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Best Clipboard Monitoring Apps for Linux – IOS – Android – Windows – macOS

This article will go over a list of useful apps for Linux that can be used to “monitor the clipboard.” Some desktop environments have clipboard monitoring built in, and they come with clipboard monitoring panel applets. Clipboard monitoring is the process of keeping a record of what you copy to your desktop by using keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions. Since clipboard monitoring tools keep a record of what you’ve copied, you can look through the history and use or paste something you copied before.

Clipboard Monitoring Linux

1- Diodon

Diodon is an open-source app that lets you keep track of what’s in your clipboard. It works with many Linux desktop environments. It keeps track of what you’ve copied and lets you paste what you’ve copied before. It also has a unique “sync” mode that makes the content you select with the mouse available to paste right away without having to copy it first. It also works with file URIs and saves them in the clipboard history so you can paste files you copied before. Diodon lets you choose to have an unlimited number of clipboard entries, so you can keep saving clips without worrying about losing them.

Use the following command to set up Diodon on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install diodon

The package manager in other Linux distributions lets you add Diodon. You can also compile its source code, which is available on GitHub, to get binaries that can be run.

There is no application window in Diodon. When you run it from the application menu, it appears as a panel indicator or applet (as shown in the screenshot above).

2- Parcellite

Parcellite is a Linux app that lets you keep track of what’s on your clipboard. It has a lot of ways to customize how it keeps track of what’s in the clipboard and a way to store logs of what’s in the clipboard. Its applet has a pretty simple interface. There’s just a drop-down menu to reuse content you’ve already copied to the clipboard and a way to change the history of what you’ve copied. But you can change a lot of its settings by right-clicking on the panel applet or clicking on the preferences entry, depending on the desktop environment you are using. It also lets you change keyboard shortcuts, search for previous clips, add your own user actions, and paste automatically.

Use the following command to set up Parcellite on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install parcellite

In other Linux distributions, you can use the package manager to add Parcellite. You can also compile its source code, which is available on GitHub, to get binaries that can be run.

3- GPaste

GPaste is a tool for watching the clipboard that has a modern user interface and is written in GTK3. It can track and log what you copy to the clipboard, and it can sync in both directions with the main selections you make with your mouse. You can also add your own entries to the clipboard history, and there is an option to directly upload the contents to the online service “Pastebin.” GPaste doesn’t seem to have a panel applet for easy access, but it does have a GNOME Shell extension that gets installed with its main package. You can use GPaste in terminal emulators because it has a command line interface.

To get GPaste to work on Ubuntu, use the following command:

$ sudo apt install gpaste

In other Linux distributions, you can use the package manager to add GPaste. You can also compile its source code, which is available on GitHub, to get binaries that can be run.

Clipboard Manager for Windows and PC

The copy/paste function on a Windows PC is probably one of the most used. This function is simple, but it can do a lot. You can make it even better by using Clipboard Manager software, which is fast and efficient. It saves you time because you don’t have to look for text snippets.

When you copy and paste text or an image, it is automatically saved in the Clipboard. This information can be used to paste it somewhere else. Tools for managing the clipboard let you see all of the information that has been copied in the last few days. You can copy and paste this information again if you want to.

Clipboard Manager for Windows and PC

So, if you want a powerful Clipboard Manager for Windows that will help you work more efficiently and get more done, here is a list of some of the best clipboard managers for Windows.

1- Clipboard for Comfort

Comfort Clipboard is a very useful piece of software that keeps your copied information ready to use at all times.

It has many features that other clipboard software doesn’t have, especially the “autosave” feature, which is very helpful if you turn off your computer and then need the clipped data from the last session after turning it back on. You can find them in the program.

In the Pro version, you can encrypt data, hide clipped passwords, assign hotkeys, edit text fragments, and do many other useful things.

Clipboard for Comfort

We recommend this tool not just because it’s cheap and has a lot of features, but also because it has a trial version, a high level of security, and works with all versions of Windows.

Comfort Software also has a great on-screen keyboard that works well on any PC or laptop running Windows 10.

