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MeetMe Review Spy App for Android and iPhone MeetMe Spying

From our experience reviewing so numerous dating apps, they typically drop into one of two categories. They’re either total waste of time and peril to your credit card or they’re genuine. Working through this MeetMe review, I was astounded to discover that it bridges the hole between the two.

 It certainly made for a curious survey process and I was never truly sure what to anticipate following. If nothing else, it was a charming alter to looking into sites that frame a portion of a huge scam network.

 You got to be utilizing at least one dating app these days.  It’s ended up so uncommon to meet other singles in public and be able to strike up a conversation that a lot of dating has gone online.

 In today’s review, I’ll be strolling you through our experience checking on MeetMe.com and offering my proposals. We’re also going to speak about the MeetMe Sppy app and the ways to track it. If you’re seeking out particular “how to” steps for certain things, check the FAQ at the end.

What Is MeetMe App?

 MeetMe is an app that assists users to meet with foreigners in their zone, presenting users with new “friends” rather than interfacing them with known individuals like other apps.

meetme spy app7

After enrolling with a mail address or existing Facebook account, one can make a profile, browse through the newsfeed of nearby individuals, and select to message MeetMe individuals. The app says it can be utilized for “flirting, making companions, and falling in love”.

 How does MeetMe App work?

MeetMe incorporates a feature called “AskMe” that permits users to inquire one another questions namelessly. The app runs on virtual currency that can be obtained through direct buying or by completing certain activities within the app.

 A blind date game measures a user’s compatibility with other users and records them as a choice to email at the end.

In 2019, MeetMe launched the one-on-one video-chat feature, so users get a chance to know each other before meeting individually. According to the official site, over 100 million individuals are utilizing the app.

MeetMe App Features

This mobile app has a few practical special features that make it clear the platform is more centered on mobile users.

MeetMe App Features

 1. Questions

Initiating a conversion can be exceptionally precarious in some cases. For those who don’t know how to go about it, MeetMe can be of help. Ask the other individuals a question; in case they are interested, they will react. Questions are ordinarily sent namelessly, and the identity of the sender is uncovered if the other member replies.

2. Secret Admirer

The “Secret admirer” tool could be an incredible game that individuals can play and other members simultaneously. The site sends users a notice that they have a secret admirer but doesn’t uncover who it is. In any case, it shows images of diverse individuals at the same time; users need to figure out who it is. There are five guesses, and after failing five times, the secret admirer’s notice disappears.

 3. MeetMe Live

This element is MeetMe’s streaming. Individuals can go live and interface with their watchers. The onlookers can send gifts to the streamer in the shape of jewels. The streamers can transform these jewels into real cash or in-app credits.

4. QuickPick

On the mobile app, MeetMe contains a Tinder-like swipe feature. Users are offered a picture of arbitrary individuals, who can select to like or pass and move to another member.

 5. Security

 Following our MeetMe surveys, the following are the security measures given by the leaders:

 MeetMe doesn’t conduct any background checks on individuals, who can utilize the location namelessly. Although there’s an alternative for reporting fake and dangerous profiles, nothing will be done if they are not found guilty.

This platform uses standard security measures to prevent abuse, modification, and loss of information. In any case, there’s no ensure that hackers cannot illegally get this data.

Minors are entirely disallowed from joining the platform; a minor attempting to sign in will be blocked.

There are over 350 individuals, more than half of the site’s workforce, given to balance and security. MeetMe uses human control and machine learning to discover, block, and erase most of the damaging content.

All freely shared substances, counting pictures, recordings, and profiles, have the Report Abuse button. MeetMe screens new users against databases of popular sex criminals. Now and then they re-screen active individuals against the same lists.

 MeetMe uses a combination of human interaction and technology to guarantee compliance with the site’s policy and code of conduct. The algorithmic textual investigation was planned to distinguish inconsistencies that require extra review.

The directors take a few steps to teach their individuals about the plausibility of online activity, particularly when it leads to meeting one in person.

MeetMe effectively takes part in 360 X-Industry Hack, a development, counting Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, etc., to complete functionalities for combating child sexual misuse online.

How to use MeetMe?

 Sign-up on MeetMe can be done through the following methods:

How to use MeetMe?
  • Facebook
  • Email

 Following our MeetMe reviews, registration with Facebook is speedier and more comfortable; members’ data is automatically brought from Facebook. However, with the mail, individuals need to input all the fundamental data, counting the following manually:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Location

By clicking “Sign Up Free,” the new user will be incited to confirm their account. Here, users will have to enter a phone number, where a four-digit code will be sent for verification.

Once this verification is done, a link will be sent to the e-mail address at first given to actuate the account and open all the features.

