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23 Best Android RATs 🐀 in 2023 Remote Administration Tools

Best Android Remote Administration Tools (RATS) are essential for managing Android devices, but with so many on the market, which is the best? We conducted a comprehensive study of popular Android RATs to determine their features and rank them accordingly. Keep reading to see which tool came out on top!

What is an Android RAT and why would you want to use one

An Android RAT, or remote access Trojan, is a type of malware that allows an attacker to take control of your device and use it for malicious purposes.

The best Android RATs available on the market today

There are many different Android RATs available on the market today, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some of the most popular options include AndroRAT, DroidJack, and DarkComet.

How to install and use an Android RAT

To install an Android RAT on your device, you will typically need to download the software from a third-party source and then sideload it onto your phone or tablet. Once installed, you can use it to gain root access to your device, monitor all activity on your device in real-time, steal sensitive data like passwords and account information, and more.

The benefits of using an Android RAT

There are a number of benefits to using an Android RAT, including increased control over your device and its data, the ability to monitor and track user activity, and greater access to system resources.

The risks of using an Android RAT

However, there are also some risks associated with using an Android RAT, including the possibility of being discovered by law enforcement or security professionals. Additionally, if you use an Android RAT for illegal or malicious purposes, you may be subject to legal consequences.

How to protect yourself from being caught by an Android RAT

To protect yourself from these potential risks, it is important to be cautious when choosing an Android RAT and only download software from trusted sources that have been verified as legitimate. You should also carefully monitor your device for any unusual activity, and take steps to secure your device with strong passwords and encryption tools. Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and best practices for protecting yourself from Android RATs.

I have hacking tools and android hacking apps that can change your view of android smartphone security and computer privacy.

Find the best android remote administration tool (android rat) and top android hacking apps for mobile phone penetration testing.

Android apps are expanding daily. 100K new PlayStore apps are released daily. Development accelerated privacy threats. Security researchers are testing new methods to find loopholes and develop apps to prevent attacks.

Android RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is a malicious program that lets a remote device control any target smartphone as if they were there. Unlike RATs, remote desktop and screen-sharing software have many legal uses.

There are hundreds of apps to test your smartphone for malware and viruses. We shortened the top android remote administration tools of 2021 to keep things simple.

Each tool’s functionality is optimized. Some of these apps are designed for a specific function, while others perform all security-related tasks. These are the best android rats of 2023, regardless of their field.

Best Android RATs 2023

See 2023’s most powerful and best android remote administration tools.

  • SPY24
  • Androrat
  • DroidJack
  • SpyNote
  • OmniRAT
  • SpyMax
  • DenDroid
  • Faceniff for Android
  • zANTI
  • L3MON
  • Whatsapp Sniffer
  • Shotdroid
  • AdbNet
  • iSpyRAT
  • AhMyth
  • SpyBubble
  • DDI Utilities
  • PhoneSpector
  • Cypher RAT
  • Remcos RAT Pro
  • WarZone RAT
  • AndroSpy v3

1- SPY24 Best for keeping an eye on kids Free

SPY24 is a phone tracker app that makes it easy to keep an eye on your child from afar. It makes it easy for you to see all of the messages. You can use this tool to find out where the device is using GPS.

Best for keeping an eye on kids.

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

SPY24 is another great app that lets you spy on a phone. The main thing that makes it different from the other apps on the list is that it’s mostly used by parents to keep an eye on their kids.

It is a platform with many features, such as the ability to track the location of a cell phone, monitor multimedia files, track online activity, etc. It lets apps and programs on a planted device be controlled from afar.


Keeping an eye on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Restoring deleted messages, blocking websites, apps, and contacts from afar, etc.
It can record the screen.

Conclusion: SPY24 is a great tool that has all the features parents need to keep an eye on their kids.

It lets you keep track of every keystroke, tap, chat, and pictures shared on social media. All of these monitoring features can be used without being found out.

  1. It runs in the background.
  2. This program encrypts your data and keeps it safe.
  3. Gives updates on what’s going on with the phone every 5 minutes.
  4. It works with more than one language.
  5. You can read text messages that come in or go out.

What you can keep an eye on with the SPY24 App:

Calls and Messages: See incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS and iMessages.

Social Media: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Hike, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, Viber

GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Internet: browsing history, website bookmarks, Wi-Fi networks, incoming and outgoing emails
Other features include Keylogger, Screen Recorder, Application Blocking, Viewing Photos and Videos, Blocking Websites, Keyword Alerts, and Calendar Activities.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad
Live Demo: Yes24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well
GPS Location Tracking: YesRefund Policy: 14-Days Money Back Guarantee

2- Androrat Android Rat Free

AndroRat is a Java/Swing client-server application. The server is Java/Swing and the client is Java Android. Android RAT-inspired Androrat. It controls remote Android devices via GUI. It was a university student project that became one of the top android remote administration tools.

