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ATM Hacking: Hack an ATM Machine with Blank Card

The Dark Web and Hacking ATM: Think your bank is safe from ATM hacking? Think again. A recent study has shown that ATM security is far less robust than you might think, and hackers are finding new and innovative ways to steal your money. So what can you do to protect yourself? Read on for tips on how to stay safe when using an ATM.

1. How to hack an ATM machine

You will need some basic hardware and software to get started. First, you’ll need a device called an ATM or ‘Automated Teller Machine’ skimmer. This is a card reader that can be attached to the front of an ATM and used to copy information from the magnetic stripe on the back of cards inserted into the machine. You can buy these devices online for around $100-$200.

In addition to the skimmer, you’ll also need a small camera and a laptop or other computer. The camera is used to record customers entering their PINs into the keypad, and the computer is used to store the footage and transfer it to you later.

2. The tools you need to do it

-An ATM or ‘Automated Teller Machine’ skimmer

-A small camera

-A laptop or other computer

3. What you can do with a hacked ATM machine

Once you have the skimmer attached to the ATM, and the camera recording customers’ PINs, you can either collect the data yourself or transfer it to someone else who will use it to withdraw cash from the customer’s account.

You can also use the data to create counterfeit cards, which can be used to make purchases or withdrawals from ATMs.

4. How to prevent getting caught

The best way to avoid getting caught is to be careful when setting up the skimmer and camera. Make sure that the skimmer is not too obvious, and that the camera is not easily visible.

It’s also important to be careful when collecting the data. Do not try to collect data from too many ATMs in one day, and do not withdraw cash from customer accounts yourself. Doing either of these things will increase the chances of getting caught.

If you are careful and take your time, you can successfully hack an ATM machine without getting caught. Just be sure to use the information you collect wisely, and only withdraw what you need so that you don’t raise any red flags.

At SPY24, we’ve found several techniques and devices that are used to hack ATMs and are sold on dark web marketplaces.

The dark web, which is a part of the deep web, is where criminal activities both online and offline start. Even though most of us have a general idea of what the dark web is, we don’t know what it is used for or how it affects us every day.

ATMs are a common part of our lives, but we don’t know much about how even the most inexperienced attackers can use them to their advantage. At SPY24, we have found several techniques and devices that are used to hack ATMs and are sold on the dark web.

There was a time when you needed a lot of skills and tools to hack an ATM. Now, no longer. We’ve seen people with only basic skills hack ATMs by using tools and tutorials they found on dark web marketplaces. This is possible because the devices sold on the dark web come with detailed instructions. Most of these devices can be controlled from a distance using an antenna to target systems that run Windows XP basic.

ATM Card Virus

Anyone can buy an ATM Malware Card on the dark web. The card comes with a PIN Descriptor, a Trigger Card, and a Guide to Use. This manual tells you step-by-step how to use the card to stop cash from coming out of ATMs. Once the ATM Malware card is put into the ATM, it records the card numbers of everyone who uses the ATM after that. The Trigger card can then be used at ATMs to get cash.

(Fig. 1: Screenshot of a shopping site on the dark web, showing the ATM Malware Card and a description of it)

In the picture above, you can see how the features and benefits of a product are listed on a dark web marketplace. Most of the time, this malware goes after ATMs that run on Windows XP. This card can take out all the money in the machine, which could be as much as $500,000. Even a person who doesn’t know much about computers could use the product description to hack an ATM.

Hack an ATM

USB ATM virus

Infecting ATMs with a Malware-hosted USB drive is another common way to get money out of them without permission. This method also goes after Windows XP machines. 

(Fig. 2: Screenshot of a shopping site on the dark web, with a product description for USB ATM Malware)

This picture shows a simple description of the product, with information about what files are on the USB drive and how to use it to plan an attack.

Hack an ATM


There are also online shops that sell these kinds of things, in addition to people selling them on their own. One of these shops is the ATM Skimmer Shop (all in one), which sells devices that can be used to hack ATMs, such as EMV Skimmers, GSM Receivers, ATM Skimmers, Point of Sale (POS), Gas Pumps, Deep Inserts, etc.

