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FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy

In this article about SPY24, we reviewed similar applications with similar applications to SPY24. We tried the Fonemonitor and did a complete investigation into this connection. This review has been prepared without any prejudice and favoritism and we tried to share the reality with you one by one. In this article, you can read the following topics, and if you have any experience or opinion in this connection, share it with us below this post.

Website: https://fonemonitor.co/
Domain Age:2019-11-28
FoneMonitor Reviews

What is a Fonmonitor? Full review of Fonmonitor and full Reviews of customers and users about it.

What is a FoneMonitor? Does this software really work? In SPY24, we will have a detailed review of this software and we will discuss all the experiences of other users of Fonemonitor, which is one of the trends in the field of hacking, security, and tracking.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Fonemonitor. After all, if you’re searching for a Fonemonitor app review, there’s no shortage of coverage. But with features changing from one review to another, things tend to be confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together an up-to-date review for our readers. If you’re wondering what Fonemonitor is good for and you’re looking to make an informed decision, this review is definitely your best bet.

But before you keep reading this review, note that the Fonemonitor app doesn’t work anymore. So, you won’t be able to install it on anyone’s cell phone.

FoneMonitor 2023 Reviews
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 9

What is a FoneMonitor? Does this software really work? 

In Spy 24, we will have a detailed review of this software and we will discuss all the experiences of other users of Fonemonitor, which is one of the trends in the field of hacking, security, and tracking.

FonMonitor is a professional program for tracking and monitoring your spouse’s Android smart device, published by this company. This software allows its users to see the exact location of their spouse at any moment and share anything such as text messages, smartphone histories, calls, etc. with you. 

FoneMonitor is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent infidelity among couples; Nothing is far from your reach and you will have full access to everything on your partner’s device. Many times it also happens that every person deletes messages and calls to prevent his wife from knowing, but it is better to know that this application works much faster than you think and before deleting The information will send you a copy of it. In addition to one-way monitoring, mutual monitoring is also included in the list of features of Fonemonitor, which allows you to use two-way monitoring according to your needs!

Does FoneMonitor still work?

The SPY24 team, considering its field of activity, which deals with hacking and security, as well as providing products such as tracking and eavesdropping, and spying on children, spouses, girlfriends with the latest hacking and security methods, tries to review and analyze similar applications as well.

According to the investigations we did, FoneMonitor is still operating and serving customers. Below we review its features and how it works.

Fonemonitor is sometimes targeted by many users as a non-functional application with software problems such as touching the phone.

Does FoneMonitor still work?
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 10

In the first step, we went to the main manufacturer of FoneMonitor, but unfortunately, there were no details of the manufacturer either on the site or on social networks.

You will not find a lot of information about this software and its creators and operators by checking the domain or whois

So before you start spending money on your spouse and child tracker application, hold back.

Because you might regret your purchase.

FoneMonitor Review

We at SPY24 searched in the two biggest markets in the world, including Google Play and App Store, but unfortunately, we did not find the official FoneMonitor application.

Then we went to feedback and review sites to find more information on this connection.

First, we went to the reliable website https://www.reviews.io where, for example, you can see comments related to SPY24. But unfortunately, we did not find anything in this source.

We could only find content from this app on one or two websites that didn’t have any real comments.

In the following, we visited websites such as Earth Web and we provide quotes below for you.

The website has been down for some time, and we have no idea if this has anything to do with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, this indicates that you are unable to sign up for FoneMonitor.

Before downloading and installing any of these programs, you should read a Fonemonitor review as the app is no longer functional.

FoneMonitor has been one of the average monitoring surveillance apps available, and it works with both iOS and Android devices.

It works on both Android and iOS, so you can keep tabs on your messages from any device.

It monitors your Fb, Insta, Tumblr, and Whatsapp use, among other social media accounts, as well as your device’s location, text messages, call logs, and web history.

Therefore, it is both a slightly useful app for monitoring phones and a helpful parental control feature.

Pornographic material, gaming habits, harassment, and other online dangers are avoided, which is especially important for young people.

FoneMonitor is also utilized in the office to keep tabs on a specific staff device in real-time, benefiting both the business and the individual in question.”

We tried to be fair in this article and also mention the features of the FoneMonitor.

Some features and functions of the Fonemonitor program in the Android version:

  • Location Access
  • Access to call history and types of calls made and received
  • View 160 characters of any text message on your spouse’s device as you wish
  • Finding your spouse’s location in 30 and 15-minute intervals
  • Share information in real-time
  • Access statistics and view your partner’s Facebook posts
  • Send a copy of the information at high speed before it is deleted by your spouse
  • Intelligent mutual monitoring system if you agree with the rules!

Fonemonitor application offers the following prices for users according to its ability and application.

Some features and functions of the Fonemonitor program in the Android version:
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 11

Android Basic




Android Premium




Android Family




iOS Premium



$129.99/year Family




iOS Business




Steps for Cell Phone Monitoring

Sign Up Free

Signup for a FoneMonitor accounts for free.


Follow the instructions on the screen.

Start Monitoring

View all private phone data on your screen.

Steps for Cell Phone Monitoring
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 12

What are the features of FoneMonitor application?

Well, we first went to their main website and checked the features of this application.

We read the texts of their official website together:

  With this service, you can track incoming and outgoing messages, plus see the name of the person you’re texting with. Reading their text messages is relatively easy with the Fonemonitor app.

What are the features of FoneMonitor application?
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 13

Track their GPS location. If you’re looking for Fonemonitor reviews that cover GPS location tracking, we won’t let you down. With the built-in tracking tool, you can see their current location on a map, plus historical data showing their most visited locations and the routes they took to get there. This feature, of course, is limited and determined solely based on the access that the program is given by the target person.

