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Aispyer is a highly-rated spy app that can be used to track SMS, call logs, location, and more. It’s perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids or for business owners who need to track company devices. With Aispyer, you can rest assured that your device is always safe and secure. Try it today and see the difference!

parents and employers can use the Ai Phone Tracker. Here you can see all of Aispyer’s monitoring and tracking apps, such as the Android phone tracker app, the iPhone tracker app, the iPad tracker app, and the computer monitoring app. On this page, you can find out more about Aispyer. Security, both online and offline, is a big worry for everyone these days. Whether they are parents of young or small children or bosses of companies with many employees who need to keep an eye on what their workers do online. All of these and more are taken care of by the Aispyer app.

It is a complete android phone tracker app that gives you easy access to and control over the device’s location, usage, emails, social media, app installation movements, etc. So, in our digitally dominated world, where unethical and illegal activities like pornography, child abuse, kidnappings, phone heists, account hacking, etc. are on the rise, the aispyer is a must-have.

  • Introduce the Aispyer spy app and its features
  • Describe how the app can be used to monitor someone’s activity
  • Explain how the app can be helpful in catching a cheating spouse or partner
  • 4.Share some of the positive reviews about the Aispyer spy app
  • Offer a discount code for readers who want to try out the app for themselves

Aispyer is one of the most powerful and popular spy apps available today. This app makes it easy for users to monitor someone’s activity and catch a cheating spouse or partner, whether they are on social media, text messages, phone calls, or browsing history. The app has been praised by many users for its intuitive design and reliable performance, and it comes with a number of useful features such as real-time location tracking, call recording, and remote camera control. And right now, readers can take advantage of our special discount code to try out the Aispyer spy app for themselves at a reduced rate! So why wait? Start monitoring your loved ones today and discover what they’re really up to!

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Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers

Track a cell phone number. Location. Social Media.

  • Messengers.

Aispyer is the best Android tracking app because it is safe, reliable, and easy to use. The iOS version will also be out soon. It was made by the Aispyer Studio in May 2019, and everyone needs it these days, whether they want to keep it quiet or not. Reports say that, on average, kids use their phones for about 3 to 4 hours a day. With more and more ways to play games, do schoolwork, learn, and have fun, smartphones have become the new way for kids of all ages to pass the time. So, whether toddlers are listening to nursery rhymes or young kids are playing 3-D games on social media, there is always a chance that they will meet bad people. One of these was the well-known Blue Whale game app, software, etc.

Aispyer is useful for getting out of all these sticky situations. It is the best app for tracking a phone that doesn’t need permission. So, once it’s set up, it’s easy for parents to keep track of where their kids are and what they’re doing online. The same app can also be used by employers who want to keep an eye on their employees’ online activities and whereabouts to make sure that work hours and salaries are being used properly. The app keeps track of Facebook, WhatsApp, messages, third-party apps, location, and other things to give the viewer a full picture of the device being watched.

With the Aispyer app, there are no problems with data theft. Even though it’s a phone tracker app, it gives users three options to make sure their data is completely safe. It gives the user the option to stop tracking the target phone, start tracking again after a certain amount of time has passed, or delete all of the information at any time. Online, you can find several free phone tracker apps. But viewers have trouble getting to them and using them. Aispyer is an android phone tracker app with very clear instructions on how to use it and how to get to it. The website for the app makes it clear how to install it and how to use it.

Aispyer is useful and works well as a phone tracker app, but it does so quietly. Once the installation is done, Aispyer stays hidden on the user’s phone without worrying about being found. The app makes it easy for the user to keep track of all the information they want.

Compared to other free phone numbers and mobile trackers, Aispyer uses very little power and battery on the target phone. It helps the app that tracks your phone stay hidden. Even if the phone is lost or stolen, the GPS phone tracker in the Aispyer app makes sure that the phone can be found without the thief knowing.

How does the best app for tracking your phone work?