(Fig. 3: A screenshot of the dark web’s ATM SKIMMER Shop)

At different prices, the same store also sells prepaid credit cards with high balances. The shop also keeps up with and sells the newest cracking tools, like POS Terminals, Upgraded Antenna, custom-made ATM Skimmers, RFID Reader/Writers, etc. This shop used to be on the regular internet, but now it’s only on the dark web. Here, you can also buy ATM-hacking devices that have to be physically attached to the machines, like the ATM Insert Skimmer or the Deep Insert.

Hack an ATM

(Fig. 4 is a picture of a shopping site on the dark web: Deep Insert with a product description.)

The picture above shows why using an insert skimmer to hack an ATM is a good idea. It’s marketed as a “plug and play” product, which suggests that it’s ready to use.

Anyone who can get to the dark web and this shop can order anything they want without any trouble. Another site like this is the under market, which says that it sells both bank’s full and physical bank cards.

Hack an ATM

(Fig. 5 is a screenshot of a post on the Undermarket forum that says Fullz is available.)
There are underground hacking forums where people talk about and sell tutorials on how to hack bank accounts using Botnets and other similar topics. Malicious files are sold on forums like Optimus Store for $100.

Hack an ATM

(Fig. 6: Screenshot of a dark web forum with files for sale that help hackers)

Ploutus-D is an active ATM jackpotting method that uses malware that was just found. It works by breaking parts of a well-known multivendor ATM software to take control of hardware devices like dispensers, card readers, and pin pads. It lets the hacker take all the cash out of the machines in a matter of minutes. On the dark web, you can buy both the source code for this malware and instructions on how to use it.

Hack an ATM

(Fig. 7: Screenshot of a shopping site on the dark web: Ploutus-D added to cart)

Be Vigilant

As hacking tools and methods become more common, it is important to be aware and careful. You can do this by learning about new and more sophisticated hacking trends and how to protect yourself from them.

Hacking ATM: Advanced ways to find security holes by Anastasis Vasileiadis

The ATM is a machine that lets people do banking business without having to go into a bank.

Using an ATM, a person can take money out of or put money into his bank account, pay bills, change his PIN, update his personal information, etc.

Since ATMs are all about cash, hackers and thieves are very interested in them. Hackers have found many ways to get into ATMs in the past few years. Hackers don’t have to use physical attacks like card trapping, skimming, etc., to do their work.

They are trying to figure out new ways to break into ATM software. In this article, we’ll look at the ways that ATMs are kept safe.

Programs to protect ATM

Most ATMs use Windows XP and Windows 7. Getting each ATM fixed is a pretty complicated process. Since Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, many ATM vendors use security solutions to protect against threats like malware-based attacks and holes in the operating system.

These security measures make it possible for ATMs to work in a limited environment with few services and procedures.

McAfee Solidcore and Phoenix Vista ATM are two of these security solutions.

McAfee Solidcore: McAfee Application Control stops executable files that shouldn’t be there from running in the ATM’s operating system.

Only lets you run applications, processes, and services that are on the list of those that are allowed. The Integrity Monitor keeps an eye on changes to the program code and configurations.

Its change control mechanism keeps the application code and configuration from being changed by people who shouldn’t be able to. First, the ATM application and files related to it are added to a list of files that can be run.

Phoenix Vista ATM: Diebold bought Phoenix Interactive Design Inc., which made the Phoenix Vista ATM.

It is built into the software that ATMs use. It works by checking the integrity of the files. If a critical file related to an application is changed or broken in any way, the system will shut down.

This means that any program that isn’t supposed to be able to change the file of the application can’t.

There are three levels to architecture. OS <–> XFS <–> Vista ATM.

Programs to protect ATM

XFS (EXtensions for Financial Services) provides a client-server architecture for cost-effective applications on the Microsoft Windows platform, especially on financial industry-specific peripherals like ATMs.

It is an international standard pushed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN, hence CEN/XFS). XFS gives all financial services devices, no matter who made them, a common API for accessing and controlling them.

Vista ATM talks to the XFS level, which tells programs, like the ATM cash distributor, to give out the money. If XFS files are changed without permission, the Vista ATM application will restart the machine. The machine restarts 4–5 times, and then it goes into maintenance mode, which makes it impossible for the user to do anything.

Here is a list of 26 ATMs, along with the software they use and how safe they are.

How ATMs are tested for security holes

The same method is used to check the security of ATMs. The end goal is to get into the operating system or work with a file related to the application to see how the application itself works.

