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How can I monitor another phone? (Android – iPhone)

Today, we live in a world where cyberspace takes up a large part of people’s time and energy. Activity in this space has a special rule and law, which if not followed, will cause a lot of problems and troubles for people.

People who work in cyberspace include children and teenagers, middle-aged people, and elderly people; Taking care of these people in order not to abuse their privacy is an issue that has caused concern for many people today.

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A simple example of phone monitoring

monitor another phone

For example, assume a child whose parents have bought a cell phone for him or her and installed some applications on the phone to use educational parts in addition to entertaining programs. A child who has not yet entered society and is not familiar with many breaking norms has no security in the social media space where thousands of people with different opinions and characteristics are members.

The same child that we gave as an example, by entering parts of the social media (for example, Instagram) that are not suitable for his or her age, can access contents that are not suitable for his age and childish mentality. Or imagine an elderly person who does not know much about social networks and mobile phones in general and uses mobile phones only to have fun and spend time on these networks.

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Existence of cyberspace norm violations

monitor another phone

At any moment, this person may be abused by people who have sinister goals and are looking for those who are not aware of their privacy. Monitoring the phone of this child or elderly person by another person who has comprehensive and good information about cyberspace and mobile phones and can prevent possible crises is very practical and good.

This person knows very well what kind of content the child should have access to and can introduce him or her to this content by properly managing the child’s social network and preventing the child from entering inappropriate pages.

In the rest of this article, we have examined the topic of “monitoring other people’s phones; how and its benefits” more and more comprehensively. Stay with us.

As you probably know these days it’s all about cell phones

•        surfing Internet

•        Socializing in social networks and short message chats

•        Conversations through phone calls

… many other activities. It’s good for vacation time but in business, it leads to less productivity. do not you agree? This is the main reason why more and more employers are asking how to monitor employee phone activity.

Do you want to know where your family members are? Is location possible without people’s permission? Did you know that there are applications for smartphones that can be used to share or track the location of your family and friends? Applications that are all free.

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What are the categories which need to be monitored?

categories which need to be monitored

1. Children under 18 years’ old

Children and people under the age of 18, who in many cases do not have the competence to operate without the supervision of adults; As we said, it is better for an older person who has complete information about cyberspace and the violations in it, to fully monitor the activities of these children and prevent them from entering illegal and immoral pages.

2. Elderly and sick people

Monitoring the phones of elderly people and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to find their location at any time; many elderly people need special care due to problems and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. One of these cares is controlling their location. Controlling the location using a mobile phone that is always with them is one of the care solutions that their children can consider.

3.People who are not qualified to operate without supervision

People who do not have enough information about the norms of cyberspace and someone should supervise their activities to protect their privacy; These people include a wide spectrum and are not limited to children. Anyone who feels the need for special care in cyberspace and whose mobile phone should be checked is included in this group.

Tracking the location of people

Monitoring family members has become easier and perhaps even more secretive than ever. To find out if your child is at home, you no longer need to call or text him or if you have an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease around you and you are always worried about them, you can easily find the location and time of their arrival. Find out how to get home

Today, some applications can easily monitor your family members or friends and show you their approximate location, which can be very useful. If someone forgets to call you or doesn’t answer your calls, you don’t have to worry about him anymore. Just take a look at your tracking app to find out everything and get peace of mind. If locating your loved ones without their permission seems sneaky or you’re worried about being spied on, there’s nothing to worry about. All these Android and iPhone applications that we introduce below are safe and you can use them safely. Your contacts must agree to be tracked, and the instructions for using these applications are very clear and simple.

As you use the applications introduced below, keep in mind that these tools are not completely accurate and their positioning accuracy depends on the strength of the GPS signals. Also, none of these tools can be used when the phone is turned off.

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Google social network service Google+

This one may not be very well known in this field, but Google’s social network service called Google+ can also be useful for location sharing. The design of this application is reminiscent of the old Google Latitude application, which is combined with Google Maps.

