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How to hack Instagram account: Best way to hack Instagram

Until recently, you had to spend a lot of time and money doing industrial espionage or conventional spying in order to get any information about someone else’s life or business. It took a lot of time and money to do this process.

Until it passed and little by little virtual spaces were created until it reached Instagram! Where all people and businesses have an account and keep all their information and statistics there. This is how the story of hacking Instagram and the fear of it came about!

What is Instagram and how it works?

how to hack instagram account

Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app for iPhones and Android devices that are open to all if you’re 13 and over. Just enter your e-mail address and choose a username. Aside from uploading photos and videos to Instagram, users can also share the photos and videos with their followers or a group of friends, as well as view, comment, and like other users’ posts.

It was in 2010 that Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram, which has attracted a huge number of users in a short period of time and has blossomed into a big social network.

One of the largest virtual networks in the world, Facebook, made an interesting proposal when the Instagram Android operating system was designed, and bought Instagram for a billion dollars.

Initially, it may look like this program is a bit difficult to use, but it’s not like that, and it’s got a neat, organized, and categorized interface.

You can use Instagram in two ways, installing the software and the second one is using the site. Almost the details of these two are the same and if you know how to work with one of them completely, you will find a way to use that one quickly.

You must create an account the first time you use it. There are several ways to do that: email, mobile, usernames, Facebook accounts, and even secret Instagram logins so you don’t have to give out your real number.

You just have to pick one of the above methods, then enter the details that are asked about you. Like your first name, last name, etc. Upon completing the relevant form, you’ll get a confirmation message by email or another method you choose. Make sure the method you selected (email, phone number, Facebook account) is working, and enter it in the right field.

When you click on the photo option, you get to the contacts page. Here are the people that Instagram guesses you’re interested in following, and you become their follower by clicking on the button.

An active method must be chosen. If you don’t use it, you’ll have to use a phone number you don’t have, or an inactive email address, or one that no longer exists on your phone. If you forget your password, you’ll have to use your SIM card again, so if you leave your SIM card behind after you finish your membership, you’ll have to leave it behind too.

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How do Instagram accounts get hacked?

how to hack instagram account

A data breach can lead to an Instagram hack, where someone gets access to your password and profile on any device you use for Instagram. Phishing attacks or third-party apps are most likely to do this.

Instagram updates its platform all the time to make it more efficient. You’re probably going to experience issues when something goes wrong even though Instagram’s team can handle some of them, but they’re not always able to fix them.

Hackers exploit these flaws to take over Instagram accounts and steal their data. Below, we’ll talk about the most common methods hackers use to hack Instagram accounts.

1-False copyright infringement messages

Instagram only allows the sharing of original content if the content complies with copyright laws. There will be consequences if you accidentally break a copyright law, Instagram will take the appropriate action to make things right.

Consequently, cybercriminals have started impersonating Instagram representatives and claiming to deal with copyright infringements. A hacker sends you a link in an email or through an Instagram private message and asks you to log in to fix it. 

This page resembles Instagram’s login page on the surface, but it matches a fake one designed solely for the purpose of stealing your username and password. There is only a tiny difference between the fake and real login pages, and it is easy to miss that.

Cybercriminals usually redirect you to Instagram’s legitimate copyright FAQ page in most cases if they are concerned about raising suspicions about copyright infringement.

2- Deceitful verified badge offers

Almost all Instagram users are familiar with the verified badges that appear on the profiles indicating that an account is verified by the network. However, hackers could also take advantage of this account feature to break into the account.

You will sometimes receive a message or email from a hacker that promises that you can get a verified badge by clicking on the link provided in the message, but it is actually a fake website that steals your login information. In order for them to gain access to your account, they will probably ask you not to change any of your profile details, including your username or password, until the change takes effect.

3-Illegitimate suspicious activity alerts

A cybercriminal using social engineering to launch an attack has every bit of information at their disposal, including email addresses, web addresses, phone numbers, and so on. For example, they may send suspicious activity notifications disguised as Instagram notifications but contain malicious links instead.

4-Fraudulent giveaways and brand sponsorships

This form of social engineering can take two different forms depending on what form the giveaway takes. It is problematic since the giveaway exists in the midst of an environment that is filled with legitimate promotional freebies.

There are several methods of stealing verified badges. Still, the most common method is a false verified badge attack that impersonates a big brand, a start-up, or another renowned company giving away something valuable to specific social media influencers that are part of their follower community.