After getting into the operating system, an attacker can use XFS components to make malware that can control the system program.

Some test cases that can be taken into account are:

Access to the operating system and related system files are tested.
Check to see if USB functionality is turned on, and use “Konboot” to start up the USB.
Connect the USB, and the system will start up from the USB.

Since most of the test is about the operating system, keep pressing “Shift” at startup. This will mess up any sequence set to run when the ATM operating system starts up. If you do this, you’ll go straight to Windows.

If you know a valid username, you can type it in and hit “Enter.” This will let you use the operating system right away without a password.

If you don’t know a valid username, try logging in as “Administrator,” since many ATMs don’t turn off the default administrator account.

Another way is to use Hiren boot to make a USB drive bootable. If you boot from a USB, you can use Windows’s file system even when you’re not online.
Test about letting a program run: Check to see if the USB is turned on. If it is, try running an unauthorized program (.exe file) directly from the USB or using the USB auto-play feature.

Test about protecting a program: Check to see if files related to an application can be moved to a different location, changed, or deleted.

Checks that have to do with making changes to the whole process: Change the file’s name to one that is valid and allowed. This will make the application run an unauthorized file when it starts.

Dangers that come from running programs without permission through the registry: By putting it in the Windows startup folder, you can see if a critical registry key can be changed or if unauthorized software can be run. When the system starts up again, the executables in the Windows boot folder will be the first ones to run.

How ATMs are tested for security holes

As the number of ATMs grows, they are more likely to be hacked, robbed, scammed, etc. Most ATMs still use Windows XP, which makes it easy for hackers to break into these machines. There are three parts to an electronic money transfer: the communication link, the computer, and the terminal (ATM). To stop an attack, all three parts must be locked down. We will look at the kinds of assessments we can do to figure out how safe an ATM is overall.

1. Evaluation of the network’s weaknesses and testing of its security holes

When it comes to protecting ATMs, these two things are often done.

During a pentest, we look at an ATM to see if it has any network-level flaws. If the ATM can talk to the server for help, it must be connected to a network.

We can do a pentest test on the network by getting the IP address of the ATM. The ATM network is kept separate from the bank’s main network because this is the safest thing to do.

So, the hacker has to be on the same network as the ATM to find out its IP address and attack it.

Once we get into the network where the ATM is, we can use Nessus to do a scan to find its open doors, the services that are run on them, and the security holes in the services that are run. With NMAP, we can do a full scan to find TCP and UDP ports as well as ATM services.

Configuration control has to do with the security of the operating system. The Windows operating system is used by most ATMs. The operating system must not have any security holes so that an attacker doesn’t have many ways to get in. When we check the configuration of the ATM operating system, we can look at some of the following:

  • Fixes and updates: Checks for the most recent security and operating system updates.
  • File system security is the rules about who can open important folders and system files.
  • System access and authentication: Checks related to password and account lock policies, user rights policies, etc.
  • Controls about how the ATM works, application and security logs, control policy, license in the event logs, etc. are checked and written down.
  • Account Configuration: Controls for users from the management team, presence of default users, visitor account, password, and expiration requirements.

2. Security check for the application:

This activity can be broken up into two groups:

a) Penetration testing of thick client applications: Some of the tests we can do are:

Information that is sensitive in application configuration files, registry credentials, and information that is sensitive and coded
Check the traffic going to the server and try to change or break the parameters or look for any sensitive information that passes between the application and the server.
Plain text protocol is a way for the application and the database to talk to each other (non-encrypted files)
Protection against reverse engineering b). Review of Application Design: During this step, we can check to see if the application itself follows security best practices. Some test cases could be:

  • What kinds of things are written in the log
  • The rights that are used to run the ATM application
  • Access the application-related folders
  • The app lets the transaction happen with or without a PIN.
  • During execution, the application can talk to the operating system.
  • Talking to the hardware on the back end
  • Good network separation
  • If even one PIN test is wrong, the customer’s card should be taken away.
  • Every transaction must be done with a PIN.

