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How to Get Google Earth Pro Download for Free?

The mapping software application Google Earth Pro is without a doubt one of the best that is available for your computer. You will now be able to explore our planet in 3-D models, historical landmarks, and satellite images right at your fingertips. And you will now have access toss Google Earth Pro for free. 

Google Earth Pro offers features like high-resolution printing, the ability to measure areas and distances, and the ability to view and edit geographic data. It also includes 3D imagery from the Google Earth satellite and a wide variety of layers containing data from places around the world. This makes it an ideal tool for exploring our planet and understanding the world in a new way. With this powerful tool, you can now get a closer look and explore the world in ways that were not possible before.

We’ll be showing you how to download and get started with Google Earth Pro free of charge in this blog post so that you can see how easy it is to use and how you can use it to its fullest potential in no time. Step-by-step instructions will prepare you for setting up and using this amazing tool so that you can benefit the most from it in the quickest amount of time. 

How to Get Google Earth Pro for Free?

There has been no doubt that Google Earth Pro has been a powerful tool to explore our world for the past twelve years. From tracking hiking trails to zooming in on street view, Google Earth Pro has it all. But did you know that, as of now, you can also get Google Earth Pro for free? 

What Features Does Google Earth Pro Offer?

Google Earth Pro offers features that are not available in the regular version of Google Earth, such as the ability to measure area and distance in multiple units, create high-resolution images and videos, and access additional geographic data layers. In an effort to make the powerful features of Google Earth Pro available to everyone, Google has decided to make it available for free. Now, with Google Earth Pro, you can measure area, distance, and more – all without any cost! Keep reading to find out more!

What is Google Earth Pro?

With Google Earth Pro, you can access satellite imagery, aerial photographs, topographic maps, and other types of information using a desktop application. It is extremely useful for businesses, researchers, and even the average user who is interested in learning more about their environment or exploring new places for the first time. 

The application is incredibly powerful, allowing users to zoom in on any area of the world and view detailed images, such as road maps and 3D terrain models. It also provides information about businesses and other points of interest in the area. Furthermore, users can measure distances, draw paths, and even create 3D models of buildings. This application not only provides users with incredible visuals, but it also arms them with the tools to analyze and manipulate the images, enabling them to make calculations, draw paths, and create 3D models with ease.

How Do I Get Google Earth Pro for Free?

For Google Earth Pro, you only need to visit the official Google Earth website and click “Download Now Earth Versions – Google Earth”. Following that, you will be prompted to enter your email address and other information to create a free account on the Google Earth website and you will just need to click “Get Google Earth Pro”. 

The free account will give you access to all the features of Google Earth Pro and you can download the software directly from the website. The download should only take a few minutes and then you will be ready to start exploring the world with Google Earth Pro. After entering your email address and other information, you will be directed to a page where you can download Google Earth Pro. The download is usually quick and easy, and once it is installed, you will be able to use all the features of Google Earth Pro to explore the world. After the download has been completed, you can immediately begin to experience all the features of Google Earth Pro and explore our planet to the fullest.

The moment you create or verify your account, you will receive a link with instructions on how to download the software. Once the software is downloaded, you will be able to begin exploring the world with your new account! The instructions will be easy to follow and provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the software. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to start using the features of the software and exploring the world with your new account.

What Features Does Google Earth Pro Offer?

Among the powerful features of Google Earth Pro are some that can’t be found in the standard version of the application. From real-time weather data to high-resolution printing, Google Earth Pro offers an array of advanced capabilities that can help users get the most out of their experience.

The program has a variety of advanced measurement tools (including measuring distances and areas), the ability to record HD video tours of locations around the world, the ability to print high-resolution images of maps, and the ability to import data from spreadsheets (great if you need detailed info about an area). There is also a large number of businesses that utilize this version of this software since it offers enhanced map-making capabilities (including 3D buildings) as well as the ability to create 3D maps. 

This version of the software has been carefully designed to offer the most advanced features for businesses that rely on mapping capabilities. It is also easy to use and set up, allowing businesses to quickly create 3D maps and accurate 3D buildings. It offers great customization capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor 3D maps and buildings to their specific needs. 

It also has advanced analytics and reporting features, which allow businesses to gain deeper insights into their data and make informed decisions. Furthermore, its scalability allows businesses to quickly adjust to changing needs and create maps to fit any size project.

