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How to Hack Mobile Phones with a Computer

Meta: What is meant by hacking a phone with a computer? Is it possible to hack a phone without installing a special program? Hackers offer different ways, of which 7 methods are the most practical.

Maybe you have already heard about hacking the phone with a computer, or you are among the people who are interested in the field of security and networking. In this article from SPY24, we will fully talk about hacking the phone through computers and different operating systems. You will be introduced to different methods along with hacking programs and tools.

There are different ways you can control your computer through an Android device and even turn it on remotely. This idea allows you to access and download files, connect to your home network and even play your PC games remotely. But there are other different ways, thanks to which you will be able to control Android phones with your computer. Below we will tell you seven of the most important and best methods of hacking and breaking into mobile phones.

1. Social Engeneering 

2. Malvertising

3. Smishing

4. Malware

5. Pretexting

6. breaking via Bluetooth

7. Man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi attacks

Social engineering and its use for phone hacking

Social engineering is the art of manipulation, mind reading and the black psychology of people to provide confidential information. The types of information hackers are looking for can vary, but when people are targeted, hackers usually try to trick the target into giving them their passwords or banking information, or gain access to your computer in order to secretly install malicious software. passwords and banking information, as well as control of your computer to them.

Social engineering and its use for phone hacking

# Social engineering

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information. The types of information these criminals are looking for can vary, but when people are targeted, criminals usually try to trick you into giving them your passwords or banking information, or gain access to your computer in order to secretly install malicious software. passwords and banking information, as well as control of your computer to them.

What is social engineering and what McAfee says about it?

[McAfee White Paper “Hacking the Human Operating System” focuses on using social engineering to attack home and business users, once again realizing that people are the weakest link. The McAfee report notes that there are many organizations that develop and offer user awareness programs in their business areas, but the effectiveness of such programs varies and, in some cases, was found to be underperforming, even after providing security training. Educate your end users with any valuable security awareness to reduce the risk of a social engineering attack.

What is social engineering and what McAfee says about it?

Below we will talk about different tools and ways of social engineering.

Using Social Engineering Tools:

The brain behind SET is the configuration file. SET, by default, works perfectly for most people but advanced customization may be needed in order to ensure that the attack vectors go off without a hitch. the First thing to do is ensure that you have updated SET from the directory:

The Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) is specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against the human element. SET was designed to be released with the launch of https://www.social-engineer.org and has quickly become a standard tool in penetration testers’ arsenal. Written by David Kennedy (ReL1K), SET with much community help, has incorporated attacks never before seen in an exploitation toolset. The attacks built into the toolkit are designed as targeted and concentrated attacks against an individual or organization to be used during a penetration test.

How Use Set tools?

You can download the toolset on the Kali Linux operating system and use different attack vectors on the target.

How Use Set tools?

Kali Linux set tools

Below we will tell you some of the methods of psychology and social engineering.

Deceptive relationships:

The hacker convinces the target to open a link or open an image infected with malware through communication channels such as social networks through conversation and chat.


Scarcity stimulus is one of the mental psychology methods of sellers, which is also widely used in social engineering.

Suggesting that a link or an email can make someone an overnight millionaire, or that clicking on a link can bring a huge reward.

Also, there are many books on the Internet related to social engineering that can give you a lot of information in this regard.

What is malvertising

Malvertising is an attack in which perpetrators inject malicious code into legitimate online advertising networks. The code usually redirects users to malicious websites.

The attack allows the perpetrators to target users on highly reputable websites e.g. B. The New York Times Online, The London Stock Exchange, Spotify, and The Atlantic all of which have been exposed to malvertising.

The online advertising ecosystem is a complex network that includes publisher websites, ad exchanges, ad servers, retargeting networks, and content delivery networks (CDNs). After a user clicks on an ad, multiple redirects occur between different servers. Attackers exploit this complexity to place malicious content in places that publishers and ad networks would least expect.


How Malicious Ads Affect Internet Users

Malicious advertising can perform the following attacks on users who view the malicious advertisement without clicking on it:

A “bulk download” – installation of malware or adware on the computer of a user who views the advertisement. This type of attack is usually enabled by browser vulnerabilities.

