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What if there was a better way to keep in touch with your friends and family? Something that was more convenient and less intrusive than constant texting or calling? Well, there is. It’s called mycircle, and it’s changing the way we stay connected. mycircle is a free app that lets you create circles of friends and family members. You can then send messages, photos, and videos to them all at once, or individually. Plus, you can see when they’re online so you know when it’s the best time to reach out. mycircle is making communication easier than ever before. Try it today!

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How to Bypass MyCircle

MyCircle is a parental control software that can be installed on your child’s computer or mobile device. This software allows parents to monitor their child’s online activity, set limits on screen time, and block certain websites and apps. While MyCircle can be a useful tool for parents, it can also be a pain if you’re trying to bypass it. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to bypass MyCircle so you can get back to your browsing.

How to Bypass MyCircle

There are a few different ways that you can bypass MyCircle. The first is to use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in another location. This makes it appear as if you are accessing the internet from that other location, which can be used to bypass geographic restrictions.

Another way to bypass MyCircle is to use a proxy server. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. When you connect to the internet through a proxy server, your IP address is hidden and replaced with the IP address of the proxy server. This makes it appear as if you are browsing from the location of the proxy server, which can be used to bypass restrictions placed by MyCircle.

The last way to bypass MyCircle is to use a DNS server. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is used to resolve domain names into IP addresses. When you connect to the internet through a DNS server, your traffic is routed through that server instead of your ISP’s default DNS server. This can be used to bypass restrictions placed by MyCircle.

The circle is a device and app for controlling screen time and filtering the internet. It is the easiest way to control screen time on all the connected devices in your family. Block inappropriate content and limit the number of time kids can spend online to keep them safe.

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Download the Circle App – Manage Screen Time & Monitor Devices

parental controls for all your devices.

Circle’s parental controls, which have won awards, let you manage screen time and keep an eye on not just some websites and apps, but ALL of them. With our all-in-one solution for at home and on the go, you can set rules for sites like YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and many more on all the connected devices in your family.

  • Family TV time is taken care of.

Start keeping track of what your kids are doing online, from social media to games. Change what you need to to keep your family safe online. From one simple app, you can set healthy time limits and filter content on all of your devices.

  1. Circle has safety and security features that will keep your family safe.
  2. Circle makes it easy to see what’s happening on a network and stops people from going to dangerous sites on the Internet.
  3. Limits access to malicious sites to keep families from getting hurt. Finds and blocks network intruders by keeping an eye on every device on your network.
  • Circle Media, Inc.

The circle is the leader in its field when it comes to helping families manage screen time and set parental controls. Its goal is to make the lives of families better, both online and off.

The circle’s goal is to help families get the most out of technology and from their relationships with each other. We imagine a world where families find balance, set healthy limits, build good habits, and get the most out of their digital experiences instead of being taken over by them. Circle’s solutions for managing screen time and setting parental controls are the easiest and most complete way to manage all the connected devices in your family, no matter where they are. Circle also works with key partners to help more families use our service.

  • Get in Touch
  • Please get in touch with us.

Use the list of emails below to send your question, request for help, or question about a partnership or distribution to the right place.

How to Bypass MyCircle

Circle is the best family Internet filter for websites and apps.

With Circle, you can set up internet filter settings to limit what each family member can see, and you can apply those settings to iPhones and Android devices anywhere.

  • Internet and Website Filtering

You can change the settings to limit what each family member can see online by choosing age-appropriate apps and websites or blocking inappropriate ones for social media, video and gaming apps, and more.

  • Why Content Filters Are Important

For parents, the Internet has a lot of good things to offer, like ways for their kids to have fun and learn. It could even give you a chance to be creative! But it can also be scary to think about your kids being able to go wherever they want on the Internet. In this digital age, many parents want a family Internet filter that gives them more control over age-appropriate content and screen time than a router or even the settings on a mobile device can.