  • Download Androrat for full features.

Follow a step-by-step tutorial to hack android phones with Androrat.

Windows software lets us remotely control any Android device. This app lets users receive information from smartphones and tablets. It exploits an old Android vulnerability that has been fixed in recent versions.

Androrat Android Rat Free
Androrat Android Rat Free

The Java-based Androrat program lets us connect to any device by entering its IP address or port number. SMS or calls enable the latter.

best Android RAT works on iOS and Android. It can spy on text messages and take screenshots remotely. Remotely control the device while protecting private data. It allows remote phone calls. This app can monitor and control rooted devices.

  • AndroRat is a client/server application written in Java Android and Java/Swing.
  • Android and remote administration tool from AndroRat (RAT).
  • University students developed it to remotely access Android devices.

Androrat covers the breadth of Android malware features. From the README:

  1. All the available functionalities are
  2. Get contacts (and all their information)
  3. Get call logs
  4. Get all messages
  5. Location by GPS/Network
  6. Monitoring received messages in live
  7. Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  8. Take a picture from the camera
  9. Stream sound from the microphone (or other sources..)
  10. Streaming video (for activity-based clients only)
  11. Do a toast
  12. Send a text message
  13. Give call
  14. Open an URL in the default browser
  15. Do vibrate the phone

AndroRAT is a Java client/Swing server application. It controls and collects system data remotely. You have many options. The author no longer supports or updates it.

AndroRat is a Java client/server application for Android and Java/Swing. Android and Rat form AndroRat (Remote Access Tool). It hacks Android devices well as a university project.

  • Android RAT built-in APP for Android Users

3- DroidJack RAT Android Remote

DroidJack is another powerful Android RAT in the top android remote administration tools list that lets users take full control of remote Android devices with its easy-to-use GUI and powerful features. Droidjack has advanced features to control other devices easily. It can read and write WhatsApp messages, a unique feature.

Download DroidJack for full features.

A Droidjack remote smartphone hacking tutorial is available.

DroidJack RAT Android Remote
DroidJack RAT Android Remote

DroidJack is an Android RAT with an easy-to-use GUI that lets you control and monitor your victims’ Android devices.

DroidJack: Another great Android remote administration tool. Remotely spy on the victim’s phone, including WhatsApp messages and other private communications. Run this software stealthily. Another good Android remote administration tool is SpyNote. This app lets you spy on your partner without asking. Spy on any phone app and its content.

DroidJack has an easy-to-use GUI and all the features you need to monitor an Android device.


  1. Inbuilt APK Tool
  2. File Voyager
  3. SMS Trekker
  4. Call Manager
  5. Contacts Browser
  6. Remote Eyes
  7. Remote Ears
  8. Browser
  9. GPS Locator
  10. Message Toaster
  11. App Manager
  12. Detailed Info

Droidjack offers advanced features. It also reads and writes WhatsApp messages.

4- SpyNote Android RAT for remote smartphone hacking

SpyNote is a lightweight Android RAT for remote smartphone hacking. It lets you control Android devices with an easy-to-use GUI and all the monitoring features you need. Its interface is sleek and easy to use, and it has some fun features not all RATs have. Create a new backdoor APK or bind it to a game or social media app.

  • SpyNote v6.5 download and features.
  • Spynote can remotely hack any Android phone.

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) for Android devices may have many features that allow their authors to perform many unsafe operations on the infected device. SpyNote, a popular Android RAT, has full source code on many hacking forums. The SpyNote RAT is free to use, so anyone can distribute their own version, which is scary. Programming-savvy criminals can add modules to SpyNote RAT.

SpyNote is a lightweight Android RAT for remote smartphone monitoring.

SpyNote Android RAT for remote smartphone hacking
SpyNote Android RAT for remote smartphone hacking

It lets you control Android devices with an intuitive interface and all the necessary monitoring features.

You can build a custom APK or bind the payload to a social media app or game APK.

SpyNote is a lightweight Android remote administration tool (RAT) for smartphones. It controls Android devices with an intuitive interface and all the features you need to manage them. Make a custom APK or bind the payload to a game or social media app.

SpyNote v3.2, v4, and v5 are free, as is the full feature list.

Our team discovered SpyNote, a remote spying Android Trojan. Several malware forums leaked the builder, which creates new malware. SpyNote and DroidJack are RATs that allow malware owners to remotely control Android devices, like SpyNote.

SpyNote has many features like other RATs, including:

  1. No root access required
  2. Install new APKs and update the malware
  3. Copy files from the device to the computer
  4. View all messages on the device
  5. Listen to calls made on the device
  6. List all the contacts on the device
  7. Listen live or record audio from the device’s microphone
  8. Gain control of the camera on the device
  9. Get IMEI number, Wi-Fi MAC address, and cellphone carrier details
  10. Get the device’s last GPS location
  11. Make calls on the device

5- OmniRAT Android Remote Administration Tool

OmniRAT is a powerful multi-platform remote administration tool for smartphones and Windows or Mac PCs. OmniRAT has powerful features like stealth mode, remote calls, and more.

