ll only access some essential features of Spy24 instead.

Step 1: Get an Active Spy24 Account.

 Before you begin, ensure you’ve got an active Spy24 account. For this, you’ll be able to visit its site on any device and make your account. After merely, can press the “Buy now” button, choose a subscription, and finish your purchase.

How to set up SPY24 app on any device
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 27

How to set up SPY24 app on any device
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 28

How to set up SPY24 app on any device
Copy9 Review: Why This App Is Not for You in 2023 29

Step 2: Install the Spy24 App on the Targeted Device There are a handful of things that you have to beware of before accomplishing the Spy24 installation. For occasion, you’ve got to go to the security settings of the Android phone to empower app installation from unknown sources. Besides that, you can go to the security settings of the Play Store and disable its real-time Play Protect feature.

How to set up SPY24 app on any device
SPY24 install

After buying a Spy24 membership, you will be shared with a special link to download the app. Get the targeted device and go to the shared URL to download the Spy24 app.

 You can presently perform a straightforward click-through preparation to finish the Spy24 installation. Make sure you deliver the app all the important authorizations and give it the device authoritative access.

 Once the Spy24 app is installed, you’ll be able to connect it along with your account and even enact its stealth mode to run it secretly.

 Step 3: Start Following Their Device Activities with Spy24

That’s it! Once you’ve got completed the Spy24 installation, you’ll be able to begin following their device. Just perform Spy24 login on its web-based dashboard to go to your account. Here, you’ll be able to get to all sorts of following details, recorded beneath diverse classifications on the sidebar.

How to set up SPY24 app on any device
SPY24 install

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.


All in all, we discovered in our Copy9 reviews that the app may be a great checking solution. It not only has the fundamental features you’d need but moreover a few exceptionally progressed ones. The app works in stealth mode and is essentially undetectable.

There are a few drawbacks moreover, though. For occurrence, the app only has an Android adaptation. There’s no observing plan for iOS users. You might need to undertake to utilize SPY24 which has both Android and iOS versions. iOS users require not to install anything at all because it is a cloud-based resolution.

 Another concerning perspective is that you will have to root the phone to utilize social media observation. If you want to screen social media without rooting or jailbreaking, utilize SPY24. The app does not require any rooting or jailbreaking and is greatly simple to use.

 Copy9 sparkles with its one-of-a-kind features that incorporate distant powers to the target. It has voice recording too. Numerous of these are unmistakable tools that can demonstrate colossally useful.

So, you’re likely pondering if we think SPY24 could be a great alternative for you. As you’ll have taken note from our SPY24 review, this parental control app has a lot of extraordinary features.

Nevertheless, a few of the features were either broken or not working at all. In any case, in defense of SPY24, we’d like to add that the capacities that didn’t work for us might work for you, as spy app usefulness changes by the device.

We finished our Copy9 reviews and tried to leave no questions unanswered. Hope it helps you.


Will Copy9 be detectable on the target phone?

No, Copy9 works within the background and cannot be identified on the target phone.

Are there legitimate complications?

You must never utilize a spy app on somebody you don’t know or in case it is for excitement. This can be certainly illicit. These apps can be utilized by distressed parents whose children might not share their problems

Would you need physical access to the target phone?

You will be required physically get to the target for the first time after you install the app. In any case, after that, everything is done remotely. You do not require to get to the target phone to get to it later.

Can I Utilize SPY24 to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?

Yes – SPY24 bolsters the tracking of WhatsApp messages, VoIP calls, and other app-related information. It can moreover track other prevalent social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

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