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Best Facebook Hacking Apps – How to Hack on FB Messages

From Wikipedia, which is free to use. This article is about a service for social media. Meta Platforms is the name of its owner, which used to be called Facebook, Inc. It’s not the same as Facebook or Factbook.
The American company Meta Platforms owns Facebook, an online social media and networking service. Facebook was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, who were all Harvard College students and roommates. The name of the company comes from the face book directories that are often given to American college students. At first, only Harvard students could join. Over time, other North American universities joined, and since 2006, anyone over 13 can join. As of July 2022, Facebook had 2.93 billion active users every month and was the third most visited website in the world. It was the app that people downloaded the most in the 2010.

Facebook can be used on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as other devices that can connect to the Internet. After signing up, users can make a profile that tells other people about themselves. They can share text, photos, and videos with other users who have agreed to be their “friends” or with the public, depending on how their privacy settings are set. Users can also talk to each other directly through Facebook Messenger, join groups that share their interests, and get updates on what their Facebook friends and pages they follow are up to.

Facebook has been at the center of many controversies and has been criticized for things like user privacy (like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal), political manipulation (like in the 2016 U.S. elections), and mass surveillance. Posts from the Facebook page of Breitbart News, a news site that used to work with Cambridge Analytica, are some of the most shared political content on Facebook right now. Facebook has also been criticized for having psychological effects like addiction and low self-esteem, as well as for having content like fake news, conspiracy theories, copyright infringement, and hate speech, which has led to a number of controversies. People have said that Facebook helps spread this kind of content on purpose and lies about how many users it has to attract advertisers.

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How can I Hack Facebook Messenger?

There is a way for people to find out what their spouse, children, or employees are doing on Facebook. Hacking Apps let people look at messages, a news feed, ads, and more on an iPhone or Android phone. This guide will show you the top 14 Facebook hacking apps for 2022 and tell you everything you need to know about them.

Not much time?

We did our tests and found that SPY24 PRO is the best Facebook Messenger hacking app for 2022.

Looking for the best way to hack Facebook Messenger without the target phone in 2022?

If your kids just started using Facebook, you might feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

You might think they spend too much time messaging their friends on Facebook, and you might want to know what they’re talking about.

You don’t want to know because you’re nosy. You want to know so that you can make sure they aren’t putting themselves in danger or being cyberbullied.

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your child’s safety online. As more social media and networks come out, more and more parents are turning to third-party tools to help them keep track of what’s going on online.

With this in mind, we’ve made a list of what we think are the best Facebook Messenger Hacking App without a target phone in 2022, so you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing on Facebook without worrying that they’re being hacked or cyberbullied.

You can also use these apps if you own a business and want to make sure your employees are working when they should be and not on social media.

Table of Contents

Teen Privacy – How to Hack Facebook Password without Software?

Online safety isn’t just about keeping your child safe from things that could hurt them; it’s also about keeping them safe from themselves. When they learn new things, it could be easy for them to get involved in bad things that aren’t for them. Since they are too drawn to the shiny world of social media, they will learn quickly how to do things like hacking that not only put them in danger but also put other people in danger.

Kids today know a lot about technology and can figure out how to use it faster than anyone else. All they need is an interest in things and a desire to learn, and they can get their hands on anything. Kids today are also learning how to hack Facebook passwords without software, and they might try it out on their parents first. Parents are also worried about monitoring their kids on Facebook to make sure they are doing the right thing. But how would you find out if your child was hacking?

  • How to tell if your child is hacking

Hacking gives teenagers who aren’t doing well in other parts of their lives a new way to feel powerful and accepted. When they are bored, bullied, harassed, or told they are not good enough, they often do these things to feel independent and good. If you’re a parent, you need to keep an eye out for bad things your teens might do. Here are some simple signs that are easy to spot:

  • “They brag about how easy it is.”

They are kids, after all. They will brag about anything they learn because they think it makes them look smart. Hacking gives them a sense of power, so they want to show you how good they are at it. Most parents don’t pay much attention when their kids talk directly about how easy hacking is and how all it takes is skills they already have. Sometimes they are bragging about it, but most of the time they are trying to get their parents or friends to tell them it is wrong.

  • Too much is known about you by them.

Who do you think they’ll hack with first? Well, you. You need to be on the lookout when they tell you something about you that they could only know if they read your emails or knew about something else you did online. Kids often try to take control of their lives by hacking into their parents’ accounts first. It’s all about what interests them, and when that’s over, they usually move on to something else.

  • “Privacy is the most important thing to them.”

No matter if they are hacking or not, every teen wants their online activities to be private. But when this kind of privacy is handled through technology, it’s time to pay attention. If you look at their computers and can’t tell if they’ve been clearing their files and browser history too often or if they’ve been using encryption programs to hide folders and files, that could be a sign.

  • They have more than one account you can’t get into.

Having more than one Facebook account is now common. But if your child is hiding them from you and only letting you access one main email account while hiding the others, make a note of that. If they aren’t doing anything bad, they might be doing porn or something else you don’t like. This kind of total privacy needs to be looked into.

