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How to Uninstall Mobile Tracker Free

In this article from SPY24, as a member of the SPY24 team. I will teach you how to remove the Mobile Tracker Free application from your mobile phone. I will try to be comprehensive and complete about Mobile Tracker Free and the features it has, and at the end, we will propose great alternatives for you. In the whole article, we try to avoid prejudice about this application and negative advertisements and use different and reliable sources in this field.

  What is Mobile Tracker Free? What is its use?

The market of tracking programs is very hot in today’s Internet world, probably you have heard the name of this Mobile Tracker Free application before. This application is one of the companies that are active in the field of monitoring parents, spouses, .. etc. This application helps a person to track his wife or child by installing it on his phone. Among the features of Mobile Tracker Free, we can mention complete access to the location and also access to children’s or wives’ conversations. Through this application, you can control your children and your spouse or fiancé.

What is Mobile Tracker Free?

What is the reason why I have to delete Mobile Tracker Free from my phone?

Well, there are many reasons for this, which we will discuss. But let’s take a look at the application itself and the many accesses it requires from the user. These may lead to the misuse of your child’s or spouse’s information by third parties.

In the next step, as a member of the SPY24 team, I tried to visit various review and feedback websites such as TrustPilot, which I usually do to review applications, and there were many points and negative feedback for this application. It can be another reason to remove Mobile Tracker Free from your phone.

I checked some comments from the users of this application without prejudice and found out that this application has a lot of bugs and contrary to its free name, by the way, its services are completely paid. Pay attention to the following comments:

These comments from unhappy customers:

Paid for premium service. The site is severely buggy. One day the features work and then nothing works for the next 5 days. The only thing that works 90% of the time is locations. That’s all it’s good for. Don’t waste your money Sent several messages to the support team for a whole week. This site just scammed my money.

Completely fake, they don’t give you any information. I canceled and they are still charging me.

They refunded my money after I told them I would complain to the BBB, and their management and report to the police fraud bureau how they operate. Within 5 minutes they refunded me. I have already had 4 email conversations with their customer service.

Benefits of SPY App Android for Schools

(This application with a score of 2.8 in TrustPilot has actually made a poor record for itself.)

Technical review and programming Mobile tracker free

Well, other things, including the structure (malware) of the application, as well as having root access to the phone are other problems of the mobile tracker free application.

Due to my excessive curiosity, I downloaded the application and went to decompile it, according to ethical custom, I will try to show you some of their flaws and bugs, and I will leave the rest to you. 

– This application slows down your phone severely (excessive use of different trackers that cause conflict with the background resources of your phone)

– The codes used are sometimes non-standard and require strange accesses that have nothing to do with the applications of the application.

– In fact, the application is connected to a database that does not seem secure, and this can be quite threatening for you and the information of your child, fiance, and spouse.

– In terms of privacy, you will not actually see specific and written laws, in my opinion, I always read the legal information of the software, this transparency and also the details of access to information was unclear and sometimes contrary to the laws of European and American countries. North)

In the rest of this article, I will discuss how to remove Mobile tracker free from your phone.

How to Uninstall mobile tracker for free?

Well, this is one of the easiest jobs in the world. Just follow the steps below carefully to remove any malicious application from your phone.

How to Uninstall Mobile Tracker Free?

Before we go to the steps, I would like to tell you one thing Android, along with all the good things and development it has, can be very vulnerable to installing malicious applications. So always be careful when installing applications.

Step 1 – Enter the settings of your Android phone. Usually, in Samsung and other phones, the settings are in the form of a gear icon.

Then go to the Apps section, maybe you have been mentioned on other brands of applications and…

You can find the Mobile Tracker Free program among the installed programs. If you don’t see this program among the applications, just go to the hamburger menu on the top right of the screen and open Default apps or Show system apps.

After finding the desired application, click on it.

Ensure complete removal of Mobile Tracker Free.

Be sure to do this before uninstalling Mobile tracker free:

Go to the Storage section, first click Clear Cache, and then Clear Data to delete all data. And then go back to the previous page and click the option to uninstall Mobile tracker free.

Security tip:

Considering that many applications leave traces of themselves in system files that you cannot see even after being deleted, I suggest you use anti-virus and malware applications such as Doctor Phone and the like. Proceed to clean the system folders so that you can be completely relieved of this issue.

The second method (secret codes) Android

I always welcome this method and try to recommend it to others. By default, Android phones have many secret codes that you can use for various functions.

