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How to hack Spotify premium account and use its features for free?

In this Spy24 article, we will talk about all kinds of Spotify hacking methods and we will teach you all the different methods to hack Spotify.

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  • Android: Install Spotify Premium Mod APK
  • iOS/iPhone #1: Install Spotify++ using AppValley or TweakApp
  • iOS/iPhone #2: Install Spotify++ using Cydia Impactor
  • Windows #1: Downgrade Spotify and use Spotify Premium Mod
  • Windows #2: Get Spotify Premium with the latest BlockTheSpot mod
  • Mac OS: Use the Hosts file to block ads


In this article from Spy24, we read that with a premium subscription, you can get rid of the limitations of Spotify Free – stream, skip and listen to millions of songs offline without ads.

If you don’t want to continue paying after the free trial, there are ways to legally hack Spotify Premium. We at Spy24 show you how to get Spotify Premium for free on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

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Free Spotify Premium: 3 months for new customers

 hack Spotify premium

For new premium users, you usually get a free one-month trial. However, from time to time, the streaming service offers ads and a Spotify Premium Code where you can try Spotify for free for 3-6 months.

*Spotify Premium 3-month free trial has just returned! The extra was only available for individual subscriptions until May 12, 2022. But if you’ve never tried Premium, grab the offer now.

If you cancel the subscription or it expires without auto-renewing, you’ll revert to the free subscription and all songs you’ve downloaded in the Spotify app will be lost. To avoid this, you can save Spotify music as MP3 and continue listening without a subscription or hack a premium account.

Spotify for Free: Download Music without Premium on PC/Mac

 hack Spotify premium

This method allows us to get Spotify Premium for free without subscription by saving Spotify songs locally and then listening freely. To do this, use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which can remove Spotify’s DRM protection and then download songs and playlists in, for example, MP3.

With a premium subscription, you can get rid of the limitations of Spotify Free – stream, skip and listen to millions of songs offline without ads. If you don’t want to continue paying after the free trial, there are ways to legally hack Spotify Premium. We show you how to get Spotify Premium for free on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you can enjoy several features such as turning off shuffle, no ads and offline listening. However, you pay €9.99 per month. So some people want to find Spotify Premium Crack PC. It’s not easy, but don’t worry, we provide you an easy way to hack Spotify Premium and the best alternative.

Download Spotify Premium Crack PC

To download Spotify Premium Crack for PC, go to the website and install Spotify Premium Crack Version on PC. Then you will get Spotify Premium service for free. But there are also some negative points that we do not ignore.

Spotify for Free: Download Music without Premium on PC/Mac

This method allows us to get Spotify Premium for free without subscription by saving Spotify songs locally and then listening freely.

Works for both Spotify Free and Premium on PC/Mac.

Step 1. After installation, run TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Click on “Start Spotify Web Player” in the middle and sign in with your Spotify account.

Step 2. Open the playlist you want to download songs from. Then click on the plus sign on the right side of the program. In this way, all titles are entered into the converter.

Step 3. Now the Converter module will appear. From there, select the output format and a destination folder for the download. After that, click the convert button and your Spotify playlist will be saved on your computer.


Spotify Web Player is integrated into the TuneFab app. All media content on it is available for download, including Spotify songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

In addition to MP3, Spotify music can be converted to other audio formats such as M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc. Spotify DRM protection is automatically removed during conversion.

Bonus tip: Free Spotify Premium on Windows PC

SpotX is a tool that lets you get Spotify Premium for free on your PC. It will help you to block all ads in Spotify app and you can also use track skipping feature.

Hacking your computer is not a guarantee that it will be 100% safe, so it is still recommended to use the first method. If you can allow your computer and Spotify account to be infected, you can do the following steps.

Note: This method helps you listen to Spotify songs without ads and provides track skipping functionality. However, SpotX doesn’t really help you download Spotify music. So if you want to download songs from Spotify, you can use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Step 1. Download the latest versions of Windows and Spotify on the computer

Step 2. Go to “Windows Security” > “Virus & Threat Protection”, click “Approved Threats” and check “Delete all approved threats”.

Step 3. Launch the GitHub website to install SpotX on the computer. Follow the introduction and start downloading and running the program.

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Free Spotify Premium Hack on Android

 hack Spotify premium

If you prefer to use Spotify Premium forever for free on Android smartphones, you need to do a hack. While it is possible to use third-party apps, sometimes these apps are not as stable and may stop working with Spotify updates. In addition, advertising in third-party applications is a part of everyday life.