The software shouldn’t show the PIN while you’re entering it on the screen. Banks should follow certain security measures.
Banks can use some security measures to make it harder for someone to attack them. Here are a few things that should be given a lot of attention:

Protection from attacks on the body:

  • Skimming of the card can be found and stopped.
  • Card and cash entrapment can be found and stopped.
  • Keyboard violation. Detection.
  • The ATM has a built-in DVSS camera that can record the user’s face as well as transaction details and the time.
  • The treasury needs to be protected from fire, explosions, etc.
  • Locks keep out people who shouldn’t be able to get into banknotes or accounts.
  • Electricity and grid points need to be kept safe.
  • Networks and electric ports that aren’t being used should be turned off.
  • To protect against robbery, the ATM needs to be grouted to the floor. A vibration sensor can be attached to the ATM so that it can sense when it is hit or moves.
  • CCTV camera installation. A guard is there.

Protection from attacks by hackers:

Protection against booting up without a password and without going into the BIOS. Most ATMs have a password that they use to start up.
Protection for USB and preventing unauthorized access to the hard drive.
The OS is safe and is updated every day.

  • List of applications and services that can be used at the ATM.
  • operation with less access for the user.
  • Checks for file integrity.
  • Securing logs of transactions.
  • Use a secure connection to talk and do business.
  • Make a list of the best ways to keep ATMs safe when they are used.
  • Guard against viruses.
  • The ATM network is kept separate from other networks.
  • Protection from malware, such as Tyupkin, Ploutus, etc.

Protection from attacks based on fraud:

Geo-blocking software. In this case, you can only use the card in the country or region where it was made. To use the card outside of the country where it was made, the user must get a license.
Duplicate cards and skimming cards can’t be used to attack if you have a chip card with a PIN.
An app that can tell when a transaction is out of the ordinary in terms of the amount, the place where it happened, how often it happened, etc.
As technology gets better, hackers are coming up with more and more ways to break into ATMs.

To keep ATMs safe and keep customers’ trust, banks have to stay one step ahead of criminals by coming up with the most up-to-date security solutions and making it as hard as possible for criminals to attack.

With the tips in this article, you’ll be able to make the ATM both physically and logically safer.

ATMs are getting hacked more and more often these days. well, let’s just say it’s always been a thing since technology and programming have changed so much. so, you can get rich quickly because we’re here to help you with some amazing hacking services. hackers with blank atm cards, atm hacking software, or just ATM hacking codes can get into any kind of atm. research has shown that ATMs are easy to hack into because they give out information about customer cards. on top of that, we’ve made it even easier.

We are professional hackers in this field, and we can use blank atm cards to help you hack into ATMs. but we want you to be aware of the people who are lying. these people who hack blank atm cards or ATMs, in general, say they have special tricks and codes for hacking ATMs, but they don’t.

A Blank atm card can be hacked

  • Are cards that hack ATMs real? (void atm cards)
  • Yes, they are, of course, if you know where to look.

And, of course, they aren’t if you waste your time with sites or places that are just blank atm card scams.

An atm is a strange-looking machine that has a computer, a keypad, and a locker. the screen can have a touchscreen, which lets you give commands by pointing and touching it. on the other hand, you can use a key to open the locker, unless you drill holes in it. it is safe to put money there. the cash machine is attached to the locker. it may be physically hard to break into, but we can hack into it. we also use the well-known blank atm card hack. we know how to break into ATMs and can do that job. we also use the well-known blank atm card hack.

Because the firewalls they have aren’t very good, ATMs are easy targets for thieves. also, the machine talks to a server before each type of transaction. we can get into these conversations, which is good news for you.

Service to hack blank atm cards
We have a team of hackers who know how to hack ATMs and can give you the best services you could ask for. we have our own malware/trojan that has gotten into several ATMs around the world. because of this, we can successfully hack someone’s pin and put it on a blank atm card. this copy of the original version works great. it can be used at stores and pos and ATMs to get cash. here’s how an atm card that is blank works. this kind of blank atm card lets you take out a certain amount of cash each day. you can take out up to $2500 every day. but there is no limit on how much you can take out at pos.

Price list for cards that can hack ATMs (blank atm cards)

Frequently asked questions (faq)
Since we have been hacking ATMs for a long time, we have seen that customers often ask the same questions. for your ease, they are produced here along with their answers.

How do I receive my card after payments?

We use DHL to send the blank card. it takes about 7 days for standard shipping.

To send you a card, we need your full name and address.

