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Android HackingHacking Apps

Best Hacking Apps for Android Mobile Download

Mobile hacking apps break or crack a software system’s security by getting inside the security layout or messing with it. They also check the security of networks.

Hacking apps for Android are APK files that are ready to install on a device and can change HTML responses. Some apps can find the weak points in a system’s security, control WiFi, lock the home screen, and map devices.

These hacking apps come with dozens of free network tools that have been changed so that anti-virus scanners can’t find them.

Here is a list of the best Android hacking apps and great hacking tools that we chose, along with their most popular features and links to download them. On the list are both free (open-source) and paid (commercial) programs.

The best free programs to hack into an Android phone:

Phone hacking software, you may have wondered how you can get into other people’s phones. Using a special program or application that makes this possible is one of the best ways to do this. In this article, we will talk about the best free programs that can be used to hack Android phones. Stick around.

Now we’ll talk about the hacking program that makes it possible to get into mobile phones.

Phone hacking: Have you ever wondered how people get into other people’s phones? Using a special program or application that makes this possible is one of the best ways to do this. In this article, we will talk about the best free programs that can be used to hack Android phones. Keep the help mobile handy.

  • Introduction

If you remember from the first part of the article, “11 Signs Your Cell Phone Has Been Hacked!” We talked about the signs of a mobile phone being hacked. We also said that it is possible to hack a phone and that users should always be careful not to let hackers and profiteers catch them. Also, in the article “How to keep from having your cell phone hacked? We talked about the best and most effective ways to keep people from hacking into your phone. But now we want to talk about the hacking program that makes it possible to hack a cell phone.

There are a lot of apps and programs that make this possible. With this program, you can sort of hack into other people’s phones. Of course, we have to point out that many of the new apps have perfectly normal uses. They are called “phone hacking” programs, but in reality, they are just tools for the head. There will be friends and people you know. We strongly suggest that you don’t use the apps mentioned in this article to hurt other people. Instead, you should respect their rights.

Also, none of the apps we talk about in this article are made for directly hacking mobile phones. However, many of them can only be installed on mobile phones, which makes it possible to hack both phones and Wi-Fi networks. …, etc. So, if you want to know the best hacking program for Android phones, don’t miss this article and stick with Mobile Help.

There are a lot of apps and programs that make this possible. You can “hack” other people’s phones in a way with this program, but it’s important to note that many of the programs we’ve shown you do something completely normal, even though they’re called “hacking” programs. In reality, they’re just a tool for the head. They will know each other and be friends.

We strongly suggest that you don’t use the software described in this article to hurt other people. Instead, you should respect their rights.

Also, none of the programs we talk about in this article are made specifically for hacking mobile phones. However, many of them can only be installed on mobile phones, which makes it possible to hack both phones and Wi-Fi networks. …, etc. So, if you want to know the best hacking program for Android phones, don’t miss this article and stick with us.

Best Hacker Software for Android Free Download

NameReason ChosenFoundedLink
SPY24 PROBest spy hacking app for android.Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 31-days Free Trial2019More
AndroRATIt is flexible and lets you access Android devices from a distance. Anti-virus programs can’t find it.2012More
cSploitIt’s the best hacking app for people who are just starting because it lets them learn new tricks.2017More
DroidSheepIt is the best mobile hacking app for Android devices to use if you want to get into social media accounts and other messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram.2012More
Kali NetHunterIt does security analysis well and supports more than one language.2014More
Network nmapIt makes a map of a system’s security and finds the holes on its own.1997More
NetX Network ToolIt’s easy to get information from network analysis because of how it’s made.2008More
Sniffer WicapIt has an easy-to-use user interface (UI) and doesn’t need root access.2013More
HackodeScanners look at security systems and find holes.2013More
zAntiIt changes HTML responses and requests and lets you get to your password.2012More
WiFiKiLLIt can turn off devices that are linked to a Wi-Fi network.2016More
NameKey FeaturesHacking appsLive DemoSupported PlatformsFree TrialLink
mSpymSpy™ Cell Phone Tracker: Your #1 Monitoring ToolYesAvailableAndroid, iPhone, iPad7-days Free TrialMore
uMobixAdvanced Cell Phone Tracker For Modern ParentsYesAvailableAndroid and iOS7-days Free TrialMore
HoverwatchPhone Tracker Free- Mobile Tracker – Cell Phone Tracking AppYesAvailableWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS3-days Free TrialMore
CocospySpy Phone App – Best Tracking & Monitoring SoftwareYesAvailableAndroid and iOS.14-days Money-Back GuaranteeMore
eyeZyeyeZy Phone Monitoring App – See Everything, EverywhereYesAvailableAndroid and iOS14-days Money-Back GuaranteeMore