If you’ve ever used a router to set up parental controls, you already know that there aren’t many options and that it’s probably not worth your time to figure them out.

This is where Circle wins the game. By setting up the Circle content Internet Filter feature, parents can easily choose the apps, devices, games, streaming services, and websites that need limits or restrictions. Then, put the right filters on each family member’s profile.

No matter where you are, it’s easy to keep track of each profile. Just open the app and you’re good to go. With a few taps on your phone, you can change how the Internet works.

Why Circles Internet Filtering on Apps and Devices is a Good Idea

It can be hard to keep track of and control what your kids do on the Internet. All the hard work can be done by the circle. Our parental controls let you set a different filter level for each family member based on their age and what they are interested in.

  • You want to let people use TikTok but not Facebook.

Want to make sure your child doesn’t go on dating sites?

  • Want to block a particular website?

Want your kids to be able to listen to music without it counting as screen time?

We talk about all of these things and more. The circle divides the Internet into several well-known platforms and groups. Both apps and websites can be built on these platforms. When you set a content filter for YouTube, for example, it will affect both the website and the app.

If you know that your kids spend too much time on social media or video games, you can limit their access to those apps through their profiles. You can also block websites that you know your kids shouldn’t be on, and you can always check on what they’ve been doing online.

Here’s how the Family Internet Filtering from Circle works:

  • With Filter, parents can rest easy knowing that their kids will have a personalized online experience.

It’s easy to set up and use the Filter feature. Once you’re in the Circle app, choose the profile of the right family member. From there, tap Filter and scroll down to change what you can and can’t do.

Each Filter Level has its apps and default settings for Category and other settings based on how appropriate they are.

Want to make sure your child doesn't go on dating sites?

Circle lets you set different default filter levels for each member of your family. You can put a profile in one of four levels: Kid, Teen, Adult, or None.

  • Explaining Circle Filter Levels

Kid – Works for children under the age of 12. By default, apps or websites that teach or keep kids safe are available, while sites like social media that are meant for older people are blocked.

Teen – Made for teens ages 13 to 17. Most apps, websites, and categories are available, but many popular apps and websites that are 18+ are not. By default, inappropriate categories are filtered out and hidden.

Adult: Good for people over the age of 18. You can get to almost all apps, websites, and categories, but by default, explicit and mature content is blocked.

None: The “none” filter level is unique because it turns off all of Circle’s tracking and tracking features for that profile. It can be useful when filtering isn’t as important, like when adults are in the house. Here, you can find out more about the “none” level of filtering.

Each of these levels of filtering has a set of popular apps, websites, and categories that are turned on by default. The more restrictive a Filter Level is, the more categories, popular apps, and websites will be left out of the default lists.

What the Internet Filtering Function of Circle can do for you

Circle uses a database with millions—yes, millions—of websites and groups them into a few easy-to-understand categories, like Education or Online Games. You can filter websites and apps on the Internet by category or by specific websites, apps, or platforms.

  1. With Filter, you can control or block apps, websites, and Internet categories.
  2. Platforms and categories can be set to “allowed,” “not allowed,” or “unmanaged” in the default settings for each age group.

Permitted vs Not Permitted

Content that is “allowed” for them to use is available, and you can also change the Time Limits. On the other hand, “not allowed” content will never be online, no matter what. So, if you don’t want your tween to be able to use YouTube at all, you can switch that app to “Not Allowed.”

  • Unmanaged

When you choose the “unmanaged” option, the content you choose will always be available and will not be recorded in the Usage/History section. For example, if you want your tween to have unlimited access to music streaming or educational content, you can set those apps, websites, or categories to “unmanaged.” They can always get to this content, no matter what time it is or how much of their online time they’ve already used.

  • How to Filter a Category

Some examples of categories are social media, education, music, news, and even games. Want to know what’s on a certain platform or in a certain category? Just tap on that category to see an easy-to-understand list of what it has. If you can’t find a profile’s category on a certain filter level, that means it’s always filtered for that level. It’s also important to know that the settings for each app or website will take priority over the settings for the category.

