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How to secure an Instagram account? (Is Instagram secure?)

How to secure an Instagram account? Considerable individuals use Instagram daily to boost their personal or corporate brand or to link with family and friends. You are busy making content and entertaining your audience. You may have numerous Instagram accounts as well as multiple social media profiles. You don’t have time to bother about the safety of your account.

If you are worried about your privacy and the security of your personal data, it is necessary not to ignore the security of your Instagram account. It has a lot of your private data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, and precious memories of you and your loved one, and should be as safe as any other online service you utilize.

In the case of social media influencers, superstars, or individuals selling products on IG, the risk is even greater, they can lose subscribers, money, and interaction. Instagram is a goal for hackers because of its tremendous popularity, and Instagram users have suffered from data breaches recently. After your Instagram account is compromised, it may be abused by hackers to get private data or share malware and other malicious content with your followers. Though there are actions you can take to make your account safer so that even if your login details fall into the incorrect hands, your account itself is always unavailable to anyone but you. In this article, we’ll explain everything you can do to make your Instagram account safe and increase your privacy.

Is Instagram secure?

Instagram itself is a safe platform, so the possibilities of it being hacked are low. Nevertheless, the safety of your account is largely up to you, and how sufficiently you protect your account and maintain your login details secure. In addition to its default settings, Instagram presents several features, including two-step authentication, planned to enhance account security. When it comes to information assemblage, Instagram’s privacy policies are analogous to Facebook’s because both platforms are owned by the same company. However, it’s not precisely the most acceptable when it comes to taking care of your info.

Is Instagram secure?

According to studies, Instagram shares up to 79% of the private data it collects. This contains not only the info you submit when you enter Instagram but also your interests and browsing history. Many of it is utilized to deliver personalized or targeted ads based on what Instagram believes you enjoy. It should be noted that Instagram’s official privacy policy is that it emphatically says that it does not and never sell user data. It also states Instagram sets “strict restrictions” on how it uses and discloses data provided by its partners. But if necessary, it will share your data with third parties, such as advertisers, investigators, and law enforcement agents.

Why do hackers hunt Instagram accounts?

However, you need to save your Instagram account from hackers. But why would someone like to access your social media info? Here are some potential explanations.

Why do hackers hunt Instagram accounts?
  1. Any Instagram account can be hacked to be utilized for spamming.

 Occasionally spam messages can greatly grow a company’s revenue. But there are boundaries for DM, beyond which the account will be blocked. A company can employ hackers to gain access to accounts and make more money.

  1. Steal personal information. 

There is a lot of data in your Instagram account and hackers understand how to utilize it to their advantage. Here are just a few instances. A username and password can be utilized to access your accounts on other websites. Your bank card details let them pay your money for what they require.

  1. Blackmail and competition.

 Hackers can see personal messages or images you save from the public eye on your Instagram account. These can be used for blackmail, competitors may like to ruin your reputation.

  1. Stolen accounts can be utilized to boost other accounts on Instagram. 

Hackers or those who employ them use hacked accounts to like, repost, and comment on Instagram pages they desire to boost.

This is not a complete list of reasons, but these are the most common ones. Whatever it is, you don’t like hackers to get hold of your Instagram account, so you need to save it.

Why should you protect your Instagram account from hackers?

While the explanation may seem clear, it’s also worth considering some of the explanations why protecting your Instagram account from hackers is so critical.

Why should you protect your Instagram account from hackers?
  1. Save your online reputation

Instagram hackers may break into your business Instagram account and spam your followers or post malicious pictures or content that individuals may not know didn’t arise from your company. Both of these kinds of Instagram posts can damage your online reputation and cause your followers to unfollow you, report your account, or block you. Protecting your Instagram account from hackers will not only maintain your account safe but also help you provide a cheerful experience for your audience online.

  1. Protect your investment

 When you implement any type of social media marketing, it is an investment of some kind – both in terms of funding and your time. You’ve worked hard to increase your Instagram following, boost engagement with your profile, and set your company as a resource on the site. Nevertheless, the time hackers get into your account, your hard work is put at risk. Individuals may block your account, you may not be able to post and continue to engage, and the movements you were running will probably finish – or at least be less prosperous. Besides, some hackers hold your account for ransom and request a fee to restore your access. You don’t like to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your account back.

  1. Maintain your personal information secure

Whether hackers break into your private or business Instagram account, they may gain access to your confidential information, texts, and passwords. This places the rest of your online company at risk and can lead to hackers gaining access to sensitive data about you or your company, such as your address, and your passwords to critical sites like your bank or website.

How to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked?

Review these symptoms to see if someone has broken into your account or is trying to hack it.

Your contact details are the first two things Instagram hackers alter when they break into an account, as Instagram utilizes these for login information and safety notices. Make certain these are accurate by checking here:

Go to your Settings > Account > Personal Information.

How to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked?

Check your login activity

Click on the hamburger menu button. Go to your Settings > Security > Login Activity. This will display the gadgets that are logged into your account and their location. Make certain all movements are from you or a team partner.

Check your login activity
  1. Email notifications about new arrivals

You may get an email warning when you sign in from a new location or use a different device. These are critical reminders to check the account again.