What is hacking a cell phone, and how does it work? 

You may also wonder how to hack into someone else’s phone from far away and how likely it is to work. By talking about specialized monitoring software in this article, we hope to answer all of your questions and meet all of your needs. 
Mobile hacking is most useful for keeping an eye on how well kids do on social networks and messaging apps. In the family care system, parents can use this platform to install a special control app that lets them keep an eye on their kids’ activities. Parents can also keep an eye on their kids’ activities through tablets and mobile phones. 
In the next section, we’ll talk about this app, why it needs to be installed, how to install and activate the SPY24 PRO app, and how to use its features.

Can SPY24 PRO be used to break into a cell phone? 

To answer this question, just read this paragraph. SPY24 PRO stands for SPY24, which stands for family care system. So this isn’t an app for hacking mobile phones. Instead, it’s a way to keep an eye on what kids under 18 are doing. 
The app works by hiding the software after it has been installed and turned on. It then sends the following reports to the parental control panel:

  1. List of texts about calls 
  2. An announcement of where 
  3. Send a message to all messengers 
  4. Programs were run 
  5. The websites people go to and what they do in all apps

And this way, parents can keep track of what their kids are doing online and in real life without having to use a mobile phone hacking app. In this app, they have tried to give the parents all the tools they need to keep track of and manage their children so that it is easy for them to run their families.

Why do we need software to hack and control cell phones? 

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has opened up a whole new world for our kids, which is why parents are more interested than ever in mobile hacking apps. 
Our children will grow up in a world where there are millions of people with different ideas and ways of life, and they will be able to talk to all of them. Ample, unsupervised space for parents, can help them understand how important this mental worry is.

Make Due to their natural curiosity and openness, children under 18 are most likely to use this space. To create smart monitoring and professional management access without having to hack a phone, use the family care system software more We’ve given you dozens of monitoring accesses that you can use to control and set smart restrictions to stop any damage that could happen. 

Since tablets and cell phones are the most popular among kids, this also applies to our kids. They are now part of the group of people who use cyberspace. Here are some of the bad things that can happen in cyberspace. Are:

  • The chance of getting in and talking to friends and people of the wrong age 
  • Knowing about content that isn’t for their age group or that is immoral. Talking to impostors or inappropriate friends, among other things. 
  • Giving out private information and showing family photos 
  • No matter how healthy you are, you can’t stop playing mobile games and using apps. 
  • Spending too much time with smart devices and not paying attention in school.

The cases mentioned could be just a few of the most minor dangers that this platform for communication poses to our children. 
When you think about the cases above, you can see how important and necessary it is for parents who care about their children’s performance in this space to keep an eye on what they are doing.

Is it against the law to use an app to hack into a cell phone?

In the discussion of hacking mobile phones, one of the parts that can be hacked is the calls and messages sent and received on the phone. This can only be done if the app is already on the phone of the person you want to spy on. People over the age of 18 can’t use a control app on their cell phones anywhere in the world. Only parents can put it on the cell phones of their children under the age of 18. 
Employers can use monitoring apps on the employee’s work phone, but not on the employee’s phone. These apps can only be used to keep track of the employee’s work activities.

Instructions on how to install and run the SPY24 PRO app 

  1. Sign up for SPY24 PRO 
  2. Sign up for the system 

To get started, you must first sign up for an account on the SPY24 PRO website. Once you’ve done that, you can prepare a subscription. By setting up the subscription, your management access to the panel services will be turned on.