OmniRAT: This powerful android remote administration tool supports multi-OS and multiple languages. OmniRAT also allows remote phone calls. Free download on its website. This free android remote administration tool is one of the best. Which android rat is best? AhMyth’s benefits may sway you.

OmniRAT Android Remote Administration Tool
OmniRAT Android Remote Administration Tool

OmniRAT, a powerful multi-OS RAT, can remotely control a smartphone using a smartphone or Windows or Mac PC.

  • Its many features make it easy and powerful.
  • Remotely call the controlled smartphone.
  • It’s undetectable, so the phone’s user won’t know.

Avast discovered OmniRAT in November 2015. Like DroidJack and SpyNote, it lets you, spy on Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices remotely. OmniRAT can view and delete browsing history, call and text, record audio, and execute commands. It’s cheap online. SMS social engineering spreads the Android trojan. SMS links request the user’s phone number and code. An icon appears after downloading an APK. Attackers have full remote administrative control with OmniRAT installed. The trojan stays even if the icon is deleted. SMS texts from Android devices can spread it.

OmniRAT Features

  1. Call Logs
  2. Remote Cam
  3. Remote Audio Mic
  4. Advanced File Manager
  5. Browser History Manager
  6. Toast a Message on Target Device
  7. Target GPS Location
  8. Access Account Managers
  9. Memory & System Information
  10. Device Detailed Information
  11. Installed Apps
  12. Stealth Mode

6- SpyMax Android Spyware

SpyMax is like Spynote but more powerful. Its many features let users control and access remote smartphones as if they were there. SpyMAX is a remote administration tool with a GUI for system control (GUI). It can completely control the victim’s machine.

SpyMax RAT is top android spyware. Installing malware on a phone lets you spy on them. It is free and ideal for hacking thousands of Android phones and tablets. This program’s biggest benefit is its freedom. It can spy on anyone, unlike other android spyware.

SpyMax Android Spyware
SpyMax Android Spyware

SpyMAX v2.0 Android RAT download lets you remotely control Android devices.

Spymax is one of the best Android RATs (Remote Administration Tools) for unauthorized system control. Spymax has superpowers and an easy-to-use GUI. It can fully control the remote device and access the user’s confidential and social data like a root user. Spymax v2 is more powerful, functional, and user-friendly.

Spy MAX is a remote administration tool with a graphical user interface (GUI). It can fully control the victim’s phone. It has many admin features for Android. SpyMax is the most advanced remote version of Spynote. Spymax outperforms spynote. SpyMax lets you hack android pie and bypass Google play protection (9.0).

  • Requirements
  • Spymax requires the following to work:
  • Java Setup
  • Installing NET Framework 4.5
  • Android compatibility

Spymax supports these Android versions:

9.0-Pie, 8.0-Oreo, 7.0-Nogut, and the old version 6.0-Marshmallow


  1. Easy to use GUI interface.
  2. Simple APK generator.
  3. Bind payload APK with any application.
  4. Powerful Files Explorer with all access privileges.
  5. Read and Write Messages remotely.
  6. Make a phone call or record an active call.
  7. Browse Call Logs.
  8. Read/Write Contact List.
  9. Remote Camera to capture Images & Videos from the target device.
  10. Listen to the live conversations through a remote Mic, and record the audio from Mic.
  11. Check Internet Browser History.
  12. GPS Locator.
  13. List of all the installed Applications.
  14. Get the phone’s detailed info.


  • Multi-port support: Can work on any port.
  • Insertion point encoding.
  • Run multiple patches on a single device.
  • Transmit data securely from and to the device over the network.
  • Capable of controlling program configurations.
  • Notifications are hidden from the phone’s notification bar.
  • The name of the package can be changed to anything.
  • Java isn’t required for building processes in batch.
  • Fixed a sudden crash problem (Sudden crash problem is fixed in this version.)
  • The remote microphone has been fixed
  • Improved program connection speed
  • An attractive and improved interfaces
  • GPS positioning accuracy improved
  • And a few other improvements.

7- DenDroid Android Devices RAT

Dendroid is another popular emerging android RAT. Security researchers and cybercriminals are using it to remotely control Android devices. Dendroid adds malicious code to legitimate apps to create a backdoor to control Android devices. It connects to the command-and-control server over HTTP and lets users access smartphones and perform any operation on the target device.

Dendroid RAT downloads and control remote Android devices without detection.