  1. Lucky Patcher: Hack Spotify on Android Devices

With Lucky Patcher you can get many mods from other apps without subscription or registration. This means you can unlock and enjoy Spotify with Premium on mobile via Lucky Patcher, free of charge. Sounds unbelievable? He said two hundred words because he didn’t do half the work. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Download and install Lucky Patcher and Spotify on your smartphone.

Step 2. Open Lucky Patcher and search for Spotify in the app search. Then tap on Spotify and select “Patches Menu” > “In-App Patch and LVL Emulation”.

Step 3. Check the second options and then tap on “Apply”. Lucky Patcher then starts hacking Spotify. After hacking, the result will be displayed.

Step 4. Click “Start” and Spotify will launch. Go to the Spotify Premium subscription menu and try to upgrade.

Step 5. At this point, a Lucky Patcher popup should appear. Select the options on it and tap “Yes”. In this way the in-app purchase is hacked and now you can use Spotify Premium for free.

  1. Spotify Premium Free with Android APK (MOD Unlocked)

Another way to modify or crack Spotify Premium is to use an application called Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked). Compared to Lucky Patcher, this method is much more straightforward because Spotify Premium is already locked into the app. After installing and opening the APK on your Android phone, Spotify Premium is now free to run. That means you don’t need to install the original Spotify app and then hack it manually.

However, this kind of Spotify hack is not complete. Only the following features are included in the APK for free use:

  • Spotify Connect
  • Spotify stories
  • Repetition of songs
  • 320 kbps music playback
  • Mix without limits
  • Play specific songs
  • No ads
  • dark mode

For example, if you want to use offline mode, you have to go to other methods like Converter or Lucky Patcher.

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Use Spotify Premium for iOS for free

Use Spotify Premium for iOS for free

Using Spotify Premium for free on iOS devices is rather complicated. However, this is not impossible and the solution is Spotify++. This app enables a relatively more complete Spotify Premium hack including offline mode for your iPhone/iPad. It’s just a bit difficult to install, but don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you clearly and in simple steps.

Step 1. Download AppVally configuration profile on iPhone. Then open the Settings app. There you will find the “Profile loaded” setting under your account. Tap on it and install AppVally on the device.

Step 2. After installation, open the AppVally app, which is similar to a third-party app store. Then find the Spotify++ app in the search and download it.

Step 3. Once downloaded, go back to the Settings app. From there, tap General > Pros > Spotify++ to make the device trust the app.

Step 4. Now go ahead and open Spotify++ and enjoy your Spotify music with all premium features for free.

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Spotify Premium Free on iPhone/Android without Jailbreak

With an iPhone or Android phone, Spotify Free users are only allowed to enjoy Spotify Music with limited features such as tap-only mode, bundled ads, online listening mode, etc. So, to enjoy Spotify Music anytime and anywhere, it’s better to find out how to get Spotify Premium for free instead of paying a paid subscription bill.

Knowing your need to get Spotify Premium for free, today we will teach you how to get Spotify Premium on iPhone/Android for free (without jailbreak) and offer you an alternative way to download Spotify Music for offline listening.

Part 1. Get Spotify Premium for 1 Month Free

Part 2. What it takes to get free Spotify Premium on iPhone/Android

Part 3. Spotify Premium for free on your iPhone without jailbreak

Part 4. Get Spotify Premium on Android for free

Part 1. Get Spotify Premium for 1 Month Free

Spotify offers a free one-month trial for every new subscriber. If you’re still a new Spotify subscriber, you can try Spotify Premium for free for 30 days. However, please remember to find Spotify Premium before your next billing date, otherwise Spotify will continue to charge your account.

How to get Spotify Premium free for 30 days:

Visit the Spotify website in your browser and then click on “Premium” in the upper right corner of the website.

Once the page has successfully bounced, scroll down and select “Get 1 Month Free”.

Sign in with your Spotify account. If you don’t already have one, create a new account first. After registration, come back and login again.

Choose a payment method and enter your personal information. Then you can start your 30-day Spotify Premium trial.

If you sign up and choose PayPal as your payment method, you can also use Spotify Premium for free for 3 months. However, the promotion is valid until July 2021 for PayPal users who have not yet tried Premium but have an active account in the US or UK. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity as well, you can often look at Spotify’s official website.

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What it takes to get free Spotify Premium on iPhone/Android

hack Spotify Premium for

#1 Your iPhone/Android: Get your iPhone/Android phone connected to the internet. Make sure it is fully loaded before installing.