How To Get Google Earth Pro For Free Without Credit Card

You will have to pay right away if you plan to use Google Earth Pro on your mobile device as there is no free trial version of the app. There is no free trial available with Google Earth Pro if you plan to use it on your mobile device.

The Google Earth Pro software cannot be used on a mobile device, but you may be able to get a refund if you contact Google three working days in advance of the upgrade date to cancel. Google will now ask you to accept Google Earth’s privacy policy and let you know that the most recent version of Earth Pro is being downloaded. You will be prompted to agree to this policy.

There is good news, however, because using these instructions to download Google Earth Pro will enable you to take a look at the geographical features and cities of every nation on earth in a quick and simple manner.

It is well worth your time to download Google Earth Pro for free if you want to learn more about Google Earth than the basic features that are part of the browser version or discover how to use Google Earth more effectively. You can find out more about the free trial by visiting the Google Maps documentation.

Upon expiration of this free trial, you will continue to receive up to 28k mapping requests per month and 40k direction calls per month. There is now a free upgrade to Google’s Pro version available to everyone. Businesses and consumers will continue to pay for Google’s updated Terrain Maps and location-based services, which will remain available for free for now.

A revised help document has just been published for the GPS Visualizers Map Form. Once again, the details for each option are now described according to the parameters that can be found on Google Maps or Garmin/Google Earth as well.

You now have the option to specify a custom template for both the point name and the point description when you use GPS Visualizers. Since Waypoints work with Google Maps or Google Earth (preferably Google Earth), you can specify a custom template for both parts of the point description, but not the point name.

Garmin/Google Earth and Google Maps have different names and labels, which behave differently than the default ones. And so it is highly recommended that you use the Label colors option as soon as possible.

The Earth Pro maps offer to zoom-in/zoom-out features similar to the ones on Google Maps (which you can always toggle to by using any of the Earth Pro tools). With the help of GPS devices and specialized tools, RockWare was able to create data maps that represented rocks in a 3-D visual manner, which were then imported into Google Earth Pro, for a more intuitive, 3-D view.

A toxic spill can leak into a water table, and RockWare allows you to simulate the spread and rate of contamination through animations if the spill leaks into the water.

As a result of some API changes announced in 2017 within Google Maps, users might find that some of the features are no longer available in the free version of Google Earth. Super-image overlays, which are larger than the maximum texture size, but cannot be used with Google Earth free, will be available in Google Earth Pro.


How do I download Google Earth Pro Online for Free?

A. You can download Google Earth Pro Online Free from the official website. Simply click the “Download” button on the website and follow the instructions to install the software on your computer. Once downloaded, you can start exploring the world from the comfort of your own home or office.

In order to download Google Earth Pro Online Free, do I need to pay anything?

A. No, you don’t need to pay anything to download Google Earth Pro Online Free. Google Earth Pro Online Free is a free version of the Google Earth Pro software that is available for free download. It does not require any payment or subscriptions in order to use it.

Do you support Mac or Linux operating systems with Google Earth Pro Online Free?

A. Yes, Google Earth Pro Online Free is compatible both with Windows and Mac operating systems. Google Earth Pro Online Free is designed to work with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so you can use it regardless of which system you have.

Does Google Earth Pro Online Free offer high-security standards?

A. Yes, Google Earth Pro Online Free is built to the highest level of security and is regularly updated to ensure that it provides the best possible protection. Google Earth Pro Online Free utilizes the latest encryption technologies, layered authentication systems, and threat detection algorithms to protect user data from unauthorized access. It also monitors for any suspicious activity and will alert users if any potential issues arise.

What can I do with Google Earth Pro Online Free?

A. Google Earth Pro Online Free will let you take a perspective of the world from different angles and view satellite imagery. The software will also allow you to measure distances and angles as well as make 3D animations and models. You can also use the software to view historical images of a given location, create maps, and export your images in a variety of formats. Google Earth Pro Online Free also offers tools for creating videos, creating tours, and sharing your maps with other users. Furthermore, you can even use the software to explore the night sky, research global land cover and population data, and gain access to high-resolution printing.

Install & uninstall Google Earth Pro


Thanks for reading our article on how to get a free Google Earth Pro download. We discussed the various ways to get the download and the advantages of having it, including access to high-resolution imagery, 3D mapping, and more.

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest tutorials and tips, visit our blog posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments about the article, please let us know in the comments section – we’ll be more than happy to help out.

Happy downloading!

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