  1. Get SPY24 PRO and install it
  2. Get the SPY24 PRO software and install it.

Once you know how to get into the phone’s control panel, you can follow the guide to download the right app and install it on your child’s phone. The app icon will be hidden after installation, and the report will be sent to the user panel.

  • Start keeping track. 
  • Start keeping an eye on the cell phone.

Your child’s daily phone activities will be sent to your user panel in the family care system. You don’t need a phone hacking app or remote access to track what your child is doing.

How to control or hack a mobile phone: Frequently Asked Questions

 Here, we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions that users have about hacking mobile phones or using the SPY24 app to control mobile phones.

Does this app only work on phones, or can it also be used on tablets?

This app can be used on all tablets and cell phones that use the Android operating system. It doesn’t matter what brand or model it is or who made it. Because this app is written so that it can run on all devices that use the Android operating system.

Can you use this app on an iPhone? 

Up until iOS version 16, users were able to use the services of this app. However, because there weren’t enough customers in this field to cover the costs of hardware, software, and support for the app, it wasn’t worth it to keep it going. This service platform is no longer being used, which is good for the family care system group.

Will installing the app to hack a cell phone cause any problems with the phone? 

Since SPY24 PRO is just a monitoring app that runs on the operating system’s platform, installing it won’t cause any problems or limits for your device.

1) SPY24 PRO:

It was chosen because it is the best Android hacking software in general.

One of the most popular ways to hack Android devices is with SPY24 PRO. With this software, you can take regular screenshots of what’s happening on the target device and upload them to your Control panel. You can also block apps and websites and get alerts when the hacked device does something. You can easily see your SMS, call history, call logs, social media activity, and instant messages. SPY24 PRO constantly checks the GPS location of the device you want to track.


SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.


  • SPY24 PRO works in the background without anyone knowing.
  • You can keep an eye on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media accounts.
  • You can record and listen to any calls that come in or go out.
  • Every 5 minutes, it sends information about what the phone in question is doing.
  • You can read text messages that come in or go out.
  • It has a toll-free helpline that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Seven days for free Free to try
  • Versions of Android 4 and up are supported.
  • Money-back guarantee: Refund Policy for 3 days

How Does SPY24 PRO Work?

First, go to www.SPY24.PRO. Type in your email address and buy a plan that fits your needs.

hack a mobile phone

Step 2: Put SPY24 PRO on the device you want to spy on. Follow the steps on the screen. If you need technical help, you can get in touch with their customer service.

hack a mobile
SPY24 PRO Dashboard

Step 3: Go to the SPY24 PRO Dashboard and click on it.


Once you’re done setting up your SPY24 PRO account, give the app some time to record the activity and send it back to the server. When you’re ready, you can start hacking the Android device you’re after.

Step 4) Start keeping track of the device’s SMS messages, phone calls, photos, videos, and other data.

In this situation, we chose text messages.

Step 5: You can now look at the targeted device’s text messages.


2) AndroRAT.

This was chosen because it is a flexible Android app that allows remote access to a smartphone or other Android device and can’t be found by anti-virus software.

AndroRAT is a hacking app for Android that came out in 2012. It is a tool for remote access that lets you get into an Android system from afar. It takes advantage of a system’s weaknesses and can work as both a server-side and a client-side application. It is built in Java for Android and works on both Mac and Windows.

AndroRAT Hacking Apps

AndroRAT is one of the apps that is easy to use because it has features that make it easy for the user to control the system of the device being targeted.

It also collects information like SMS, calls logs, incoming and outgoing messages, location, WiFi network, and device password, and uploads other files to the targeted device.


It can’t be found by virus scanners.
Open the URL in the browser of the phone you want to hack.
You can find out where the target phone is, what information is on its SIM card, and what its IP address is.
Since it is small and runs in the background, it is hard to find.

How Does AndroRAT Work?

Step 1: Go to the browser on your device and get the app.
Step 2: You would see a message saying that the file might be dangerous. Still, click on the download.

Step 3: Add the software to your device.

Step 4: Decide where you want to save the information and make a place for it.

Step 5: Get a port forwarder for your router. With a router port forwarder, you could use the software on your computer from another location.
Step 6: Get the AndroRAT binder on your computer. This will help you make an APK that is light.

