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How to Free SMS Call Tracker Online

Parents are becoming more and more concerned about the possibility that their children could become victims as a result of the decisions that they make due to the prevalence of stories in the news concerning child predators, cyberbullying, substance misuse, and other related subjects. 

Because of their constant usage of their mobile phones, you are concerned not only when they are not in the same room as you but also when they are there and have access to their phones. The question “How can I monitor my child’s text messages?” is one that a lot of parents are asking. Here in this post, you will get familiar with Free SMS and Call Tracker Online and the answer to the above-mentioned question. 

Mobile App for Tracking Text Messages and Phone Calls  

SMS tracker is a piece of software that has been built specifically for the purpose of discovering information about text messages. The hackers will be able to examine delivery trends as well as encoding specifics if they use this malware. 

The most effective method for keeping an eye on your mobile device, SPY24, is an application that gives you the ability to watch your children for free, protect your data from being stolen, and keep an eye on how productive your staff is. 

Our mobile monitoring tool keeps tabs on everything that happens on the phone it’s watching, including SMS Call Tracker/MMS, call history, GPS location, emails, photographs, and web browsing history, among others.

Mobile App for Tracking Text Messages and Phone Calls  

Using a call and SMS tracker surveillance program comes with a number of advantages. The ability to monitor another person’s phone conversations and text messages is one of the most significant advantages offered by this technology. 

If you are curious about who someone is speaking with or what they are saying, you may find this information helpful. 

It is possible to use a Free SMS and Call Tracker Online to spy on the calls and text messages of a partner or spouse who is probably cheating. This is another advantage of deploying such an application. You may be able to catch them red-handed and put a stop to the affair by using this information.

What is the use of SMS tracking?  

If you are concerned about the reason why a person you care about (such as your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend) is typing so much on the phone, you shouldn’t waste any time and question them. A solution could be found by straightforward dialogue, but Free SMS and Call Tracker Online can also be useful tools.

Any child’s education may suffer as a result of excessive texting done on a smartphone of any kind. When parents elect to install an SMS tracker, they are provided with information about websites that were visited as well as information about sent emails, images, and other forms of text messages. 

With the use of our free text message tracker, you will be able to determine whether or not your children are seeing inappropriate content. And of course, you’ll be privy to details on their intimate relationships with their close companions.

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It is impossible for a manager to keep an eye on his employees while standing above them. This program will show you whether your employees aren’t living up to their obligations or if they’re squandering their time at work on activities that aren’t productive in any way if you have such concerns. Free SMS and Call Tracker Online have the potential to increase your company’s level of success.

What is a call and SMS tracker spy app, and how does it work?  

It is possible to track and monitor the phone conversations and text messages of another person with the use of a program known as a call and SMS tracker spy software. 

The software is able to perform its intended function of spying by monitoring the target’s mobile device activities and then reporting back its findings to the user who originally installed it. 

This indicates that the person who is listening in on the phone conversations and text messages will be able to observe who phoned whom when the call was made, as well as what was said during the discussion.

How to install a call and SMS tracker spy app on an Android phone?  

The method of installing a spy program that can monitor calls and texts on an Android device is rather straightforward. The first thing that the person who wants to install the app will need to do is to locate a supplier of the software that has a good reputation and can be trusted. 

When they have located a provider, the next step is for them to download the application onto their mobile device. The users will need to launch the application after it has been downloaded into their device and then proceed to follow the instructions that are shown.

How to install a call and SMS tracker spy app on an iPhone?  

The process of downloading spy software that tracks calls and texts on an iPhone is fairly similar to the process of installing the app on an Android phone. The user who is interested in installing the application must look for a supplier of the application who has a good reputation and can be trusted. 

How to install a call and SMS tracker spy app on an iPhone?  

When they have located a provider, the next step is for them to download the application onto their mobile device. They will need to launch the application after it has been downloaded into their devices and then proceed to follow the instructions that are shown.

How to use a call and SMS tracker spy app to track calls and text messages  

After you have completed the installation of a call and SMS tracker spy software on your mobile device, you will need to launch the application and then adhere to the instructions that are shown to you. When you have completed these steps, you will be able to begin monitoring the incoming and outgoing calls and texts of another person. 