A good app is always simple to set up and use. Here are the steps you need to take to install the best phone tracker app: The user must go to the Aispyer website and make an account by entering their email address and making a password. There is a link to the download page and instructions on how to set it up. The user has to go to the target device at least once and install the app there. Remember that Google Play Protect should be turned off on the phone that you want to hack. Then, open your web browser in private mode and go to www.tracks.in to get the app. After the download is done, install the app. Once that is done, the user can log in to their account at any time and see all the tracked data.

How does the best app for tracking your phone work?

For Parents and Employers, Ai Phone Tracker

SecureEasyNot InconvenientPower Saving

  • Aispyer for Android

You can secretly and remotely track your child’s Android device to see where they are and what they are doing.

  • Aispyer for iOS

Without jailbreaking, you can look at your child’s iPhone or iPad’s data files and social chat history on your computer.

  • The iPhone app Aispyer (Jailbreak required )

Real-time monitoring of 30+ files on your child’s iPhone.

  • Whatsapp Ex Aispyer

It’s easy to see the data with WhatsApp backup from the phone, local backup, or Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

  • Breaker Aispyer Phone

Apple iCloud can be used to break into encrypted backups, get and look at backups, and synchronized data, and passwords.

  • For IM, Aispyer

Recover Your IM Password

Instantly extract account passwords from various instant messengers. Like AOL, ICQ, MSN, and so on…

  • The iCloud Aispyer (Without Client)

There’s no need to install a client; just crack the iCloud account to keep an eye on an iPhone.

Why Pick Us?

How do you choose the best mobile tracking tool or computer monitoring solution? You should think about four important things: whether the tool is safe enough to protect your information, whether the tool is easy to install, whether the tool can’t be found, and whether the target device uses too much power after the tool is installed. All of the tracker apps we offer are safe, easy to use, don’t get in the way, and save power. You can trust us completely.

  • Secure

Aispyer has three ways to keep your information safe. You can stop monitoring at any time, start it back up after a certain amount of time, or delete all the data. Everything is in your hands.

  • Easy

The installation process for Aispyer is clearer and easier than that of similar software on the market, which is often hard to understand. You only need one minute to finish the installation.

  • Unobtrusive

Once the installation is done, Aispyer will be hidden on its own. You don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the information you want.

  • Save electricity

Thanks to Aispyer’s powerful and unique technology, the target phone’s power usage is lower when Aispyer is installed than when other products are used. This makes the tracking process almost impossible to spot.

  1. Know what’s going on at all times.
  2. Find Your Phone and Protect Your Phone
  3. Find your lost phone. Find out where your phone is and keep it from getting stolen.

Know Children and Keep Them Safe

Want to keep your child safe from harm? Know where they are and keep them from seeing inappropriate things on the internet.

Watch the employees

You can keep an eye on your employees by seeing where they are and what they are doing.

Tracker for WhatsApp

Learn more about the WhatsApp spy apk before you choose a WhatsApp tracking app. Here are the best free and paid apps for tracking WhatsApp, which make it easy to track WhatsApp.

  1. Before you use Whazzak WhatsApp Hacker, there are three things you need to know.
  2. The best replacement for SocialSpy WhatsApp Tracker
  3. Is there a way to track WhatsApp online?
  4. Most Useful Free WhatsApp Tracker in 2021

Top 3 Ways To Hack Whatsapp Online With Just Phone Number

  • Snapchat Tracker

Here, you can learn more tips and tricks about how to track Snapchat. With a free or paid Snapchat tracker app, it’s easy to keep an eye on what your child is doing on Snapchat.

  1. How to choose the best app for Android and iPhone to track your family
  2. How to remotely hack into an Android phone from a computer
  3. How to track an Android phone from an iPhone without being seen
  4. Top 3 Best Free Tracking Apps for Android in 2020 (100 percent free)
  5. Top 5 spy apps for Android that are safe and don’t get in the way 2020

Track and Find Phone Numbers

Would you like to know where your child is at all times? You can spy on a phone number with the help of a GPS tracker app. Find out more about how to use the number tracking app and the Locator app here.

