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As the owner of a business, you likely rely on your cell phone and computer to stay productive. But what if someone was spying on your activities—reading your emails, tracking your location, and even listening in on your conversations? It may sound like something out of a spy movie, but with the right spy software, it’s all too possible. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best global GSM control software options available, so you can keep your communications confidential and protected.

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How to Use Global GSM Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Are you looking for a way to monitor the activity on your child’s cell phone or your employees’ phones? If so, then you should consider using Global GSM Control. This powerful program provides real-time monitoring of activity on any Android or iPhone device from anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at what Global GSM Control can do and how it works.

How to Use Global GSM Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

What is Global GSM Control?

Global GSM Control is an advanced monitoring and control system for Android and iPhone devices. With this software, you can monitor calls, text messages, GPS locations, websites visited, emails sent and received, social media chats and posts, and more—all in real time. You can also remotely control the device through the use of commands such as “wipe” or “lock” to protect data if the device is lost or stolen.

How Does it Work?

To start using Global GSM Control on an Android device requires physical access to install the app on the device. On iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, you will need access to the iCloud account associated with that device in order to set up remote monitoring. Once installed (or connected with iCloud credentials), all data from the monitored phone will be sent directly to your secure online SPY24 dashboard where it can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

What are Some Benefits of Using Global GSM Control?

One of the biggest benefits of using this software is that it allows you to monitor cell phone activity without having physical access to a device. This makes it ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s activities without having to constantly check over their shoulders. It also allows employers to track employee productivity without stifling creativity or invading personal privacy.

How to Track Short Voice Conversations with Global GSM Control

Global GSM Control is a powerful and reliable mobile monitoring app that enables users to track short voice conversations on WhatsApp. With this feature, parents can keep an eye on their kids’ conversations and make sure they are safe from any potential threats. It also allows employers to monitor their employees’ activities and ensure that their company’s confidential data is secure. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the Global GSM Control App to track short voice conversations on WhatsApp.

Global GSM Control Feature Overview

The global GSM control app offers many features, but one of its most beneficial features is the ability to spy on short voice messages sent via WhatsApp. This feature allows you to easily monitor your children’s or employees’ conversations in real time, ensuring that you have complete oversight over all their activities. You can also access historical records of past conversations, allowing you to review any potentially suspicious activity that may have occurred in the past. Additionally, the app also gives you access to call logs and the phone’s address book, giving you a comprehensive view of who your kids or employees are talking with.

How it Works

Using global GSM control is quite simple; all you need to do is install the app on your target device and enable tracking for WhatsApp messages via its dashboard. Once enabled, every time someone sends or receives a voice message through WhatsApp, the app will automatically record it and send it straight to your dashboard so that you can review it later. This way, you won’t miss out on any important information even if they delete the conversation right away! You can even set up alerts so that when certain keywords are used in a conversation, such as “dangerous” or “illegal” activities-related words, you will be notified immediately.

The global GSM control app also offers other useful features such as geofencing capabilities which allow users to set boundaries around specific locations and receive an alert when someone enters or exits these boundaries; remote camera activation which enables users to remotely activate cameras on target devices for surveillance purposes; password cracking capabilities which allow users to crack passwords for various social media accounts; and more.

Global GSM Control is the best mobile and computer monitoring software.

Computer, tablet, and mobile spyware. Use the best iPhone and Android spy apps.

Best Computer, Tablet, and Phone Monitoring Software

Use the finest monitoring software to keep an eye on your PC and mobile device:

  • Maintain your staff’s productivity while keeping your kids safe.
  • Remotely keep an eye on and manage all of your devices’ activities
  • Very simple to use and quick to install, taking about five minutes.
  • Run in either visible or hidden mode as desired.
  • 24/7 help, competent and efficient client service

Exclusive Features – The Best Phone Tracker

  • Run in either visible or hidden mode as desired.
  • Phone Interception of calls
  • Phone Voice over IP call recording
  • Environment recording for spy calls
  • Remote control of a camera
  • Notification of Calls Alert
  • Tracking a location: Real-time, precise GPS tracking
  • Spy on Call Logs, Emails, SMS, and MMS
  • Track a position using triangulation rather than GPS
  • View your audio, video, and photo files.