DenDroid Android Devices RAT
DenDroid Android Devices RAT

Dendroid is a rising Android RAT (remote administration tool). Cybercriminals use it to control remote devices. Dendroid creates a backdoor and links it to other apps to take over Android devices without detection. After installation, it connects to the server over the HTTP access layer and gives the attacker full control of the device, allowing them to perform any malicious action.

Dendroid was created as a $300 Android remote administration tool to remotely control Android devices. Buyers receive APK Binder, Client Application, and other programs after paying for the product. Android malicious APK backdoor APK Binder creates. It can also bind this backdoor to any other application to avoid suspicion.


  1. make calls to phone numbers
  2. reading call logs
  3. recording audio through a mic remotely
  4. intercepting text messages
  5. recording calls
  6. browsing files
  7. remote cam to capture photos and videos
  8. opening Web pages and browsing history
  9. opening apps
  10. remotely DDoS attacks for a period of time specified by the attacker.

8- Faceniff for Android

FaceNiff is a popular Android app that scans and intercepts Internet sessions. Even on an encrypted network, utilities can hack accounts (WPA2). FaceNiff intercepts web sessions. This application works. You use public Wi-Fi. The utility scans the shared access point for interceptable sessions. After selecting the “victim,” the user can send messages from her social network or forum account, make site orders, and commit other illegal acts.

Faceniff for Android
Faceniff for Android

You can steal passwords from users on your WiFi network. If you have FaceNiff and a rooted phone.

  • Password-stealing app

It intercepts profiles on open web sessions on your WiFi network. Avoid using it with Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser. Thus, you can steal Facebook logins. This app’s developers claim it’s only for education.

  • FaceNiff for Android sniffs and intercepts web session profiles over WiFi.

Only WiFi without EAP can be hijacked, but any private network (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) can.

  • Android Firesheep. Perhaps easier to use (and WPA2!).

requires. SSL disables this application. Please let me know if this phone-dependent app doesn’t work for you.

Stock browser (might not work with others) Warning: this app is educational only. If illegal in your country, don’t use it. I’m not accountable for your app use. Risky use.

Here are the services compatible with this app:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Vkontakte
  • Tumblr
  • MySpace
  • Tuenti
  • MeinVZ/StudiVZ
  • blogger
  • Nasza-Klasa

9- Droidsheep App HAcking

Corsin Camichel’s open-source Android app DroidSheep intercepts unprotected web browser sessions over WiFi. DroidSheep APK only tests security vulnerabilities and does not harm people. DroidSheep requires rooted Android devices. The original author’s GitHub repo has DroidSheep’s source code. Corsin Carmichael does not manage this website, so use it only for instructions.


Other parties in the transmission range can secretly listen to WiFi interactions. DroidSheep reads all sender-receiver packets. This is great for checking your security. Only HTTPS prevents this. You don’t need DroidSheep to check vulnerabilities if your website has an SSL certificate.

Droidsheep App HAcking
Droidsheep App HAcking

Why DroidSheep?

DroidSheep is simple and reliable for network testing, unlike other utilities. This lets you simulate a threat and find vulnerabilities in your network so you can easily diagnose the issues and implement proper security measures.

DroidSheep APK Install Requirements

DroidSheep requires root permissions to test. This app requires root access. DroidSheep needs Busybox to work. Busybox adds useful Linux commands.

DroidSheep can listen to your transmitted content if your website has an SSL certificate, but it cannot read it. To read it, you must decode it. Not feasible.

Marshmallow doesn’t work as of this guide. I’ve tested this on Jellybeans and Kitkat and it works.

  • BusyBox Android Jelly Bean/KitKat Root Privileges WiFi Network

10 – zANTI Mobile Hack

zANTI can replace DroidSheep. zANTI is newer than DroidSheep and supports most Android versions. zANTI offers advanced solutions. zANTI’s only drawback is its complicated interface. For advanced features, we recommend it. zANTI works on PCs and Virtual PCs. (BlueStacks as zANTI does not support PC.) Etcher can reinstall Windows if the installer crashes. It’ll solve installation issues faster.
Security managers can assess network risk with zANTI, a mobile penetration testing toolkit. This easy-to-use mobile toolkit lets IT Security Administrators simulate an advanced attacker to identify their malicious techniques in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

zANTI Mobile Hack
zANTI Mobile Hack

Mobile penetration testing and security analysis tool zANTI shows network risk. zANTI simulates Man In the Middle (MITM) attacks to test networks and find vulnerabilities. This tool will show you which users are connected to the network, where their devices and the network are vulnerable, and where you should add cyber-protection. zANTI is fast and easy to use. Rooting your device is necessary for proper use. Network security administrators should use this app.

  • Scan

Network scans at different intensities can identify connected devices, their properties, and their vulnerabilities.

  • Diagnose

Enable Security Officers to easily evaluate an organization’s network and automatically diagnose vulnerabilities in mobile devices or websites using man-in-the-Middle (MITM), password cracking, and Metasploit penetration tests.