  • “Your Internet Service Provider

You see different things every day when you use the internet and social media, and sometimes you don’t know where the information came from. The same thing happens when your internet service provider tells you to stop hacking or else you will be charged with a crime. You’re not a hacker, but if someone in your family is, it must worry you. Internet service providers are very aware of this fact.

  • Grades Improve Suddenly

If your child wasn’t doing well in school and then all of a sudden started doing better, that’s something to take note of. Either they are working hard or they have hacked into their school system. If you don’t see them working hard and they keep doing the same things they did before but still get good grades, it’s possible that they cheated. Kids love to show off how good they are at hacking at school to make a good impression.

  • Finding Tools for Hacking on Their Computers

If you think they might be hacking, take a look at the programs and tools they have installed on their computer. If your kid hasn’t thought about something yet, you might get lucky and find out. If you find a lot of files and programs that are encrypted, that is a clear sign that something is wrong. Port scanners, programs that steal credentials, malware folders for stores, and other similar programs are signs that they are hacking, and need to be stopped.

How to Keep Your Kid from Hacking Facebook?

No kid is innocent anymore, so if you think your kid is so innocent that he won’t do these things, you’re wrong. Most of the time, these activities are done by quiet, shy children. But you can find out if your child is doing anything strange on Facebook if you use the right parental control tools that they can’t get around.

SPY24 is one of the best tools that will let you know right away if your child is doing something wrong on Facebook or is up to something bad. With its other features, it’s easy to figure out if your child is a threat and take action right away. It also lets you limit the amount of time they can spend looking at their screens. So, you can keep an eye on them and find out ahead of time if they are up to anything bad.

List of the 10 Best Apps to Hack Facebook Messenger

We have tried dozens of Facebook Messenger hacking apps on both iPhones and Android phones. Here are the 14 best Facebook hacking apps for 2022, based on what we found:

  1. SPY24: Facebook Hacking App, Free Facebook Spying
  2. mSpy is the best Facebook hacking app in general.
  3. uMobix is the best app for iPhone to hack Facebook.
  4. EyeZy is the best app for parents to hack Facebook.
  5. Cocospy is the best app for hacking Facebook Messenger.
  6. XNSpy is the best app for tracking Facebook ads.
  7. Spyic makes it easy to keep an eye on Facebook Messenger.
  8. Mobile Tracker: Free App to Hack Facebook Messenger
  9. Hoverwatch lets you track FB Messenger on all of your devices.
  10. Spyera lets you listen in on calls using Facebook Messenger
  11. iKeyMonitor is a detailed record of what you do on Facebook.
  12. GuestSpy
  13. MobiStealth
  14. Highster Mobile

Review of the best Facebook hacking apps for 2022

Want to learn more about the 14 best apps for hacking Facebook? We’ve written in-depth reviews of these apps to show what makes them stand out.

1- SPY24 PRO Facebook Hacking App: Free Way to Spy on Facebook

Facebook spy app is a program that can be put on your kids’ smartphones. You can spy on Facebook for free with the SPY24 PRO Facebook Spy App. It records Facebook calls and voice messages and keeps an eye on Facebook chats. It also lets you spy on SMS messages, phone call voices, call history, website browsing history, clipboard history, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, and social chat conversations on WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Hike, IMO, and more. With the SPY24 PRO best Facebook spy app, you can spy on Facebook messengers to find out what your kids are doing on Facebook. This app also has a free plan that can be used for as long as you want.

SPY24 PRO Facebook Hacking App
SPY24 PRO Facebook Hacking App

SPY24 Install application free  The Most Powerful Hidden Spying App to Monitor Android, IOS Cell Phone & Tablet Device Remotely. Best Android Parental Control App for Kids & Teens Online Safety.

Now take the liberty to monitor Android, and IOS devices with exclusive features better than ever before Monitor all Voice & Text Messages Communication records, Listen to & Watch Surroundings in Real-time Unleash Digital Parenting with Android, IOS Spy App Spy (Surround Listing & Front/Back Camera Bugging) IM’s VoIP call recording on Android OS 13 & above With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Android Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

How Does the SPY24 PRO Facebook Spy App Work?

Use this free Facebook spy app to keep an eye on your kids. It will help you keep an eye on your kids’ phones when you need to.

  • Parental Control: Keep Kids Safe by Spying on Facebook

With the SPY24 PRO Facebook Messenger spy app, it’s easy to keep an eye on your kids. You can keep track of everything your kids do on Facebook, like their text messages, voice messages, screenshots of their chats, what they type on Facebook, etc. When you see strange things happening on Facebook, you can talk to your kids about it and keep them safe from cyberbullies, sexual predators, cyberstalkers, and other bad people.

  • SPY24 PRO has more than 80 ways to spy on Facebook.

The SPY24 PRO Facebook tracker app keeps track of almost all Facebook activity by spying on Facebook messages sent and received, recording voice messages, logging keystrokes, and taking screenshots. The Facebook Messenger spy app keeps track of SMS messages, call history, surroundings, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, website history, and social chat activities on WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hike, and more. This Facebook spy app lets you block apps and limit screen time so that your employees and kids have enough time to work and sleep. Also, you will be notified when the target device types in your pre-set alert keywords.

