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How to Spy On WhatsApp Video Calls and Record Them?

Spying and hacking certain apps on our phones or PC hold many reasons behind them. But we’re you aware that you can even spy on WhatsApp video call and can even record it? 

Today hacking and saying have many sides to them. Some, like parents, do it to keep an eye on their children, whereas some have trust issues and try to check with whom their partner is in touch finally, the other group that hacks and spy on WhatsApp video call for malicious activities that they have planned. 

Today on the internet, the topic of how to spy on WhatsApp video calls and record them is a frequently searched question. But do we have any detailed information about it?

Can we actually spy on someone’s WhatsApp and even the video call and finally record it? 

For parental care, which holds no negative intentions behind it and has no malicious activities involved, we have a solution. The best app that can propose for spying on WhatsApp and video calls is SPY24

It’s ok if it is your first time hearing about the app, glue your eyes to the screen, and we will elaborate more about the SPY24 app in detail to clarify all your doubts and make it easier for you to use it.

Sharing inappropriate content and pictures has increased, and parents are worried about their children as we really do not have enough time to monitor our children 24/7. Especially if both the parents are working, then the case gets even more difficult. 

To help in keeping an eye on your kids while you are out or at work, the SPY24 app came into action. Now you can easily monitor your kids no matter where you are and see what they do. 

The app is so good that you can even check their WhatsApp and even monitor their video calls and even record it. 

Can we actually spy on someone’s WhatsApp and even the video call and finally record it? 

This is too good to be accurate, but thanks to ever-developing technology, today, SPY24 came to help us all. 

Via SPY24, today you can hack and spy on WhatsApp video calls, both ingoing and outgoing ones, you can do group hacking if you have more than one child, and you as a hacker can even control the entire activities of the desired WhatsApp owner remotely with only a WhatsApp call. 

We are sure now you are tempted to use the SPY24 as soon as possible, but just to remind you again, we do not promote hacking for malicious activities. 

So let us read further regarding the SPY24 and know how we can install and proceed with it. 

SPY24: The best app to spy and monitor WhatsApp

Being one of the most advanced apps that came to help parents in monitoring and watch over their children, the SPY24 app works really well on both iOS as well as Android. 

You can even use it to track their location and spy over their entire apps and their activities that are done online to protect them from the harsh world outside. 

The app is known to work entirely in stealth mode and permits you to spy on WhatsApp and video calls easily. 


The app is made in such a bad way that no one will know that you are spying on them, even while they are on a video call. So it is a perfect option for parents and some employers who desire to control the confidential matters happening inside their business in order to avoid them from getting spread. 

Apart from WhatsApp video call monitoring, you can even see their chats, images that have been sent and received, voice notes, along with screenshots and documents. It clearly stated that you get hold of their entire WhatsApp and their activities, including video calls. 

Do you know how you can install the SPY24 app? 

If you desire to install the SPY24 app on Android, then follow the step-by-step guide given below for smooth installation purposes.

Step 1:  Go ahead and make your first step by registering for the SPY24. 

You can visit the official website at SPY24 and click on the option that says “Get SPY24 Now”. The good news is that you can even choose between the 30 days’ trial provided by the app. 

SPY24 Whatsapp Spy App free
SPY24 Whatsapp Spy App free

Step2: on your target phone, set up the SPY24 app

You should check the URL that is provided to you in your email, along with the activation code and the credentials for login purposes. Install it by downloading the help install SPY24 on the device you desire, and take a look at the installation guide as well. 

Step2: on your target phone, set up the SPY24 app
SPY24 install

Step 3: Start spying on Android devices

Now that you have come all this way, you can see the information which is about the device you desire on the dashboard of the SPY24 app.

SPY24: Free Remote Monitoring App for iPhone & Android
SPY24: Free Remote Monitoring App for iPhone & Android

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

Good news for the iOS users whom you desire to track. There is an exception to installing the SPY24 app remotely but only on iPhones. The phones that are not jailbroken, the app works well on them. You may think that you don’t need SPY24 just because you have the details of the iCloud of the person you desire to hack then it means you do not know how great SPY24 is so far. 

With SPY24, you get to hack, see and monitor more than all that you can have on iCloud. The SPY24 gives you the opportunity to view messages instantly, along with the data that has been deleted from the device. So you see how great Spy24 is, don’t you? 

When we talk about reliability, one of the most trusted apps for spying is SPY24. When you read about its great features, then you will even come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, a great app. 

The SPY24 App features

 The great features of the SPY24 make it even more demanding. They are:

spy24 app free6 1
  • It has the potential to track the location of the device you are trying to spy on and works like an advanced GPS.
  • You can check the current along with the location history to know where all your desired individual has been. 
  • You get to check their entire online activities, what they do, what they surf, and with whom they talk. 
  • It helps in avoiding the exchange and sharing of personal information such as addresses or even details that should not be shared with others. 
  • You can control the use of certain apps that you feel are not appropriate for your child. 
  • You can block apps, web pages, and even sites that you desire to be hidden from your child. 
  • SPY24 gives you the opportunity to read emails, check incoming and outgoing calls, and even use apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. 
  • The good news is that you can spy on the calls done on WhatsApp as well, which means you get the entire control over the device of the person you hacked.

Do you see how great SPY24 is?

Now after reading the features, you know the reason behind the craze for it, don’t you? 

Well, this is not the end. We have more to tell you about the WhatsApp video call hack and how you can do it with the help of the SPY24 app. So bear with us till the end.

There is a concern regarding the cost of the SPY24 app, and often people consider the app to be free. Well, we should add that, unfortunately, the app is not free, but it is not expensive at all, and it is very pocket friendly.

Let us get back to the hot topic of spying on WhatsApp. 