  • Report

console’s advanced cloud-based reporting reveals network and mobile security gaps. zANTI mimics how cyber-attackers find network security holes. Dashboard reporting helps businesses identify risks and fix critical security issues.

11- L3MON Tool Remote Android

L3MON, a remote Android management suite, lets us access any Android smartphone. This Android RAT (Remote Administrative Tool). In today’s detailed tutorial, we install and configure L3MON on Kali Linux and use it. The owner archived this l3MON tool. It may not update or work. This tool error support is also ending. L3MON lets us create an Android APK payload and send it to an Android device. After installing it, we can use L3MON’s web-based interface to send commands to targeted devices.

L3MON Tool Remote Android

L3MON Tool Remote Android

NodeJS powers L3MON Android Management Suite. It creates a fully functional android management tool.

L3MON, a node-based tool, creates Android Payloads without commands.

Node js-written L3MON RAT works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool only requires Java runtime.

L3MON, a remote Android management suite, lets us access any Android smartphone. This is the latest Android RAT.

L3MON lets us create an Android APK payload and send it to an Android device. After installing it, we can use L3MON’s web-based interface to send commands to targeted devices.

L3MON is a cloud-based remote android management suite, but we’ll configure it locally in Kali Linux. NodeJS powers L3MON Android Management Suite. It is an android management tool that creates an undetectable payload for the android operating system and has full device access.

Features of L3MON

  • GPS Logging
  • Microphone Recording
  • View Contacts
  • SMS Logs
  • Send SMS
  • Call Logs
  • View Installed Apps
  • View Stub Permissions
  • Live Clipboard Logging
  • Live Notification Logging
  • View WiFi Networks (logs previously seen)
  • File Explorer & Downloader
  • Command Queuing
  • Built-In APK Build

12- Whatsapp Sniffer – WhatsApp App Hacking

WhatsAppSniffer Exposes WhatsApp’s Unprotected Chat Transfer Protocol.
WhatsApp users? The Play Store listing suggests many. It’s popular, so it’s probably safe, right? Rethink.

WhatsApp sends all chats in plaintext, so anyone on the same Wi-Fi network can easily download your entire conversation, including photos and videos. WhatsApp Sniffer now makes that process even simpler. It’s just a packet sniffer, but it makes pulling WhatsApp chats from the sky ridiculously easy, which is bad. Just shout your private conversations across the room.

To make matters worse, WhatsApp has known about this issue for nearly a year but hasn’t fixed it. In fact, YourDailyMac first reported this in May 2011, then Packet Storm in December 2011, at which point it became clear that WhatsApp had been notified of this breach multiple times and ignored them. WhatsApp’s security issues start there.

Whatsapp Sniffer - WhatsApp App Hacking
Whatsapp Sniffer – WhatsApp App Hacking

WhatsApp users with rooted devices should download WAS and try it. Anyone who can download an app can see your chat session. This affects Android, iOS, Symbian, and possibly Windows Phones. Blackberry’s servers are safer than WhatsApp’s.

Time will tell if this will get WhatsApp to fix its security issues.

13- Shotdroid Android Hacking Kali Linux

Hey guys, we accidentally created a tool for people who want to spy and steal sensitive information. This tool can double-shoot with one arrow on Android and Windows. ShotDroid, a pen-testing tool for Android and Windows, has three tools: Android Files, Android Keylogger, and Take Face Webcam.

Android pentester ShotDroid. Three tools serve specific purposes:

Android Files: Access the Android directory, internal and external storage (Images, Videos, Whatsapp, ..)
Android Keylogger: Keyboard + Reverse Shell.

Shotdroid Android Hacking Kali Linux
Shotdroid Android Hacking Kali Linux

Take Face Webcam: Take a face shot from the target phone’s front camera and PC webcam.


  1. Android files hide apps.
  2. Android-specific directory.
  3. Android Keylogger: LokiBoard or simple keyboard.
  4. Webcam HTML template.
  5. Take Face Webcam Tool custom HTML or folder.

Information: SHOTDROID is for educational purposes only. Attacking targets without consent is illegal. Developers are not liable for program misuse or damage.

14- AdbNet Android Tools Hack

Android exploitation tool ADB. An exploit tool for vulnerable Android devices worldwide.

First, dump the vulnerable devices’ IP addresses using ‘dump shodan’ or ‘dump sense (shodan is recommended).

After finding an IP address to try, run the “connect” command and you will be prompted to enter the target IP address and port. The most common ports are 5555 and 4444. It may take time to find the port yourself.

AdbNet Android Tools Hack
AdbNet Android Tools Hack

AdbNet will now connect to the vulnerable Android device.
Switch IPs if it doesn’t work.

The ‘devices’ command lets you verify a device connection.

Caution! You can only connect one device! ‘Killall’ kills sessions! Caution!