15 instant messengers are being tracked: Spy on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp There are several messaging apps available, including Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, BBM, BB PIN, QQ, and Telegram (+more details).

  • Call logs on VoIP
  • VOIP call recording: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Hangout, and Facebook messenger
  • iPhone and iPad iMessage tracking
  • minute simple and rapid installation
  • View Bookmarks and website activity
  • a keylogger is a keystroke logger.
  • screenshots of applications
  • Activity on apps and installed programs
  • Notes and Calendar Access
  • Receive a notification when a certain keyword is found in an SMS using keyword alerts.
  • Email, MMS, and Instant Message
  • Geo-Fencing: Get alerts for each zone’s entry and departure
  • SIM Notification of Change
  • You may use your online dashboard or your mobile device to transmit remote commands.
  • Excel format the data you have recorded.
  • Deactivate or remotely delete the program
  • The target phone may be changed at will
  • Remote updates that are free
  • Remotely renew at any moment
  • (HTTPS, AES/PKI encryption) Secure Web Account
  • Free technical assistance
  • begin keeping an eye on now Starting At Just 13 €/Month, The Best Phone Tracker App
  • The full range of monitoring features
  • Monitor SMS and MMS communications
Exclusive Features - The Best Phone Tracker

You can view all calls, including the correspondent’s name (from their address book), phone number, call time, and length. Call interception lets you listen to target phone calls live. If the caller is on your contact list, you’ll receive a text message with his name and number before every target third-party call. To hear the dialogue in conference mode, dial the destination phone. This feature lets you record and replay calls. The app uploads audio recordings to your account. Download and play.

  • special

This function lets you secretly listen to your child’s or employee’s phone without alarms (this feature makes your target phone like a listening device: Listen to a conversation in a room or a bedroom…)

  • recording nature

This feature lets you secretly record and playback a phone’s surroundings. The app uploads are audio to your account. Download and play.

  • control

Use the phone’s main camera. Shoot photographs or videos from your online account or via SMS. Global GSM Control tracks the phone’s location in real-time on a map.

  • Find someone without GPS.

If the target phone has no GPS or is inactive, the software uses triangulation to track its location with an error margin of 10 meters.

Create restrictions and receive notifications when they are broken with this functionality. Zone entrances and exits are reported.

  • media monitoring

You get images, movies, and audio recordings from before and after the application were installed. Download them from your GGC Control Panel.

You may view the target’s emails in your GGC Control Panel. Read all emails secretly. All languages are welcome. Track target mobile device bookmarks and web pages using a web browser.

  • Calendar

View the target’s calendar, including recurring events, planned or prior appointments, organizer, and multiple calendars.

  • Notes. Mobile notes

The tool tracks Skype, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Facebook, and FaceTime call history.

  • SIM Change Notice

Changing the SIM card won’t affect Global GSM Control’s data collection. The new number also texts you. Battery Checker The battery function lets you check your child’s or employee’s phone’s battery at any time.

  • Notices

This robust function alerts the target phone when a specific number sends or receives an SMS, MMS, or voice call. In an SMS, email, or MMS, your preferred word. zone entrances and exits

SMS or your dashboard can control the phone remotely. This lets you restart the phone, take pictures, record the environment, and uninstall programs remotely. Customize Data transfer frequency, feature activation/deactivation…

  • Easy installation.

Installing GLOBAL GSM CONTROL is easy. Download the spy software on the target phone right now. Without wires or computers. Installation takes five minutes and requires no technological expertise. You’ll get straightforward, graphic installation instructions.

  • Free updates

We often add new features or improve current ones. Our updates are free and can be done remotely without user participation on the target phone.

  • refueling

Renewing your license remotely from our servers means you won’t have to touch the target again.

  • Online Security Dashboard

After purchasing GLOBAL GSM CONTROL, you will receive a login and password to access this private online account to view all the data. (Security: HTTPS, AES/PKI) Secure.

  • The target phone is changeable.