How to use a call and SMS tracker spy app to track calls and text messages  

To do this, you will need to provide the app with the phone number of the individual whose whereabouts you want to monitor. When you have completed this step, you will be able to see all of the incoming calls as well as text messages on your device.

6 best SMS tracker surveillance apps to catch a spouse in the act of infidelity 

Texting has become ingrained in the daily routines of almost all people. Texting applications are used by people of all ages to interact with one another and exchange information about current events. In fact, 97% of people in the United States send and receive text messages on a weekly basis, and 33% of respondents say they prefer texting to other forms of communication.

Texting is an easy way to communicate with one another and exchange information. On the other hand, communicating often increases the risk that hackers would transmit malware disguised as a text message and leak your data in order to steal your personal information. In addition to this, those who prey on youngsters online are allowed to text your kids.

It is obvious that you are looking for text message monitoring applications if you want to keep your loved ones safe and prevent them from getting into trouble. In this section, we’ll go through the best six applications that let you read the text messages of other people.

SPY24 Free App  

The SPY24 App is one of the most sophisticated couple-tracker applications now available, and it gives you the ability to keep an eye on your spouse and determine whether or not they are having an affair. Both Android and iOS versions of SPY24 are now on the market. 

If you download and install this application on the smartphone that your spouse uses, you will be able to access all of the information from any location. This program operates in a private mode after it has been successfully installed. 

This indicates that your spouse has no idea that their actions are being monitored in any way, and that they will continue to behave normally. You will be informed of their locations as well as each and every move that they make at regular intervals. 

Spy on SMS spy24

You are able to methodically monitor everything on the target device with the help of SPY24, including recently added contacts, photos stored on the device, and the whole call history.

When you get a phone surveillance program such as SPY24, it is simple to examine the texts on another person’s phone. You just need to go to your Control Panel and sign in when you get there. 

You will then be able to view a list of all of the text messages that are stored on the device of the phone you aim to monitor. To see the messages you want to read, all you have to do is click on the link for it. It’s the same as owning their phone, but you don’t really have to have their phone in your hand.

  • Maintain vigilance with regard to the text messages that are sent and received on your spouse’s mobile device.
  • It is possible to examine and monitor any and all data pertaining to WhatsApp, including the date, time, and length of each call and text, as well as the contents of each call and text.
  • Take control of any multimedia files, such as pictures and videos that have been sent to one another over WhatsApp and are now stored in the gallery.
  • Figure out where you are at this very moment.
  • Access may be granted to both incoming and outgoing calls on another’s mobile phone.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and tablet PCs running the Android operating system is important.

FlexiSpy (flexispy.com)

FlexiSPY secretly records all incoming and outgoing text message chats and then uploads the information to an Internet portal that you control so that it can be seen and accessed with ease.

The information that was captured comprises everything, including the date, specific information about the sender or recipient, and even what was actually put in the text, even if it was removed subsequently.

You may pick up to five terms or phrases to identify as improper or harmful for your kid or company by using the SMS Keyword function. Text messages that include these predefined terms will be destroyed before they are ever seen, which is something that other SMS tracking programs are unable to do.

The FlexiSPY SMS Tracker also has an easy-to-use Search option that enables users to locate certain keywords without having to go through each file individually.

FlexiSpy sms Tracker
  • Maintain vigilance with regard to the phone calls made by your spouse.
  • Investigate each and every text message.
  • Using the phone that belongs to your spouse will allow you to obtain access to all of the digital material (such as images, audio, and video) that has been provided to you.
  • You have access to the whole of their Internet history.
  • You have access to any file, regardless of whether or not it has been removed from your computer in the past.


mSpy is a reliable tool that gives you the power to follow a target device remotely from your Android smartphone or computer. You can use it to do this from anywhere in the world. It works very well for keeping an eye on both children and employees. The tracking program is not only stealthy but also incredibly effective in its operation.

You get access to email, phone records, and even social media accounts along with SMS messages and emails. Your data will remain secure thanks to the app’s use of encryption, and the owner of the target device will have no idea that you are eavesdropping on their conversations or activities.

SMS spy app mspy

With an 87% approval rating, the app is now one of the most popular options available on the market. It is simple to use, and it gives consumers all they need to keep an eye on their loved ones or their employees.

