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How to Spy My Son’s WhatsApp Without His Understanding It

In this article from SPY24, I want to write for you about tracking and monitoring, and controlling your son’s behavior on the Internet, especially WhatsApp. 

First, I will discuss why you need to control your son’s phone and his WhatsApp and why this issue is very important. Then I will deal with different methods of indirect monitoring of children in the internet space and controlling and monitoring their WhatsApp.

 Then I will discuss the required and reliable tools for tracking different phones such as Android and iOS and I will explain to you step by step their installation and use and finally the common questions that you may have been asked. I will answer. And I will have a general conclusion from this issue.

I hope this article will be welcomed by you.

An introduction to monitoring and control and spying programs for parents

Today’s Internet world, in contrast to being a place to increase people’s skills and knowledge, especially children and teenagers, has become an almost unreliable and dangerous environment for our children. It is no secret to almost anyone that groups, organizations, and individuals are opportunistic, criminals and pornographers have become more and more in the Internet space. As someone who is interested in researching security in cyberspace, I will try to provide you with some introductions from different sources in the introduction so that you can understand the seriousness of this issue and why it is necessary to control our children in the Internet environment.

Introduction to Spy Apps

Show the statistics of the threat that is going on against my children!

First, I went to research in Germany (in my opinion, it can be a good example due to the education system and explicit statistics, I will mention its sources at the end of each part)

Children and teenagers are very early exposure to sexually explicit content through online channels. This was confirmed by a representative survey of communication scientists from the Universities of Münster and Hohenheim in Stuttgart. Almost half of the 1,048 14- to 20-year-olds surveyed said they had seen “hardcore pornography” revealing their private parts. In the youngest subgroup, 14 and 15 years, it is at least a third. About half of these online discoveries are unintentional. For the first time, an online survey allows general statements to be made about the social status and individual experience of young people when they first come into contact with pornographic images or videos. This study will be published in Springer Verlag these days.

The average age reported by children and adolescents at their first contact with immoral media content is 14.2 years. At an average of 14.0 years, adolescent boys are significantly younger than girls (14.8 years).

The results of this study also show that initial contact seems to be happening earlier and earlier in young people’s lives. 14- and 15-year-olds who had previously been exposed to hard Internet pornography said they were, on average, 12.7 years old when first exposed to it.

70% of the accesses were through laptops, computers, or smartphones. Other media such as television, video, or magazines have largely had their day. After first contact, boys are significantly more likely than girls to use explicit sexual suggestions online.

How to Spy on WhatsApp of Your Son

The first contact is usually made at home. In 40% of cases, when young people see pornographic images or videos for the first time, they do not do it alone, but with their friends. At ages 14-15, this is even true in 60% of cases.

Professor emphasizes: “The results also show. “Children and young people are confronted with something they neither want to see nor really understand,” says Torsten Kwant of the Institute for Communication Studies at the University of Münster. Because media use is often covert, children and young people have to deal with processing this content on their own, without parental or school influence.

Parents and teachers play only a secondary role. Lack of mentorship is a serious problem,” warns Prof. Dr. Four “Studies clearly show that in today’s online age, first contacts happen very early, even with content that is sometimes harmful to young people.”

Pornography remains taboo

According to the survey, more than half of young people do not talk about it with anyone after the first contact, and only 4% share the incident with teachers or parents. Willingness to discuss depends on how you feel when you first see pornographic content. (The source is included at the end of the article)


Well, you may be a bit shocked, but I would like to point out that I deliberately chose the above material from the years 2017 and 2018, because the situation in 2023 is much more complicated than these talks, and if I get a chance, I would be interested in I would like to talk about the threats and violence that has occurred in the lower layer of all advanced societies against our children and teenagers, especially after the Corona crisis. We are all responsible for the health of our future generation.

I usually do not try to scare people and make the situation worse, but I believe that one should be aware of the real situation and take preventive measures immediately.

In the following, I will try not to deviate from the main discussion and talk about the specific issue of tracking and monitoring your child in the WhatsApp environment and controlling his chats and conversations.

Advantages of using spy programs and parental control

Above, I tried to address the main reasons for monitoring and control, and in this section, I will tell you the advantages of these types of applications such as SPY24:

1. Direct action can make your child more secretive, violent, and aggressive. You should stop any direct control and try to close all the space and possibilities for your children, the only benefit of this is to make them angry.

Monitor My Son's WhatsApp

By using applications like SPY24, you can completely monitor them without them noticing and notice their moods and moods at school and with friends, etc., and then by using the knowledge of people such as psychiatrists and counselors, you can take effective measures. Do it for them.

By using spy applications, you can find out what people your son is in contact with, and also find out what websites he visits and what people he dates, and by knowing these positions, in many cases, you can prevent attraction. He became involved in criminal and drug gangs.