The terminal opens a shell and executes device commands.

Run “post” to load the post-exploitation menu and run modules. Run any module then.

Remember: To connect to a different device, run the “kill all” command and repeat the process.


  1. Post-Exploitation modules to control and tinker with the device you are connected to.
  2. Scanners to search for vulnerable android devices across the world to exploit.
  3. Options for managing how many devices you have connected.
  4. Options for checking whether the devices you are connected to our online or offline.
  5. IP-Lookup for retrieving information on a certain IP.
  6. Options to dump the IP Addresses of the vulnerable android devices.
  7. [This makes your life easier so you don’t have to find it yourself]

15- iSpyRAT Software Keylogger

iSpyRAT outperforms other Android rats. More features are added. It’s faster and more powerful than other remote administration tools. AndroRAT can monitor other apps by binding with them. It also monitors and hacks wifi networks with its many features.

iSpyRAT This software is the best android rat (remote administration tool) for hacking phones and tablets remotely. Its new and powerful features may make it stronger than other android rats.

Hackers use it to remotely hack android phones by creating a payload and spreading it. Download ISpyRAT below.

iSpyRAT Software Keylogger
iSpyRAT Software Keylogger

You can bind their payload to any app-social, game, or otherwise—so the victim will think it’s a normal app when he installs it.

Ispy RAT will connect when the victim installs your bound payload. This makes it better than other ISpyRAT and android rats.

This spy note 6 rat is educational only. Use this remote administration tool legally.


  • Private binder
  • Private socket
  • Real-time screen monitor
  • Merge with other apps
  • Stealth mode
  • Encrypted apps
  • Encrypted connection
  • Stable connection
  • Port password
  • Keylogger offline/online
  • Phone settings
  • Account manager
  • Applications manager
  • SMS manager
  • Contacts manager
  • Terminal
  • Victim chat
  • Get GPS location
  • Browsers History
  • Country flag
  • Victim IP-address
  • Watch live front/back camera
  • Capture photos
  • Captures videos
  • Encrypt victim files
  • Make a call from the victim’s device remotely
  • Make an SMS from the victim’s device remotely
  • Listen live through the victim’s mic
  • Flood/DDOS protection
  • View all applications
  • Fun
  • Turn on-off victims wifi
  • Vibrate victims phone
  • Volume up or down remotely victim’s phone
  • Device information
  • Get victim phone details like ( IMEI, MAC, SIM details, etc. )
  • Many more…

16- AhMyth Best Android RAT

This open-source Android RAT is in beta. It supports Android and iOS and has a simple GUI. Windows and Linux support it. It works without rooting. AhMyth’s benefits must be considered. The beta program is multi-platform and easy to use.

AhMyth, a powerful open-source remote administration tool, lets Android users access data. It lets attackers see the device’s location. It can hack the victim’s microphone, take photos, and read personal messages in advanced cases.

AhMyth Best Android RAT
AhMyth Best Android RAT

This GUI-based RAT is one of the easiest to use. As an administrator, this tool lets you log in and control an Android device.

AhMyth: Android Remote Management

AhMyth has two parts for remote administration. Its electron-based server-side acts like a desktop app. The attacker connects to the victim’s Android device’s AhMyth software via the server side. AhMyth’s android client can be a backdoor.


  1. File Manager – allows the attacker to view contents in the target device including the firmware.
  2. Remote access to Mic and Camera.
  3. Access to Call Logs.
  4. SMS access allows the attacker to read and send messages from the target device.
  5. Device GPS Location-enables the attacker to know the geographical location of the victim.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows, Linux,  OS X

17- SpyBubble RAT Free

Mac, Windows, and iOS phone tracking best.

SpyBubble is easy to install and use. It’s a cloud-based cell phone spy app with all the usual features.

Stealth mode works great. The phone user is unaware that you are remotely tracking and reporting their calls, messages, location, and online activity. The app can also secretly take pictures with a smartphone’s camera.

17- SpyBubble RAT Free
17- SpyBubble RAT Free

A secure web account stores all recorded data.

Verdict: SpyBubble silently controls your device. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

Price: 3-day free trial, $24.95/month personal plan, $49.95/month professional plan.


  • Record Calls
  • GPS Tracking
  • Stealth Mode
  • Screenshot Capture
  • Remote Camera Access

18- DDI Utilities RAT Download

DDI Utilities, a next-generation utility program, can extract and deliver large amounts of data and activity from any phone quickly, easily, and silently without touching it.

DDI is quickly replacing obsolete phone monitoring programs. New models and operating systems make it harder to find a working app. DDI works!

Simple DDI Utilities download. Simply text the download link to the monitored phone. After tapping the link, the automatic install begins and uploads phone data and activity to your secure online account within minutes. Use the provided user/pass to view all captured files and activity.