Step 7: Enter the IP address and port number into the AndroRAT binder. Click “Go,” then wait while your APK is made.

Step 8: Put the frame.apk file on the device you want to use and run it.

Step 9) You’re all set to keep an eye on the device you want to watch.

AndroRAT is great because it can do many different things. It’s also a popular app for hacking because it works on both Mac and Windows.

Link: https://github.com/karma9874/AndroRAT

3) cSploit Hacking app

It was chosen. It is the best hacking app for new hackers because it lets them learn new tricks.

cSploit is a tool for penetration testing that lets local hosts and WiFi networks be scanned. It’s easy to use and has a friendly user interface. It is one of the best apps for Android phones that can be used to hack them.

It looks at them and finds holes and weak spots in the system. cSploit gives you access to network traffic in real-time and has dozens of free network tools.



  1. It shows the inside of the network.
  2. can find networks that are linked to it
  3. Sets up a back door in a system so it can get in later.
  4. It helps you look for holes in your network.
  5. WiFi networks and passwords can be accessed.
  6. Changes images and text and manipulates traffic in real-time.
  7. It can change what’s written, shown, or heard on encrypted web pages.

How does cSploit work?

Step 1) You need to update the core of the Android app device system to work with the version of cSploit you want to upload.

Step 2: Use any web browser to look for cSploit.

Step 3: Save the file to your device.

Step 4: Then click the install button to permit to install.

Link: https://github.com/cSploit/android

4) DroidSheep

It is the best mobile hacking app for getting into social media accounts and other messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram.

DroidSheep is one of the best hacking apps because it lets you take over web browsers that aren’t well protected over WiFi. It checks and evaluates the strength of a network by showing where it is weak. DroidSheep is an app that has features that make it easy to hack social media messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram. It stands out from other hacking apps because of this.

Sessions let DroidSheep get into a target’s social media account and other instant messaging apps. Its ability to hack social media accounts is what makes it stand out, and that makes it a popular Android hacking app. DroidSheep can get any kind of data that is sent over a wireless network. The official website for Droid says that it can be used on any site that uses cookies.



  1. Take one session off the list.
  2. Find out about cookie sessions in real-time
  3. With just one click, you can get into a device’s security system.
  4. Use emails to send information about cookies.

To get DroidSheep, you would have to get the Busy Box first. For this Android hacking app to work, your device’s operating system must be “rooted.” DroidSheep only works on phones that have been “rooted.” Busy Box makes it easy for an Android app to get root access and work well with the operating system.

How Does DroidSheep Work?

Putting the Busy Box on your device is easy and only takes a few steps.

1) Go to the Google Play store

Step 2: Find Busy Box.

Step 3: Click “Install.”

Step 4) Get your content up and running and let people see it.

Link: https://droidsheep.info

5) Kali NetHunter

Reason: It does security analysis well and supports more than one language.

Based on Kali Linux, Kali NetHunter is an open-source Android penetration platform. It is an app for Android that can be used to hack into systems and check their security. Kali NetHunter can edit files, rewrite Android apps, and do other things by looking for holes in a security system and taking advantage of them.

Kali NetHunter


  • It works with more than one language.
  • It has more than 600 tools for analyzing and getting inside.
  • It works with different devices and can be changed to fit your needs.
  • allows frame injection over wireless
  • It can be used on all devices, whether they are rooted or not.

Kali NetHunter: How to Use It?

This app needs root access to work on your device, which means you need to install other apps like Busy Box or SuperSu to make it easy for Kali NetHunter to talk to your device’s operating system.

Their website is where you can get Kali NetHunter.

Step 1) Open the compressed file.

Step 2: Install all the apps you can see in the folder.

Step 3: Open the root device that has been set up.

Step 4) Then copy all of the files and paste them into the system.

Step 5) Start using NetHunter by opening the app.

Link: https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/installing-nethunter/

6) Nmap of Networks

Reason: It makes a Nmap of a system’s security and finds the holes on its own.