  1. SMS & iMessages
  2. History of Calls
  3. Facebook Keystrokes
  4. Screenshots from Facebook
  5. Watch your web history
  6. Websites Went to
  7. Phone Call Voice
  8. Find out where a GPS is
  9. Geo-fencing
  10. Create a geo-fence
  11. Sounds in the Area
  12. Check Facebook.
  13. Facebook Messenger Spy
  14. Spy on WhatsApp
  15. Skype Spy
  16. Spy on WeChat
  17. Line Messenger Spy
  18. Spy on Hangouts
  19. Instagram Spy
  20. Spy on Snapchat
  21. Vibe spy
  22. Kik Messenger Spy
  23. QQ Spy
  24. Keep an eye on pictures and photos.
  25. Photos Spy
  26. Emails Were Written
  27. Spy Mail App
  28. Unnoticeable Facebook Spy
  29. Log Notes/Memos/Reminders
  30. Notes/Voice Memos
  31. Calendars Are Lie
  32. Record contacts
  33. Logs of Contacts
  34. Sending an email
  35. Logs to Email
  36. FTP Upload
  37. Put logs on FTP (iOS)
  38. Online server
  39. View Logs Online

How to keep an eye on Facebook Messenger from far away?

Discover SPY24 PRO! Spy software for Facebook Messenger is easy to use and works well.
Facebook has more users than any other social network. Most teens who have internet access on their cell phones use it a lot to share photos and videos of their daily lives, write stories, join groups, follow pages, and especially talk to each other through the Facebook Messenger app, which lets them send private text messages and make audio and video calls. Because of this, parents who want to keep their kids safe from the dangers of having this app on their cell phones need to use Facebook spy software to keep track of all activities, conversations, photo, and video exchanges, and Messenger calls.

SPY24 PRO is a monitoring app that lets you, spy on Facebook Messenger account of a phone on all levels, including spying on text conversations and their content (photos, videos, and audio), as well as the Call history and even recording Messenger calls. You can: with SPY24 PRO:

  • You can read both incoming and outgoing messages on a Facebook Messenger account, even if they have been deleted.
  • Look at pictures, videos, stickers, and emojis.
  • Listen to an audio conversation that took place on Facebook.
  • Calls on Facebook can be saved and listened to later.
  • Call log monitoring Messenger
  • See when each message or call was sent or received and when each event happened.
  • View the names and pictures of your friends and anyone else in the group.
  • Set up alerts that will let you know when certain words or phrases come up in a Facebook Messenger conversation.
  • You can get information right from your secure online account.

Why would you want to spy on a Facebook Messenger account?

Messenger is one of the most used chat programs online. It lets you make VoIP calls and send text messages, voice messages, photos, and videos. Let’s find out more about how spyware for Messenger can help you.

  • Software that lets parents keep an eye on Messenger

Teenagers use smartphones a lot, so they can be cyberstalked, blackmailed, or get their own back on social networks. Teenagers do, in fact, often send pictures of themselves without clothes on. This is a common step in the process of seduction and flirting. But sometimes the results of what young people call “nudes” or “intimate blackmail” can be very serious. After being together for a long time and then breaking up, some ex-boyfriends post sexual pictures or videos of their young daughters on social networks. This is what is known as “revenge porn.” And these kinds of abuse can cause some victims to kill themselves.

Cyberbullying happens to an average of three students in each class. Spy software for phones is one of the most common ways parents protect their kids from cyber criminals and intimate blackmail.

With monitoring software, parents can keep an eye on their kids and teach them what to do by knowing what’s going on at the right time and place. Parents don’t have to worry if they put our Facebook Messenger spy software on their teens’ phones because they can read, hear, and see all their teens’ conversations and act as a lover before it’s too late.

Safety for businesses:

Employers can use SPY24 PRO to spy on Messenger and listen in on their employees’ and other people’s conversations. This is a great way to stop industrial espionage and keep employees from giving out information that could hurt the company.

Uses for your own needs:

With the Facebook Messenger spy app, you can record all Messenger calls and back up your conversations with all their multimedia content in real-time. You’ll never have to worry about deleting an important contact or piece of information by accident again. SPY24 PRO automatically sends your chats and calls to your secure online dashboard, where you can view them later or download them at any time.

The way conversations are shown on the dashboard is just like how they are shown in the Messenger app, which makes it very useful and easy to use.

  • There are also…

Please keep in mind that hacking a Facebook Messenger account or, more generally, hacking into someone’s phone or computer is against the law when it’s not for a legal purpose.

Our Android spyware or iPhone should only be used for legal reasons to listen in on Messenger conversations.

Why is SPY24 PRO the best software to spy on a Facebook account?

SPY24 PRO is the most powerful and complete Messenger spy software in its category. It gives you more information and a satisfaction guarantee than any other phone monitoring software and has the most professional features.