Forced browser redirect to a malicious website

Display unwanted advertisements, malicious content, or pop-ups beyond the advertisements legally displayed by the ad network. This is done by executing javascript. How Malicious Ads Affect Internet Users

When users click on a malicious advertisement, the malicious advertisement may:

  • Running code that installs malware or adware on the user’s computer.
  • Redirect the user to a malicious website instead of the destination suggested by the ad content.
  • Redirect the user to a malicious website that closely resembles a real website operated by the attacker – a phishing attack.

What is Smishing?

Smishing is a phishing cyber security attack carried out via mobile phone text messages, also known as SMS phishing. Purpose and blessing as a species

  From phishing, they are tricked into providing sensitive information to disguised attackers. For example, a hacker using the name of an institution or a bank, or a digital currency exchange sends a text message to the target that includes a link with the specifications of a form that requests important information such as your password or username.

What is smishing?

Many hackers use telecom or automation panels to send text messages to several or thousands of users using the same email address to avoid identification. The phone number listed in Caller ID is usually one that points to an online VoIP service like Google Voice, where you can’t look up the number’s location.

In this type of attack, a combination of phishing and social engineering can be found.

What is Malware? How to hack a phone through it?

Malware/malicious software is a type of program that contains malicious or harmful code embedded in seemingly harmless programs or data in a way that can take control of a system or its operation and cause damage, e.g. B. Running the file allocation table on a hard disk.

Malware is a major threat to information security. Malware authors are looking for new attack vectors to exploit vulnerabilities in information systems. This leads to increasingly sophisticated malware attacks, including drive-by malware, “maladvertising” (or “malvertising”), advanced persistent threats (APT), and more. Although organizations strive to defend themselves with comprehensive security policies and advanced anti-malware controls, the current trend suggests that malicious apps target the “low-hanging fruit”: smartphones, mobile apps, social media, and weakly secured cloud services. The problem is further complicated by threat predictions. As McAfee noted in its McAfee Labs Threat Report released in December 2017, “The biggest count for the quarter was our new malware count, which hit an all-time high of 57.6 million new models. , an increase of 10% compared to the second quarter. Total McAfee Labs sample databases now exceed 780 million. New ransomware increased by 36% this quarter, primarily due to widespread Android lock screen malware. The ready availability of exploit kits and sources from the dark web leads to the rapid development of new malware. 

What is Malware? How to hack a phone through it?

You can master creating malware by mastering shell writing or scripting. Or you can also find a large number of malware on the Internet and on websites such as Exploit-Deb.

This allows you to infect the target or victim’s phone by creating malware or software infected with malware.


In the Pretexting attack, the malicious hacker tries to introduce himself as someone else through many lies.

The attacker usually begins by impersonating his co-workers, the police, bank and tax authorities or other persons who have the power of correct recognition. The phisher asks questions that appear to be necessary to verify the identity of the victim, and through them collects important personal information.

In cybersecurity, the pretense can be seen as one of the first steps in the evolution of social engineering. For example, while the social engineering attack known as phishing relies on modern things such as credit cards and occurs primarily in the electronic space, the pretense was and can be implemented without technology.

How to hack the phone through Bluetooth?

 which is done completely secretly and imperceptibly by various programs such as Super Bluetooth Hack, blue bugging, Bluejacking, and other Bluetooth hacking programs, and we will tell you how hackers can hack other people’s phones. They hack through Bluetooth.

Hacking the phone with Bluetooth

Perhaps, after reading the text about hacking a phone with Bluetooth, you may say to yourself that today there are few people who use Bluetooth to send and receive their information, or that Bluetooth is no longer useful for anyone, but you should know that this technology Not so forgotten, it is still available on super-advanced and smartphones and has its own functions, and maybe if Bluetooth was not on your phone, you would have faced more or less many problems.