If you switch phones, deactivate the program on the old one and install it on the new one. You can use the software on the new target phone without paying or changing codes. Licensed monitoring is limited to one device.

  • Data export

Your dashboard data can be exported using complex filters. Download optimized photos, videos, and audio. Excel exports and saves data. Our best advertising is free to support, and our success depends on how quickly and well we answer!

  • 14-Day Guarantee

Our return policy allows 14 days to cancel and receive a refund. Our software can run in visible or hidden mode. If you run the program in secret mode, no icon, no jailbreak, and no software will appear in application listings. Installing our surveillance software confirms your legal intent.

  • app screenshots

App Screenshot lets you remotely take screenshots of programs on your child’s or teammate’s mobile device. Your own online Dashboard lets you view screenshots.

Keylogger lets you secretly record every keystroke on any application on the target device. Encrypted keystroke logs are automatically posted to your Dashboard for viewing and downloading.

How does Global GSM Control’s spy software track a phone?

Easy installation. Your login credentials (username, password, and activation key) will be delivered to you via email after you acquire the phone spy program. The ESPION application must then be downloaded from the target phone via a secure download connection. After downloading, install the software on the target phone and enter your activation key.

Phone spying requires three steps:

Track your phone with the app.

After buying the phone spy program, you should have gotten an activation key.

From your mobile, access your protected GGC online Dashboard account to view all messages, calls (history and audio), photographs, videos, locations, and other information about the target phone.

Why Global GSM Control phone surveillance software?

Use reliable spy software to record and listen to mobile phone conversations and the surrounding surroundings. Only GLOBAL GSM CONTROL will tell you the phone’s GPS position if the GPS isn’t working.

  • Regular free remote updates
  • Unmatched technical aid that is competent and quick
  • Our phone surveillance program has 100+ features.
  • Installation might be invisible or obvious.
  • Securely view all monitored phone data from your protected user account (SSL)

5-minute download and installation

WARNING: SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY GLOBAL GSM CONTROL monitoring software is only intended for parents who want to monitor their minor children or employers who want to monitor their employees’ company-issued phones, tablets, and computers, provided they are properly informed, have their employees’ written consent, and follow local laws.

Global-gsm-control.com is not liable for illegal use. Legal advice on global-gsm-control.com’s software is prohibited.

Before installing and employing GLOBAL GSM CONTROL, you are recommended to speak with a local attorney. See our “LEGAL DISCLAIMER” for more.

“Spy on a mobile phone,” “tracker app,” and “spy software” are SEO terms that don’t correctly describe the program. Our software’s key goals are to preserve your kids’ safety and boost staff efficiency.

How can a mobile phone be remotely viewed?

Can I track my tablet and phone? Trustworthy software that secretly tracks calls, SMS, GPS, media, Facebook, and WhatsApp…

Track your iPhone or Android?

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL is the best spy app for Android and iPhone since it lets you capture data entering and departing the phone anywhere. now.

Track your iPhone or Android?

Simple. After purchasing our GLOBAL GSM CONTROL phone spy program, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the app, your username, and password, and a code to activate the app on the target phone.

Download the software from the target phone using the safe download link (the one you wish to monitor). Install the phone’s software and enter your activation key after downloading.

  • phone tracking methods
  • Three easy ways to snoop on a phone:
  • Download the software using the encrypted download URL.

Install the app -> Install the spy app, then enter the activation key you received after buying your spy phone program to enable monitoring.

Target phone spying -> Connect to your GGC online account from your phone, tablet, or computer to view any messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), calls (history and audio), photos, videos, locations, and other data on the target phone.

Our spy program starts instantly at bootup and runs discreetly in the background on the phone or tablet you want to watch, allowing you to:

Spy on a phone discreetly.

The device’s call recording capability lets you hear phone calls or VoIP (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc.) calls and the surroundings in real-time or afterward.

Track SMS, MMS, calls, emails, GPS position, and instant chat on phones and tablets (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, Instagram, Hangouts, BBM, Tinder, QQ Messages, Hike, Kik, TelegramFacetime, and iMessage)

Access the phone’s content: The monitored smartphone or tablet’s Keylogger records the following keystrokes: Pictures, videos, audio clips, contacts, calendar, notes, and apps.