There’s more to know. With SPY24 PRO, you won’t miss a thing. Our Facebook Messenger spy software records all the messages, images, videos, and audio files sent or received in a conversation and shows them exactly as Messenger does, making it easier to read.

More things. Our Facebook spy software has a lot of features for full monitoring of a cell phone (Android, iPhone), a tablet (Android, iPad), or a PC/MAC. We can talk about intercepting and recording calls, geolocation, listening to and recording the phone’s surroundings, and recording VoIP calls like those made through Messenger and Messenger…, which is more than any other competing application.

Guaranteed to make you happy. We’re proud of the quality of our product and the customer service we offer after the sale. We also think that our Messenger spy program is the best one on the market. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee because of all of these things.

How to watch a Facebook account from far away?

First of all, installing remote spyware to spy on Messenger does not mean that you can hack a Facebook account. There is a difference between the two.

In reality, you can only spy on Facebook Messenger from afar if you install our monitoring software, which has a spying feature for Messenger.

Technically, you can’t spy on a phone without installing anything on it. If you read the opposite on the Internet, be careful and turn around. It is always a trick or a rip-off.

To sum up, here’s what you need to do to spy on Facebook Messenger on a cell phone:

  1. Buy our software for keeping track.
  2. Download and install our spy software on an iPhone or Android phone to keep an eye on what they are doing.
  3. Sign in to your customer portal online.
  4. Choose “Data” from the menu on the left.
  5. Choose the Cats tab and click on Facebook Messenger from the list of chat programs.
  6. View all of the recorded conversations and content
  7. Spying on Facebook Messenger is now possible! => You can read, listen to, download, or get rid of everything said in a conversation.

How to record Facebook Messenger calls and listen to them later?

  • Buy SPY24 PRO and put it on an Android phone, tablet, or iPad.
  • Sign in to your customer portal online.
  • Choose “Data” from the menu on the left.
  • Choose the tab that says “VoIP Registration.”
  • From the list of chat apps, click on Facebook Messenger.
  • Click the download button next to the conversation you’d like to hear.
  • You can listen in on calls made on Facebook Messenger. = Download every Messenger call and listen to it

Installing our spy app on an Android or iPhone phone is the same as installing most other apps. All you have to do is open the software download link in the purchase email on the phone you want to hack.
When the quick download is done, the installation of the spy app will begin. It will ask for your activation code, which is in the email you got when you bought it. Once the spy app is notified, SPY24 PRO asks if you want to leave it visible or make it completely invisible, with no icon or alert on the phone. You get to decide!

Time to go to your private and secure dashboard to check the Messenger messages on the remote phone.

Free software to spy on Facebook Messenger… Is it out there?

In a high-tech field, it takes thousands of hours of research and development to make and keep quality monitoring software running. So, it’s not possible to make spy software for our free messenger.

It’s best not to look for a free program that can spy on Messenger. You only have to try to download free spy Messenger software on the internet to see that most sites that claim to let you spy on Facebook Messenger remotely for free redirect you to paid sites or, even worse, to scam sites that ask you to pay subscriptions by calling a surcharged number or give your phone number to use it in SPAM, so that in the end you are offered software that won’t work and will infect the phone when it is installed.

Also, these sites offer spying solutions that don’t exist but are very tempting, like “Spy on Messenger without software” or “Hack a Facebook Messenger account remotely with the phone number target.”

Paying a few euros to make sure your kids are safe is much easier and safer.

2- mSpy is the best Facebook hacking app in general.

Our favorite Facebook Messenger Hacking App is mSpy. With mSpy, users can see all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages on a target phone. This includes photos, videos, and any other media shared, as well as the people who are in a conversation.

mSpy can also be used as a useful tool to spy on Facebook ads. The app can record the screen of the target phone at any time, so monitors can see the user’s news feed and ads as they scroll through it. The keystroke logger in mSpy can also record any searches that the target user does in the Facebook app.

This app can also block apps like Facebook, so parents who want to limit their kids’ screen time can use it. The best app for geofencing is mSpy, which also lets you spy on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

mSpy is the best Facebook hacking app in general
mSpy is the best Facebook hacking app in general

When paid for a year at once, mSpy costs $9.99 per month to spy on one phone.

  • Pros
  1. See all the messages on Facebook
  2. Keystroke logger to keep track of searches
  3. Recording a screen for Facebook’s news feed
  4. Apps that block Facebook
  • Cons
  1. There is no free version.

3- uMobix is the best app for iPhone to hack Facebook.

uMobix is one of the best apps for iPhone that can hack Facebook. This is because this app can give a target user’s iPhone full access to their Facebook news feed and ad stream. On Android, uMobix is still very useful, but monitors can only get screenshots of the Facebook feed of the phone they are spying on.

The app has a lot of power. Monitors can scroll through the target phone’s Facebook news feed, click on posts, and see who the target user follows. They don’t have to just follow a recording as the user they’re after scrolls.

uMobix is the best app for iPhone to hack Facebook
uMobix is the best app for iPhone to hack Facebook

uMobix is just as good when it comes to Facebook Messenger, of course. The app lets monitors see all messages and multimedia. It also has GPS tracking information so users can see where the target phone is when a message is sent. uMobix can also block apps, so you can use it to stop people from using Facebook or Messenger at any time.