Comfort Keys Pro is another great tool that lets you change how the buttons on your keyboard work. We think you should check them out.

2- ClipboardFusion

When you copy text from one app to another, this feature is very helpful because it gets rid of formatting, white space, and HTML tags, leaving you with just the text.

ClipboardFusion also has a Text Replace feature that makes it easy to find and change all occurrences of a certain string of text in your Clipboard manager.

This tool lets you use a wide range of hotkeys to speed up your work. For example, you can easily scrub text or turn on syncing with just one hotkey.


With Clipboard Preview, it’s easy to see a preview of any image that you copy to the Clipboard.

This feature works with both images and HTML color codes. If you are a web designer, you will probably like this feature.

ClipboardFusion also has full support for macros, and you can make all kinds of macros by using C#.

This Clipboard manager also lets you sync your Clipboard, but this is a paid feature that you have to buy a license for.

After buying a license, you can easily share your clipboard entries with other computers and even mobile devices.

ClipboardFusion is a simple Clipboard manager with some advanced features. One thing that makes this app stand out from the rest is that it lets you scrub through text.

3- ClipCube

ClipCube is another free and light Clipboard manager on our list.

This tool has an easy-to-use interface, and in addition to managing the Clipboard, it can also be used as a note-taking app.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems are hard to fix, especially when repositories are broken or Windows files are missing. If you can’t get rid of an error, your system may be broken in some way. We suggest installing Restore, a tool that will check your computer and tell you what’s wrong.
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This is a simple and quick app that makes it easy to edit your previous entries so you can make any changes you need.

We have to say that ClipCube is a simple program with a simple interface. Our only complaint is that the Direct Paste window doesn’t have a search function.

This app may not be as complicated as the ones we’ve talked about so far, but it still does a great job.

Free Android Clipboard Manager Apps

Here’s a list of the best free Android clipboard manager apps. A clipboard is a program or app that saves automatically everything that a user copies over time. Users can easily see what’s on the clipboard, copy any information from their interface, and use it however they want. With a clipboard app, you don’t have to copy and paste the same text, numbers, URLs, etc., over and over again. When using a clipboard, users only need to copy something once, since they can go to the clipboard history to see what they have copied in the past. Check out these clipboard manager apps if you want some good clipboard apps for Android.

Free Android Clipboard Manager Apps

All of these apps have the basic clipboard feature, which is that all the information users copy is automatically saved. Users should also be able to easily get to the information on the clipboard when they need to. In addition to these basic features, some apps also let users use folders and color codes to organize what they have copied to the clipboard. Some apps also have the ability to copy and paste an unlimited number of items. Some of these apps can also use a notification panel to show recently copied data that users can quickly get to. These apps also have a good set of tools for managing the clipboard, like the ability to delete items, change clipboard data, share clipboard data, etc. Learn more about these apps by reading the list.

My favorite Android app for managing clipboards is:

Clipboard Actions & Notes is my favorite app because it can automatically put different kinds of data on its clipboard. Plus, it gives you a quick way to get to the data you just copied from the notification panel.

1- Actions and Notes for the Clipboard by Halfreal

Clipboard Actions & Notes is a free app for Android that lets you manage your clipboard. It is an advanced clipboard manager that lets users keep track of not only copied text but also email addresses, links, phone numbers, and other information. Now, let’s look at what this app does best.

Actions and Notes for the Clipboard by Halfreal

Main points:

  • Clipboard History: This app makes it easy to keep track of a lot of copied information, like phone numbers, URLs, notes, and more.
  • Advanced Notification: It adds an advanced notification tool to the notification panel that lets users search for copied text, share copied text, translate copied text, and so on.
  • Call Number: This tool can automatically separate a phone number from a piece of copied text that contains it.
  • Send Email: This tool can find the email address in a piece of copied text and add it as the sender to a new email.
  • Open Link: It can find a link or URL in a piece of copied text and open that link.

Thoughts on the End:

It is one of the best free clipboard manager apps for Android. It has all of the basic clipboard management tools as well as many more advanced ones.

