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What Font Does Instagram Use? for Stories – Bio – Messages

You may have been asked what font Instagram uses. There are a few options, though the most typical are Times New Roman, Tikal Sans, Merritta Serif, Etapi Sans, and Neue Helvetica. These fonts are uncomplicated to read and meet the need of users. They also seem pleasing on mobile and can help your page stand out from the mass.

The Instagram app allows you to catch moments on camera and share them with your friends as engaging videos. You can express your experience in text and become a type of rich text-based video content for your audience. In addition, Instagram offers many font styles for a special user experience in various parts of the app. Do you desire a great font style for your IG reels, stories, and stickers?

Every graphic designer understands the significance of visual branding, even though there are numerous cases in this field. Branding elements definitely have various options that we should also pay attention to. If you like to find the Instagram font utilized in both the logo and the caption, stop here. Many of us have likely wondered what font Instagram utilizes by now. Interestingly, this platform has altered its original fonts several times over the years.

What font does Instagram use?

Their major focus is on Proxima Nova. It’s an easy font that seems amazing and we can comprehend their decision. As a result, an app that is so prevalent should do a great job of selecting fonts for its audience. Having a constant Instagram typeface across all of their apps gives the user an interesting experience. If you download the ISO version of the Instagram app, you will notice that it utilizes Fright Sans and Niue Helvetian. In the Android version, Roboto is utilized together with Freight. Its website uses Proxima Nova for all text with Niue Helvetian as a background.

What font does Instagram use?

Proxima Nova font

The Proxima Nova family is a total redesign of the Proxima Sans established in 1994. Its six main fonts are now forty-eight fonts. It has three widths to utilize: Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Compact, and Proxima Nova Extra Compact. There are also some Proxima Nova options, btw. It looks pleasant and can be used for different tasks relying on what you want to do. Get it for yourself now and see if it can assist you with what you ought to do.

Freight Sans

This is another font that can be noticed on Instagram. If you want a distinctive font, Freight Sans can be the most suitable choice. You will appreciate this uncomplicated font. It’s perfect for any book you like to create, so see for yourself what you can employ it for.

Neue Helvetica

Still wondering what font Instagram utilizes. Neue Helvetica is very equal and was created by Max Miedinger. It is one of the most recognized typefaces in the world. Over time, Helotika was updated to various weights. Its new collections have standards in terms of shape and number of variants. This is the original sans serif font, which is both infinite and neutral. It can be used for various kinds of communication.

It has been utilized in numerous industries including computer and video games and has won the attention of designers. It is widely admitted and has evolved as a part of our culture, making it an excellent option for large-scale advertising and branding work.

Store names, computer business names, public signs, and the iPhone brand are the most typical uses of this typeface.


Being a default font for Android, it can truly be said to be a significant font. It was established in 2011 and has Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters. You can definitely see its geometric shapes when you look at it. At the same time, the font has nice open curves. Even if you can notice a rigid rhythm at times, Roboto can still be a suitable option.

Tikal Sans

If you’re a designer, you may want to know what fonts Instagram uses. The Tikal Sans font is a family of sans serif styles. This font is utilized by photo-sharing applications. It has twenty various styles and the font was initially publicized by Latinotype. Its versatility causes it the font of preference for numerous diverse applications. For instance, it can be utilized to add a date to a picture or add text to a caption. Its grace makes it an ideal option for a variety of goals, including business and brand advertising.

There are many reasons for selecting an Instagram typeface. For starters, it’s effortless to imitate the look of the app. This font imitates the style of squares and circles common in the program. The font makes it look like other programs. I hope Instagram continues to use the typeface and use it in marketing and applications. And if you are not a designer, don’t bother! You can still employ your Photoshop talents to make a captivating image!

Merritta Serif

Meritta Serif is an adaptable font inspired by vintage typefaces. Its authors utilized a mixture of twisting embeds and ligaments to give it a beautiful and timeless look.  Because of its versatility, it’s amazing for a variety of branding steps. Meritta Serif is a suitable option for marketing posters and social media marketing, as well as for journals, company cards, and logos. The font is created to match the available space. You can type a name or a passage in the box in your profile. Instagram transforms text into fancy fonts that function in all forms. The choices appear below the first box. You can then fit them in your Instagram bio, comments, and notes. This font is particularly useful for text. Nevertheless, Instagram does not suggest employing it for large amounts of text.

Etapi Sans

The font utilized by Instagram is a recent addition to the world of social media. This is a modern typeface called Etapi Sans. It is available in two styles – regular and rough. Its style is inspired by underground fashion movements and hip-hop culture. This style is easy and uncomplicated but still communicates a modern feel. Its rounded corners and broad lines make it a prevalent option for branding endeavors.