18- DDI Utilities RAT Download


  1. Texts: An exact copy of every text sent or received. Recover deleted texts.
  2. All messages.
  3. Keylogger: Records phone keystrokes.
  4. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter messages.
  5. DDI Utilities’ GPS tracking system can locate the phone within 50 feet.
  6. Photos: All photos.
  7. Videos: Phone-based.
  8. All iPhones and Androids

If regular employee monitoring apps have failed, buy DDI Utilities. It outperforms older, more traditional programs.

19- PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector LLC, the U.S. company behind the phone monitoring app, has over 500,000 users. They expect one million users in two years. Amazing!

After testing the app, we understood their confidence. Install the app and activate it with your purchase license key. The fastest monitoring app we tested finished in under 45 seconds.

19- PhoneSpector
19- PhoneSpector

This phone monitoring app is great. Great features and great customer support. Only PhoneSpector had live operators to take calls. A great product with great customer service. The mobile monitoring app is perfect!

PhoneSpector LLC.

20- Cypher RAT Android Device Hacking Software

It is the most advanced remote android device hacking software.

This best android administration tool can silently hack thousands of android devices.

2023’s best android rat software. This android rat can hack all current Android models.

This mobile rat lets you hack and monitor any Android phone from your PC or laptop.

Cracked CypherRAT

20- Cypher RAT Android Device Hacking Software
20- Cypher RAT Android Device Hacking Software

The latest, strongest, and best android remote administration tool. Famous hacker “EVLF” developed it.

The latest Cypher RAT is v3. You can download this expensive android rat for free below.

This android rat hacks, controls, and monitors unlimited android devices. Its advanced and powerful features make this rat software great.

No other android rat has such cutting-edge features. I love it.


There are so many features in cipher android rat software and some of them are as follows below.

  1. Anti-kill
  2. Anti-delete
  3. Real-time monitor
  4. Screen record
  5. Get accessibility automatically
  6. Bypass google play protect
  7. Fully undetectable
  8. Crypto stealer
  9. Control screen ( VNC )
  10. Inject payload apk inside the real app
  11. Never lose victim’s
  12. 2FA Google authenticator code stealer
  13. Bypass Chinese phones protection
  14. Bypass bank app screen
  15. Run automatically on mobile startup
  16. Bypass battery optimization
  17. Get phone info
  18. Mac address
  19. Microphone capture
  20. Keylogger

21- Remcos RAT Pro

It’s Windows’ most advanced remote administration tool. Hack thousands of Windows laptops and PCs silently. Hackers use it. Remcos RAT Cracked Download Link & Video Tutorial are free below.

It’s a powerful hacker’s exploit that lets you spy on your victims’ devices remotely and perform any task on them with one click.

It handles hundreds of hacked PCs and laptops without a problem. This computer rat changes victim devices’ desktop wallpapers.

21- Remcos RAT Pro

Remcos RAT Computer?

Windows’ best lightweight remote administration tool. Rats Hack lets you remotely hack and monitor Windows devices.

It uses C++ and Delphi. Fast, secure, and powerful.

This best windows rat steals browser login passwords silently.

Remote access tool rat has many advanced features. The latest Remcos version is RAT v2.5.0.


Remcos rat cracked software has many features, including these.

  • Remotely controls computers worldwide
  • Remote administration
  • Remote support
  • Remote surveillance
  • Remote anti-theft
  • Foxmail password recovery
  • Remote proxy
  • Location
  • Operating system
  • Active windows
  • Proxy servers
  • Automatic tasks
  • Control center
  • Agent builder
  • Screen capture
  • File manager
  • Process manager
  • Service Manager
  • Registry Editor
  • Installed programs
  • Windows manager
  • Clipboard manager
  • Execute command
  • Remote Scripting
  • Set wallpaper
  • Power manager
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Keylogger
  • Browser history
  • Clear cookies
  • Password recovery
  • Socks proxy
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Open web URL
  • Surveillance
  • Extra
  • Fun functions

22- WarZone RAT

This powerful PC and laptop hacking software has many advanced features. Hackers use it. This best remote administration tool can hack any Windows system worldwide. Cracked WarZone RAT Download Link & Video Tutorial are free below.

WarZone Remote Administration Tool – WarZone RAT?

The latest Windows rat has many new and advanced features. It’s C/C++.

Warzone Rat was cracked by Cortexnet and released for free.

It is the most powerful paid windows rat ever.

22- WarZone RAT
22- WarZone RAT

Native rat. Its C++ stub makes this remote access trojan software independent. Frameworks.
Rat is simple to use. It can handle thousands of hacked clients without issue.

Open URL silent lets you silently execute any URL on all victim PCs. This best windows rat has many new features.
Native RATs are stable and easy to the crypt.

All 32bit/64bit operating systems are supported. It works with Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10, and 11.