  1. Make sure the account security emails are from Instagram

Want to know if an email is really from Instagram? If you are not convinced, check if it is safer. Official Instagram emails about your account security are available for 14 days. Track these steps to see them in your account. If Instagram emails you about non-security issues, these emails will be seen in the Other tab.

  1. Scan your images, videos, and stories

Authentic and verified accounts draw more clients and fans. Instagram accounts with a lot of followers or brand engagement are usually targeted by hackers who desire to post phishing links to draw their audience. If you haven’t posted a picture, video, or story that emerges on your account, you may have a safety breach.

  1. Doubtful comments or direct messages

Maybe you discovered a comment you didn’t post from your account or got a direct message requesting you to click a link. Both are indications that a hacker is manipulating or trying to handle your account.

How to protect your Instagram account from hackers

How to protect your Instagram account from hackers
  1. Use a robust password

The first effort you should take to save your Instagram account from hackers is to make a robust password. First of all, it must be unique. A suitable password that guards your Instagram account against being hacked has upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters. Furthermore, make it elongate, which will make it more challenging for hackers to crack your password. If you need help readily making a 15-digit password to save your Instagram account, employ a password generator to make it stronger.

  1. Use two-step authentication

Save your Instagram account and keep hackers at bay utilizing two-step authentication. It was developed in the 2010s with the primary goal of improving the security of your personal information on social media. Instagram has also added this feature, and you can utilize it to stop your account from being hacked. Add your phone number, and you will get certain codes to enter your profile. No one else can enter without your mobile phone. When you use two-step authentication, it’s necessary to keep the contact information on your Instagram accounts up to date. Otherwise, you may lose admission to your account.

  1. Avoid third-party apps

Guarding your Instagram account against hackers is not only about what you should accomplish, but also what you shouldn’t do. Avoid third-party apps that assert to assist you with your Instagram account. Some of them promise to offer you more followers and likes, others promise to display what other users are hiding. Many of these third-party apps not only don’t do anything but also steal your data because you have to log in with your Instagram account. Utilizing them places you at threat of hacking. Some signs will help you understand whether you should utilize the program or not. SSL encryption is the first thing to see. If there is no such thing in the application, this is the first indication that you should ignore it to stop your Instagram account from being hacked.

  1. Never save passwords in web browsers and applications

 There are other necessary steps you should take to save your Instagram account from being hacked. Note that most browsers and applications save your passwords. If they can utilize the same browser or app, they don’t even have to be hackers to access your information.

Numerous users like to save passwords and login data in the browser. This will allow them to readily access their social media accounts in the future. The same is true for applications. Nevertheless, this is the most straightforward method for hackers to access your Instagram account.

If you browse the Internet from your PC, tab, or smartphone, saving passwords in browsers or applications is not a big issue. Though when you utilize someone else’s device, they can enter your saved password into your account, which is a concern. So what can you do to save your Instagram account from hackers and other nosy individuals? Be certain your passwords aren’t saved when you use other individuals’ gadgets. AutoSaved can be altered in settings.

  1. Save your email from hackers 

Save your email from hackers to protect your Instagram account. Email address is usually utilized to make a profile page on a social network. And therefore, as an ordinance, it is utilized to restore access to it. If someone can get access to your inbox, they can steal your IG account. Anyone who has access to your email can modify your password on Instagram. They can utilize your page however they desire and you won’t be logged in. However, you can always recover your account, but it needs time. That is why it is more reasonable to protect it in advance.

Here are some tips to prevent your email from being hacked: Utilize a unique and prolonged password that contains letters, numbers, and special characters. Do not disclose others. Log out, and never save email passwords in browsers and applications. Besides, it is necessary to avoid giving your email address to individuals you do not know or trust to save your information. If they know your email, they have half of your Instagram login or email. This data can be sufficient for hackers.

How to recover hacked Instagram accounts

How to recover hacked Instagram accounts
  • Scan your email account for Instagram messages

If [email protected] sends an email that your email address has altered and you haven’t, you can undo this activity with the revert this change option in the email.

  • Change your password

If your password has been modified by someone else, ask for a login link from Instagram. To ask for a login link from Instagram, go to the login page, and click on “Forgot password”. From the Trouble Logging in, follow the instructions and provide a safe email address so that Instagram can reach you and take the next actions to recover your Instagram account.

  • Ask Instagram for a security code or support

If you can’t recover your Instagram account by doing the above measures, you can report the hacked Instagram account. Click on the “Help us recover your account” page. Instead of asking for a security code, choose “I can’t access this email or phone number”. Fill in the form with your account details, and then choose “My account has been hacked” and then tap “Request Support”.

After you’ve presented your request, you should get an auto-reply email from Instagram’s security team inviting you to help confirm your identity. You will be requested for one or both of the following:

It provides you with a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with Instagram’s handwritten code.

The email address or phone number you registered with and the kind of device you utilized when you registered (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.).


Instagram protects your privacy and does a good job of stopping your account from being hacked. However, hackers also do a good job and there is continually a threat. For brands and developers on Instagram, maintaining your account security has never been more important. Although there’s no 100% secure way to prevent your account from being hacked, you can make it more challenging for hackers by pursuing these easy actions. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles such as How To Spy App Private Instagram Account.

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