How to hack the phone through Bluetooth?

with the spread of Bluetooth technology in smart devices, hackers have also started to work and have designed programs to hack and penetrate into smart devices such as phones that have Bluetooth wireless technology, and one of these programs is used by hackers to hack the phone through Bluetooth. It is called “Bluejack.”

What is Bluetooth and what is its use?

The ability to be wireless and the short range of Bluetooth allow peripheral devices to communicate directly with each other through an air channel, replacing cables that use connectors of different shapes and sizes and multiple pieces. 

Bluetooth supports both types of data and audio, which has made it a very ideal technology that enables many devices to communicate with each other, so Bluetooth uses an irregular frequency and is available anywhere in the world. . It is interesting to know that the name Bluetooth is derived from the nickname of a Scandinavian king named Harald Blatand.

How to hack a phone using Bluetooth

As we said, Bluetooth technology is present in all mobile phones and other smart devices, because Bluetooth wireless technology can provide the possibility of quick and easy connection of phones with headphones, speakers, TVs, and other Bluetooth devices. Did you know that your phone is also subject to hacking through Bluetooth?

Bluetooth phone hacking methods happen when a hacker uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection to access your phone’s Bluetooth. Of course, this happens when your phone is within the range of the hacker’s Bluetooth radar, which is usually around 30 feet, which is equivalent to 9,144 square meters, and if the hacker successfully connects to your phone’s Bluetooth, unfortunately, your phone will be without A warning and a request will be hacked and both your phone and all your phone data will be exposed to all kinds of security vulnerabilities.

How to hack and control the phone with Bluetooth

Maybe up to this point in the “Bluetooth” phone hacking article, you may be saying to yourself that how is it possible that hackers can connect to other people’s phones only through Bluetooth? Before we examine how hackers can connect to other people’s phones via Bluetooth, we want to remind you how Bluetooth connection between two devices is made.

How to hack and control the phone with Bluetooth

The process of connecting phones by Bluetooth is done in just a few seconds. In addition, as soon as you turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone, your mobile phone will also be visible to other devices that are in the range of your Bluetooth radar, and this feature allows the devices around you to easily connect to the phone. You can penetrate and this is where phone hacking takes place by Bluetooth.

Bluetooth hacking programs for other people’s phones

In order to use the penetration methods that are used to hack the phone with Bluetooth, hackers start and design completely specialized software and hardware to hack and penetrate the Bluetooth of other people’s phones, and in this way, they can discover and penetrate vulnerable devices that are equipped with active Bluetooth connections, but you should also consider that this work of hackers is mostly done in crowded areas where hundreds of People regularly gather in it or go back and forth.

Man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi Attacks

A man-in-the-middle attack is a type of cyber attack in which critical data is intercepted by an attacker. A man-in-the-middle attack occurs when a hacker places himself between a user and a website or application. This attack has different types. For example, a fake banking site may be used to capture people’s financial login information. In this example, the fake site is “between” the user and the main bank site.

Man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi attacks

Attackers have different reasons and methods for using a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. Usually, they are trying to steal something like the credit card numbers or login information of users. In some cases, attackers eavesdrop on private conversations that may contain trade secrets or other valuable information.

What these attacks have in common is that the attacker claims to be a legitimate and trusted website or person.

It should be noted that none of the parties sending an email, text message or video call are aware that an attacker has entered their conversation and is stealing their information.

Wi-Fi eavesdropping

If you have ever used a laptop in a public space, you may have come across this message that says: “This network is not secure” and there is no guarantee of service quality.

In Wi-Fi eavesdropping, cybercriminals trick victims into connecting to a nearby wireless network with a well-known name. While this network is set up to carry out malicious activities. This wireless network appears to belong to a nearby business that the user is visiting, or it may have a generic and seemingly innocuous name such as “Free Public Wi-Fi Network”. In some cases, the user does not even need to enter a password to connect.

Therefore, listening to unencrypted WiFi connections is easily possible. This is very much like a conversation in a public restaurant that anyone can listen to.

Another type of Wi-Fi attack occurs when a hacker creates her own Wi-Fi hotspot, known as an “Evil Twin”. They show this connection exactly like a valid connection. Users may accidentally (or automatically) connect to the “Evil Twin” and allow the hacker to search and track their activities.