In easy steps, you can spy on WhatsApp with the help of SPY24. Do you want to know why? Then read the steps below for a better understanding. 

Do you see how great SPY24 is?
  • Some reasons to spy on WhatsApp messages on Android
  • Parental control

The first and foremost thing for spying on WhatsApp is parental control. Being overprotective towards your children is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you, as a parent, have the entire right to do so. 

Parents today are really concerned about the internet world, and they are even worried about their children as they surf the net all day. As WhatsApp is one of the most famous apps that all teenagers use today to stay in touch with each other, parents desire the sky over WhatsApp as well as all the activities that take place on it. 

Being bullied or harassed is a common issue children suffer today, so keeping an eye on them will not be harmful. It can also help you to check the amount of time they use on the internet as well as WhatsApp instead of doing their work and studying. 

  • The employee monitoring

As mentioned earlier, you might want to keep a close eye on your employees to see whether your company secrets are being taken out. It can also be done to check whether they are doing their work or they are busy killing their time in WhatsApp, which does no productivity for you and your business. 

So it is a good idea to check your employees but do not forget not to misuse the information you get by hacking their WhatsApp. 

  • Relationship issues

Unfortunately, the number of cheating on partners has increased a lot. Today partners desire to know what they do behind their back, or they have trust issues. they desire to know what’s going on in the WhatsApp of the individual they are in a relationship with, as we do not like to hand over our phones to anyone. 

As a result, doubt kicks in, and WhatsApp hacking starts. It helps in gauging the faithfulness level of the partners and often results in divorce when the opposite is proven.

These are the reasons why we tend to spy on our desired individuals’ WhatsApp and their activities online. Would you ever want to spy on anyone? Then you know that SPY24 is all that you need, don’t you? After knowing all this, a question triggers our minds.

So how we can record WhatsApp videos and voice calls? 

It is really easy, but it won’t harm to read how to record WhatsApp videos and voice calls. 

Thanks to the great feature of WhatsApp that we have today, you can do both normal calls as well as video calls with anyone you like worldwide. Among kids, the utilization of this feature has been seen even more. 

It is not a secret that WhatsApp claims that it ensures final encryption for all its users, but from another angle, it can also put the users in serious issues. 

It has been seen that kids have fallen into the sex hunter’s trap or cyberbullying, and this results in kids getting into explicit sexual content. 

This is a good time for parents to realize the importance of the use of SPY24 as it can save them and their kids. When we talk about protecting our kids, privacy is secondary, and as parents, you have the entire right to monitor your kids to see their activities and behavior online. 

So how we can record WhatsApp videos and voice calls? 

With the use of the SPY24 app, you can control and monitor your kiss on a remote basis and check their WhatsApp messages, calls, and even video calls in precise. You need to install the TOS spy app that is meant for WhatsApp only on the device you desire to spy on. 

Then once you have installed it, you need to root it if it is an Android phone. You can now remotely keep an eye and an ear on the chats and calls. 

This means that you can record WhatsApp calls from another phone with a call recorder app as well. So this is how SPY24 has made life easier for parents in the first place, then for the employees and all. 

Since we spoke about installing the app on Android, we should also focus on the iPhone as the users may not all be having Android phones. Whether you are w concerned employer or an overprotective parent, you should know that it is very easy to spy on anyone you desire, but you need to have good intentions and a good app for it which we are introducing to you already. 

The app that we spoke so much about can work 100% secretly without anyone knowing or noticing it. It can provide you instant updates regarding the location and the routes that the desired individual has traveled to and even provides you the entire ability to hack, block, report, and even hide certain applications, as well as websites remotely.

Now the best part is that you can even record WhatsApp calls on your iPhone as well as record video calls with a built-in screen recorder. But before we move to this section, let us read about how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone. 

For hacking and monitoring an iPhone WhatsApp with the help of SPY24, you should know that it is even easier than Android. Only you need to know what is there on the desired individual’s iPhone when you already have an undetectable app such as SPY24 to help you. 

It works by connecting the device to the app, which is a very secure server. As soon as it is connected, it permits you to have entire access to the data that is stored in the iPhone, and you can even hack and monitor WhatsApp with all its data, messages, incoming and outgoing calls as well as video calls. 

Now to record a WhatsApp video call with an inbuilt screen recorded, you need to use a second device for it. You can do so by putting the call on speaker and setting the volume as high as possible. Now go ahead and use the voice memos app to help you on your iPad, iPhone, or even Apple Watch to help you in the easy recording of the entire conversation. 

Second, you can take help from an Android phone, which we cannot say is really a solution to recording WhatsApp video calls, but it has a different work process. If you feel like you always need to record WhatsApp video calls, then it is better to make a WhatsApp account on your Android and record the conversation via a third-party call recorder app that you can get from the play store. 

And finally, use a Mac to record WhatsApp video calls easier. After reading this, you will be able to understand how you can record WhatsApp voice call with audio via Mac.

You can use your Mac and your lightning cable to record voice calls via WhatsApp. The surprising part is that with the use of a Mac, you can also record video calls to record face time calls as well.

There are ample apps that you can use for hacking and monitoring WhatsApp video calls, but among them, SPY24 has proved to be one of the best. As the number of WhatsApp users has increased to over 1 billion the world of WhatsApp gets even scarier, the parent is not overprotective than ever. 

We don’t say that hacking is good work when it comes to monitoring and taking care of loved ones from a distance it is legal. 

Moreover, SPY24 does not support hacking for harmful purposes. 


Go ahead and protect your children, your business, and yourself from the outside world and keep an eye on the devices that you feel should be monitored. It is better to be safe early than sorry late. SPY24 will help you fulfill your goals secretly without anyone knowing.

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