There have been reported cases of scammers using legitimate-looking Instagram accounts to try and get you to give them your username and password. The first message almost always contains a spoofed link that will lead you to a fake Instagram login page.

It can happen that a hacker gathers a lot of personal information about you, but he still needs one more detail in order to successfully breach your account, so that more complicated fake giveaways or sponsorships can be set up.

In fact, many hackers send you surveys asking for personal information like your date of birth, mother’s maiden name, as well as other security questions instead of sending you a link which will require you to enter your personal information.

5- Counterfeit social media tools

You probably have a lot of time at your disposal if you have a lot of followers or a big name in your field, so you can manage your social media profiles effectively. The process can be automated with many tools out there, but you still have to make sure you’re using a reputable platform.

There are quite a few fake tools that have been developed by hackers over the years that are advertised by the media as improving functionality when in reality they cause security problems.

It’s true that these tools look legit, but they don’t work well when it comes to functionality or practicality. Cybercriminals still use this shady method in order to attack larger and more valuable targets, even though it has become less common of late in light of all the resources it takes to do this.

The attacker uses a bogus tool to set up a middleman attack, intercepting data, obtaining login information from social media accounts, and intercepting all information, in order to infiltrate the target’s social media accounts.

6-Reverse proxy attacks

For hackers to be able to use all of the social engineering hacking techniques we have discussed so far, they must create fake applications or websites manually so that they are able to gather the target’s information. Reverse proxy attacks do not require hackers to create fake websites to steal credentials – they are able to do it automatically instead.

As a result, hackers direct their victims to a website that sits between their legitimate websites and reverse proxy sites in a man-in-the-middle attack. Malicious domain URLs look really similar to legitimate domain URLs, and they generally look pretty much like legitimate domains too.

The hacker might send you an email that claims to be from Instagram, and if you apply that email to Instagram’s context, it’s likely to direct you to Instagram’s login page. Your information, including 2FA, will be intercepted in real time as you log in as you don’t know it’s being sent through a proxy server.

Hack Instagram using Key-logger Applications

how to hack instagram account

In addition to viewing keystrokes typed on the target device, the key logging feature allows you to find the username and password for your Instagram account if you have a keylogger application.

Among the least appreciated types of account hacking, this technique relies heavily on installing a keylogger on the target device.

Hack Instagram with Spyzie Applications

how to hack instagram account

Another app can also be used to hack Instagram passwords without much trouble, and it also has keylogging capabilities so you can monitor keystrokes performed on target devices.

Creating an account on Spyzie.com and installing the app will give you access to the login dashboard. When you’re done, you can start using the keylogger. The keylogger gathers the target’s Instagram password so you can track their Instagram activity on your computer once you know it. It’s easy to track your target’s Instagram activities on your computer after you know their Instagram password.

You’ll always know what your child is doing if you track his or her Instagram activity with SPY24 Instagram spy. With SPY24 Instagram spy, you’ll be able to see all your kid’s Instagram posts on the phone or tablet. SPY24 Instagram spy lets you see all your kid’s Instagram pictures. It lets you know when and where each picture was taken.

As one of the easiest spying software packages, Spy24 is bought as the best program for monitoring social media activity on social networks.

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Hack Instagram Account Using Forgot Password Trick

how to hack instagram account

When you use the Forgot Password trick, you can hack the Instagram account. All you need is the user’s name, and you’re good to go.

After tapping the multicolored Instagram icon, you’ll be redirected to your Instagram Account page. Select Menu and then “Add Account.” to create an Instagram account.

You can reset a password on Instagram’s login page by choosing Forgot Password if you don’t know someone’s password or username. You’ll get a text message with a link to reset your Instagram password once you click the link to reset your Instagram password. If you choose SMS, you’ll get an SMS message with a link to change it.

Immediately after opening the SMS, click the Change Password link to reset your Instagram password. Your new password will appear when you sign in to your Instagram account. Congratulations! You hacked an Instagram account.

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Hack Instagram Password Using Phishing Method

how to hack instagram account

In phishing, a duplicate login page is created for a website and the username and password of a user are taken. Phishing is a way to steal login information from users.

There is a possibility that a common user, upon seeing such a page, will enter his or her username and password incorrectly, believing it to be a legitimate login page, and thus winding up having their accounts hacked as a result.

How many Instagram accounts get hacked a year?