  • Custom Filters

It’s also easy to be more specific about what your kids can do on their devices. Check out the Custom Filter. Here, you can add specific websites that you want to allow, block, or leave unmanaged. Check out this helpful guide to learn more about how to manage filters for each family member’s profile.

Circle also has Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode, which automatically remove sexually explicit content from search results.

  • Filter

Circle has built-in Kid Filters, Teen Filters, and more to meet the needs of your family. You can change the filters for each family member’s Profile, so you can choose which apps and websites are allowed and which are not.

  • Usage

Watch how much time your family spends online. Compare how you act online to how you did it yesterday, last week, or a month ago. You can see how much time your family spends on different websites and apps by using Usage.

  • History

Get a detailed look at the sites that each family member visits throughout the day on every connected device.

  • Time Limits

Worried that your kids spend too much time on one app or game? With Time Limits, parents can decide how much (or how little) time their kids should spend on certain websites, games, or apps.

  • Bedtime

Stop people from scrolling late at night. Set an internet bedtime for everyone in your family, including yourself. You decide when each Profile should cut off its Internet connection.

  • Pay Attention

Make a schedule for screen time that works for everyone in your family. Set times when you won’t be online, like when you’re practicing the piano or having dinner with your family.

  • Pause

There is now a “Pause” button on the internet. By quickly pressing one button, you can stop your family from using the internet and get their full attention. Parents can pause just one Profile or all of the Profiles in the house.

  • Location

Keep track of the mobile devices your family has. Turn on location services to keep track of your kids’ mobile devices and where they go.

  • Rewards

Give kids more time online when they do their chores or get good grades. Parents can extend Time Limits, turn off Focus Time, or make Bedtime later by using Rewards.

  • A few more things
  • Search Safely

Safe Search makes it so that when you search on Google or Bing, explicit content is taken out of the results by default.

  • Every Thing

Circle knows everything that is connected to your home network, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or game console.

  • Guest Devices

The circle can even tell when someone joins your Wi-Fi as a guest. All new devices will not be managed until they are given a profile.

  • Unmanaged

Circle also gives you the option to not use the Circle App to manage a device or profile.

  • Notifications

When a family member reaches a time limit or when a new device joins your network, you can get push notifications.

  • Safety on the Internet

Circle makes the Internet safer and more secure for your family by finding network intruders and blocking adult and dangerous sites.

  • Use-Friendly

After you plug it in and get the app, it’s ready to go. You don’t need to touch it ever again.

  • Everything is covered

Circle Home Plus lets you control every connected device in your home, such as phones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and more.

Permitted vs Not Permitted

Unlimited Profiles That Can Be Changed

You can set and change each family member’s settings separately, giving them access to different kinds of content as you choose.

  • Works Turned Off

Circle Home Plus works even when it’s not plugged in because it has a backup battery built in. You’ll get a message telling you that it’s been turned off.

  • Super Fast

With a 1GB Ethernet port, Circle Home Plus is made for fast networks.

  • Device Identification

Circle finds and identifies all of the connected devices in your home. This lets you block devices you don’t know about and keep intruders out of your network.

Questions People Usually Ask

What comes with the subscription?

A Circle subscription gives you access to all of the following features: Filters, History, Usage, Time Limits, Bedtime, Focus Time, Pause the Internet®, Location, and Rewards.

Prices for subscriptions are $9.99 per month or $89.99 per year (USD).

People who don’t want to worry about monthly subscription fees can sign up for a lifetime subscription.

Choose your Circle Home Plus device and app subscription package to control all of your devices from anywhere.

Try the Circle Parental Controls App for free for 14 days to take care of only mobile devices. Download the Circle Parental Controls app to get started.

How does Circle handle different kinds of screen time?

Once Circle Home Plus is connected to your router, it can keep track of how much time each device on your home network spends online.