App for tracking an Android phone

What’s the best app to track an Android phone? Many free and paid apps let you track an Android phone. Find out more about it here, and then you can look for an Android app to track your phone.

  1. Best tools for Android to track your location in real-time
  2. How to Find Out Where a Phone Is
  3. How to Find Out Where a Phone Number Is Freely and Online
  4. Top 15 tracking apps for 2020
  5. Regarding Aispyer

The best mobile monitoring solution in the world.

Aispyer is a simple and useful way to keep an eye on your kids’ mobile devices. It helps keep them safe from danger, both online and in real life.

  • Easy way to keep track of mobile phones

Aispyer is a lightweight remote monitoring solution for mobile users that helps people solve the most important problems in the best way.

Aispyer will be able to keep track of more than just mobile phones. This includes devices that can be used in cars, other electronic devices, and even home appliances.

The Team Aispyer

  1. Technical reserves for more than 10 years
  2. Technology in this field for more than 10 years
  3. Technical reserves for more than 10 years
  4. In-depth knowledge of what users want
  5. Technical reserves for more than 10 years
  6. Creating things that people want
  7. The best way to spy on a cell phone in the world

More than 10 million people from more than 200 countries around the world use Aispyer. With its small size and powerful features, Aispyer makes people’s daily lives easier in a lot of ways.

A reliable and light mobile app for monitoring. What does Aispyer mean?

Aispyer is a monitoring app for mobile phones that doesn’t take up much space. This app can help you keep track of phone numbers, call logs, browsing history, GPS location, Facebook activities, Messengers, and WhatsApp contacts.

When compared to other monitoring apps, Aispyer stands out because it is small and doesn’t get in the way. It doesn’t use up too much of the phone’s power, so it can be hidden on the target device.

How do you use Aispyer?

You’ll need to sign up for an account on Aispyer before you can use it. After that, you can install the app on the device you want to track and then get the information you need.

Aispyer keeps track of the data and updates it every hour, so you can see what’s going on with the target device in real-time.

Please keep in mind that GPS location tracking requires the GPS to be open on the target device. If the GPS isn’t open on the target device, the GPS location won’t be updated.

What Happens After I Buy Something?

Once you’ve paid, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up. The email has the link to your dashboard and the information you need to log in. Then you can sign in to Aispyer and see full instructions for this app and how to install it on the target device.

Can I use the same account to track more than one device?

You can’t do that. With one account, you can only track one device.
If you want to track more devices, you need to make the same number of accounts.

Can I keep track of more than one device with the same license?

You can’t do that. Since there is only one registration code for each license, you can only use it to turn on one device at a time.
You need to buy the same number of licenses as the number of devices you want to track.

Can I freely change the devices that are being watched?

Yes, you can change the devices depending on what you want to do. Before adding a new device, you need to unbind the old one. The new target device should be the same system as your plan shows.

Can I use my iPhone to keep an eye on my Android phone?

Yes, you can. You can put Aispyer on an Android device and then watch it from your iPhone without anyone knowing.

Can I remotely set up Aispyer for Android?

You can’t do that. To put this tracking app on an Android device, you only need to have access to it once.

Do I have to reinstall Aispyer if I change the device I want to spy on?

Yes, you do. Please unbind the previous device and reinstall Aispyer for Android on the new device before adding a new one. If the target device is changed to iOS, you can track it with Aispyer for iPhone or Aispyer for iPad.

Is Aispyer completely out of sight?

Aispyer works in an invisible mode. When the app is put on the target device, all of its information will be kept secret.
Because it is small and has advanced power-saving technology, Aispyer doesn’t waste any power and doesn’t stand out.

The Safest and Most Reliable Android Mobile Phone Tracker

Aispyer is a safe and reliable mobile phone tracker that can track GPS location, contacts, SMS, browsing history, social media activity, and more.