All kinds of spying and monitoring and tracking programs

In the world of cyber security, we have different types of eavesdropping and spying programs, but we are going to talk about parental monitoring spying programs:

I can categorize them according to different characteristics.

Free programs:

Many programs claim to spy on children, etc., and with a simple search in different markets, you will probably come across them.

Well, my suggestion is not to use them, as a person who is interested in cyber security, I checked many of these applications and their source codes, and the result is that 99% of them are malicious and virus codes or seek to steal information from You are according to the access you give them by installing.

Spy Apps for Schools

Membership programs with free trial features:

I think this option is very interesting. You are faced with a program that says that it charges a fee for its services, but before that it allows you to use various features and try it, and after you are sure that the program works, give it to You pay an amount.

Well, unfortunately, such programs are very few in the field of spying applications. We at SPY24 have done this for all our users. That you will be able to use SPY24 services for free for one month and after you are satisfied with its features, you will proceed to pay the monthly membership according to your needs.

I personally go to this type of application for other applications in different fields, they don’t ask me for money at the first installation and allow me to test.

Paid program:

Well, above I said my opinion, paid programs usually advertise their features first, but in order to find out if they actually work or not, you have to pay first. Will it be possible to return the money in case of dissatisfaction?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

So be sure to carefully check all the features before choosing any kind of spying and monitoring program for your son’s WhatsApp.

How to spy on your Son WhatsApp

Well, if you have read the above content completely and you are convinced what kind of application to choose to spy on your son’s WhatsApp, below I will explain the complete tutorial on how to do this.

Make sure your son doesn’t get a whiff of it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Spy App

Maybe the space will resemble Agatha Christie’s stories, but this is a serious recommendation. You just need to get your child’s phone at a suitable time so that you can install the SPY24 application on it. It takes less than a minute.

What excuses can you make and when do you do this?

Well, one of the best excuses that will save you from the trouble of unlocking is to tell him that your phone is turned off and you want to make an urgent call.

Then go to the SPY24.pro website and install the application. Clear your browsing history through browser settings.


The more care you take in this work, the better. You can do this while he is sleeping, you just need to know the pattern or password of his phone, if you don’t know about this (read this article about unlocking Android and unlocking iOS). You can do this at other times, such as when you are on the toilet or in the bathroom, and many other times. Make sure you have installed the application correctly.

Complete the tutorial on how to install SPY24 on your son’s phone to spy on his WhatsApp

1. Create an account on SPY24 (you can do it right now with a free month)

2. Install the SPY24 application on your child’s phone without root or jailbreak.

3. Sit behind your laptop and watch his work and where he goes.

Below I will review the many features that the SPY24 app gives you.


Monitor the full list of incoming WhatsApp messages

Monitor the full list of outgoing WhatsApp messages

Monitor the list of deleted WhatsApp messages

Monitor the full list of images and screenshots

Record all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp voices

Access to your son’s WhatsApp audio conversations

Access to your son’s video conversations with others

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.


Well, you are probably eager to try these facilities, note that SPY24 has a philosophy and ethical policies regarding future generations, and all information is encrypted and completely protected with high security, and all the conditions and laws of different countries in SPY24 have been observed.


In this article, I fully discussed the importance of monitoring children in the Internet environment, this article was related to WhatsApp and its tracking and spying on your child’s phone. In other articles, we will write about different applications and teach you many lessons to prevent harm to your children. Also, in this article, we talked about the many features that the SPY24 application gives you, and we will answer common questions below.

Thank you for being with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I notice my son’s chats on WhatsApp?

There are different ways to check your son’s WhatsApp and you can do it by using different hacking methods, but the thing is that you are not a hacker. So you need a reliable application to listen and spy on your child’s WhatsApp conversations. SPY24 will be the best choice for this.

How can I access my son’s WhatsApp messages without him knowing?

This work does not require special espionage or partisan skills, just find a suitable location and install the SPY24 application on his phone according to the available instructions, and that’s it.

What program or tool is there to control and monitor WhatsApp?

There are many spying, eavesdropping, and hacking tools in the world, which we talked about in SPY24, and if you don’t have security and computer knowledge, you can do this with the SPY24 application. What is SPY24? (read this link)

Can free child monitoring apps be trusted?

We can definitely say no, all applications that are completely free without exception have malicious and viral features.

What is the best app for spying on WhatsApp?

There are many applications in the field of parental care, SPY24, Mspy, Kidsguard Etc. are among these applications. All three have good and unique features, but if you are looking for a free trial as well as 24/7 support, you can only find SPY24.

Is SPY24 a legitimate program?

Yes, Spa 24 was created by security experts and has specific rules and regulations to protect the rights of customers and their personal information.

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