2- Clipboard Manager was made by devdnua

Clipboard Manager is a free app for Android that lets you manage your clipboard. With this app, users can copy more than one piece of text to the clipboard and then get to it when they need to. It also lets users make more than one clipboard, each with its own set of data. Now, let’s look at what this app does best.

Clipboard Manager was made by devdnua

Main points:

  • Users of this app can make as many clipboard categories as they want.
  • Aside from the clipboard, this app also lets users make and keep notes.
  • It also has a useful auto-clean clipboard feature.
  • This app also lets users back up their notes and content from the clipboard to the cloud.

The following are extras:

Use “Merge Notes” to combine two or more notes into one.
The latest dark theme also works with this app.

Thoughts on the End:

It’s another good clipboard manager app for Android, and it has all the tools and features you need for your clipboard.

3- Clipboard Multi by Lufick

Multi Clipboard is another free Android app for managing clipboards. Users can copy multiple phrases one at a time using this app and keep them all in the clipboard. After that, users can use any of the phrases when they need to. Now, let’s look at what this app does best.

Clipboard Multi by Lufick

Main points:

  • Stack Multiple Phrases: Users can add text and phrases to the clipboard one at a time and then use any of the phrases that have been stacked.
  • Stack Notes: This app can keep track of and stack up more than just phrases. Users can quickly access and use these notes.
  • Sort phrases and notes that are stacked: Users can give phrases and notes in different colors to sort them from each other.
  • Save clipboard items to notes: This is another useful feature that lets users save the content of the clipboard permanently as a note.


The free version of this app can’t synchronize with the web. Users have to buy the premium version of the app to get access to this feature.

Thoughts on the End:

It’s another good clipboard manager app for Android, and it makes it easy to keep track of what’s on the clipboard and make notes.

best iPhone and iPad clipboard manager apps

Do you often write the same blocks of text over and over in emails? Or, you might regularly send certain sets of data, contact information, or links. Text snippets and clipboard apps are a lifesaver for people who do this a lot. Many of them can not only copy and save information from the clipboard, but they can also make your most-used choices available with just a swipe.

best iPhone and iPad clipboard manager apps

Here are my favorite clipboard and text snippet apps right now, and why I think you should use them.

1- Paste – Choice of the editor

Paste is one of the best iOS apps for managing what’s on the clipboard for a reason. One of its biggest and most impressive features is that it fits right into the Apple ecosystem. If all of your Apple devices use the same account, Paste will sync with all of them so you never lose your information again.

No matter what you’re copying—text, files, images, or links—Paste will save everything you’ve done since you first used the app. This lets you get to them at any time, whether you need information from last month or last year. So, your clipboard can hold much more than the standard iOS clipboard manager.

Paste – Choice of the editor

The app also keeps your information safe because you can choose which apps Paste can use to store information and data. Aside from this, you can use the intelligent search feature to find the information you may not remember exactly. The app will remind you even if you forget.

Lastly, the “at-a-glance” feature shows you a preview of all your texts in a large app window. This lets you get to your work, change it, and save it. It also speeds up your workflow.

The subscription model has been giving app users trouble lately, though. I think you should wait to buy the premium version until these problems are fixed. Or, if you want a better deal, you can look into a Setapp subscription.

Price: It’s free, and the first in-app purchases cost $1.99.

2- CLIP+ is a great way to connect Safari and Siri.

CLIP+ is a very underrated app in terms of how many features it has. More importantly, it works perfectly with the Safari browser on your phone and with Siri. With Safari, the “Shared Links” tab will keep track of all the links you copy to the clipboard.

CLIP+ is a great way to connect Safari and Siri

For Siri, the clipboard lets you use a number of shortcuts that you can use with Siri. CLIP+ is already a great clipboard because it has these features, but it also has iCloud sync, which saves your information on all of your Apple devices.

The Today Widget is a cool part of the app that lets you get to your clipboard right away. And the fact that you can see images for any URL you get is my personal favorite.

No longer do you have to open the URL to see the image that was sent. This is a great feature that can come in handy in many different ways. Overall, this app is almost certainly one of the best iOS clipboard managers. But it’s hard to figure out how to use and takes a long time to learn.