  • Examine the text and electronic communications, such as emails and SMSs they’ve sent or received.
  • Keep track of all of the conversations that take place on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, and Viber.
  • Ensure that you have full command of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Look through pictures, videos, and data that have been saved in the past.
  • Keep a record of the websites that have been visited at any given time.
  • Use the chats and information that are stored on WhatsApp in order to locate your spouse.
  • Make use of the GPS to localize the phone.


SpyBubble is an even simpler spying program to install on the device you want to monitor than it is to use as a monitoring tool, making it one of the easiest spying apps available. It is a cloud-based program that offers all of the capabilities that one has come to expect from mobile phone spy applications of this sort. These features include the ability to see text messages, call logs, GPS location, and many more.

When put into stealth mode, the device performs very well. The person who is using the phone won’t even be aware that their calls, texts, whereabouts, and activities online are being followed and reported to you remotely. The application is also capable of secretly activating a smartphone’s camera and taking images without drawing attention to itself.

All of the information that was captured is sent and stored in a safe online account that users may view at any time.

SMS Spy App SpyBubble

SpyBubble gives you complete command over the device you intend to monitor. It is hidden inside by allowing you to carry out covert operations on it without drawing any attention to itself. Therefore, the program is very user-friendly and very simple to use.

  • Calls made on the phone are constantly listened to, as well as analyzed.
  • Messages need to be looked over (including iMessages).
  • Investigate the content of your spouse’s WhatsApp messages to determine whether or not they are being unfaithful to you.
  • Maintain vigilance on your GPS location.
  • Discuss the matter with the people in your network.
  • Check the calendar, as well as any other notes you may have made.
  • You may see the programs that have been installed, in addition to a wide variety of others.


Track both the outgoing and incoming text messages of the individual you’re targeting. You may go over their conversation history along with the precise time stamp.

The SMS spy program also has the capability of monitoring multimedia items, including images, videos, voice messages, and files, among others as they are sent and received on the smartphone of the target person.

Find out the sender’s phone number, name, and address, as well as any other contact information they may have provided. If you do this, you will be able to identify the person who is texting your target user as well as the topic of their conversation. If you are a parent and you are monitoring the device that your child uses, this may be beneficial to you.

Mobile Spy SMS

You may also monitor the timestamp and the log data of the messages, such as the day and time the message was sent and received, in addition to other information. This is in addition to the chat history that is available to you.

Make use of the function that allows you to monitor the device of your target without them having any idea that you are doing so. 

You may check to see if your children, spouse, or colleagues are having any improper chats with anybody by tracking their phones and using this function. You can also use it to see if they are texting inappropriate content. Since it operates in the covert mode, you have nothing to be concerned about.

Start by navigating to the MobileSpy website in order to install the SMS surveillance program offered by MobileSpy. Choose a subscription plan. Following that, an email with the whole MobileSpy installation instructions will be sent to the address you provided, and you will then get that email.

  • A messenger that gives an instantaneous response (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)
  • A log of the websites that you visit on the Internet.
  • A log of the total amount of time that the program has been utilized.
  • Deleted text messages that were previously stored inside the system.
  • The investigation has to be done on call lists.
  • Maintain vigilance on your GPS location.
  • Make use of Geofences.


Hoverwatch is a superb android spy software that utilizes GPS tracking to allow you to monitor the movements of your employees as well as your children. Also, it enables you to track their positions at any time, day or night, in real-time, through a private online site. This lets you know when they arrive at work or school, as well as when they leave and return home.

You are able to see all texts sent and received by Hoverwatch, even those that have been erased, thanks to the SMS tracker function. You will also have access to call logs inside the application, which will allow you to keep track of all incoming and outgoing phone conversations.

Hoverwatch – free trial spy app
Hoverwatch – free trial spy app

It comes with a number of sophisticated capabilities, such as the ability to record keystrokes. With the help of this function, you will be able to record the actions that take place on the target device by employing an advanced keystroke logger.

Since the system logs every keystroke that is performed, you will have access to all of the passwords and logins. You can also quickly track what emails your target is opening, giving you complete access to their inboxes. This allows you to easily monitor what emails your target is opening.

  • Live tracking and location tracking can be done.
  • Calls should be recorded.
  • You are able to read all of the outgoing and incoming text messages.
  • You can keep an eye on things like e-mails, images, and applications for instant messaging and social networking.