The Safest and Most Reliable Android Mobile Phone Tracker
  1. Aispyer for Android
  2. The most dependable Android app to keep your child safe
  3. Track more than 30 files, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, SMS, Calls, and more.
  4. No one else knows that it is hidden at all.
  5. Simple to set up and use.
  6. No need to dig.
  7. The Lite version of the monitor has flexible ordering options.
  8. Keep track of the data you need and want.
  9. Phone Number Tracker

All incoming and outgoing calls can be kept track of and viewed, along with their contact information, date, time, and length.

You can keep track of all sent and received text messages, as well as iMessages, media attachments, history, etc.

This mobile phone tracker lets you look at your browsing history, bookmarks, URLs you’ve been to, and dates.

This app on a mobile phone tracks GPS location, current location, and the date and time that a place was visited.

Keep an eye on all of your Facebook messages, activities, group chats, Messenger history, and the date and time of every message you send or receive.

This mobile phone tracker keeps an eye on all WhatsApp messages, chat history, and attachments.

It’s easy to keep track of your contacts, phone numbers, profile photos, and email addresses. Even if you deleted the contact, you can still find it with just one click.

Track app installation time, app condition, app icon, etc. You can use keywords to search the app and use the Turn On/Off button to control the app.

Photos can be tracked with thumbnails that are sorted by date, and you can search for photos by date.

Check your inbox and outbox, as well as the email’s title and body. Everything will be carefully kept track of.

  • Calendar Tracker

Check the date, title, description, starting time, and location of the document. Allow searching by date and by keywords.

Track what you type in the app title and copy it to the clipboard. Make it possible to search by date.

You can keep track of screenshots, content sent and received, and notifications from the notification center.

With one click, you can keep track of your Instagram messages, pictures sent and received, and app alerts.

Track Skype chats, incoming and outgoing calls, the content of system notifications, and more.

From the notification center, you can keep track of line call details, sent and received message contents, and notifications.

Aispyer is a tracking app for Android phones that does everything. It lets you track more social apps, like WeChat, Viber, Kik, Tinder, QQ, Hangouts, Telegram, Messenger Lite, Facebook Lite, and Tumblr. It also can track clipboards.

  1. Start tracking a cell phone in 3 easy steps
  2. Sign up for an account on Aispyer
  3. Enter your email address and a password to create an account.
  4. Link up with a certain device
  5. Follow the steps in the Guide Video to download and install the app in no more than 5 minutes.
  6. See all of the tracked data.
  7. Sign in to your account to see all of the tracked information.

The safest and most useful iPhone tracker app that doesn’t require jailbreaking

It is the safest and most useful iPhone tracker app you can get without jailbreaking. Simple to set up and use. With it, you can keep track of almost every app on the iPhone you want to track.

  1. Aispyer for iOS (without jailbreak)
  2. The safest and most useful iPhone tracker app in the world that doesn’t require jailbreaking
  3. Track all of the data from every app on the iPhone being watched.
  4. Even files that have been erased can be watched.
  5. Easy to use, and you don’t need any technical knowledge.
  6. There’s no need to jailbreak.
  7. New Ways to Keep an Eye on an iPhone

Aispyer for iOS has more than 20 advanced iPhone monitoring features that let you keep track of almost everything your kids or employees do on their iPhones.

Why Use Aispyer for iOS to Track an iPhone?

Aispyer for iOS was made just for the iPhone, and it works great for monitoring an iPhone! Here are some of the things that make it great and unbeatable.

  • No Jailbreak Required

For all of Aispyer for iOS’s features, you don’t need to jailbreak your phone.

  • Lost information can be found.

You can track everything on the target iPhone, even things that have been deleted.

  • Automatically get iPhone data.

Once an iPhone is backed up with iTunes, the data on it can be automatically extracted.

  • Simple to set up and use

Because it is a PC-based app, it is easy for you to install and use.

  • Getting along well

Compatible with all iPhones running iOS versions 9.0 to 14. x.

  • Cost-effective

The price is competitive, the performance is stable, and there are more features for iPhone monitoring.

Why Use Aispyer for iOS to Track an iPhone?

The Best App to Keep an Eye on Kids and Employees’ iPhones

Aispyer for iPhone is the best way for kids and employees to keep an eye on their iPhones. Strong and simple to use.