As long as the Circle Parental Controls App is installed on an iOS or Android mobile device, or on many Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets, you can also manage online screen time on that mobile device when you’re not at home, or on any network, or data connection.

Does Circle show which websites are visited?

With the Usage and History features, you can track how people use the web.

Usage shows you all of your Internet activity by category, app, and site, and by day, week, and month.

History shows all the sites you’ve been to, what Circle has filtered, and lets you make your filters.

Popular sites like YouTube, Google, Netflix, and Facebook, on the other hand, are fully encrypted, so Circle can’t see what was searched for or what was on that site.

Does Circle watch what people text?

No. The circle doesn’t read texts, calls, iMessages, emails, Instagram, Snapchat, and another app messaging. A circle can’t see SMS-based text messages and phone calls sent through your provider. The circle blocks Snapchat, Instagram, and other app communications.

What makes Circle different from other solutions?

Circle’s award-winning device and app for parental controls is the most complete approach for families to control screen time and content on all platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices. Circle lets you remotely control all your Internet-connected devices from one app. Circle provides the most adjustable features, so you can set limits and regulate material on infinite devices like computers, cellphones, and gaming consoles.

What kinds of websites and apps can Circle block?

The circle has Amazon, Disney+, TikTok, YouTube, and other popular apps and websites installed, making it easy to use. Filter menu options can be changed. See our Filter help post.

Can Circle control apps like YouTube, TikTok, or Netflix?

Yes. The circle can manage access to popular sites and apps like YouTube, TikTok, Fortnite, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, Disney+, Zoom, and more. It can also set time limits for these sites and apps.

Does Circle sort the results of a search? What about searches for pictures?

Circle adds another layer of safety on top of the rules that are already in place. Use the Circle app to turn on SafeSearch settings and Restricted Mode. You can even make it so that SafeSearch is turned on for certain family members and their devices, so that when your kid searches, only appropriate results are shown.

Can I customize Filters?

Yes. Circle has four different Filter levels: Kid, Teen, Adult, and None. By default, apps and websites are blocked on all of these levels. In the Filter settings, you can change these defaults as well as those for other apps and websites.

Can Circle handle games and other content that aren’t online?

No. The circle keeps track of how much time is spent online, but it can’t keep track of games that can be played without an Internet connection or movies that have already been downloaded.

How does Circle handle devices at home? What kinds of tools?

Circle Home Plus manages the Internet traffic on your home network through your router. This lets you keep an eye on how much time you spend online and what you’re looking at on all of your Internet-connected devices, such as:

  1. iPads and iPhones
  2. Phones and tablets with Android
  3. Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, Chromebooks, and Kindle Fire tablets are all supported.
  4. Smart TVs
  5. Consoles like the PS4 and Xbox
  6. Kindles or Kindle Fires
  7. Devices for streaming, smart assistants, and more

Installing the Circle app and setting it up as a “kid device” lets you control iOS and Android phones, as well as many Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets, no matter where they are. This includes all cellular, data, and Wi-Fi networks.

Can Circle control my mobile devices when I’m not at home?

The circle can control iOS and Android devices, as well as a lot of Chromebooks, no matter where they are. The Circle Parental Controls App gives you more ways to manage mobile devices when you’re not at home. You can use it on any data or Wi-Fi network to do this. The circle doesn’t take care of laptops when they are away from home.

Once Circle is installed, its parental controls can be used on any device through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can keep an eye on and control online activity on any data network, even Wi-Fi networks when you’re not at home.

Can Circle keep Chromebooks in order?

With Circle Home Plus, families can manage Chromebooks both on their home Wi-Fi network and when they are away from home. Once Circle finds your Chromebook, you can put parental controls on it by assigning it to a separate profile in the Circle app. Install the Circle app and go to “Set Up as Kid” to manage your child’s Chromebook when you’re not at home. Learn more.

Can Zoom be run by Circle?