When billed once a year, uMobix costs $14.99 per month.

  • Pros
  1. iPhone users have full access to Facebook’s news feed
  2. See all the messages on Facebook
  3. Tracking by GPS
  4. Can stop Facebook or FB Messenger
  • Cons
  1. News feed screenshots only on Android devices

4- EyeZy is the best app for parents to hack Facebook.

EyeZy is another powerful app for keeping track of what people are doing on Facebook with their phones. It’s great for parents, especially since monitors can block Facebook and other social media apps at any time. Users can even set times for when the apps will be blocked. This makes it easy to limit how much time a child spends on the screen or social media.

EyeZy is the best app for parents to hack Facebook
EyeZy is the best app for parents to hack Facebook

EyeZy makes it easy to keep track of all Facebook Messenger chats coming in and going out. Parents can look at group chats and see who is in them. The app also lets you track a child’s location using GPS, so it’s easy to see where they are when they send and receive messages.

This app is useful for hacking Facebook ads and is also one of the best TikTok hacking apps because it has a built-in screen recorder. When Facebook is open on the phone, users can record the screen and see the same news feed content as the target user.

When paid for yearly, EyeZy costs $9.99 per month to keep an eye on a single device.

  • Pros
  1. Limit who can use Facebook.
  2. Schedule when apps won’t work
  3. While Facebook is open, the screen is recorded.
  4. See everything that has happened on Facebook Messenger
  • Cons
  1. Messenger doesn’t support alerts based on keywords

5- Cocospy is the best app for hacking Facebook Messenger.

Cocospy is a Facebook Messenger Hacking App that is easy to use. This app can be put on an iPhone or an Android device in just a few minutes. If you are going after an iPhone, you can install this Facebook Messenger Hacking App without needing the target phone. This is a huge benefit in some situations.

Cocospy shows all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages, including group chats and multimedia. Monitors can always check their online dashboard to see what’s going on with messaging.

Cocospy is the best app for hacking Facebook Messenger
Cocospy is the best app for hacking Facebook Messenger

Cocospy isn’t like other Facebook Hacking Apps because it doesn’t let you spy on the main Facebook app. It doesn’t have a recorder for the screen or a keystroke logger built in. So, this app works best for people who just want to read Facebook messages.

Cocospy costs as little as $8.33 per month (billed annually) for one Android device or $10.83 per month (billed annually) for one iPhone.

  • Pros
  1. Set up on an iPhone through iCloud
  2. Keeps track of all FB Messenger activity
  3. Cheap to keep an eye on an Android
  4. Simple to use.
  • Cons
  1. Doesn’t keep an eye on Facebook’s main app

6- XNSPY is the best app for tracking Facebook.

XNSpy is a hacking app that can be used to keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, dating apps, and more. The screen recorder that comes with the app makes it stand out. It lets monitors see everything a target user is doing on their phone. XNSpy shows everything, whether they are typing a message or scrolling through their Facebook feed.

XNSpy lets monitors take the wheel as well as keep an eye on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. The app can be used to block any app on the phone of the target user or limit how it is used. It can also be used to send remote commands, like locking the phone or taking a screenshot while the user is reading their feed.

XNSPY is the best app for tracking Facebook
XNSPY is the best app for tracking Facebook

XNSpy is also one of the few apps that let you set up keyword-based alerts for Facebook Messenger messages. Alerts are sent by push notification or email, so monitors always know when to check on the target’s messaging activity.

  • Pros
  1. Save a Facebook user’s news feed
  2. Included keystroke logger
  3. Limit how Facebook can be used.
  4. Alerts based on keywords in FB Messenger
  • Cons
  1. Limited money-back guarantee for 10 days

7- Spyic makes it easy to keep an eye on Facebook Messenger.

Spyic is an easy-to-use app that lets parents, spouses, and employers watch what their kids, loved ones, and employees do on Facebook Messenger. The app makes it easy to see all incoming and outgoing messages, as well as the contacts involved and the time they were sent or received. Spyic also adds the GPS location of the target phone to these timestamps so that monitors can see where the target phone is when messages are sent.

Spyic doesn’t have as many features as other apps because it can’t access the main Facebook app, record the screen, or take screenshots on demand. But for iPhone users, it has an advantage in that it can be installed through iCloud without needing access to the target phone. On Android devices, you still need to have physical access to the target phone.

Spyic makes it easy to keep an eye on Facebook Messenger
Spyic makes it easy to keep an eye on Facebook Messenger

Spyic works well for both homes and businesses. The app has a family plan for monitoring up to 5 Android devices for $83.33 per month (billed annually) and a business plan for monitoring up to 25 iOS devices for $108.33 per month (billed annually).

  • Pros
  1. Simple to use.
  2. When GPS and time stamps are used together,
  3. Can be put on an iPhone through iCloud
  4. There are plans for family and business
  • Cons
  1. No way to get to Facebook’s main news feed

8- Mobile Tracker Free App to Hack Facebook Messenger

The best app to spy on Facebook Messenger for free is Mobile Tracker. This app is free and lets monitors see all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages as well as find out where a phone is using GPS. Monitors can see who is taking part in each chat and when each message was sent.