  1. The iPhone app Aispyer (Jailbreak Required)
  2. The Best Software for Keeping an Eye on an iPhone
  3. Record all iPhone digital and audio communications.
  4. More ways to keep track of 9+ than any other product.
  5. Used to keep an eye on children and employees.
  6. You need to jailbreak.

Why should you pick Aispyer for your iPhone?

  1. The Best App to Keep an Eye on Kids and Employees’ iPhones
  2. Live iPhone calls can be recorded, intercepted, and listened to.
  3. Find out where your iPhones are using GPS
  4. You can keep an eye on Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and 9 more IMs.
  5. Turn on the phone’s mic and record what’s going on around it.
  6. Skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, and more can be recorded on an iPhone.
  7. Read text messages, emails, and photos
  8. Runs in hidden or visible mode
  9. Note: Need to jailbreak

The strong features to keep kids safe and keep track of employees

  • Listen To Surroundings

You can open your iPhone’s microphone from afar so you can listen to and record everything around you.

  • Real-time calls

You can listen to and record live iPhone calls as they happen for training, quality control, or even to save your conversations.

  • Find out where a GPS is

Find out where an iPhone is and playback its past movements. You can export paths so that you can use them in other apps like Google Maps.

  • Check out social apps.

Spy on over 11 popular social apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Tinder, and many more.

  • Spy on People

You can look at your iPhone’s contacts and calendar entries, giving you a full backup for later use.

  • Doings on the Internet

You can see your iPhone’s browsing history and bookmarks, including the URLs, dates, and times of visits. This gives you a full view of your browsing history.

  • Watch how an app is used

Find out what apps are installed, when they were installed, and other information. View a history of how the app was used, including when it was opened, closed, and uninstalled.

  • Remote Camera Capture

You can use your computer to trigger the iPhone camera to take a picture or video, which will then be sent to your web portal.

  • Look at media files.

Get all of the pictures that are already on the phone you want to use. Listen to every audio or voice memo.

  • iPhone Keylogger

Watch what is typed on the keyboard. Find search terms, notes, and other things.

  • Find Out About Strange Things

Set up alerts for calls to and from certain numbers, “hot words” in SMS chats or emails, or if location boundaries are crossed.

  • Tamper Controls

You can choose to be seen or to be completely undetectable. Protect your family from bad employees and make your family safer.

iPad monitoring software that is one of a kind

iPad monitoring software that is one of a kind

  1. Aispyer for iPad
  2. The whole package of monitoring software for the Apple iPad
  3. Keep an eye on call logs and what is said.
  4. Get updates on your location in real-time.
  5. Get full control of the iPad your child uses.
  6. You need to jailbreak.

The most powerful Windows software for keeping an eye on a computer

Aim for Windows is the best way to keep an eye on a Windows computer. It has powerful features that you can use to keep an eye on kids and employees. Onward!

  1. Try to get Windows
  2. The most powerful software for parents and employers to spy on computers
  3. It has more than 40 features that help you keep track of all computer use.
  4. Used to keep an eye on children and employees.
  5. It can be removed from afar.
  6. Run in hidden mode.

Why should I pick Simon for Windows?

The Best Tool to Keep an Eye on Kids and Employees on Windows

  1. Track the most popular instant messaging (IM) chats, like WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, etc.
  2. Watch the emails that are sent and received.
  3. Watch everything that happens in your browser.
  4. View Keylogs and keep track of everything you type.
  5. See moving files.
  6. Give away or sell your old software.
  7. Check the activity on the bandwidth.
  8. Keep track of what people are doing with USB drives and how they are logging in.
  9. It runs in hidden or visible mode.
  10. Powerful Features for Monitoring Windows
  11. Watch your IMs
  12. Every word can be kept an eye on
  13. Watch what people are saying in the most popular IM chats, even if they have been deleted.
  14. Check on the network’s activity
  15. Find out what and who is linked.
  16. Keep track of all the connections between computers that are made.
  17. Watch what people do online
  18. Keep track of your past visits and bookmarks
  19. Including the URL, date, and time of each visit makes the browsing history clear to everyone.
  20. Protect Your Information
  21. Watch everything that happens with and moves files.
  22. Tell you when a file was opened, who changed it, and where it was sent.
  23. Visible/Invisible Option

Choose the option to be seen

It’s up to you if you want it to be seen or not. There is no other software that gives you this much freedom.