Once this is done, individuals can begin browsing and interfacing with other people.

How Expensive Is MeetMe Membership Packages?

MeetMe membership is offered in 3 plans: 

DurationСоst per monthTotal
One month7.99$7.99$
Three months6.00$17.99$
Six months5.00$29.99$


Making a dating profile could seem difficult at first; in any case, it’s all about presenting oneself to people in a way that makes them want to know more. Some of the leading dating profiles are the simplest.


 Here are a few tips to bear in mind while making a MeetMe profile:

  • Honesty

Some online clients are continuously tempted to stretch the truth to deliver an awesome impression about themselves. But most individuals prefer openness and trustworthiness rather than someone pretending to be somebody they are not.

  • Don’t leave anything blank.

One of the greatest errors of users during creating their profile is not taking advantage of the accessible tools to reveal who they are. In case the dating site requires a username, do it. If the platform permits individuals to have up to seven photographs, utilize all of them. According to statistics, the more exertion you put into a profile, the more results you get.

  • Use pleasant pictures

People want to see other individuals and get to know who they are. Ensure not to cover up with a cap or sunglasses. Moreover, never utilize a group or hazy picture to make it difficult for individuals to see you. Nearly half of the female users on the MeetMe site say a smile is the best physical feature that attracts somebody to them. Continuously put that in mind.

  • Comprehensiveness.

Details are essential to assist people to get a better understanding of who you are. Rather than telling individuals that you adore music, you’ll tell them about your favorite songs.

MeetMe pros and cons


  • Comprehensive user base.
  • Popular individuals win cash and credits.
  • Permits free chat between members.
  • Members can filter their search by age.
  • Sending messages to other individuals is free for everybody.
  • MeetMe contains a chatroom.
  • Members can set up their profiles such that only their companions can view and access them.


  • There are so numerous scammers, predators, and inconsiderate individuals on the website. That’s why you need a Meet Me spy app as a caring parent.
  • The location isn’t perfect for those people seeking a serious commitment.
  • MeetMe has no strict rules against defrauding profiles.

Is it suitable for children?

Although the app says users must be at least 13, there’s no age verification procedure to check this.

Even for 13+ children, MeetMe runs counter to the advice most individuals deliver their kids: don’t converse with or meet with foreigners. The dangers are self-evident: one can never know who is on the other side. Children regularly have the feeling they know somebody simply through chats and profile pictures.

Online sexual predators are shrewd. And through the app, they can learn the location of their potential targets and get more data out of them.

Also risky is that the app empowers and rewards speed dating, for example, where users win credits for seeing profiles of individuals of the opposite sex. Children may think they are just playing a game, but in reality, these game-like activities can have absolute consequences and influence others and themselves.

There are no protection settings within the app, everybody/ everything is uncovered: be it individual data or improper substance – everything is simple for everybody to reach.

Additionally, the anonymous questions included aren’t checked, so inconsiderate and awful questions can pop up, driving cyberbullying.

But don’t worry. All you need is a Meet Me spy app.

How to protect children on MeetMe?

 Avoiding the app can be the best security degree. Nevertheless, in case parents choose to let kids utilize it, they ought to stay careful and set a few rules in place.

How to protect children on MeetMe?

1. Conversation with children around the covered-up perils of the app

2. The conversation around how you, as the parent, will screen their app use

3. Check together what data they’ve shared and whether any strangers have endeavored to create contact.

4. Utilize “report abuse” and “block profile” features when necessary

5. Utilize a reliable Meet Me spy app that blocks the sending and accepting of nude photographs and informs parents when children inquired within the app to meet face to face.

6. Parents are responsible for the choices of their families, which might incorporate restricting access to unsafe apps and empowering teens to discover real friends in school, sports groups, and other secure places.

 What ought parents to know about MeetMe?

  • It’s a dating app: make no doubt – just underneath the surface, MeetMe is aiming individuals toward an online hook-up. As a portion of the app registration preparation, you’re asked about your objective as “friends” or “dating” and it makes a user involvement based on your determinations. After only being active within the app for a couple of minutes, it already starts feeding users females to chat within their community. 
  • The App Store rating is precise: when the Apple App store considers an app to be 17+, at that point parents ought to be careful. It is often said that the MeetMe app is not suitable for most high school students. This is vital.
  • Predator hazard is high: this is a given with 100 million individuals utilizing the app, which is bound to have trolls hiding. In 2015, the app was named one of the top six adult dating apps utilized by teenagers. This ought to be a tremendous red flag for parents. And, since this app interfaces individuals based on geographic proximity, the predator chance is exceptionally real.