Circle’s settings can be changed to suit your needs. Circle’s powerful filtering system lets you directly allow or block Zoom. Look in a profile’s Usage details for the Zoom app, and then use the management options to allow, block, or unmanaged it. Find out more.

Do Google Classroom and Google Meet work with Circle?

With Circle’s Custom Filters or by changing your standard Filter Level settings, it’s easy to let apps like Google Meet or Classroom run. Find out more.

Can I only let people access school websites and not other apps or sites?

With the Focus Time feature, you can set up times during the day when only certain Apps or Categories of sites are allowed and Circle blocks all other Apps and Categories. So, you can be sure that only educational and learning sites are available on your kids’ profiles and that other apps or sites that could be a distraction are not.

Can I change the settings so that certain school sites are always accessible?

With Circle, it’s easy to set websites, apps, or categories to “always available,” “always blocked,” or “always allowed.” You can also set up Custom Filters for any sites that Circle doesn’t automatically manage. Find out more about filtering.

Does Circle Home Plus work with my router?

Most routers can work with Circle Home Plus. You can also turn on Compatibility Mode in the Circle app to make sure you have the best experience and connection.

What does the Circle piece of hardware do?

Circle Home Plus links up with your home router. Circle Home Plus finds devices on the network once you’re connected and lets you add them to your family’s profiles so you can manage them while you’re connected.

Can I use the Circle Parental Controls app without a device?

Yes. The Circle App can manage Android, iOS, Chromebook, and Kindle Fire phones and tablets on any data or network, no matter where they are.

Without Circle Home Plus, you can’t control things like smart TVs, game consoles, Kindle Fire devices, desktop and laptop computers, and other Internet-connected devices on your home networks.

Can I use Circle with my router?

Yes. The circle is made so that as many home routers as possible can work with it. You can run Compatibility Mode when setting up your Circle Home Plus to make sure it will work on your network.

What kind of Android or iOS device do you need to use the Circle app?

  1. App requirements:
  2. iOS 13 and newer
  3. Android 6.0 or later (Marshmallow)

How do I set up Circle Home Plus (2nd generation)?

Download the Circle Parental Controls App to set up and run Circle Home Plus (available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store).

How do I set up Circle with Disney (1st generation)?

Download the Circle 1st generation app to set up and manage a Circle with a Disney device (1st gen) or a Circle on NETGEAR. If you try to pair the Circle app from the first generation with the Circle Home Plus, you will get errors.

What’s the difference between Circle Home Plus and Circle with Disney?

Circle Home Plus (2nd generation) is better than Circle with Disney (1st generation) in several ways:

Coverage will be expanded to include the management of mobile devices.

New features for mobile devices include Chromebook management, Focus Time, and tracking where they are.

  • Faster connection to the network

Fewer disruptions (upgraded hardware, parent notifications, and app deletion restrictions) (upgraded hardware, parent notifications, and app deletion restrictions)

  • More options and safety so that settings are always saved

How do I put Circle Home Plus together?

Download the Circle Parental Controls app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store once you have Circle Home Plus. Follow the app’s instructions for the easiest way to set up.

You can also look at our User Guide or Get Started for a step-by-step guide on how to set up.

How do I put Circle Home Plus together?

Parents, do you think Circle is helping your family?

92% of Circle users agree that it makes it easier to control how much time their family spends on screens.

92% of Circle users agree that it keeps their kids safe online.

84% of parents agree that Circle has helped their family form healthier online habits.

More than 1,000 Circle users who have used the app at least 10 times and set a time limit or paused a profile were asked to fill out a survey.

What features does Circle have and how much do they cost?

Filters, Usage, History, Time Limits, Bedtime, Focus Time, Pause the Internet®, Location, and Rewards are all things that can be done with the app.

Circle subscriptions cost $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year and give access to all features (USD). People who don’t want to worry about monthly subscription fees can sign up for a lifetime subscription.

What features does Circle have and how much do they cost?

How do I send something back?

Circle Home Plus can be returned for any reason within 30 days and your money will be refunded  (in the US and Canada only).