Network Nmap is one of the hacker apps that Nmap out a device’s entire security system checks the system on its own, and shows the weak spots. Nmap is an unofficial front end for the Nmap scanner that runs on Android. Hackers like this app because it’s like sending someone on an errand and then letting them do their job while they sit back and relax.

Nmap of Networks


Find out what a system’s security flaws and weaknesses are, open ports on a target host, detect new servers, and send alerts.
Analysis and measurement of responses in real-time

How Does Network Nmap Work?

You can get a network Nmap from the Google Play store, install it on your device, and give it access to your operating system.

Link: https://nmap.org

7) Networking tool NetX

It was chosen because its design makes it easy to get information from network analysis and access it.

The Android hacking app NetX Network Tool can help you find the exact device that is connected to your WiFi.

Networking tool NetX

It shows all the information about any device that is connected to your network. This makes it easy to get important information from the target device.


  • From devices that are connected to the network, you can see the IP address, Mac address, vendor, and domain.
  • When the device is connected to the WiFi network, it can be turned off from a distance.
  • Scan WiFi networks to find out about their signal strength, encryption, and security.
  • Supports multi-language usage
  • It keeps an eye on your WiFi connections and sends you an alert if a strange device connects.
  • It can show a picture of the bandwidth.
  • Allows you to connect to a WiFi network that uses the WPS protocol.

How To Use NetX Network Tool Pro?

The Google Play store has a free hacking app for Android called NetX Network Tool Pro.

It is a great hacking app for your Android device and has a mobile penetration testing tool kit.

1) Visit the Play Store.
Step 2: Put the file on your device

Step 3: Put the app on your phone.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tools.netgel.net

8) Wicap Sniffer

It has a friendly user interface (UI), is easy to understand, and doesn’t need root access.

One of the best hacking apps for Android, Sniffer Wicap has a simple user interface (UI). It is easy to use and does not need root access on the Android device.

It is one of the newer Android hacking apps, and as the name suggests, it sniffs WiFi and LTE networks. It is recommended for people who are just starting with hacking.

Wicap Sniffer


  • Extract passwords from apps in a system
  • This hacker app looks at numbers and data.
  • Device packets are analyzed in detail.
  • Information in real-time packets
  • Built-in root terminal

How to use Wicap Sniffer?

The older version of sniffer Wicap needed a device that had been rooted, but the app has been updated, and the newer version does not need rooted phones.

These new features have a built-in root terminal, which makes it easy for apps to talk to the OS without having to install apps that let them do so.

The sniffer cap can be downloaded from the Google Play store. It is not one of the free hacking apps, and you have to pay to get it on your device.

On Play Store, there is also a demo app.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evbadroid.wicap&hl=en&gl=US

9) Hackode

Scans the target security system and shows where it’s weak.

Hackode is one of the free hacking apps that is said to have everything you need to analyze security, mess with networks, check passwords, and scan ports. Hackode has a mobile penetration testing toolkit that can be used to test any device and make sure it has good security, a strong WiFi network, and no holes.

IT administrators, “good” hackers, and people who work in cyber security all use Hackode. The best thing about hack code is that it can do reconnaissance and hack into Google. It looks at what’s going on in a system, figures out how it works, and gives feedback. This hacking tool has four functions: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploits, and Security feed.



  • You can open files that have SQL instructions in them.
  • The target domain name and IP address are shown. Information on the target MySQL server can be accessed.
  • Looks for sites that are weak and gives you access to the password and DNS lookup.
  • Access to the mail server to get emails that have been sent
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) access to the target.

How does Hackode work?

Hackode does not need rooted devices.

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser.

Step 2: Look for the word “hacked”

Step 3: Download the software and put it on your

Link: https://github.com/ravikumarpurbey/hackode

10) zAnti

Reason: Changes HTML responses and requests, as well as the access password.

zAnti is an app for Android that can be used to test a system’s security risk. zAnti is often used by many organizations to find hacks and infiltration. With the push of a button, this hacking app checks the risk of a security system and then tells you where the system is weak or has holes.

The zAnti hacking app also accesses and gives reports on scans and diagnoses. It is a good idea to scan a system with zAnti. The best hacking tools are on zAnti, and they show the techniques that an enemy from the outside is likely to use.

