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Hack WiFi password without any app

In this article from SPY24, we will discuss one of the most popular topics of hackers, namely hacking WiFi without any application. We have tried to name different methods for hacking WiFi and put its training for you. If you are among those who are interested in security and hacking, we definitely recommend using the free features of Spy24.

First, we will go to the basic network concepts to have a correct understanding of wireless networks.

What is a wireless network?

Hack WiFi password

Wireless networks are a special type of computer networks that use wireless data communication between nodes. By means of wireless networking, there is no need for the expensive process of cabling in residential houses, companies and communication networks, and in this way the cost will be saved.

Generally, wireless communication networks are implemented and managed using radio communication, which happens at the level of the physical layer of the OSI model.

It is worth noting that wireless networks are more vulnerable than wired networks due to their operation based on electromagnetic waves. Anyone with a system equipped with an x 802.11 network card can receive these waves.

Wireless network technologies allow users and hardware equipment to communicate with each other by transmitting data through waves and without using physical platforms such as wires and cables.

The implementation structure of most wireless networks is such that a central transmitter and receiver device (Access Point) is used, which with the help of the antenna connected to it, can provide better communication in a high place or any place.

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How to access a wireless network?

How to access a wireless network

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the nature of WiFi networks, and in the following Spy24 article, we will discuss how to access a wireless network.

You can connect to wireless and WiFi networks with any desktop device or mobile phone equipped with 802.11 network components and support.

It is enough first to activate the wireless network search section, then select your access point and access the network by entering the password if you know it or by hacking or brute force.

How to network two computers without a cable?

How to network two computers without a cable

There are several ways to connect two computers without cables, including using a router, WiFi HotSpot, USB Tether and Ad Hoc. You need internet and WiFi network for using a router, WiFi HotSpot and USB Tether. But in the Ad Hoc method, you will not need a network cable, router, or modem, and the only thing you should have is a wireless network card.

As you know, all laptops have a wireless network card, but if you plan to use a computer, you need to get a wireless network card for it.

How to defeat WiFi (wireless) networks?

How to defeat WiFi networks

Many people think that it is only possible to break into WiFi networks through Linux, but there are better ideas than this because you can also get the password of some WiFi networks through Windows or Android. Today we will introduce you to tools that have many features in the field of WiFi hacking and are useful for hackers or security researchers. The tools you will get acquainted with in the following have been tested by us and are fully responsive.

Security researchers and hackers can access WiFi networks through these tools to find possible vulnerabilities and control devices. WiFi networks face more security challenges compared to wired networks.

Well, there are definitely specialized methods to find the password of wireless networks! But in this article, we will introduce the easiest ways, and you can easily reach the desired WiFi password through your phone.

Certain programs help you access WiFi networks at no cost. In Spy24, we will tell you different tools and methods for hacking Wi-Fi as well as tracking and hacking mobile phones.

In fact, one of the most famous tools for hacking WiFi can be called Kali Linux Net Hunter, which can be used through the Kali Linux operating system. But before that, you should know that you will need more study and training in the field of hacking and security. And before that, you must be familiar with the following important concepts.

  1. Operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Android
  2. Sufficient knowledge to work with operating systems command line
  3. Sufficient knowledge about hacking tools and methods that we have discussed in detail in Spy24.
  4. Information related to network and computer concepts
  5. Programming knowledge
  6. Having appropriate tools and guides, such as using free tools such as Spy 24 to access resources, as well as tools for penetration testing and hacking.

Also, in other operating systems such as Android, you can use a tool such as Android Dumper or Wi-Fi Kill tool, Spy24 suggests you download these applications from reliable sources, because many applications or Wi-Fi hacking tools on the Internet are infected with malware and viruses.

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WEP encryption penetration testing method

WEP encryption penetration testing method

WEP was the first “secure” wireless model to add authentication and encryption. It is based on the RC4 algorithm and 24 bits of Initialization Vector (IV) – this is the biggest weakness in the implementation, which makes WEP capable of being cracked within minutes by various tools.

We use the tool from “WLAN” LAB-test on Kali Linux operating system, this type is secured with WEP using the key “e4A2c39”. It is a combination of numbers and letters and has 10 characters – from the point of view of password strength – the key is relatively strong.

Like the last example, we’ll start by using airodumping to passively gather some information about the WLAN.

As you can see, there is “LAB-test”, broadcast from channel 1 by AP with BSSID 00:18:0A:6D:01:30. The encryption model is WEP, along with WEP encryption (which is based on the weak RC4 algorithm). At the bottom you can see information about STATION – actually it is a list of wireless clients connected to specific WLANs.