Mobile Tracker doesn’t let you use the main Facebook app, and it doesn’t have a way to record your screen. But monitors can see what’s happening on the screen of the target phone in real-time, so it is possible to see the Facebook news feed. The app can also take screenshots of a phone from a distance without letting the owner know.

Mobile Tracker Free App to Hack Facebook Messenger
Mobile Tracker Free App to Hack Facebook Messenger

Mobile Tracker is free, and there are no paid subscriptions. Both iOS and Android devices can use the app.

  • Pros
  1. Free to use in every way
  2. Real-time viewing of the phone screen
  3. Access to all of Facebook Messenger
  4. Can take screenshots from a distance
  • Cons
  1. No alerts based on keywords

9- Hoverwatch lets you track FB Messenger on all of your devices.

Hoverwatch is a simple Facebook Messenger hacking app that stands out because it works on all kinds of devices. Hoverwatch is different from other hacking apps because it works on both Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. So, this app can be used to keep track of what a user is doing with their messages on all of their devices.

Hoverwatch gives you access to all of your Facebook messages and media. It also keeps track of the times and people in a group chat. It doesn’t have a screen recorder or a keystroke logger, so it’s hard to find out much about a Facebook user’s news feed or ads. The best thing to do is take screenshots while a user is scrolling through their feed.

Hoverwatch lets you track FB Messenger on all of your devices
Hoverwatch lets you track FB Messenger on all of your devices

Hoverwatch costs $8.33 a month to keep an eye on one device and $16.66 a month to keep an eye on five devices.

  • Pros
  1. Mac and Windows computers can use it.
  2. Inexpensive pricing for multiple devices
  3. Includes tracking via GPS
  4. In stealth mode, it lets you take screenshots.
  • Cons
  1. No live recording of the screen

10- Spyera lets you listen in on calls using Facebook Messenger

Spyera is a full-featured app for Facebook and more that can be used to hack phones. The app does almost everything a user could want, like keeping track of every cellular and WiFi connection a phone makes and every text message it sends or receives. It can also turn on a phone’s camera or microphone from a distance, which can be used to listen in on conversations.

Spyera is different from other apps because it doesn’t just show Facebook Messenger messages and files. It also automatically records any VoIP calls or video chats that are done through the Facebook Messenger app. This makes this app much more useful for people who use Facebook Messenger’s calling features to talk to each other.

Spyera lets you listen in on calls using Facebook Messenger
Spyera lets you listen in on calls using Facebook Messenger

Spyera’s main flaw is that it costs a lot more than the other Facebook Hacking Apps we looked at. Monitoring a single iPhone or Android phone will cost you $32.41 a month if you pay for it all at once, or $89 a month if you pay for it each month.

  • Pros
  1. Facebook Messenger can record VoIP calls
  2. All cellular and WiFi connections are recorded.
  3. Built-in screen recorder and keystroke logger
  4. Mac and Windows computers can use it.
  • Cons
  • Costs a lot.

11- iKeyMonitor is a detailed record of what you do on Facebook.

iKeyMonitor keeps a detailed log and summary of what a target user does on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. This is helpful for people who don’t want to keep an eye on a target phone all the time but still want to know if something strange is going on or if a user is spending more time than usual online. The app’s dashboard is well-made and makes it easy to see what information is important.

iKeyMonitor has all the tools a monitor needs to look into a user’s actions. The app saves all Facebook Messenger messages, including photos, videos, timestamps, and contact information. When a user is scrolling through Facebook, iKeyMonitor can also take screenshots, but it can’t stream or record the screen in real-time.

iKeyMonitor is a detailed record of what you do on Facebook
iKeyMonitor is a detailed record of what you do on Facebook

Basic monitoring is free with iKeyMonitor, but you can’t use Facebook Messenger with that plan. For that, users have to pay $16.66 per month for an add-on.

  • Pros
  1. Summary of the activity in detail
  2. Well-designed dashboard for monitoring
  3. Take pictures from afar
  4. Free version available
  • Cons
  1. Not on the screen

12- Highster Mobile Facebook Messenger Hacking App

As a Facebook Messenger Hacking App, Highster Mobile has a lot to offer. It can help you keep an eye on everything going on on Facebook from any Internet-connected device.

One of the best things about this Hacking App is that they’ve made it easy for people who aren’t very tech-savvy. All you have to do is sign into their dashboard and look at the information that was uploaded from the target device.

They have features like being able to track Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more, and we think they have everything you need in a good phone Hacking App.

Highster Mobile Facebook Messenger Hacking App
Highster Mobile Facebook Messenger Hacking App

But if you want more advanced features or a wider variety of features, these guys might not be your best option.

They work with both Android and iOS, and a month ago, their prices start at $29.09, which we think is more than fair.