To share your location with others, send a request to the desired contact number using the Google+ application. After that person accepts, you can see each other’s location with that app. It is worth mentioning that to see the position of the person in question, he or she doesn’t need to send you a request again. The Google+ app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

With this solution, manage your child’s use of the Internet

Useful software with many features

There is software that is called “Parental Control” and when installed on a phone, tablet, or computer, they allow you to control all the activities of your child. With this software, you can determine the duration of device use, the time when you log in to your phone or computer and specify the authorized websites, as well as view a report of all the applications and websites that your child has accessed. It is enough to enter your desired settings for each of these items in the software

These settings cannot be changed by children; When you install the software, it asks you for a password that must be entered for any type of change in the software settings and even to delete it from the device. The password can only be set and changed by the person who installs the software.

What exactly does this software have?

What exactly does this software have?

Some key and basic features are common to all these soft wares. including:

    Set a limit for the duration of using the device or the Internet. For example, determine that he or she can access the device or the Internet only from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; Or, for example, he or she is only allowed to use it for a total of five hours a day. Outside this time frame, the device will be locked or the internet will be disconnected.

    You specify which applications your child can use. Any other application will be locked by this software. Determine which websites are allowed to enter, restrict access to immoral sites and any sites you want, and put a kind of home filter on the Internet.

In addition to the fact that specific sites can be completely blocked by entering their address in the software settings, all websites that contain these words can be blocked by specifying certain keywords. You can see all the applications that your child has used and all the websites that he has opened and even the duration of each one.

Some features are also different depending on the software used. such as the following:

  • It takes screenshots of the device’s screen in the time intervals you determine, and in this way, you will have a more accurate observation of your child’s activity.
  • Some software has the possibility to record all the words entered by your child; Even the ones that come in chat. They can also be set to block the chat completely if you repeat certain illegal words
  • Manages and controls all incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages. For example, it records everything or you can set limits for each one.
  • In the software that is installed on the computer device, it is possible to lock and limit the USB ports to manage the information that is exchanged through the flash memory. It also monitors the files that are sent to the printer.

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Ways to monitor other people’s phones

Ways to monitor other people's phones

How to monitor other people’s phones? Breaking into another person’s mobile phone is usually possible in three ways; Hacking the target person’s phone, taking the phone from him or her and controlling his social networks, calls, and text messages, and using software that does this work professionally. In your opinion, which of these solutions is more logical, convenient, and practical?

1.Control other people’s phones through mobile hacking

Hacking a mobile phone is illegal all over the world, and the hacker is known as an information thief and will be severely punished if prosecuted. Also, hacking the phone in a way that can control all the elements of the phone is very difficult and ordinary people are not able to do this.

2. Taking the phone from the target person

Taking the cell phone from the other person and checking it, although it is a simpler solution than hacking, has a high error rate. In such a way that the person in question can quickly delete the relevant contents, including text messages, calls, social network activities, etc

3. Using specialized phone control software

The third solution, which is the best, simplest, and most logical solution, is to install special software on the mobile phone of the target person and control the phone by this way. In such a way that by installing software on the intended person’s phone and another version of the same software on your mobile phone, you can fully see the intended person’s activities in the user panel of the program that you have installed on your mobile phone. This method is a completely legal solution and does not use hacking or illegal penetration methods; Rather, you install this program with the permission of the other person and you can access all his or her activities

IPhone tracking

Finding an iPhone, when you can’t find your phone or it has been stolen, is one of the most important ways to increase your chances of finding your phone. Because apart from the importance of the high price of your phone, the information in it is also important. Fortunately, there are programs for tracking the iPhone that can be used to remotely wipe your data to prevent possible abuse.

Learning how to track an iPhone

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, the most basic method is to use location. But you should note that to use this method, your phone’s location feature must be active and connected to the Internet. In general, you should enable the tracking features of the phone before anything happens. Other more detailed methods, such as how to activate the Find My iPhone function and track the iPhone with this method, find the iPhone using the iPad, find the iPhone through Apple ID, track the disabled iPhone, and the necessary actions if the find function is not activated.

How to activate the Find My iPhone function and track the iPhone with this method?