  1. Open your account
  2. Select device
  3. Choose your Android phone or a third party and choose the password
  4. Example: Select ##1234##. When done, tap the call button.
  5. Press the menu button and then select the option to remove Mobile tracker free.
How to Uninstall Mobile Tracker Free?
Uninstall Mobile Tracker Free

The third method, how to remove the mobile tracker free

Open Google Chrome with the target Android phone. Link: https://mobile-tracker-free.com/uninstall/

Select the “menu” button => Uninstall => OK

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile tracker free was found on my phone, what is the reason?

Well, you probably came to the right place, you are probably being monitored by one of your close people and this application was installed on your phone when you didn’t realize it.

What information has been visible and eavesdropping on me?

Well, it is very likely that your calls, along with the locations you visited and also your messages, of course, you can hope that this application did not work well considering the many problems it has had.

Of course, if you find out that SPY24 is installed on your phone, you can’t be too hopeful because all your activities are well monitored ☺

If you suspect that the Mobile tracker Free application or other trackers are installed on your phone, be sure to follow the steps below.

What is the best tool to find the tracker and spy app on the phone?

Well, probably, as one of the famous companies in the field of parental control, we should not provide you with this guide. But in this section, I will tell you which tools are suitable for finding spyware and malware on your phone.

Best Tool to Found Tracker App

Scan the phone with Play Protect

You should also take a closer look at Android security features. Play Protect scans all apps on your smartphone and works on older versions of Android as well. The easiest way to find Play Protect is in the Play Store app in the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines at the top left).

The “Scan device for security threats” option must be enabled. “Improved malware detection” should also be on. Be sure to check how long it’s been since the last Play Protect scan: if it’s been more than a few days, this could indicate a spyware attack.

Now run a scan of all apps. Internet access must be enabled for this. For example, Play Protect detects spyware Mobile tracker Free, which can then be removed completely.

Identify spyware from third-party sources

Attackers usually have to manually install spyware on your device because Google’s virus scanner detects them, which is why apps on the Play Store are largely malware-free. To install manually, an attacker must first disable the lock that protects your device from third-party apps. You can find this lock on older devices in the settings under “Security/Unknown sources”.

In new smartphones, there is no longer a central lock, but individual applications such as File Manager, Dropbox, or browsers are allowed to be installed from external sources. In the settings under “Apps and notifications/Special app access/Incognito,” you will see a list of apps: All apps should be “Not allowed”. If you find an app on the list that allows third-party resources, this is a sign of a spyware attack. In this case, take a closer look at the source of the program. Newer versions of Android show this in the settings under “App Notifications” in the app details view. The sources “app downloaded from Google Play Store” or “app downloaded from Galaxy Apps” are usually harmless, while “app downloaded from package installer” is very suspicious. You must uninstall this program.

Benefits of Spy App Free

Reset to factory settings

If nothing else helps you or you still have doubts about the security of your smartphone, the only thing that helps is a factory reset. Before doing this, you should back up your personal data (photos, addresses, and appointments, etc.) and note down important elements of your configuration. In the settings, you can reset your phone under “Systems/Reset options/Erase all data”, on some systems you will find the reset under “General Administration/Reset/Reset to Factory settings” or something similar. After that, you need to reset your mobile phone. Important: Install it as a fresh machine and without using a backup, otherwise your machine may get infected again from the backup. And: Don’t change your passwords until after the key logger reset. The installer may not find the new passwords.

Free mobile tracker alternatives

Well, after the complete reviews that we had above, maybe you are one of the angry parents or customers who want to look for a powerful alternative to monitor your children, spouse, or fiance.

Many applications such as SPY24 or Mspy or Kidsguard will give you powerful features to keep an eye on your friends and children on the Internet.

I do not recommend this powerful program as a member of the SPY24 team, but as an old user, because you can use the features of SPY24 for one month in a completely safe and secure platform and with very easy use. You can use it for free, without paying a single cent for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

What is the reason for the Mobile tracker free application on my phone?

You are probably being watched and spied on by someone around you.

Is Mobile Tracker Free app reliable?

We at SPY24 reviewed this application and realized that, contrary to advertisements and slogans, this application has many problems.

How to delete Mobile tracker Free from the phone?

Just follow the steps included in this article from SPY24 so that no traces of this program remain on your phone.


in this article from SPY24, I reviewed the Mobile Tracker Free application and told about its features and weaknesses. I also talked about why you should completely delete this program from your phone. Next, I taught you how to delete it, and finally, I suggested that you must do a lot of research before buying or installing any application that claims to track and spy, and try to use its features before paying any amount. You can follow other articles from SPY24 to get to know more about your security in the online world.

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