Can you Track and Spy it?

MeetMe is a well-known and simple-to-utilize dating app. It has a few security features, just like the utilizes end-to-end encryption, which tries to keep your messages private. In any case, as great as these security measures are, MeetMe still isn’t resistant to hacks, which can end up compromising the privacy of your messages and contacts.

Can you Track and Spy it?

It is quite simple to spy on MeetMe and there are lots of Meet Me spy apps.

SPY24 App: Best Meet Me app

SPY24 Meet Me spy app is a location-based tool. With the SPY24 cell phone surveillance app, you’ll keep track of your child’s MeetMe direct messages.

With the Meet Me spy app, you’ll keep track of your child’s MeetMe messages.

Access your child’s MeetMe account to see all of the messages that have been sent and received.

Check all of the links that have been exchanged within the MeetMe messenger with the help of MeetMe spy app.

SPY24 App: Best Meet Me app

Track the most prevalent messengers and take advantage of the other 25 features.

Available on rooted Android devices with round-the-clock user support.

Text messages ought to be read. Get full access to your child’s MeetMe profile. With the Meet Me spy app, you’ll be able to screen all of your child’s MeetMe talks, avoiding them from communicating with online predators and cyberbullies, for example.

Monitor all the links that have been shared. All of the links posted on MeetMe can be seen straightforwardly on your child’s device. The Meet Me spy app assists you to guarantee that your child does not visit adult websites or is exposed to destructive content.

SPY24 App Features

SPY24 includes a ton of features that will keep you up to date on your friends and communicate no matter where you’re or when. Track your kids’ cell phone logs or keep track of what your employees are doing on social media without disturbing them. With this Meet Me spy app and its vibrant observing, it’s simple to keep an eye on the mobile phones of individuals around you.

SPY24 App Features

 1. Screen Phone Calls and Messages

 SPY24 lets you know who your employees or kids are talking to through calls or messages. This feature is simple but necessary.

2. Access messenger Chats and Multimedia

 SPY24 knows the significance of following the social media of your family or employees, and that’s why it has one of the most comprehensive messenger checkings. With SPY24, you’ll peruse messages and see photographs on apps.

3. Track GPS Location

Track the location of your kids in real-time while they are out with friends or know how your employees spend their lunch breaks.

4. The Best Way to Monitor Your Cell Phone or Tablet

Exploring someone’s enormous phone information for important stuff may be a tedious task. There may be thousands of emails, messages, chats, etc., leaving you with no clue what to do with all that data. In any case, with SPY24, you’ll alter this since our select actuarial reports collect the more imperative information and show it to you in a very flawless manner.

 5. Track GPS Location

Track the current GPS area of your child’s phone. Set secure zones like “home”, “school” or “Grandma’s house”. Get alarms each time your kid enters or leaves a zone. Discover more by clicking on the following features: Current GPS Area and Geo-Fencing.

6. Control Apps and Programs

View a list of all apps installed on your child’s gadget. Block those you don’t wish your child to utilize. Discover more by clicking on the following features: Screen recorder, Keylogger, Installed Apps, and Application Blocking

7. Get to Contacts and Calendar

 Check each contact entered into the device contact list.

Keep track of each occasion within the phone’s calendar. Discover more by tapping on the following highlights: Calendar Activities, Contacts.

8. Read Emails and Screen Online Activities

SPY24 makes it simple for you to track the online routines of your kids and employees. Check sent or received emails and even complete browsing history in total stealth mode.

9. Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

SPY24’s effective checking lets you automatically record all approaching and active calls additionally the phone surroundings.

10. See Photographs, Recordings & Calendar Entries

SPY24 gives you access to all photographs, recordings, and calendar entries saved on the observed devices. Arrange ahead of your employees and kids by keeping observations on their to-do lists.

With all these effective and unique features, that’s why we suggest you use the SPY24 app.

Kid’s Cell Phone Monitoring

Kids and cell phones can be an unsafe combination. Anything your child uses your family tablet or has their smartphone their devices ought to be checked.

The broad selection of distinctive computerized technologies by today`s teenagers has provoked a parcel of concerns among parents and brought up the major question: “How to strike an adjustment between permitting free exploration and providing a suitable level of parental supervision with cell phone checking apps.

Kid’s Cell Phone Monitoring

The digital world provides today`s kids with an impressive number of benefits like an association with peers or searching the instructive substance. But at the same time, it incorporates a part of potential perils driving unhealthy connections, individual data theft, cyberbullying, sexting, interconnection with online predators, etc. Hence, these concerns are not limited, and the list seems to go on.