The software takes images and videos of a phone when predetermined keywords appear in messages (SMS, MMS, emails, and instant messengers are monitored), when a predefined number calls the target phone, or when the mobile phone enters or exits a predefined geographic area on a map.

Remotely enable or disable tapping and all other capture options, start an environment recording, see the device’s location in real-time via GPS, disable or uninstall software, send or delete SMS messages from the target phone, reboot, update software, take a picture or screenshot, and more. (See additional features.)

Our new surveillance equipment is simple and can be installed in minutes to snoop on a cell phone or tablet. Our picture-guided manuals make this feasible.

What is GLOBAL GSM CONTROL exactly?

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL is the best Android spy app for monitoring Android devices. Global GSM Control, often known as a “spy phone,” tracker, phone snitch, or spy tool, lets you spy on Android by providing you full control over a mobile phone or tablet and access to its conversations and actions. Global GSM Control monitors employees and children.

Your Android spy app’s features?

Our Android spy software tracks GPS location, live listening, and recording of phone calls and surrounds alerts and reports on important data, and all instant messaging apps. Unlike other Android spy apps, GLOBAL GSM CONTROL lets you listen to the monitored phone’s surroundings, intercept calls, and spy on the 15 most popular instant messaging apps. Global GSM Control’s 150+ features outperform every other Android surveillance application.

From your internet account, the Web Control Center GLOBAL GSM CONTROL Android spy app lets you view the phone’s behavior in detail. To trace a phone, install “GGC” on it. Your GLOBAL GSM CONTROL user account gives you global data access once installed!


In conclusion, Global GSM Control is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to monitoring cell phone activity remotely. With its advanced features and easy setup process, this software makes it easy for parents and employers alike to stay informed about what is going on with their devices in real-time—even when they are nowhere near them! Whether you are looking for parental control or employee monitoring solutions, Global GSM Control has something for everyone! Try it out today!

Spy on Android to find out everything!

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL, the most powerful Android spy app, can listen to the phone’s surroundings and intercept calls in real-time. Instead of “guessing,” you can hear the complete dialogue in real time!

Even in bad weather, the first Android surveillance app, GLOBAL GSM CONTROL, will send the phone’s GPS position. This ensures that you never lose touch with your kids and can utilize your Global GSM Control account from wherever to get the answers you need.

Why Global GSM Control?

An original Android mobile phone spying app can record and listen to real-time conversations and surroundings. Only Android GLOBAL GSM CONTROL surveillance software can find the phone using GPS, even if the GPS capability is off.

Spy on Android to find out everything!

Securely view all monitored phone data from your protected user account (SSL)

Five-minute download and installation

Detectable and undetectable Android spy. Optional.

Purchase GGC

Purchase Global GSM Control from our website. The entry-level Silver edition has all the tools you need to monitor your target device, while the premium Black Extreme version is the most powerful espionage program available.

Install GGC

After your purchase, you’ll receive an email with all the details, including the detailed installation manual that leads you through program installation with drawings. Installation takes minutes. Follow the configuration procedures to remotely change settings. The default setup lets you start monitoring all activity immediately after installation.

Begin keeping track.

After installation, the spy software will collect and send call and environment records, SMS, MMS, email, call history, contacts, photographs, videos, music, websites visited, and instant messengers to your GGC online account (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Hangouts, Snapchat,…) Our secure portal requires only a login and password to access our spy software’s data.

iPhone GSM Control

You now have the best iPhone/iPad spyware. GLOBAL GSM CONTROL works on jailbroken iOS 14. X and earlier iPhones and iPads. Learn more here.

iPhone GSM Control

Global GSM Control?

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL for iPhone can spy on jailbroken iPhones and iPads. GLOBAL GSM CONTROL, a “spy phone,” “bug,” or “spy application,” lets you control an iPhone or iPad and eavesdrop on its conversations and activities. Global GSM Control monitors employees and children.

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL for iPhone features?