It’s possible to track your spouse via WhatsApp 24/7 using this approach

There is a trick that you need to be aware of, and it is this one. You may also be able to monitor the whereabouts of your spouse or specific lover at any moment of the day or night using WhatsApp. This functionality might be available 24 hours a day.

If you want to discover whether or not your partner has been cheating on you through WhatsApp, all you need to do is convince them to carry out the procedures that are detailed in the following paragraphs.

Your spouse will need to start by opening the WhatsApp discussion, clicking the “Attach” button, and then selecting “Location” from the drop-down menu. The following step requires the user to choose “Real-time location” and then provide a value between 15 minutes and eight hours in the appropriate box.

It’s possible to track your spouse via WhatsApp 24/7 using this approach

At this time, your spouse will communicate with you over WhatsApp in order to provide you with an update on their whereabouts. If you want to put a stop to this, all you have to do is click the button that says “Stop sharing.”

This method of discovering betrayal through WhatsApp has its own drawbacks, such as the possibility that your spouse would fabricate answers in order to protect themselves from being found. It is possible that they may categorically discredit everything, leaving you with nothing more than a nagging suspicion that has not yet been shown.

You can determine whether or not your spouse is being unfaithful and gather evidence of adultery by using the information that you obtain from SPY24, which is one of the best spouse tracker apps that are currently available. It will provide you with all the information you require.

Final thoughts on call and SMS tracker apps  

A free SMS and call tracker online is an excellent alternative for you to consider if you are seeking a technique to monitor all conversations on a target device or track the position of the device. If this describes your situation, read on. While selecting a tracker app, it is essential, however, to take into consideration the aspects that are most relevant to you personally.

What is an SMS Call Tracker, and how does it work  

A piece of software known as an SMS call tracker gives the user the ability to track and monitor the SMS messages and calls that are made by a certain phone.

You could wish to utilize an SMS call tracker for a variety of reasons, including maintaining tabs on a family member or employee, keeping track of your own phone use, or keeping tabs on the phone use of another person.

What is an SMS Call Tracker, and how does it work  

SPY24, FlexiSPY, mSpy, SpyBubble, and Mobile Spy are just a few of the most effective SMS call trackers now available on the market. The price of an SMS call tracker usually ranges between $30 and $150.

Are there any risks associated with using a Free SMS and Call Tracker Online

The use of a Free SMS and Call Tracker Online is not without its share of potential downsides. To begin, if the tracker is not correctly installed, it has the potential to communicate the information about you to the incorrect person. 

Second, if you employ a tracker to spy on someone without their knowledge, you may be in violation of that person’s right to privacy. Last but not least, the use of call trackers is prohibited by law in several nations.

How can you make the most out of using an SMS Call Tracker?  

Selecting a service provider that has a solid reputation and can be relied upon is essential if you want to get the most out of employing a Free SMS and Call Tracker Online. In addition to this, make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly in order to correctly set up the tracker. Finally, before you use the tracker to spy on someone, make sure it works properly.

Why would you want to use an SMS Call Tracker?  

Parents are always worried that their kids may be the victims of someone else’s bad choices in light of the frequent news about child predators, cyberbullying, drug and alcohol abuse, and other horrific acts. Constant mobile phone usage suggests that you are always on guard, even when they are under your roof yet have access to their phone. Parents often ask, “How can I monitor my child’s text messages?”

SMS Tracker is a lifesaver when it comes to safeguarding your kids. Nevertheless, we have a lot more options with our SMS monitoring. This software, which allows you to keep track of multimedia messages, incoming calls, and browser history, requires Android 2.1 or above. 

When the system is connected to your kid’s contact list, you may see more information than just a list of the phone numbers your child has interacted with. They are communicating with people whose names you are familiar with.

The worst scenario for any parent is to have a kid who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you have reason to think your kid is engaged in this activity or speaking with someone who is engaging in this behavior, the GPS function is essential. 

Each time your youngster uses their phone, SMS Tracker utilizes GPS to track their whereabouts and keep a history of it. When you log into your account, a map of their whereabouts will be shown anytime they do an action on their phone. Also, if you have a particular concern, you may search through their text messages for that phrase. Do you have many children in your family? Many devices may be utilized with SMS Tracker.

Why would you want to use an SMS Call Tracker?  