This Android app shows you dangerous WiFi devices and gives you the information you need to protect your system from network security risks and think ahead of any attack.



  • Change the address of a device
  • Detect dangerous WiFi hotspot
  • Change and make changes to HTTP responses
  • Check how strong a password is and figure out how vulnerable it is.
  • When connected to routers and switches, it is possible to get around Mac filtering.

How Does zAnti Work?

The Play Store doesn’t have zAnti, but you can find it elsewhere. To get it,

Step 1) Find the zAnti app on the web and search for it.

Step 2: You’ll see a message that says it’s from a source you don’t trust. Click the button that says “Accept”

Step 3: Get the app set up. Most of the time, SuperSu will ask you to grant root access; do so.

Step 4: Create an account by signing up. You will need an email address and to agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Begin to test.

Link: https://www.zimperium.com/zanti-mobile-penetration-testing/

11) WiFi KiLL Pro

Can turn off devices that are connected to a WiFi network. As the name says, it kills WiFi.

It is one of the hacking apps that legal hackers use to keep outsiders from getting into the security system of an organization. It is often called the “WiFi kill app” because it can easily turn off devices that shouldn’t be connected.

WiFi KiLL Pro


  • Ability to know how many devices are connected and find dangerous ones
  • Remove any bad apps that could try to mess with the WiFi network traffic.
  • See how devices connected to the same WiFi network send and receive data
  • Access to the names of devices that could make WiFi networks unsafe.
  • Protects the security system from bad access point setups and blocks dangerous devices that could mess with the organization’s WPS connection.

How to kill WiFi?

Older versions of the app required rooting, but it has been updated, so you don’t need to root your device to use the hacking app. It is safer to use the version that doesn’t require rooting, since rooting your phone makes it less secure.

Step 1: Go to your Android device’s Play Store.

Step 2: Look for WiFi kill switches.

Step 3: Put the program on your phone

Step 4) Turn on your phone again.

Step 5: Join the WiFi network you want to use

Step 6) Start using the link: https://www.WiFikill.net

12. mSpy is the best social media spy app all around.

mSpy is a spy app for Android Hack that gives parents a good amount of control. They can help you keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, GPS location, and all Android messages, even if you just deleted some of them. They can also help you keep an eye on your Android, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram social media accounts.

  1. Android, iPhone, and iPad phones are all supported.
  2. 24/7 Support: Yes, and it also has a toll-free helpline.
  3. Free Trial: Try it for free for 7 days


  • mSpy Android tracker shows Android Hack chat conversations
  • You’ll be able to see the written messages, photos, and videos on the Android phone you want to spy on.
  • You will be able to use the location services on Android.

13. uMobix

Best for giving certain device access to its photo gallery

uMobix is a spying app for Android phones that lets you keep track of things like phone calls, GPS locations, social media sites, etc. From a single dashboard, you can keep an eye on and keep track of everything you own. It’s one of the best Android spy apps that lets you look at a device’s photo gallery.

  1. Android and iOS phones are supported.
  2. 24/7 Support: Yes
  3. Free Trial: Try it for free for 7 days


  • Get access to all of Android for iOS.
  • You can keep track of what your kids do by taking screenshots.
  • Give you full access to all the messages in your Android account and let you send and receive messages.
  • Look for important words in messages.

14. Hoverwatch is the best way to secretly and remotely check Android logs.

Hoverwatch is an Android spy app that can spy on other social media and communication apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber. It lets you access the Android logs from your Android phone or tablet in a secret way from anywhere in the world. You can use this tool to keep an eye on your child, an employee, or anyone else whose Android activities you want to keep a close eye on and see what they are doing on their phone and computer.

  1. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are all supported.
  2. 24/7 Support: Yes
  3. Free Trial: Try it for free for 3 days


  • You can go online and read all of their Android chats.
  • It lets you keep an eye on SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Android, and Viber.
  • In your online account, you can check on all the data and calls that have been recorded.