#2 Uninstall Spotify App: If you are Spotify free user, iPhone user or Android user and you have already installed Spotify on your iPhone, please uninstall Spotify app before trying the 2 tutorials below. If you are a Spotify Premium member, you can install the app and try the two tutorials while canceling your Spotify Premium membership.

USB cable #3: USB cable is required for iPhone users in the second tutorial. If you think that using a USB cable is difficult and complicated, please ignore it.

Now we divide the way to get free Spotify Premium membership into 3 parts. First, we will address iPhone users and then Android users. If you’re using iOS, follow the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to get Spotify Premium on iPhone for free (without jailbreak).

Spotify Premium for free on your iPhone without jailbreak

Tutorial 1. Get Spotify Premium on your iPhone (no jailbreak and no computer) – with TweakBox

Open Safari and go to this link to download TweakBox – one of the best app installers. After downloading, click the “Install” button.

Go back to the main screen, where you will find the TweakBox app. Open and load the app for a while.

Now you need to click on the TweakBox app and search for Spotify++.

Click “Install” to download Spotify Premium for free.

After downloading Spotify++, you can open it immediately. If you get untrusted developers message, you need to go to Settings > General > Profiles to trust the developer.

Now you can enjoy Spotify Premium for free (no jailbreak).

Get Spotify Premium on iPhone (without jailbreak) – with Cydia Impactor

Remove the USB cable and connect your iDevice to your PC (Windows or Mac).

Download Cydia Impactor [Download Link] and Spotify app on your computer.

Note: If you have downloaded this app, you need to update it to the latest version to hack Pokemon GO. In the app, click Check for updates.

Now extract the file (CydiaImpactor Download) in a new folder.

After unzipping, open the corresponding folder and find the program. Then open the program by right-clicking and clicking “Open”.

Now you need to drag the Spotify app (that you downloaded earlier) into Cydia Impactor. Then click “Get Started” on the right side of the app to get Spotify Premium for free. (Of course, the app will ask for your Apple ID to test your real identity and make sure you’re not a bot. Enter your details and click “Enter”).

Now click on OK. The Spotify Premium app will now appear on the front page of your home screen.

Now when you try to open it you see “No trusted developer” message, you need to go to Settings > General > Profiles to trust the developer.

Restart the device if necessary.

Get Spotify Premium with Spotify++

Get Spotify Premium with Spotify++

In addition to the above guide, you can download the modified version of Spotify i.e. Spotify++ from Ogzialla.net or tweakelite.com and hack Spotify Premium on iPhone and iOS devices.

However, before downloading Spotify++, make sure you turn on “WiFi and Cellular Data” in the Background App Updates menu and “Automatic Downloads” in the App Store. Also turn off “Low power mode” in the “Battery” section. If you download Spotify++ at tweskelite.com, you will be prompted to download three other apps.

Get Spotify Premium on Android for free

If you are an Android user, now go to the Android tutorial below to learn how to get Spotify Premium for free on Android devices (no jailbreak and no PC).

Note: Please download TutuApp and then install it on your Android device and make sure you turn on “Unknown Source” on your Android device (If you don’t know how, please read the first step below.).

Android Tutorial – Get Spotify Premium on Android for Free

First, go to the settings; Then go to the lock and security screen and enable unknown sources.

On TutuApp’s main button, find the Spotify app or search for the Spotify app in the search bar.

Click to download and install Spotify Music mod version on your Android device. Once the installation is complete, you will see the Spotify app on your Android device.

Note: If you don’t need to install any other APK on your Android device, please disable unknown sources.

Turn on the VPN on your Android device and sign in to your Spotify account. Then you can get Spotify Premium with unlimited features for free (no jailbreak) on your Android devices.

Enjoy Spotify Premium Features Without Spotify Premium [Recommended]

After reading the tutorial above on how to get free Spotify Premium on iPhone or Android, you might have tried this method and get Spotify Premium for free for offline listening. However, you may still be unhappy because downloaded Spotify music can only be played offline on three authorized devices. What can you do to listen to Spotify offline on other devices or make ringtones from Spotify Music?

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In Spy24, we checked how to use Spotify for free in different ways. And is it safe to hack Spotify Premium for free? It depends on the method you choose. Using the hacked Spotify Premium may lead to your personal information being leaked or your computer hacked if you install the hack tool on some free websites. Also, your account can be easily blocked by Spotify. Therefore, we recommend using a safe method.

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