13- MobiStealth FB Messenger Hacking App

MobiStealth is another great choice and based on their name, we think it’s a great choice if you want to keep an eye on what your kids are doing on Facebook without them knowing.

This is a well-known Facebook Messenger Hacking App that can also be used by businesses to keep an eye on their workers.

It comes with keylogging technology so you can make sure your employees are doing their jobs and not doing anything illegal.

MobiStealth FB Messenger Hacking App
MobiStealth FB Messenger Hacking App

It can help you figure out where someone is using GPS, and you can also control the target device from afar so you can delete any private information.

They also have several flexible plans and a refund policy that lasts for seven days.

The best part is that you won’t have to jailbreak the target device. The only bad thing about this Facebook Messenger Hacking App is that you won’t be able to use the spy function for Facebook messages on iOS.

Their prices are reasonable, and it will only cost you $13.33 a month, which we think is more than fair.

14- GuestSpy Facebook Hacking App

GuestSpy has a lot of helpful features that can help you monitor Facebook messages, call logs, and media files that have been shared.

This Facebook Hacking App will let you see the target device’s contact list, even if a contact has been deleted.

This is a great choice if you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you or not.

Like some of the other Hacking Apps on this list, this one is also available in languages other than English. For example, you can use it in French, Italian, or German.

One of the best things about this Hacking App is that it’s free to use, but it’s not as easy to use as some other apps.

GuestSpy Facebook Hacking App
GuestSpy Facebook Hacking App

But if you want to make sure your spying works and don’t care too much about whether or not the features are advanced, this is a good choice.

Why Use an App to Hack Facebook?
Facebook hacking apps can be used in several ways. Let’s look at what these apps can do in more depth.

  • Spy on Facebook Messenger

One of the most common reasons to use a Facebook hack App is to read someone else’s Facebook Messenger messages. hack Apps can show both incoming and outgoing messages, along with photos and videos. Monitors can see who is in a chat and keep an eye out for conversations that could lead to harm.

Facebook hacking apps usually give the time each message was sent, which can be combined with GPS tracking data to find out where a phone was when it sent a message. Some apps can also send notifications when they see certain words in Facebook messages.

  • Watch what’s happening on Facebook.

Some Facebook hacking apps, like uMobix, give you full access to the Facebook app on the phone you want to hack. That lets monitors see a user’s full Facebook news feed, any connections they have to other Facebook users or groups, and any posts they’ve made on other people’s pages.

Apps that don’t let you do everything on Facebook usually let you record your screen or take screenshots. So, monitors can see what a target user sees as they scroll through their feed.

  • Keep track of the ads on Facebook

Facebook hacking apps can also be used to keep an eye on Facebook ads, which can tell a lot about what a user has been looking for on the web. These apps don’t just show ads on their own. As a target user scrolls through their Facebook news feed, monitors can also see any ads that are there.

  • Limit how much you use Facebook

Some Facebook hacking apps let a parent or teacher limit how much a child can use Facebook or Facebook Messenger. This is especially helpful for parents who want to limit their children’s screen time or keep them from using social media.

How do hacking apps for Facebook work?

As with TikTok hack Apps, Facebook hack Apps give a monitor remote access to a target phone so that they can look at it or do something on it. Most of the time, these apps give users access to more than just Facebook and other popular social media sites. They may also let monitors see SMS text messages, record phone calls, and find out where a phone is using GPS.

Apps that let you hack Facebook must be put on the phone you want to hack. Once they are in place, they are made to be hard to find and work in stealth mode. When a Facebook hack App is running, most users won’t know they are being watched.

Can You Spy on Someone’s Facebook Without Their Phone?

Once a hack App is on a phone, you can spy on Facebook or Facebook Messenger without having access to the phone. To install the hacking app, you usually need to have access to the phone you want to hack.

There is one exception: some hacking apps can be put on iPhones using iCloud, which lets apps be put on devices from afar. To use iCloud to install a Facebook hacking app, the monitor must know the target phone’s iCloud username and password. If two-factor authentication is turned on, the monitor will still need to get this code from the target phone.

Why Would I Want to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger?

There are a few reasons why you might want to see what someone is talking about on Facebook Messenger.

You might not get along with them anymore, but you still want to know what they’ve been up to lately.

Or, they could be your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, and you might want to know if they tell any of their friends about you.

Are Facebook hacking apps for phones safe?

Hacking apps for Facebook can be very safe. The best Facebook hacking apps use encryption to send information from the target phone to a monitor’s account without letting any of this potentially sensitive information get out.

So, it’s important to pick a reliable phone hacking app. Some cheap or free apps may sell user data, which can be very personal since the app has full access to a target phone. Most apps have privacy policies that explain how data is used, so it’s a good idea to read these before signing up for an app.