Windows Defender is easily bypassed. Vnc viewer lets you view your victim’s desktop remotely.

Warzone cracked rat lets you control the desktop at 60 fps with your mouse and keyboard.

HRDP (Hidden Remote Desktop Protocol) lets you control the victim’s PC remotely. New rats have it.

HRDP silently controls your victim’s remote desktop.

It also has a UAC bypass feature that lets you gain admin access without their knowledge. You can do anything with your victim’s PC using this feature.

Remotely view victims’ webcams. You can also record your victim’s webcam live.


  1. Easy to use
  2. File manager
  3. Download
  4. Upload
  5. Execute
  6. Persistence
  7. Fast
  8. Stable
  9. Secure
  10. Mass execute
  11. Bypass windows defender
  12. HRDP
  13. Remote desktop
  14. VNC viewer
  15. Offline keylogger
  16. Online keylogger
  17. Microphone
  18. Password stealer
  19. Smart updater
  20. Reverse proxy
  21. Outlook password recovery
  22. Automatic tasks
  23. Process manager
  24. Remote shell
  25. Remote webcam
  26. Supports new browsers
  27. Hidden URL open
  28. Startup
  29. UAC bypass
  30. Client Ip
  31. Warzone rat crypter
  32. Operating system
  33. RAM
  34. CPU
  35. GPU
  36. Sockets settings
  37. Server settings
  38. Ngrok
  39. Native
  40. Foxmail password recovery

23- AndroSpy v3

AndroSpy v3 [Fusion Edition] – Xamarin-C# Android RAT

You can do more than one thing at once. You can upload and download multiple files, watch a live cam or screen, and download or upload multiple files.
Builder error fixed. No longer will there be a mistake.

The work got better.

While your victim is in “Doze Mode” (sleep mode), he or she can manually connect Alarm Manager to the server and talk to you.
If the server doesn’t have internet, the victim can reconnect when the server has internet.
I have turned off the camera’s snapshot feature for now. [I’m too lazy to re-code this for a new Socket instance:)].

Also Read

AndroRat Phone Android Hack Software With Training And Download Github Apk

Added settings for background work on devices (such as Huawei, OPPO, Honor, etc.).
and some work to fix bugs, improve performance, etc.

  1. Snap Live stream
  2. File Explorer
  3. Phone
  4. Live Microphone
  5. Location
  6. Keylogger
  7. Fun Panel
  8. SMS Manager
  9. Contact List
  10. Call Logs
  11. Phone Setting
  12. Installed Apps
  13. Status of Phone
  14. Download Manager
  15. Live Screen
  16. Victim

Tested on some systems:

  • Android 4.4.2
  • Android 5.1.1
  • Android 7.1.2
  • Android 6.0.1
  • Android 9.0
  • Android 10
  • Android 11

what is the android rat

Android rat, also known as Android remote access tool or malware, is a type of malicious software that infects Android devices. It works by establishing a remote connection to the victim’s device, allowing attackers to gain unauthorized access and control over its functions.

how does it work

One of the main reasons why android rats are so commonly used is because they are very difficult to detect and prevent. They are often disguised as legitimate software, making it easy for hackers to trick users into installing them on their devices. Additionally, they can spread quickly through online forums and other social media platforms, which makes them a common tool for cybercriminals looking to carry out large-scale attacks.

why is it used

To protect against android rat infections, it is important to be cautious when downloading or installing new apps onto your device. You should always ensure that the source of these apps is reputable, and avoid opening links or attachments from unknown sources. In addition, it is helpful to regularly scan your device with antivirus software to detect and remove any existing malware infections. With these precautions in place, you can better protect yourself against the harmful effects of android rats.


What is a RAT for Android?

Android RATs let you track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

What are the best RATs for Android?

Here are a few of the best RATs for Android:
SPY24 is the best for both Android and iOS macOS, and Windows.

Do you need to be able to reach the phone?

Yes. For most Android and iPhone versions, you need to be able to get to the phone. To use more advanced spying features, you may also need to “root” the phone.

How to choose a RATs Android?

Always check with Customer Service to see if your phone is supported.

How do you spy on a cell phone?

Step 1: Sign up for one of the best plans and log in to your account.
Step 2: Choose the type of device OS you want to monitor.
Step 3: Make sure you have full access to the target device and then click on Yes, I Do.
Step 4: Choose your model and turn off PlayProtected on the phone you want to hack.
Step 5: Open the browser on the target device and get the app.
Step 6: Your information will be ready to spy on in 2 to 4 hours.

Last, which Android RAT is interesting to you?

I hope you enjoyed reading the above list of the best Android RATs, which have most of the newest releases and are also compatible with Kali Linux. Most of these are well-known in the communities, like AndroRAT, DroidJack, and Zanti. All of the above have been causing trouble for digital businesses around the world for a long time.

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