Notch’s data says a creator account on Instagram gets hacked every ten minutes – resulting in approximately 50,000 hacks a year. However, there are millions of Instagram accounts all over the world, so Notch estimates much more are being hacked.

There is estimated to be three billion dollars made by cybercriminals every year based solely on social media attacks, including hacks and malware.

What Do Hackers Do After Hacking Your Account?

how to hack instagram account

It doesn’t matter how they access your data or your devices, hackers can open bank accounts and credit cards in your name, stealing your money and your credit scores. As well as adding new credit cards, they can request personal identification numbers (PINs) for your existing account. This will ruin your credit score by making purchases for you.

The hacker can get into your account if he adds himself or an alias as an authorized user. These hackers can then easily use your credit card as well as get cash advances from cash advance companies. By using your Social Security Number, they’ll be able to use your credit card too.

They can even sell your information to people who’ll use it for malicious purposes. They also can delete, damage, or threaten to share sensitive information they obtain from your computer.

There are a lot of reasons hackers hack your Instagram account. Here are a few:


Most of the time the motivation for hackers is money. This leads them to steal your passwords, bank account details, or credit card numbers, or hold them hostage as part of a ransom campaign.

Corporate espionage

Often times, cybercriminals are interested in gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals by acquiring inside information about their competitors’ companies. Corporate espionage is one of the ways that such information can be acquired though hacking.

Political espionage

Nation states can use hackers for political purposes. This might involve stealing classified data, interfering with elections, accessing government or military documents, or attempting to cause political unrest.


In many cases, hackers are motivated by anger – they feel wronged by someone or an organization, and they want revenge. Though hackers can have many motivations, anger is definitely one of them.


The act of hacking sometimes is a form of civil disobedience in that hackers disobey governments as a means of promoting their political agendas or social movements.


Hacker activity can be motivated by the sense of achievement that comes from breaking things that were once thought impossible. It’s also fun for hackers to compete, striving to accomplish their goals together. Bragging about what he’s done on social media is a great way to show off what he’s accomplished.

Security improvements

It’s important to know that not all hacking is bad. The practice of testing vulnerabilities in order to boost security for everyone is called white hat hacking or penetration testing. If you hack that way, you’re doing it ethically.

What to Do If Your Instagram Is Hacked

how to hack instagram account

Use two-factor authentication and encrypt your passwords to keep your social media accounts safe, and don’t use the same password for everything. 

Don’t click on any links or give out your personal information in messages even if they look like they’re from someone you know. You can always call them or use other means of communication to make sure they’re not scammers. 

Plus, be careful about messages you get on social media that promote deals or investment schemes you can’t refuse.

But what if your social media account has already been hacked? 

You may still be able to access your account. So:

  • You should scan your device for malware and remove any found malicious software as soon as you can.
  • Changing the password on your social media account right away is a must if someone is trying to hack it. Also change the same password you use on all of your other online accounts.
  • As well as adding an extra layer of security, two-factor authentication makes it even safer.
  • Your account should be audited for any odd posts or messages that you didn’t post to prevent cybercriminals from using your account in the future to commit other forms of fraud.
  • You should let them know that your account has been hacked if fraudsters contact them from your side, they should be aware.
  • Make sure your computer software, social networking apps, and other programs are always up-to-date so malicious actors can’t exploit any vulnerabilities.
  • You should make sure you check your tax return or social security statement for any unexplained transactions, withdrawals, or errors. You should also be aware of any unusual transactions that indicate identity theft. It’s also possible to use tools that scan leaked databases for your credentials so you know if they’re out there.

In any case, if you’ve been snatched away from your social media account, you should still follow most of our tips above. But you also need to contact the platform that took over your account. 

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide advice on what to do if your account has been hacked. If the social media platform where your account has been taken over does not offer any guidelines for such instances, contact their support.


Instagram is a social media platform that can captivate everyone, from teenagers to old people. Most people have an Instagram account. Those cybercriminals are always looking for people to hack into their accounts, and Instagram is where many people from around the world hang out, so it’s the perfect platform for them to find their prays.

It’s common for cybercriminals to use a variety of methods to get into your account, such as phishing, keylogging, and apps suitable for hacking, to make it easy for them to steal your personal data.

SPY24 app is one of the best applications used for this goal. Especially parents can use this application to monitor their children’s activity on social media like Instagram.

At the end, you should also be aware of the traps hackers use, and take security precautions while using Instagram.

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