  1. Easy-to-See Numbers
  2. Information is sent to your portal.

In your secure online portal, you can see everything that is happening on the target Mac.

  1. Help all Macs.
  2. All Macs can use it.

Since it works with all Mac systems, you can install it on any Mac computer.

  • Keylogger

Look at everything that has been typed.

Let you see everything typed, even if it is later erased. Find search terms, notes, and other things.

  1. Read your emails
  2. Track all emails sent and received

Track all emails that come in and go out, as well as the time they were sent and who sent them.

Best Mac software for keeping an eye on a computer

Aimon for Mac is the best way to keep an eye on a Mac computer. With this powerful computer tool, you can spy on any Mac computer.

Why should I pick Simon for Windows?
  • Skype for Mac

Aimon for Mac is the most powerful computer monitoring software for parents and employers in the world. It has more than 40 features that make it stand out.

Keep an eye on popular instant messages, emails, browser activity, and file transfers

  1. Keep track of every keystroke and look at Keylogs
  2. Support all Mac computers
  3. 100 percent hidden, easy to use
  4. Why would you want Simon for Mac?
  5. The best software for keeping an eye on a Mac
  6. Read popular IM chats and emails
  7. Track what a browser does
  8. Keep an eye on PCs and Macs
  9. Microsoft Outlook 365 Webmail is supported.
  10. Keep track of every keystroke and look at Keylogs
  11. See transfers of files
  12. Your old software can be traded in.
  13. Check the activity on the bandwidth
  14. Keep an eye on USB activity and user logins
  15. Works with all Mac versions.
  • Best WhatsApp Message Viewer

Aimon for Mac is the best way to keep an eye on a Mac computer. With this powerful computer tool, you can spy on any Mac computer.

  • WhatsApp Message Explorer

Get WhatsApp conversation histories from different places and look at them.

You can extract WhatsApp databases from Android phones with or without root access, download WhatsApp backups from Google Drive and iCloud Drive, or extract from local and cloud iOS system backups.

  1. Includes tools for iOS and Android to get and get rid of WhatsApp
  2. Supports regular WhatsApp on Android and iOS, as well as WhatsApp Business for Android.
  3. Extraction from physical devices, backups, and the cloud services of Google and Apple
  4. All of the important local and cloud acquisition tools are included in a single tool.

Supports WhatsApp databases and backups, Android devices with or without root, iOS system backups (both locally and in the cloud), and WhatsApp backups that aren’t part of WhatsApp (Google Drive, iCloud Drive)

The Best Tool for Getting on WhatsApp

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp (EXWA) is a Windows program that can get, decrypt, and show the history of WhatsApp messages. The tool gives you several ways to get WhatsApp data from local and cloud sources, like Android phones, iOS system backups (in iTunes and iCloud), and WhatsApp-specific cloud backups in Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

Both rooted and non-rooted Android phones can use the tool. Backups that are encrypted can be automatically decrypted if the right password is given. Apple iCloud and iCloud Drive require the user’s Apple ID and password or a binary authentication token taken from the user’s computer to download cloud backups. Google Drive downloads, on the other hand, require a login and a password. Both Apple accounts and Google accounts can use two-factor authentication.

The built-in viewer makes it easy to see messages, calls, and pictures that are stored in different WhatsApp databases. Instant filtering and lightning-fast searching make it possible to find interesting records in a matter of seconds.

  1. Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can get WhatsApp databases through all of the following methods:
  2. Extraction straight from Android phones
  3. Rooted devices (Android 4.0–9.0) and non-rooted devices (Android 4.0–6.0.1) can be used. To buy the phone, it must be unlocked.
  4. Over-the-air purchase of WhatsApp backups that are kept in Google Drive

The user’s Google Account can be used to access and decrypt WhatsApp backups. You need to have access to a phone number or SIM card that has been registered. You need a Google ID and password.