In order to protect against this attack, users should always check what network they are connected to. Turn off Wi-Fi auto-connect feature on mobile phones to prevent their devices from automatically connecting to a malicious network.

The following examples can be mentioned among the best hacking tools for WiFi man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • PacketCreator
  • Ettercap
  • Sniff
  • Cain and Abel

How to Prevent Phone Hacking and Protect Your Cell Phone

Never leave your phone unattended

 Keeping your cell phone with you at all times especially when you are in a public place is the first and best rule to follow.

How to Prevent Phone Hacking and Protect Your Cell Phone

Change the default password of your phone

 Your phone probably has a simple and predictable default password, and those in the know can use this to their advantage. Change your code to something more complex and resist the commonly used codes “1234”, “0000” and “2580”, date of birth, mobile phone, etc.

Protect your PIN and credit card data.

  Use a secure app to store PINs and credit card numbers, or better yet, don’t store them on your phone at all.

Avoid insecure public Wi-Fi

Hackers often target important locations such as bank accounts via public WiFi, which are easily compromised due to weak security.

Turn off the autocomplete feature

 By doing so, you can prevent access to important personal information stored.

Delete your browsing history

Delete cookies and cache regularly. Eliminating your virtual footprint is important in minimizing the amount of data that can be exploited by prying eyes.

If you are an iPhone user, activate the Find My iPhone option.

 By enabling this feature in the settings, you can protect your phone from hackers.

To activate this option, enter the settings and then point to your Apple ID, select the iCloud option from the opened menu and finally point to the Find My iPhone option and activate it.

Update your apps

 this might be one of the first steps, as most successful hacks are done through apps that have become vulnerable. the solution is to keep your phone’s operating system up to date. We recommend that whenever an updated version of your phone’s operating system is released, you should update your Android or IOS as soon as possible. Because if there is a bug in the previous versions, it will be detected and these problems are usually solved in the updated versions.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have a Xiaomi phone, the speed of your phone may slow down after the update. 

Be very careful in installing applications

 you must have experienced that when installing smartphone applications, you will be asked for various permissions, including the ability to read your files, access the camera, or listen. Grant your microphone to it. It’s fine if the use is legitimate, but the point is that some of them are potentially open to abuse, so think before approving the request. This is especially true for Android users, as Google’s app review process is not as strict as Apple’s, and it also allows you to install apps from multiple sources.

Check the items on your mobile phone

 even if they all seem simple and safe, future updates can turn them into serious malware, take two minutes and all smartphone apps Check yourself to make sure which licenses they use.

Use a security app that increases protection

If you are very worried about your data and the most powerful way to prevent your phone from being hacked is satisfying, we recommend that you get help from applications that are programmed for this purpose. Applications such as LogDog, Hackuna, AppLock, Dfndr security, etc. are the best examples.

Manage your Bluetooth Security

Having Bluetooth turned on for no reason makes it possible for other devices to connect to your phone without permission. This increases the risk of the phone being hacked. So be sure to turn off your Bluetooth when you don’t need it and disable its automatic connection. When you use Bluetooth hands-free, etc., set it to Non-Discoverable so that it is not visible to everyone.


In this article, we tried to discuss with you the 7 very common methods of hacking a phone through a computer, and we talked about various hacking tools, including the Kali Linux tool for social engineering and phishing attacks.

If you are also interested in hacking and security issues and want to enter this fascinating field, you can use SPY24 services right now.

SPY24 will give you the possibility to track and control mobile phones without any knowledge of hacking and programming.


What is social engineering?

Social Engineering Attacks Social engineering is a term used for a wide range of malicious activities resulting from human interactions. This method uses tricking users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information. Social engineering attacks happen in one or more stages.

How to stop malicious advertising

Install a powerful antivirus. No matter what other precautions you take, some threats are bound to slip through. 
Use an ad blocker. 
Disable browser plug-ins. 
Keep your operating system up to date. 
Download software and content from legitimate sources. 
Use a safe browser.

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