 Kids’ online security is one of the foremost problematic issues parents confront giving a smartphone to their kids. Get to know what benefits adolescent cell phone observation has and why it is needed.

What Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents is?

The cell Phone Parental Checking app is an opportunity for parents to oversee kids’ smartphone activities and get valuable experiences in kids’ online world.

Modern cell phone checking apps for parents, ordinarily have such features: GPS location, messages, call logs, contacts, browsing history, and app utilization. The most excellent cell phone observing app for parents provides them with social media following like spy on WhatsApp calls and conversations. Especially, some potentially dangerous apps like MeetMe need to be checked. So, don’t hesitate to download a Meet Me spy app.

Why observing cell phones is needed?

The Web may be a perilous place for children and teenagers. From improper social media content to child predators who may trick kids online. Shockingly, it may be a frightening reality that today`s kids may come over utilizing the Net and parents ought to be mindful of its dangerous side.

Also, children may inadvertently uncover their families to the terrifying Web risks, by incidentally downloading spyware which can lead to delicate data leakage and theft.

So, providing kids with smartphones and Web access, the primary and first matter of mindfulness is to be aware of the potential dangers and how to safeguard against them. Communicating with your kid can offer assistance to secure them against a few online dangers, but the most important safety degree is to utilize a Meet Me spy app.

Why observing cell phones is needed?

Here is the list of seven of the foremost perilous things kids may confront online:

  • Cyberbullying

According to investigations, 95 % of teens ignored the bullying witnessed online, and one-third have been targets of cyberbullying themselves. Online gaming and social media platforms are the major places where cyberbullying happens. Kids may be criticized for their appearance, weight, or any other features. Overly in online gaming kids or their virtual characters may be subjected to assaults, turning the game from an engaging activity into a mortifying ordeal.

 The best way to stand up to bullies is to ignore all their messages and demands.

As a parent, you have to discover the best cell phone observing app to be able to raise a red flag in case bullying will arise.

  • Cyber predators

Sexual and cyber predators can hunt kids on the Net, taking advantage of kids’ naivety and blamelessness. For the most part, they sneak kids on social media platforms and game portals, abusing their beliefs and drawing kids into exceptionally perilous individual experiences. In any case, once more, the best security is to talk with kids about things that occur in their lives and screen their online interactions with a Meet Me spy app.

  • Private Data Posting

Kids don`t comprehend social boundaries. They may post individual data online, counting GPS area and other contact details. Moreover, regularly their social media profiles are open, which suggests that everyone can see what they are up to or get their home or school address. Make sure your kid’s account is private and only friends can visit it.

Moreover, check their contact list to be sure they don`t have individuals they don`t know in real life there. Have a discussion with your kid about public limits and Web privacy.

 If you’re not sure that your kid can separate what is good or terrible online and draw the line between open and private, you need to oversee their online activities with parents’ cell phone monitoring.

  • Phishing

Phishing is the fraudulent trial of sending emails that lure individuals into clicking on pernicious links or connections to actuate people to uncover their data, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Phishing messages can pop up at any time, but mostly cybercriminals utilize them on social media sites that are prevalent with kids and assemble such contact information as mail addresses, friends` names, etc.

Talk to your kids and teach them not to press on the suspicious pop-ups and not to follow the links from unknown senders. Other than that, it is fundamental to discover a child’s cell phone observing app which permits checking approaching and active emails.

  • Falling for Scams

Kids may effectively drop for online tricks that offer free online games access or inform them that they won a prize. children are the easiest victims of scammers since they haven`t learned to be watchful. Like fishing, scammers can utilize prevalent social media platforms among kids to discover potential targets and guarantee them something in turn for what they need (e.g., parents’ credit card information).

Both for young and adults, the best assurance against all tricks is knowing that nothing is free, particularly when it sounds too great to be true. Teach your kid to remain away from online offers that promise too much.

  • Accidentally Downloading Spyware

 Spyware for a cell phone is a computer program that’s installed without a victim`s consent or information to perform destructive activities on his or her device. It incorporates individual details robbery or “botnet” utilization which causes drowsy performance.

Cybercriminals moreover draw kids into downloading spyware. Phishing isn’t the only trap, there are others too. For instance, inducing victims to download implied games, that can be particularly tasty-looking for kids.

To defend your kid`s device against any spyware that will sneak into it, the finest security isn’t only to teach your children but moreover utilize a trustworthy antivirus program. Other than that, in today`s advertisement, there’s an extraordinary number of parents observing cellphone apps that can offer assistance to set up a secure system for their kid`s online activities.

  • Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Afterward in Life

The Web opens the entryway of possibilities the past eras couldn`t even dream of, but at the same time, the Web can posture a serious peril to today`s children.