The next step we need to do is collect the data packets exchanged by this client. If we collect enough data packets with IVs, we will eventually reach a point where we have a set of weak IV vectors that will allow us to derive the WEP password. So let’s go! First, we use the avodump-ng utility to sniff the wireless connection for a specific BSSID (BSSID of the LAB-test).

In the following, you can use the system guide to go through the entire process of VAP hacking.

Also, if you are looking for the most powerful tool for penetration testing and WAP hacking, we suggest you to use the free and famous Aircrack NG tool, which we will talk about in detail in Spy 24.

Steps to hack a Wi-Fi network based on WEP encryption

Hack Wi-Fi WEP Password

Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses WEP security encryption is relatively easy compared to other encryption methods. While using this Wifi tool, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. To break it, choose the appropriate target NUM (1,2,3,XNUMX,..,n).
  2. Hacking a WEP key that guarantees 100% cracking of WiFi WEP passwords that currently use 5 attacks.
  3. Make sure the attack is over within 10 minutes.
  4. If a WiFi WEP attack fails, don’t worry, another attack will be successful automatically in 10 minutes.
  5. You can choose any attack. For example, choose attack #2.
  6. A WEP Wi-Fi network is hacked within minutes.

Hack Wi-Fi WEP Password – Wi-Fi Network Hacking Methods

Hack Wi-Fi WEP Password

Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses WPA security encryption is a little harder than WEP because this encryption method is highly protected. This can also be hacked when the password contains fewer characters. Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses short passwords takes less time. To hack these types of Wi-Fi networks, you need to use Handshake capture.

Handshake recording:

Handshake is a file that can be recorded when a router (Wi-Fi Access Point) and a client (laptop, mobile or other Wi-Fi devices) communicate to verify each other’s credentials. You may be wondering “What is the purpose of this Handshake file?” The main purpose of hacking a Wi-Fi network is the password. This handshake file contains the Wi-Fi password but is encrypted. Hacking a Wi-Fi network based on WEP encryption.

Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses WEP security encryption is relatively easy compared to other encryption methods. While using this Wifi tool, you need to follow the following steps:

Common attacks in WiFi

Because of this, Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attackers. There are unlimited and borderless waves of wireless connection points. Attackers can as long as they are within the limits of radio waves.

The most important features of this type of influence is that we can do it without physical identification, just with a laptop A wireless network card 3 to do this remotely.

The main purpose of the WEP protocol is to maintain the confidentiality of data on the wireless network and at a level equivalent to cable networks, but it must be accepted that although WEP used to be the only security mechanism in its time, today with the expansion of wireless network technology and its corresponding methods Penetrating it, this protocol does not have enough power in providing security and practically does not reach any of its goals.

This protocol is a method of data encryption based on the 802.11 standard. The WEP protocol improved most of the problems of WEP, but instead introduced some new vulnerabilities into the field. WPA2 was the protocol that finally managed to establish wireless security at the level and limits of the cable network. This protocol guarantees network administrators that only authorized users can access the network. If you are one of those who still use the WEP protocol, change your operating mechanism to WPA or WPA2 to secure your network. Both of these protocols protect the network from document forgery and replay attacks.

How to decrypt WEP encryption?

Collecting a large number of IVs (Initialization Vector) is the most necessary thing to decrypt the WEP encryption key. It is necessary to remind again that in cryptography, IV or initialization vector is a random or quasi-random input with a fixed size that is used in the initial encryption. The hacker should be able to collect enough IVs to crack the WEP key through simple listening of network traffic and saving them.

In this process, closed injection can increase the speed of the operation because it can collect a large number of IVs in a short period of time. The collected IVs are used to obtain the WEP key. To break the WEP encryption, the following steps must be taken:

  • Put the wireless interface in monitor mode and on the special channel of the access point: at this stage, the hacker must put the wireless interface in monitor mode. In monitor mode, the interface can easily listen to any packet in the air. The hacker selects some packets for packet injection by listening.

In the following, we will explain how to activate the monitor mode in the wireless interface.

 We test the power of the wireless device for packet injection to the access point: here the hacker must see that the wireless interface is within the range of the access point’s IPs and whether it has the ability to inject the packet or not.

     Using a tool like aireplaying to verify the fake identity in the access point: at this stage, the hacker must make sure that the source MAC address is present in the access point, and then the packet injection is accepted by the access point. If the MAC address of the source in the access point does not match, the packet injection will fail.