15. Cocospy is the best way to see Android Hack chats quickly and quietly.

Cocospy is a spying app that lets you keep track of everything that an Android device does. It helps you get all the Android messages and data related to Android chats and conversations. The information is sent to the online account. It also lets you listen to and record live calls, track SMS, track your location, etc.

  • Android and iOS phones are supported.
  • 24/7 Support: Yes
  • There is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Features of the Refund Policy:

You can look at Android Hack activity without anyone knowing.
Does not need to root
Cocospy works in stealth mode, so once you’ve installed this Android spy app, you can hide it.

16. eyeZy is the best because it lets them see all of their conversations just as they look on Android Hack.

eyeZy is a mobile spy app that lets you keep an eye on what your kids are doing on social media and protects them from online predators and bullies. You can easily see what your kids are up to on Android and other social media apps. It also lets you keep an eye on your child and what he or she does on social media.

  • Phones that work with it are Android, iOS, iPads, and Android Tablets.
  • 24/7 Support: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Money Back 14 Days


You can see a picture of their Android chats and read all the messages they send and receive.
By looking at the calendar on their phone, you can keep track of all the events they go to, where they go, who they meet, and at what time.

What’s the difference between hackers who do things right and those who don’t?

People think of cybercriminals when they hear the word “hacking.”

People who know how to hack devices do commit cybercrimes, but the goal of hacking is to find weaknesses in systems and fix them.

There are many differences between hackers who do good things and hackers who do bad things. Hackers who do good things are also called “White Hats.”

Hackers who do good:

  • Are very knowledgeable
  • works only with the permission of the system’s owner
  • abides by the organization’s rules?
  • Do not try to hurt the system in any way.
  • They are trained and have certificates to do this.
  • Get into a system without permission before messing with it.

Hackers with no morals:

Unethical hackers are the opposite of professional hackers. These hackers do things that are against the law, so they are called “Black Hats.”

They are online thieves who work to:

  1. Get into a system to steal information, and money, or to put a virus in it.
  2. Don’t follow the rules for hacking.
  3. They don’t have the owner’s permission to work there.


Android Hacking FAQs

How do you break into an Android phone?

To hack an Android phone, you need to get permission from the person who owns the phone. Once that’s done, you can use techniques like WiFi spoofing or install a third-party app.

How do you learn to hack?

If you want to start learning how to hack, we suggest that you use a hacking distro like Kali Linux. You can also sign up for online classes on sites like Udemy and Cybrary, or you can just watch videos on YouTube.

How do I find out what devices are connected to my network?

Use apps like Wi-Fi Kill or GlassWire to see everything that is connected to your network.

How do I root Android?

Many security and hacking apps need you to be rooted to work. Follow the rooting guides on our site or on XDA-Developers to do this.

How to make sure that hacking Android is done honestly?

The main difference between ethical hacking and hacking which is against the law is that ethical hacking is done with permission from the right person or organization. So, you need to make sure that the owner of the system you are hacking has given you full permission to do so.

Is hacking legal?

Yes, hacking is not a crime in the way that most people think it is. If you follow the rules of the organization, you can hack. To break into a system and run security checks and analyses, you have to get in with permission. Hacking is legal, but that doesn’t mean you should break into people’s security systems just because you can. It is against the law in many states, regardless of whether you pick up any information. To hack legally, you need permission.

Who are Ethical Hackers?

These professionals and people in charge of system security are very skilled and have permission to use a hacking tool to get into a system and find its weaknesses. People also call them “white hats.” They don’t get into the system to steal information or put viruses there. They break into the system to look for holes and weak spots. They then find ways to protect the system and fix the holes in the security system of these devices.

Why would you want to do Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking means checking a system’s security and finding ways to protect it from attacks based on what you find.

Penetration testing lets companies do the following:

  • Keep their security system safe.
  • Aware of the ways thieves could try to break into their security system
  • Make their security system stronger and tighter.
  • check out their security system,

Use the SSH server implementation network protocol to get access to a network that is not secure.

What’s the best way to learn about hacking in a good way?

The best way to learn ethical hacking is to read tutorials and take online classes that can teach you how to hack and show you Android hacking apps and hacking tools. You could also find courses online that teach you how to hack Android phones and other devices in a safe way.


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