  • Extraction from local backups of iTunes

Backups that have been encrypted are automatically decrypted. To get into the backup, you need to know the right password.

  • Apple’s iCloud is where backups of iOS devices are kept.

The backups of iOS devices that are kept in Apple’s iCloud are automatically used to get WhatsApp databases. You can get WhatsApp information quickly if you only download what you need instead of getting the whole backup from the cloud. You need either your Apple ID and password or a binary authentication token.

  • Over-the-air purchase of WhatsApp backups that are kept in iCloud Drive

The user’s iCloud Drive account can be used to get and decrypt WhatsApp backups. You need to have access to a phone number or SIM card that has been registered. [1] You need either your Apple ID and password or a binary authentication token.

  • Every Feature and Perk

WhatsApp was bought by Google from Android

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can pull WhatsApp conversations directly from a wide range of Android smartphones. Since WhatsApp keeps its databases safe by encrypting them, root access is recommended (but not required) for acquisition. If the phone doesn’t have root access, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp will use a workaround to get the decryption key by temporarily putting an acquisition tool on the phone.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can pull WhatsApp conversations from Android phones running Android 4.0 through 9.0 if root access is available. If you don’t have root access, you can only use Android versions 4.0 through 6.0.1.

WhatsApp for Android for Business

Android phones and tablets can extract WhatsApp Business data. Since WhatsApp Business is a separate app with a different security profile, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp needs root access to pull information directly from an Android phone.

Without root access, you can get logical access (backup files) and cloud access from Google Drive.

Private WhatsApp backups can be downloaded

WhatsApp can save copies of its database in the cloud, either in Apple iCloud Drive (for iPhone) or Google Drive (for Android phones). Each phone number has its own WhatsApp backup. This means that the number of WhatsApp backups in the user’s cloud account will depend on how many different phone numbers are used.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can pull WhatsApp backups from Google Drive and iCloud Drive and decrypt them. To get a verification code when getting a decryption key, you need to have one-time access to the user’s phone number or SIM card. Without the code, the conversation database will stay locked, and you will only be able to access files (photos and videos) and contacts (only on Google Drive).

Private WhatsApp backups can be downloaded
  1. Information that can be found in WhatsApp’s databases
  2. WhatsApp is an app for sending messages right away. Its databases contain information about peer-to-peer communications between users, including the following records:
  3. Content of the WhatsApp Database
  4. Text messages that were sent and received, along with contact IDs and timestamps
  5. The user’s contact list includes phone numbers.
  6. Call logs
  7. Sending and receiving pictures and videos with timestamps and contact IDs
  8. Seeing and sending

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp has a built-in viewer that can look at different WhatsApp databases from different sources. The viewer has features like instant filtering and quick search. You can easily find a certain contact, message, or conversation by entering a date range or a part of a keyword in the search box.

With the built-in data export feature, you can export WhatsApp data into a standard XLSX file that works with Excel. These files can be used by experts to keep looking into the product of their choice.

  • Not a Simple One to Hit

WhatsApp Messenger is one of, if not the most popular tool for instant messaging. WhatsApp clients are available for all mobile platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows 8. x, and Windows 10 Mobile.

Spammers, hoaxers, and other cybercriminals use WhatsApp a lot. At least once, snooping on WhatsApp messages led to the discovery of a terrorist group.

Since WhatsApp uses secure end-to-end messaging, law enforcement can’t ask Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, for records of past conversations. So, the only way to get the data is from end-user devices or data backups made by those devices and stored locally or in the cloud.

  • Only the Windows version will work.

Windows Windows 7 (32-bit)/Windows 7 (64-bit)/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10/Windows Server 2012/2016

2. Requirements to Download WhatsApp Databases from the Cloud The Standard version of Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can get information from Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and iCloud Drive. To get files from Apple’s iCloud/iCloud Drive, you need the right Apple ID and password. For the backup to be decrypted, a one-time code must be sent to a registered phone number via SMS. Without the code, the conversation database will stay locked, and you will only be able to access files (photos and videos) and contacts (only on Google Drive).