Spy on their phone calls. Some Fonemonitor app reviews wrongly or falsely claim that you can listen to other people’s calls. While this is not the case, the call history feature is useful. With a tap or two, you can view detailed call logs that display the most contacts.

Check their email. Do you not know what they are saying in their Gmail or Outlook accounts? With Fonemonitor, you know. This includes incoming and outgoing emails, plus details such as the date and time, subject, and content of each email.

Accessing WhatsApp If they use popular instant messaging apps, you’re in luck. Because once you know how to download Fonemonitor app for Android, you’ll be well on your way to reading their WhatsApp messages. You can even view the files they have shared through WhatsApp.

Take a look at their photo album. Do they save inappropriate photos on their phone? The free download option of the Fonemonitor app may not show you exactly what’s on your phone, but you will be purchasing the full version. And you can view videos stored on their device just as easily.

See their documentation. If you want to go beyond the photos and videos on your phone. The Fonemonitor app has you covered. The parental control app allows you to easily view photos and videos, as well as documents stored on your phone.

View their browser history. Kids are doing so many things in one app, it’s almost easy to forget that people are still surfing the internet. But they do, even with the likes of Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google ready to provide search information out of the box. With Fonemonitor, you can find out what they’ve been searching for the old-fashioned way. And you can do this in multiple browsers, just in case they use a bunch of different browsers.

View their contact list. If you have good reason to worry about who you’re talking to, download Fonemonitor’s free trial and take a look at the contacts feature. With just a few taps, you can find out who is close to them in your world. You can also download the contact list from the target phone for easy offline access.

Track and block apps installed on your phone. This doesn’t need much explanation, but you came to read a Fonemonitor review, so we’ll tell you about it anyway. See? We’re accurate With Fonemonitor, you can check what apps are installed on your child’s device. You can also track the usage of each app and block apps you don’t want your kids to use.

FoneMonitor supports almost all protocols and operating systems of Android and IOS (of course, experimentally).

Also, in the features of FoneMonitor, you can also spy on other applications such as Snapchat and Instagram.

In the next step, we will go to what users say about FoneMonitor.

To monitor a mobile phone, the device must have the FoneMonitor app installed. So, basically, you can’t spy on a cell phone without someone’s consent. Although it is true that the application icon can be hidden.

It is also necessary that the person who wants to control another person’s mobile has an account in the web tool. By logging into the website with the said account, you can access the information provided. Of course, it should be kept in mind that spying on someone else’s cell phone is illegal if they don’t have permission. Therefore, it will be a tool for specific situations.

FoneMonitor, monitor the activity of any Android mobile

Download and create an account on FoneMonitor

If you want to both create an account on FoneMonitor and download the app, you can do so through its official website.

Also, Fonemonitor only offers you a demo version, where you can see its features and user panel.

Pros and cons of FoneMonitor application

We at SPY24 reviewed this application and examined its strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths :

  • Easy to use for customers
  • Android and iOS versions
  • Software features for Snapchat as well as Instagram and WhatsApp

weak points :

  • Slowing down the mobile system due to the use of this application
  • The price is very high and expensive
  • Failure to include other features in Android versions
  • Not available in reputable markets such as Google Play Store
  • Not having suitable versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Not having enough information from the manufacturer after the checks that were done on the domain.
  • The existence of some old and malicious codes that were seen in the source of the application after decompiling the program.

Comparison of Phone monitor and SPY24

Comparison of applications:

Both applications are designed to control and track and spy on children, friends, spouses, girlfriends, and boyfriends. Both applications have different features such as controlling and monitoring social networks.

Comparison of supported operating systems:

SPY24 supports various operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Android, and iOS. And you can manage this software from the web and mobile dashboards.

In FoneMonitor, you can only work on platforms such as Android and iOS.

Comparison of Phone monitor and SPY24
FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 14

Comparison of features:


  • Access to location
  • Access to the contact list
  • Reading sent and received texts
  • View incoming and outgoing calls
  • Viewing the history of browsers


  • Control of sent and received SMS
  • Control and tracking of all social networks
  • Real-time tracking and location
  • Remote storage of mobile data: installed applications
  • Control of multimedia files
  • Call recording Ambient sound recording
  • Internet access control
  • Full call control and reporting
  • WhatsApp control and tracking
  • Telegram control and tracking
  • Completely hidden installation in the device
  • Instagram control and tracking
  • Cheap packages and different payment options for more convenience.

Comparison of security and popularity and recorded comments:

FoneMonitor Reviews 2023: Read This Before You Buy 15

By comparing both of these applications, you can see that SPY24 is very popular among users, and its powerful support team answers questions.

In comparison, Fonemonitor does not have much feedback and only a few limited websites have mentioned this company, which is mostly a reportage of advertisements.

Compare prices:

In terms of price, the use of the FoneMonitor is very expensive. Instead, SPY24 has cheap prices and many packages, and more features.

Software demo and test:

In SPY24, you can experience many features for free from 48 hours to one month.

No free features are offered in FoneMonitor and you can only be directed to a graphical framework called a demo.

Conclusion :

By comparing SPY24 and FoneMonitor applications, you can conclude which of these two can meet your needs. SPY24, taking into account the precise and user-friendly features, as well as the use of very professional features, meets all your needs for a phone tracker program for children, friends, and spouses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best phone tracker and monitor apps for Wife and children?

At SPY24, we tried to answer your question by fully comparing the features and characteristics of the SPY24 application and similar applications such as Fonemonitor.

Do phone tracking applications and listening to WhatsApp conversations really exist and work?

Yes, these applications like SPY24 and Fonemonitor are real and with them, you can track your child’s phone or friends and relatives.

Are tracker apps safe?

Before buying and using these applications such as FoneMonitor, be sure to read the contents published on SPY24 and then decide to buy.

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