     Using a Wi-Fi listening tool: In this step, the hacker should record the exported IVs with the help of a tool like airodump (with bssid filter) in order to collect specific IVs.

Using Wi-Fi packet encryption tools such as aireplaying (in ARP Request Replay mode) to inject data packets: the hacker must find a large number of IVs in a short period of time, and this can be done by putting aireplaying in ARP mode. Request Replay is done. In this case, aireplay listens to ARP requests by being in the path of data exchange and then returns them to the network. The access point usually re-releases the packets by creating a new IV. Therefore, to get a large number of IVs in a short period of time, the hacker must choose the ARP Request Replay mode.

     Running a crack tool like Cain and Abel or aircracking: Hacker can get WEP encryption keys from IVs by using said tool.

Weaknesses and limitations of WEP

WEP protocol has security weaknesses such as:

1- Weak encryption: shows recorded network traffic which is the public key used by WEP,

It is easy to use for data analysis. this could lead to Data manipulation and loss of integrity.

2-No key management: WEP protocol is a management feature

key to manage different keys in the key table. It has been used for a long time.

3- Short key size: only standard WEP key size

With this problem The password can be quickly hacked by WEP.

4- Authentication problems: according to the challenge and answer plan which is used in shared key authentication, a man in the middle can be done in WEP . this type of attack is an attempt to gain Confidential and It can lead to data loss.

5- Packet forgery: There is no protection against in WEP.

There is no fraud in the packages. Data packets using Third-party programs can be spoofed and injected into the network. This issue can lead to data manipulation and eliminate data clutter.

The easiest way to see the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10 is through the features of Windows itself, for this it is enough:

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Type Network Connections and open the suggested program.
  3. Display Wi-Fi password in Windows
  4. Right click on the desired Wi-Fi and click on the status option.
  5. Then select Wifi Properties and click on the Security tab.
  6. Activate the checkbox next to Show Characters to display the visible Wi-Fi password.

Display Wi-Fi password through CMD

Using Command prompt or CMD is another method by which you can see all Wi-Fi passwords stored on your computer. This method is tempting. It is enough for this:

Find the cmd program.

Right click on it.

Click the Run as administrator option. Pay attention, if CMD is not opened as admin, you will not get a response.

Enter the following command in the cmd program and press the Enter key.

This file command creates a file from every Wi-Fi connected to the system. These files are stored on drive c. (the drive on which you installed Windows) that you can open this file with note or word programs and find your passwords in those files.

See Wi-Fi password on Windows computer

If you could not see your saved Wi-Fi password from the previous methods, you can do this by directly entering the modem settings and proceed to see the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10 through the modem. The method to enter the modem settings and see the password is as follows:

Open your browser.

Enter the IP address in the address bar.

The login page for modem settings will appear for you. Now you need to enter your password.

Go to the Wireless Lan section.

You can see your password in the Pre Shared Key section.

This method is slightly different from your modem model, but you can see the current Wi-Fi password you are connected to. You can also use the popular Windows Wi-Fi password decryptor program.


In this Spy24 article about hacking wireless networks and Wi-Fi, we tried to provide you with the most common methods of hacking Wi-Fi and wireless networks. In any case, you will need useful knowledge and tools to access and control other devices, phones and networks. Spy24 has tried to provide you with these facilities for 30 days for free under different platforms and operating systems by using modern knowledge as well as the production of smart hacking, security and tracking tools. You can use this Spy24 feature for free without needing coding knowledge and special security.


Is it possible to hack Wi-Fi networks without any software?

The answer to this question is both yes and no, depending on the type of network and encryption of the network and router, you can use various hacking and penetration methods that we mention in this article.

What is the best Android application for hacking Wi-Fi?

The best application in the field of hacking the password of wireless networks can be called Kill Wi-Fi and also Androiddumper, also many applications such as Spy24 also allow you to track and hack network and device information on Android.

What is the best Windows application to unlock wireless networks?

In this Spy24 article, we discussed various methods through the command line, as well as ways to break the encryption of wireless networks. One of the best tools is Windows Wi-Fi Decrypter.

How to hack Wi-Fi and wireless network passwords without an application?

You must master programs such as Aircrack NG and enter specific commands to hack the Wi-Fi network lock through the Kali operating system or the command line of the CYGG shell for Windows and Linux. Of course, Spy24 suggests you to definitely use a system with RAM and hardware resources suitable for breaking and decoding Wi-Fi passwords.

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