For registration and account creation, your child’s phone must have the SMS Tracker software loaded. Your activity will immediately be tracked. Logs will be accessible to our servers. By signing on to this site using either their phone or a computer and any browser, you may see your child’s phone use data.

You will always have access to the text and multimedia communications that your kid sends. It involves more than just conveying the message to you. You can combine your contacts with your kid’s contacts so you can see who is sending or receiving messages from your child. 

We’ll provide you a record if you’d want to keep track of when and how long a phone conversation lasted. SMS Tracker utilizes GPS to identify your child’s precise position, allowing you to know where they are at all times. 

You may use this software to track their whereabouts on their phone since they departed. By accessing the website, you can determine precisely where your child’s phone was used. Are you specifically afraid of someone or something?

Each phrase in a person’s text messages may be looked up using a search engine. If you are a parent in the contemporary world, your kid may be in danger from a range of people and activities. 

It might be challenging to know how to protect children, particularly with the modern technology they have at their disposal. SMS Tracker lets you keep track of the texts your kids send and receive. Moreover, it does more than merely monitor text messages.

No other tool comes close to the degree of security that SMS Tracker provides. You can monitor what your kid is doing on their phone, where they are doing it, and who they are doing it with. 

By keeping an eye on what’s happening there, you may use their mobile phone to protect them from dangerous people and circumstances. The SMS Tracker App may be downloaded by subscribing to our services.

How can you tell if your Free SMS and Call Tracker Online are working properly?  

You should look for a few factors in order to determine whether or not your SMS call tracker is functioning correctly, including the following: first, that the program is compatible with your phone, second, that it has a solid reputation, and third, that it provides a free trial version of its service. SPY24 has all of these features.

What are the obvious indications that an SMS tracker is installed on your phone?

In spite of the fact that spyware is software that has been painstakingly built, it is still possible to recognize the warning indications that aid to identify it. There are a few telltale signals that someone is spying on your phone, the most typical of which are as follows:

  1. Poor overall performance. As you use your smartphone, you will experience a significant amount of lag, delayed reaction, and sluggishness.
  2. The battery is starting to lose its charge. The SMS tracker that you install on your smartphone will need a significant amount of power in order to carry out all of its functions correctly and send the collected data to another server.
  3. The higher overall use of data. Spyware requires a significant amount of your phone’s resources in order to successfully transmit the data that it has acquired to a third party.
  4. Turned off antivirus software.
  5. Applications that are unknown. You may not recall installing some of the programs whose icons appear on your screen. So, it is impossible for a spy program to remain undetected, particularly if the person who owns the phone that is being monitored is attentive to specifics.
  6. Overheating. Since malicious spyware is continually running in the background mode, it consumes a significant amount of the target phone’s available battery power and places extra stress on the operating system.
  7. Random reboots. In case malware is present, your smartphone may automatically restart itself without requesting your permission.
  8. The closing of slots if your phone is infected with spyware, turning it off might take a significant amount of time since the spyware operates continuously in the background, making the phone less responsive and making it more prone to malfunctions.
  9. Strange behavior when the device is in standby mode.


This article has offered some insight into free SMS and call tracker online and provided answers to some of the most important issues that have been asked concerning SMS tracker programs. If you use these applications without the target people’s agreement, they may not only be immoral and unjust, but they also have the potential to create significant difficulties in your life.

On the contrary, if you have their permission, monitoring your loved ones or colleagues from a distance may be a lot of fun. When you do that, employing the most effective SMS tracker program is the optimal option for you to choose as a starting point.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the free SMS and call tracker online:

Is It Possible to Steal Someone Else’s Text Messages from Their Mobile Phone Without Them Knowing?

Yes. It is not impossible to hack into another person’s phone and read their text messages without them being aware of it. In fact, there is a significant amount of interest in this field, and there has been a meteoric rise in the number of spy applications meant to assist you in breaking into test communications. 

Is it Illegal to Steal or Read Someone Else’s Text Messages from Their Mobile Phones?

If you own the mobile phone that you want to monitor, you have the legal right to do so. It is against the law to hack an adult’s mobile phone without providing them with a prior warning.

It is recommended that you inform the employees in your firm that they are being watched if you have the intention of watching them while they are at work.

What kind of prices can one anticipate for SMS Call Trackers?

The price of an SMS call tracker normally ranges from $30 to $200, and this range is based on the functions that the tracker offers.

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