If you bought your Circle device from a store other than Circle, please contact that store to find out how to send it back.

What comes with the lifetime membership?

With a lifetime subscription, you always get all of the features. Don’t pay a monthly fee for anything.

People who have already bought a 3-month or 1-year bundle with the Circle Home Plus device are the only ones who can get the Lifetime Subscription upgrade. This doesn’t work for the first generation of Circle or Circle on Netgear.

Circle: Is it available in other countries?

At the moment, the circle can only be bought and shipped in the United States and Canada. Check back from time to time to find out what’s new with international availability.

Get the Circle app to control screen time and keep an eye on devices.
You can start tracking screen time right away by downloading the Circle app. Circle helps keep kids safe online and stops them from getting into trouble. Start keeping an eye on your family’s devices right now.

Circle Parental Controls App

You can manage Circle from anywhere with the Circle Parental Controls App. Start today by getting the Circle Parental Controls app.

  • How things work

Easy to set up. To get started, download the Circle Parental Controls app so it can show you how to set it up. Use the cable that comes with the Circle Home Plus to connect it to your home Wi-Fi and plug it in to turn it on. Circle Home Plus will start managing all of the devices on your home network right away.

Circle Feature Guide: History

Circle Feature Guide: Filter Settings

Circle Feature: Pause the Internet

Want to manage your kids’ mobile devices but don’t have Circle Home Plus?

If you sign up for the Circle app, you can control what your kids can do on any data or Wi-Fi network they join.

  • PROS
  1. The setup is easy.
  2. The web is reliable and has time limits.
  3. Finds devices on the network and puts restrictions on them quickly.
  4. Easy-to-use apps.
  5. It works with any number of devices.
  • CONS
  1. Expensive.
  2. It doesn’t have the best features, like geofencing and the ability to lock the device completely.
  3. There is some risk with a physical device.

A parental control solution will prevent your kids from overusing devices or visiting harmful websites. Circle Home Plus may monitor your home network via a router or your child’s phone. Circle’s hardware and software make it easier for parents to monitor their kids’ online activity at home. The circle is expensive and lacks features compared to its competitors.

Circle Home Plus: Pricing and Parts

The Circle Home Plus hardware device and mobile software work together to provide parental control (the Circle App). The Circle Home Plus is a white, three-and-a-quarter-inch-square cube constructed of plastic. Non-round. The front is blank save for the Circle logo. On the back of the gadget, a grey rubber ring protects the power button, charging port, and Ethernet jack. Annoyingly, the rubber ring doesn’t come off completely. If you plug in an Ethernet cord, as the setup instructions recommend, the ring folds up uncomfortably on the rear of the gadget. It’s like Amazon Canada’s C$118.70 Circle With Disney product, which we reviewed. (New window).

Circle App setup and account creation for Circle Home Plus. This software lets you control Circle Home Plus’s network devices and limit your kids’ devices using the companion app. I explain the app later.

Circle Home Plus costs $129 with a one-year premium subscription. After the first month, premium plans cost $9.99. Maintaining the service costs $120 each year. If you don’t renew your subscription, you’ll only be able to utilize filters, check your usage history, and see what you’ve used. Premium customers can also establish a bedtime, limit online time, and stop or pause internet access for all or one device. Parents can reward their kids with additional Internet time by tracking their location. Circle Home Plus can monitor unlimited devices.

Putting the Circle Home Plus together

Circle Home Plus costs more than competing kid-safety software. Kaspersky Safe Kids monitors unlimited devices for $14.99 per year. Qustodio manages five devices for $54.95 per year. Norton Family Premier costs $49.99 annually and monitors unlimited devices. Boomerang costs $30.99 to watch 10 mobile devices, while Locate costs $20 for three device licenses.

Putting the Circle Home Plus together

Download the Circle App on a device running Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 to set up the Circle Home Plus. The mobile app controls limits and profiles. Enter your email, first name, last name, and password to create a Circle account. You must enter an email code to authenticate your account before continuing.