The most dangerous is that there’s no “delete” choice on the Net, in case something is posted once, it’ll remain there until the end of time. That’s why sharing unseemly photographs, there’s no ensure that they will not be saved through screenshots or photos.

 Teach your kids to comprehend what substance ought to be posted and what posts ought to never be shared on the Net. Moreover, utilize cell phone observing apps android and iOS to check their messengers.

  • Dangerous apps

Without question, you`ve heard about social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the others your kid may utilize to cover up messages, share improper photographs, or even for sexting. To ensure your kid from undesirable exposure, only a great observing app may offer assistance. Select the most excellent cell phone observing program for parents.

  • Sexting

Sexting is sending or receiving sexually vivid or suggestive photographs or recordings through electronic devices. Taking into the thought that their devices are generally utilized in private, it is exceptionally simple for teenagers to require and share individual photographs and recordings without their parent’s knowledge.

Girls use sexting for fun, to induce attention, or because of peer or boyfriend pressure. For a few guys, it is nearly typical behavior, the others utilize it for flirting, appearing cool, or becoming famous.

  • Inappropriate content

The Web is filled with improper, violent, or 18 + substances. As a parent, you must secure your kid from unwanted and hurtful exposure. For it, the perfect way is to utilize child cell phone observing apps to filter out everything your kids may come over on the Net and block undesirable sites and apps from reaching. In a digital world, there are more dangers than we will envision, that`s why parents have to be mindful of all perils said over and keep their eyes wide open when it comes to their kid`s online security.

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

SPY24 App Cost

SPY24 is available in 3 membership plans:

1 Month3 Months6 Months
Free59.99 $98.99 $
Call Recording
GPS Tracking
Instant Messaging
Facebook Messenger

SPY24 App Pors

  • Spy24 is compatible with all the driving Android and iOS devices.
  • It consolidates a couple of advanced features like a call recorder, geofencing, keylogger, etc.
  • You can get tons of analytics concerning the device’s available activities.

SPY24 App Cons

  • Tracking distinctive devices with the Spy24 app can be expensive.
  • It can be exceptionally complicated to install and set up Spy24 on the target device.
  • To access most of its advanced features, you will require root/jailbreak access.
  • There is no Spy24 free trial available, and you’ll only get to its demo online.

SPY24 App Customer services

SPY24 is given live client benefits. You’ll be able to chat with their specialists online on their site and get the answers to your issues. You can also send them an e-mail and get your response as soon as possible.


In general, MeetMe works more like a social media platform than a dating app, with a tremendous focus on social interaction and group discourse.

Individuals can appreciate the site to the fullest without indeed having to buy memberships; most critical features like messaging are free for everybody.

The need for amazing security and namelessness makes it troublesome for individuals to discover somebody interested in genuine commitment.

However, as with most dating sites, MeetMe is an amazing place to mess around, converse with people, and have fun online.

But with so many benefits, comes too many dangers. That’s why you need a Meet Me spy app.

Is mobile Spy legit or a scam? SPY24 is a smartphone and tablet checking program outlined for parents who wish to screen their children under 18 years and bosses who need to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones and tablets.

The buyer of the SPY24 computer program must either own the smartphone or tablet or must have composed consent from their children or employees. It’s unlawful to utilize SPY24 for observing the computerized devices of your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, or friend. Failure to do so is the potential to result in a violation of applicable law and SPY24 will coordinate with the law-enforcing specialists to the total extent. Hence, the buyer must follow the laws of their nation or state. The program is only to be utilized for moral checking purposes.


How do you erase your MeetMe account?

Deleting your account is nearly as simple as making it. Just follow these steps:
Click ‘Me’ at the top of the page
Click ‘Settings’
Under ‘Account Settings, tap ‘Delete Account
Enter your e-mail address and password to confirm

Is MeetMe secure?

Unfortunately, MeetMe users are not resistant to the covered-up dangers of interacting with other individuals online. There’s a chance of exposure to improper substances compromised individual information.

Does MeetMe do background checks?

MeetMe says it checks users to guarantee they haven’t indicted sex offenders. But the success of one streamer came within weeks of his discharge from jail. Deonte Fisher, a 26-year-old from the rural areas of Chicago, rose rapidly this year to end up a VIP streamer on MeetMe, an app that combines dating with live streaming

How Secure Is MeetMe?

Although the app says users must be at least 13, there’s no age verification prepared to keep this in check. Indeed for 13+ children, MeetMe runs counter to the advice most individuals provide their kids: do not talk to or meet with strangers. The dangers are self-evident: one can never know who is on the other side.

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