Best Facebook Spy Apps Compared

Want to know more about how the best Facebook hack apps compare? In the table below, we show how they compare to each other:

Facebook Spy AppOperating SystemsPrice per month
SPY24 PROWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS are all supported.FREE
mSpyiOS, Android$9.99 (billed annually)
uMobixiOS, Android$14.99 (billed annually)
EyeZyiOS, Android$9.99 (billed annually)
CocospyiOS, Android$8.33 for Android, $10.83 for iPhone (billed annually)
XNSpyiOS, Android$9.99 (billed annually)
SpyiciOS, Android$8.33 for Android, $10.83 for iPhone (billed annually)
Mobile TrackeriOS, AndroidFree
HoverwatchiOS, Android, Mac, Windows$8.33 (billed annually)
SpyeraiOS, Android, Mac, Windows$32.41 (billed annually)
iKeyMonitoriOS, Android$16.66

Free Apps to hack Facebook

Several free apps let people spy on Facebook Messenger online. Even though they are free, these apps often can’t do as much as paid Facebook hack apps. For example, they might only be able to use Facebook Messenger and not the main Facebook app. Or, they might not have a screen recorder or keystroke logger, which helps make sure that monitors can see everything a target user does online.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you might want to try out a free Facebook Messenger hack app like Mobile Tracker. But if you want full access to the phone you want to monitor and the best monitoring features, it’s usually best to pay for an app like SPY24 PRO or uMobix.

How to Use an App to Hack Facebook

Are you ready to start using the best Facebook hacking app of 2022? We’ll show you how to use SPY24 PRO, our top pick overall.

Step 1: Sign Up for SPY24 PRO


To sign up for a new account, go to the SPY24 PRO website and click “Try Now.” Enter your email address and choose whether you want to track an Android or an iPhone. Next, choose a subscription for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months, and finish the checkout process.


Step 2: Install SPY24 PRO


SPY24 PRO will be sent to your email address once you’ve paid for it. The easiest way to set up SPY24 PRO is to download it to the phone you want to monitor and run the installer. There is no need to log in as a root. Just let the installer run and give the app any permissions it asks for to make sure it can fully monitor apps and messages on the target phone.


Step 3: Start to keep track
Once SPY24 PRO is installed on the target phone, you can use your online SPY24 PRO dashboard to start keeping track of what is going on with the phone. Sign in to your SPY24 PRO account, choose the phone you want to look at, and then start looking through the data.

  • Conclusion

With the best Facebook spy apps, it’s easy to keep an eye on any target phone’s Facebook messages, connections, ads, and more. We think SPY24 PRO is the best Facebook spy app overall for 2022 because it has built-in features like a screen recorder, app blocking, and access. Sign up now to start keeping track of what people do on Facebook!

No matter what the reason is, it’s useful to be able to spy on a target device now and then.

If you own a business, it’s important to be able to check in on your employees and make sure they’re working. If you’re a worried parent, it’s also important to be able to see what your kids are doing on their phones.

The best Facebook Messenger hack app that doesn’t need access to the target phone is also very helpful if you want to see what your partner is doing on social media so you can be sure they are being faithful.

Don’t forget to see if any of these Facebook spy apps offer free trials and good luck!

Questions / Answers!

Can Messenger be used to spy?

Spying on Messenger is not impossible. To do this, all you have to do is choose our cell phone spy software, which will give you access to several monitoring features, including the ability to spy on the Facebook Messenger app from afar.
You can spy on Messenger, SMS, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and most other messaging apps with our spy software. You can also remotely track the phone’s location, listen to or record calls and the phone’s surroundings, see photos, videos, audios, and much more.

Do you have to “root” the phone you want to spy on Messenger?

Unlike other monitoring apps out there, our Messenger spy doesn’t need to be “rooted.” This used to be true, but with our new software, you can now follow all Messenger conversations without having to “root” your phone.

Is it possible to see deleted Messenger messages on the phone?

You can see and track all Messenger conversations and calls with our spy software. This includes Facebook Messenger messages that have been deleted from the phone. This is possible because our spy app makes a copy of every sent or received message right away and sends it to the client’s account, which is hosted on a secure server and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

How can I get our spyware, Messenger?

After you buy our Android or iPhone spy software, you’ll get an email with all the information you need to start remote spying on Facebook Messenger.

Can you read what someone writes on Facebook?

You can read someone’s Facebook Messenger messages if you have a Facebook spy app like SPY24 PRO or uMobix.

What is the best app to use to spy on someone’s Facebook?

In 2022, we think the best app to spy on a user’s Facebook news feed and messages is SPY24 PRO. This app can record a target phone’s screen, take screenshots of a Facebook news feed, and give full access to Facebook Messenger.

Can people find out about Facebook spy apps?

Spy apps for Facebook are made to be hard to find. They usually look like other apps and don’t have icons on the home screen. Most of the time, a user needs special software to find and get rid of a Facebook spy app.

What is the best tool for spying on Facebook ads?

SPY24 is the best tool to use to spy on Facebook ads. SPY24 gives iPhone users full access to their Facebook feed, which makes it easy to see which ads are being shown to them.

Can I spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without touching their phone?

If you target an iPhone, you can spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without touching their phone.
But if you want to reach someone with an Android phone, you won’t be able to do this.

Is it better to use a free app?

This depends. Some Facebook Messenger spy apps have a free version or a free trial that you can use. However, in general, we don’t recommend using a free app because its security is likely to be weak.


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