Our iPhone spy software tracks GPS location, live listening, and recording of phone calls and surrounds alerts and reports on important data, and all instant messaging apps. Unlike other iPhone spy apps, GLOBAL GSM CONTROL lets you track over 15 popular instant messaging services, intercept calls, and listen to the phone’s surroundings. GLOBAL GSM CONTROL’s 150+ features outperform every other iPhone surveillance application.

Do your employees misuse corporate phones? Are your kids becoming increasingly distant and uncommunicative? Stop worrying—Global GSM Control for iPhone is all you need to monitor your phones.

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL for iPhone offers fascinating features to track and manage your mobile devices. It’ll fulfill your needs. It lets you track your child or teen to ensure staff loyalty and prevent phone usage on corporate phones.

Web Control Center Global GSM Control lets you track all iPhone activity online. To monitor an iPhone, install the “GGC” app. Your GLOBAL GSM CONTROL user account gives you global data access once installed!

GLOBAL GSM CONTROL for iPhone requires no training!

Global GSM Control is easy to download, install, and use. Our monitoring tools’ data is simply available via an interface. You can find solutions quickly and alone.

Is global GSM Control legal?

The GLOBAL GSM CONTROL software helps parents protect their kids and companies maximize employee productivity. Use is lawful.

We don’t allow software piracy. Please do your duties.

You decide if you can monitor the device. You must also investigate any legal requirements for using the application in your country. If you have questions about using the program, consult your lawyer. Global GSM Control cannot provide legal advice. See our “LEGAL DISCLAIMER” for more.

Choose your Plan Global GSM Control

Choose your Plan Global GSM Control


Can you track a smartphone by number?

Phone and IMEI number monitoring are not available. To monitor a device, you must install the program and have access to it (with the right to monitor it).

Can I put the software on a phone for my child to replace the SIM card?

The program lets you control the phone regardless of the SIM card, thus you can track all SIM cards loaded into the phone.

What devices are supported?

Smartphones and tablets running:
Android (More details here)
iPhone/iPad jailbreak (More details here)
Global Computer Control is our Windows and Mac OS version.
Please contact us with any device compatibility questions.

Global GSM Control setup remotely?

Smartphones and tablets cannot remotely install the software.
Certain dishonest websites promise Bluetooth, SMS, or MMS.
Beware—it’s a scam. Your money will never be refunded.
To install software on a mobile phone or tablet, you must download it directly into the device, thus you must have it in your hands.

Global GSM Control online registration?

After picking a version, visit the purchasing page. To buy online, follow the prompts. We accept bank transfers, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, MoneyBookers, and Paypal bank cards. During regular business hours (8 am to 11 pm, seven days a week), your purchase will be emailed to you within two hours (email containing the download link of our software, the activation key, and the installation, configuration, and use instructions in French).

What happens when I purchase on the website?

After ordering our GLOBAL GSM CONTROL spy program, you’ll receive an email containing the following information within two hours of our support service’s work hours (8 am to 10 pm GMT):
English setup guide (a few simple installation steps with screenshots). Download and program setup instructions are in this user handbook.
Spyware’s activation key. This key activates the application during installation.
Your GGC online account password (username and password) (your private location where you may view, control, and parameterize the software remotely)

Global GSM Control, run by GSI, offers phone and computer monitoring software for parental control and staff monitoring*, with 7-day customer assistance. Customer care promises to respond to emails within 24 hours, but usually within two. Competent, responsive after-sales service.

Our hours: are 8–22 daily.

Contact us:

Contact form or website chat.

Email (The customer care address will be provided following the first form contact) (The customer care address will be provided following the first form contact)

Do you need a strong mobile phone and tablet policy for your company?

Contact our communication manager for product and service inquiries.

Overall, Global GSM Control is an incredibly powerful mobile monitoring solution designed specifically for parents and employers who want complete oversight over their kids or employees’ activities while using WhatsApp. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features such as voice message spying, geofencing capabilities, remote camera activation, and password cracking capabilities, this app provides everything needed for effective surveillance without compromising user privacy or security. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to monitor your child’s or employee’s activities without them knowing about it, then Global GSM Control might just be what you’re looking for! Try SPY24 today!

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