Want to hear something that is both interesting and scary? a thorough study that came out last year said that most items can be hacked in 20 minutes or less during a money transfer. even scarier, 85 percent of the items tested for the study let an attacker into the system, and 58 percent had network component or service vulnerabilities that could be used to watch the atm from far away using money transfer services. all of this shows that ATMs are a lot more fragile than people used to think.

this is a scary thought since they can hold a lot of money and important information about their users. especially since most of us don’t know how easy it is to attack ATMs and apps that transfer money. using the dark web to find out what kind of information is out there about hacking ATMs. there is a lot of information out there about the different methods. in this article, I’ve tried to cover the basics in the hopes that it will make readers more aware of what’s out there and how they can stay healthy.

  • Atm card virus

Money transfer online is probably the most common way that atm programmers take advantage of weaknesses. there are places on the dark web that give the customer a whole malware pack, which includes the atm malware card, the pin descriptor, the trigger card, and an instruction guide. when the atm malware card is used to put malware into an atm, all of the check card information of customers can be taken from the machine when a customer searches for “money transfer near me.” then, programmers use the trigger card to send money from the atm through money transfer sites. all in all, this is probably the most popular method on the dark web, and it comes with very detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do it. the computers that run Windows XP still use this method.

  • Hacking tools for ATMs

These tools can be used for several things, like sending money online. on the one hand, there is a subset of deep insert devices that can be hooked up to ATMs to steal private financial information from users. at the same time, these packages let the attacker put malware on the atm without having to be there in person. for example, money transfer services online can be used to do this. hackers may use devices like antennae to launch attacks from afar, which makes it even harder for money transfer companies to find and catch the hackers.

  • USB atm virus

This is another common way to help Windows XP on a computer. it gives programmers the ability to take all of the money from an atm by infecting it with malware using a USB drive since most people don’t know how to move money from one bank to another.

  • Plus

Malware called ploutus-d was used to attack ATMs recently. the malware infects important parts of a well-known multivendor atm program and an international money transfer service. this lets it take control of computer hardware like the cash dispenser, card reader, and pin pad. this means that any hacker can take all the money from the computer in a matter of seconds, even though it may be the best way to send money abroad. the code and instructions for plus-source d are now being sold on marketplaces on the dark web.

  • Pay-ahead cards

On their foundation transfers, there are shopping sites on the dark web that accept both bank’s full and real bank cards. full cards are used for online exchanges, but you can also use real cards at ATMs and learn how to send money internationally. some sites also offer pre-loaded credit credits, and the cost of the card or international money transfer app is the same as the balance on the card or app.

It’s hard to believe that the cash machines we use every day could be so easy to break into. as seen in work, hacking ATMs is becoming more and more popular, especially now that there are devices that allow hackers to access ATMs remotely. since banks usually set up a large number of items in the same way, a successful attack can often be repeated on a much larger scale…

ATM Hacking

ATM Hacking

How to hack ATM – atm hacking tricks

Atm hacking is no longer a new thing, but people still want to know if items can be broken into. there are different atm hacking tricks, methods, and tutorials that we may have seen on the internet or heard about. some of these include hacking an atm with candle wax, hacking an atm with a USB, and hacking an atm with an iPhone or Samsung galaxy. none of these methods worked, which is why people still ask, “does atm hacking exist?” we know what to do about these things.

How to hack an atm

I’ll give you a hint about how ATMs have been hacked: skimmers, which are rarely found, can be used to do it. it is hidden on the atm card slot and its job is to get card information when the card is put in and the pin is typed in. on this note, the hacker who put the card reader in the atm has your card information.

Stealing money from an atm using a blank card to get cash
Some of you have probably heard that blank atm cards can be used to hack ATMs and get cash out, but you don’t know how it works. you might want to know how it works and how a blank atm card works. after hackers have used the skimmer to get your card information, they will get a blank atm card and use msr606 to write your card information on it. here are some picture explanations.

After successfully writing the card details to the blank atm card, it is now a cloned atm card because the original card details have been successfully copied to a blank card that can be used to get cash from any atm around the world and swiped at the store.