A binary authentication token taken from the user’s PC or Mac can be used to get into Apple iCloud. We recommend using a tool from [Elcomsoft Phone Breaker]. If you don’t have a license, the evaluation version will work just fine.

3. WhatsApp encrypts its backups in the cloud. To decrypt the backups, you need one-time access to the user’s phone number or SIM card. The decryption key is permanent and can be used to decrypt backups made on iCloud Drive in the past, present, and future (for Google Drive, only existing ones). You can also use Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit keychain extraction to get the encryption key from an iPhone that has been jailbroken.

WhatsApp Spy App, online monitoring of WhatsApp messages.

Want to find out what your kids are doing on WhatsApp on their phones? Aispyer can make it easy to keep track of everything.

  1. Spy on WhatsApp for Mobile
  2. Secure
  3. Easy
  4. Unobtrusive
  5. Save electricity

You can monitor or spy on WhatsApp chats, shared files, call logs, keyloggers, and more on mobile devices you want to track.

Why Should You Use Aispyer to Spy on WhatsApp?

Aispyer can keep track of everything on WhatsApp, like contacts, call logs, and the date and time of messages.

With this WhatsApp spy app, you can keep track of both the messages you send and receive on WhatsApp. Even the ones that have been deleted can be tracked from afar.

With this WhatsApp tracker, you can save all the files you’ve shared on WhatsApp to your computer.

Aispyer can keep track of everything typed on WhatsApp’s keyboard.

How do I use Aispyer to track WhatsApp?

Step 1: Visit this WhatsApp tracker, enter your email address, and set up a new password and account.

Step 2: Download and install the WhatsApp tracker app on the mobile device of the person you want to follow.

Step 3: Start keeping track of everything the target does on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media sites, and it’s full of information that hasn’t been checked. You won’t be able to tell what kind of information your kids are getting. With Aispyer, you can keep track of everything your kids do on WhatsApp, like their chat history, sent and received messages, media attachments, etc.

Can I keep an eye on WhatsApp calls?

Tracking WhatsApp calls is not easy. All of WhatsApp’s traffic is encrypted, so if someone wants to track the call, they’ll have to first decrypt the traffic and then install spyware on your device without you knowing.

Can I read WhatsApp messages on another phone?

Yes. The WhatsApp web keeps a record of the messages you’ve sent and received on its server. If you switch phones, you can use your computer to get the message. First, you’ll need the QR code of the backups on the computer. Second, you’ll need to enter the WhatsApp link in the Chrome browser and go to the page. Third, you’ll be able to update the settings and see your WhatsApp messages on the computer with the QR code.

Can I get back the WhatsApp messages that I deleted?

Yes. Even if you delete the messages from your phone, they are still on WhatsApp. This app sometimes keeps track of everything that one account does. If your message isn’t encrypted, third-party programs can be used to get it back.

  1. More Good Things About Aispyer
  2. Phone Number Tracker
  3. Track Your Web History
  4. GPS Phone Tracker
  5. Facebook Spy
  6. Tracker for WhatsApp

Tips and Tricks to Spy on WhatsApp

On this page, you’ll find out the best WhatsApp spy tips and tricks. No longer will it be hard to keep track of WhatsApp chats.

Verdict: Aispyer App Review Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 4.8 stars
4.7 stars for features

4.6 stars for dependability 4.7 stars for MAD The best app to track a phone without permission is Aispyer App. It works quietly and doesn’t use much power so that the user of the targeted phone can’t track what it’s doing.

The app’s account holder can easily access, monitor, and keep track of all of the targeted device’s online activities, such as its keystrokes and location, at any time. With their id and password, the user can get to their account at any time and from anywhere through a clear and easy-to-use website. Overall, the app is a big help for parents and bosses who need to keep an eye on their kids and employees. It keeps the device safe as well.

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