How you monitor your child’s electronics is the next stage. If your child uses their phone or tablet outside your home network, they need the accompanying child app. Installing parental controls is similar. For the Circle App to monitor outbound web traffic on both platforms, download and activate a Circle-managed VPN profile. Android users can hide by switching accounts or creating guest accounts. You’ll get a notification if your youngster uninstalls Circle. Android and iOS devices can prevent uninstallation. Your youngster needs your Android password to remove it. To prevent your child from removing the app and turning off the VPN on iOS, utilize Settings > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

A youngster can check their filter level, internet time left, device time, and prizes or unrestrained time using the companion app. If you disable their internet or request their location, the child will receive a message. The child app lacks a panic button, unlike other parental control apps. If a youngster is in danger, a panic button can alert parents or trusted contacts. Qustodio and Family Time Premium have it.

Circle Home Plus setup is more complicated but still simple. First, scan the device’s QR code with the Add Circle Home Plus button. This activates premium account features. Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn it on. Connect the Circle Home to your network using the Ethernet cable it came with. Circle recommends connecting the device to your Wi-Fi network in case the Ethernet connection fails. If your mobile device is linked to a VPN, the account setup and pairing won’t work.

After that, Circle Home Plus can search your home network for devices to manage. Circle detected all my devices and let me rename and set them up with unmanaged, Home, or child-specific profiles. Easy since my Wi-Fi is only connected to three gadgets. However, searching a house full of devices by MAC address or manufacturer would be tedious.

Setting a device to “unmanaged” is important because you presumably don’t want the same browsing and time constraints as your child. The circle might limit your time on particular sites and online. Apple, Google, and Microsoft provide free, first-party methods.

Is the Circle Home Plus’s form more hackable? Absolutely. Circle found ways to simplify some of these issues. If a youngster unplugs the Circle Home Plus, the battery will keep it functioning for an hour or two. That offers a parent enough time to understand and connect to the device. If your child switches off the device, you can’t remotely turn it on. DIY. If a child breaks or steals the Circle Home Plus, you can’t monitor devices without the child’s profile. If this troubles you, lock the Circle Home Plus in a cabinet.

If you enable Wi-Fi backup, your youngster can unplug the Ethernet wire without consequence. By unplugging the router, a youngster can disable the protections, but unless the dependent gadgets are LTE-enabled, they cannot connect to the internet. They can’t circumvent the requirements by switching to cellular because their phone profiles work without Wi-Fi.

Privacy and Getting Things Done

You should worry about what data a device that monitors or records your network data stores and who has access to it. Since Circle Home Plus doesn’t work with VPNs, this is especially true. Circle’s privacy policy is online. (New window)

“If you are on the Circle Network, whether you are a registered member or not,” the policy states. “Without restriction, Navigational Information, network preferences, Personal Data, and sensitive data collected by Circle from users.” Circle earns points for explaining its major words throughout the book.

ARP Spoofing lets Circle Home Plus operate as an internet gateway and enforce regulations. Circle’s website describes how it uses this strategy, which is typically employed in bad assaults. It works like Circle with the Disney device, except your profile and account settings are now in the cloud.

Could Circle be a good choice?

With most of the same functionality as previous solutions, the Circle App and Circle Home Plus devices let parents monitor their kids’ devices in a unique way. It’s great for managing infinite home network devices. You can monitor Android and iOS devices remotely using a companion app. However, Circle is more expensive than other services and lacks geofencing, device restrictions (it only prevents internet access), and a panic button. Since the Circle Home gadget may be accessed by the watched, it is vulnerable to VPNs and the Tor browser. Qustodio is our Editor’s Choice in this area because it monitors more and is more adaptable.


If you’re trying to bypass MyCircle, there are a few different methods that you can use. You can use a VPN, proxy server, or DNS server to route your traffic through another location and bypass restrictions placed by MyCircle.

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