The new Instagram font is an attractive option. The font is derived from the square and circle. As for Stories, you won’t see the same type of style in captions, while ripped TikTok videos will look nicer. The corporation makes changes gradually and avoids making major modifications all at once. Yet, there are some significant exceptions. The corporation has already executed its new font in marketing materials and the application itself.

Instagram logo font

Social media platforms adjust their features to satisfy the needs of users at a particular time. Instagram is no exception, as the app has altered its logo fonts to satisfy our evolving demands. The Instagram logo is a camera-shaped icon represented by a square possessing a circle. The platform names it “squircle”.  The previous logo font is Billabong and was designed in 2006. Billabong is a special line with great modern effects. The app now utilizes Sans as its logo font.

What font does Instagram use in its stories?

Stories are one of the most suitable features that Instagram has offered. You can no longer imagine the application without it. Since its beginning in 2016, Stories has dominated with over 500 million customers sharing them every day.

The “type” attribute for Instagram stories was also made available to users. In this case, users can represent themselves in writing by using different text and font styles and different backgrounds.

Instagram users may utilize this mode for more than just finding creative methods to type the text for their stories. Instagram Typing Mode is perfect for creative marketers who realize the need to stand out through actual and eye-catching content.

What font does Instagram use in its stories?

Instagram Stories on iOS gadgets utilize the San Francisco font. Instagram stories on Android smartphones employ the Roboto font. On the other hand, Instagram utilizes Freight Sans for its application. Instagram now has a wide variety of fonts in its Type Stories mode. Instagram’s poll feature in Stories employs a special font called Aveny T e Regular. Thus, Instagram has adopted numerous types of fonts and designs for numerous functions.

What font does Instagram utilize in its stickers?

This is a straightforward response as the font they show in the sticker feature is Aveny T Regular.

The Aveny-T font was created by A2-TYPE. This font is inspired by the era of modernism at the beginning of the 20th century. This font was developed and utilized as a poster font using capital letters. This recently updated font family has a complete set of upper-case and lower-case letters. They display the Instagram font size well on any page.

How to utilize Font Generator to change IG text

How to utilize Font Generator to change IG text

A font generator is a tool to modify the font style of your text. You can utilize it to alter the texts of your posts and comments. Here’s how to employ instafonts.io to modify the IG font in a post:

  1. Go to your profile 
  2. Tap the create button above
  3. Choose the post
  4. Add a video or image
  5. Tap the blue arrow above
  6. Edit the picture utilizing filters and tap the blue arrow again
  7. Write a caption and copy
  8. Go to instafonts.io and paste the copied text into the “Type some text here” box
  9. Copy the text with the new font into the other box
  10. Put the text in the caption field
  11. Submit your content

Your caption font will modify to the font copied from the font generator. In addition, font generators offer text styles such as italic, bold, and underline text.

Suggestions for using fonts on IG

Suggestions for using fonts on IG
  1. Avoid using various fonts.

Adding numerous fonts in a post or comment will make your text look messy. Select a font and stick with it.

  1. Use proper spacing and text size

Each section on IG needs a different text size and spacing. For example, your profile name and bio should be large, bold, and well-spaced. In comparison, comments need easy, medium-sized texts.

  1. Preview your content before submitting

Before you hit the post button on Instagram, make sure you’re utilizing the proper font, text effect, and image/video.


Can I modify the font on Instagram?

Instagram lets users customize the caption font when publishing on a timeline. Instagram accounts often use a variety of fonts in their stories, but rarely change the font they utilize in their feed. Changing the profile and bio font may be a subtle but prominent difference that catches the eye.

Does Instagram have built-in features to modify the font style?

No, IG does not offer a built-in feature to modify the font style.

What type of font can I utilize on IG?

You can utilize different fonts including Sans, Aveny-T, and Nine fonts.

Why should I modify my Instagram font?

You should change your IG font to enhance your text style. Again, try various fonts to recognize one that resonates with your audience.

Can you use italics and bold text on Instagram?

Yes, many programs let you write in bold and italics. You can notice that adding new fonts to your profile is an easy way to increase your social media company. Modifying your Instagram bio font to something more stylish is easy with the right tools and apps on your iPhone.


We’ve studied Instagram fonts in detail to specify what the app uses. Instagram Stories offers a variety of font sizes and styles. Instagram Stories on iOS devices utilize the San Francisco font. Instagram stories on Android devices employ the Roboto font. On the other hand, Instagram utilizes Freight Sans for its application. Instagram currently offers a wide variety of fonts in its Type Stories mode. The app also uses Freight Sans for primary text and headings. Therefore, it is suggested to utilize this typeface on your device. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles such as How to Block Someone from Seeing Your Story Instagram?

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