To activate the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone, you must follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to the phone settings.
  2. Tap on your profile at the top of the page.
  3. Now select Settings and then tap on Find My iPhone. Note that the sign in front of Find My iPhone and Find My network should also be on.
  4. To use Find My iPhone, open the app and tap the Devices tab.
  5. In this step, select the device whose location you want to view. This program shows the location of the device and thus the steps of tracking your iPhone are done through this method.

Find an iPhone with the help of an iPad

1.To track a stolen and lost iPhone using an iPad, first, open the Find My app on the iPad and tap the Devices tab. A list of devices that have the Find My feature enabled will be displayed.

2.Select your iPhone from this list. If your phone is turned off, its icon will be displayed with the screen turned off, and if your phone is on, you will see its screen in color in the list.

3.Click on Directions to see the route to the iPhone.

If your iPhone is not connected to the Internet but is still on, tap the Play Sound option so that you can hear it when you get close to it. If your phone is turned off, tap the Notify When Found option to receive a notification when your iPhone is successfully tracked and you are close to it. This way you can see the location of your phone when it turns on

Find iPhone through Apple ID

To find and track a lost or stolen iPhone through Apple ID, you can proceed in two ways:

1- Login to the iCloud site using a computer or laptop

In this method of tracking the iPhone, you need to enter icloud.com and enter your Apple ID information. After logging in, select Find My iPhone. Click on the All Devices section to see the list of all devices where your Apple ID is entered in the iCloud section. Then click on your device name

Devices that are connected to the Internet are displayed in light, and if they are turned off, they are gray. On the opened page, you can see the exact address where your phone is located. By clicking on Lost Mode, you can lock your device remotely and by clicking on Erase, you can erase all the data of your device from the phone

2.Log in to the iCloud site through iPhone

 Using an iPhone, go to www.icloud.com and click Open Find My iPhone. Enter your Apple ID information and sign in. After logging in, you can see the list of devices that use this Apple ID in iCloud and have the Find My iPhone feature enabled. Click on your device name.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can see the exact address of your iPhone device on the opened page. You can also click Actions and then select Lost Mode to lock your iPhone remotely. In addition, you can remotely erase all data on your iPhone by clicking Erase

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Track off iPhone

The steps we have described to track your Apple phone are only effective when your stolen phone is turned on and connected to the Internet. But if it is turned off or offline, it is not so easy to track it. If you have activated the find my iPhone function on your phone, even if your iPhone is turned off, you can put it in lost mode and lock it, or erase its data. So, these actions will be applied to your phone as soon as it comes online. To cancel Lost mode, you can take your iPhone out of Lost mode by entering the Passcode on the device. You can do this through iCloud.com or the Find My iPhone app.

Necessary actions if they find my iPhone feature is not active

If the find my iPhone function is not activated on your phone, you should do the following steps to protect your phone:

Change your Apple ID password so that people are not allowed to access your iCloud data and can use all Apple services. Change passwords for all your accounts including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Unfortunately, with this method, it is not possible to track the iPhone.

How to control employees’ phones? Control your employees secretly and remotely

Control your employees secretly and remotely

Have you ever wondered how to monitor employees’ phones? Do you want to monitor your employee’s activities secretly and remotely?

Well, these days it is the knowledge and quality of information that gives companies a concept. The employer should know the activities of his or her employees to better organize their working time. Monitoring your employee’s phone allows you to see what’s going on inside and outside of the workplace. Monitoring employees’ phones can be very useful for employers if they want to know more about the activities of employees inside and outside the workplace.

Android spy

Well, if we take a look around, we will find that Android is now the most used mobile operating system. Compared to any other mobile operating system, Android provides users with much more features and customization options. Not only the customization, but also the app availability is quite extensive on the Android mobile operating system. Just take a quick look at Google Play Store, you will find apps and games for every different purpose such as android spy apps. These apps serve a great purpose and can be used to track another smartphone or your child. Spy camera os, ear spy, ip cam viewer, automatic call recorder are some android spy apps.

Summing it up

The importance and necessity of monitoring programs is more felt today. The widespread use of such programs and solutions covers many areas, from school to home and workspace. The security and control of any environment today is the concern of parents, business owners and other people. In this article, we tried to introduce more of these types of programs and also teach you how to monitor other people’s phones.

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