Price: $2.99

3- iPaste is a great iPad app

iPaste is a good clipboard manager for the iPhone, but it works better on the iPad. So, if you have an iPad and want a good clipboard app, try this one.

The most important thing that makes iPaste a good choice is that it is light. Even though the user interface is simple, it gets the job done and doesn’t add any extra stuff to make things harder. You can also put all of your clippings into groups based on a category they all have in common.

iPaste is a great iPad app

When you use iPaste on an iPad, you can use a split-screen mode that helps you get things done quickly. This view lets you drag and drop the information you need, whether it’s onto iPaste to save it or into an app to enter credentials.

Still, more advanced users might have trouble with the simple interface and limited features.

The app is free, but in-app purchases start at $2.99.

The best Mac clipboard managers

With a clipboard manager, you can save what you’ve copied and then paste it into other apps.
The default clipboard manager on macOS works well for most people, but it only has one buffer for copying and pasting, which gets overwritten each time you copy something new. This means you can only copy one thing at a time.
To get around this, you can use a third-party clipboard manager, which lets you save multiple items to your clipboard, see and manage your clipboard history, and quickly and easily paste multiple items at once.
All of the major desktop operating systems have a small set of features for managing the clipboard. For example, if you have macOS, the system’s built-in clipboard manager only has one buffer, so you can only copy one piece of text at a time.

best Mac clipboard managers

Most Mac users don’t mind that they can’t do much with the clipboard. However, if you have to copy and paste a lot of text between apps for your work, this will make your job very tedious very quickly.

This is where clipboard managers from outside your computer come in. A good third-party clipboard manager lets you copy multiple text snippets (in different formats) to different buffers so you can use them when you need to.

Here are some of the best clipboard managers for Mac that you can use to improve how your Mac handles the clipboard and speed up your work.

1- Paste – Manager of the Clipboard

The paste is one of the most commonly used Mac clipboard managers. It lets you store everything you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad so you can find it whenever you want. You can copy text, links, images, and files, among other things, with the Paste clipboard manager.

Paste – Manager of the Clipboard

With Paste, all the content you copy stays on the app, and a simple search makes it easy to find. Also, Paste lets you organize the content you copied with pins to keep everything in order. You can also paste text without formatting, select and paste multiple copied items at once, and set up rules to make pasting text easier.

One of Paste’s best features is iCloud sync, which backs up all of your information to your iCloud account. So, all of your clipboard items are the same on all of your devices, and you can use it as a universal clipboard to copy and paste between them.

Free for 14 days and then $1.99 per month.

2- CopyClip – History of the Clipboard

CopyClip is the easiest Mac app for copying and pasting. It works from the menu bar in macOS and has a pretty simple interface. This makes it a great clipboard manager for people who only need the most basic features.

CopyClip – History of the Clipboard

CopyClip is a menu bar app, which means it puts all the content you copied or cut in the menu bar so you can get to it from anywhere on your Mac.

CopyClip lets you choose how many clippings you want it to remember when you talk about extra features. It also lets you exclude apps whose content you don’t want to be recorded. This way, sensitive information like your passwords won’t be recorded by the app.


3- Copy ‘Em (Clipboard Manager)

Copy ‘Em is an advanced Mac clipboard manager with a lot of powerful features. You can copy and paste everything from text, images, and files to HTML, code snippets, PDFs, and a few other proprietary file formats.

Copy ‘Em (Clipboard Manager)

Copy ‘Em lets you do basic things like copy and paste, but it also lets you copy and paste multiple items at once so you don’t have to switch apps as often, take screenshots and collect data, store your favorite clipboard entries permanently, and paste frequently used snippets with keyboard shortcuts.

You can also put the things you copied into lists, sort and label them, and look them up quickly. You can also sync your content between your iPhones, iPads, and Mac, which can make it easy to copy and paste content between devices. Lastly, if there are any apps whose content you don’t want copying, you can add them to the ignore list, just like with a few other clipboard managers.

Paid ($14.99)

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