A picture showing how a hacker put a skimmer on an atm

  • Our services

We are a professional team of carders with a big ring that goes all the way around the world. with more than 1 million ATMs infected with our malware and skimmers, we can get bank card information, including the track 1 and track 2 numbers and the card pin. we then turn the information we got from the cards into real atm cards that can be used to get cash from an atm or swiped at stores and pos. we sell these cards to all of our customers and interested buyers around the world. each card can be used to withdraw up to $2500 per day from an atm and spend up to $50,000 in stores. watch the video below to see cloned cards that are already ready to ship.

Cards price list:

  • Here is a list of prices for atm cards.

Hacking an atm clone blank card

Hacking ATMs is no longer something new or surprising. with the improvement of ATMs like Diebold atm, DEFCON atm, and Wincor Nixdorf atm, it is not easy to cheat an ATM.

Even though there are some guides, tips, and tricks about hacking ATMs online, none of them work. the real people who break into ATMs won’t tell you how they do it.

Hacking an atm clone blank card

Lies about hacking ATMs and making blank atm cards

Like I said before, there are a lot of articles online about hacking ATMs, but most of them don’t make sense. they don’t exist and won’t work ever. some of them are:

Cracking ATMs with candle wax
Someone on the tor network told me that he had downloaded a pdf file about hacking ATMs and atm security passwords. I asked him if it helped, and he said “no.” the atm candle wax trick is done by covering the chip or gold panel on a card that uses a chip. this is strange and doesn’t make sense.

  • Hacking atm with USB

There’s no trick like that! where are you going to put the USB?

Atm hacking using iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

There’s no trick like that! no app or software can be used to hack an atm.

Atm hacking using a sim card – This one doesn’t make sense.

So, can you hack an atm?

Yes, it is possible to hack an atm and get free money out of it, but not with any of the above methods. there are no master passwords or hack codes that are needed to break into an atm.

The real guide to hacking ATMs: atm hack software Bluetooth remote skimmer

Now you might be wondering how to hack an atm that works. I’ll briefly talk about how an atm can be hacked, but this isn’t for beginners. so, by the end of this post, you should decide if you want to buy our blank atm cards or do the hack yourself.

Skimmers, which are usually not found, can be used to break into ATMs. it is hidden in the atm and gets your card information when you put your card in and enter your pin. here are some pictures to show what I mean.

How to hack an atm using the skimmer to hack an atm

Once the hacker has this information, he or she can use a writer (mrs606) and some software to make a copy of your atm card.

  • Hacking an atm: the blank atm card

If you’ve never done this before, it’s risky to do it on your own. think about how the atm has a security camera and how you’ve never done this before.

Our services – buy highly balanced cloned debit cards for atm withdrawal

We are a professional team of carders with a big ring that goes all the way around the world. with our malware and skimmers installed on more than 2 million items, we can get bank card information, including the track 1 and track 2 numbers and the card pin. we then turn the information we got from the cards into real atm cards that can be used to get cash from an atm or swiped at stores and pos. we sell these cards to all of our customers and interested buyers around the world. each card can be used to withdraw up to $2500 per day from an atm and spend up to $50,000 in stores.

Here is our list of prices for atm cards:

The prices include the costs of shipping. to order now: During the time we’ve been providing these services, we’ve met a lot of clients with different questions, so this is meant to answer a few of them:

1. What is the dark web and how do you access it

2. How to hack an ATM machine for free money

3. The different types of software used to hack ATMs

4. How to prevent yourself from being a victim of ATM hacking

The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed using special software, and it’s often used for illegal activity.

What is the dark web and how do you access it

To hack an ATM machine, you would need to have physical access to it as well as some knowledge of how they work. There are different types of software that can be used to do this, but most require a certain level of expertise.

ATM hacking can be prevented by ensuring that your machine is properly secured and keeping up to date with security patches. You should also be aware of the signs that an ATM has been hacked, such as unusual activity or a sudden increase in fees. If you suspect that your ATM has been hacked, you should report it to the police immediately.

Do you want to sell money?

We don’t sell money, no. if you read our post carefully, you’ll see how everything fits together.

Does my country offer this service?

Yes, our services are offered all over the world.

How do I get my card when I’ve paid for it?

We ship with DHL, and normal shipping takes about 7 days. your full name and address are all we need. Below is a video from our factory showing our atm card-making machine and the atm hack software to copy debit/credit card details.
In February 2015, hackers broke into more than 100 banks in 30 countries and stole as much as $1 billion. this is what security experts think is the biggest banking breach ever.

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