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WhatsApp Mix – APK Download For Android (Official)

Each day there are increasingly WhatsApp MODs to be downloaded. Among the foremost popular ones, we got to point out WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp Pro download the latest version APK, and OGWhatsApp but also other interesting advancements of the likes of WhatsApp Mix that’s here to offer us the specific view of its developer about what the foremost well-known messaging and chat apps within the world ought to look like.

WhatsApp Mix is a combination of features accessible in different WA modes. This makes it simpler for us to access all these features in one place. This application has high customization adaptability, permitting you to customize nearly everything, so in case customization matters to you, WhatsApp Mix ought to be your best selection. So, in case you’re inquisitive about these modes, you ought to utilize WhatsApp mix APK.

WhatsApp Mix – Your Source for the Latest APK Download

WhatsApp Mix is a new version of WhatsApp that is created with various features. The most vital thing about this app is that it has a 3D style that attracts a lot of users.

How To Install WhatsApp Mix?


  • Ability to add Instagram stories
  • The new theme and sticker pack are upgraded.
  • new user interface customization
  • Ability to mark cases shown
  • Added option to jump to the first message in chat.
  • Added option to enable status/story for 5 minutes.
  • Added option to increase message forwarding limit to 250 instead of 5.
  • Message error time has been increased to 100 days.
  • new effects of rain
  • new design for settings
  • 2 new card-style layouts
  • New ticks and bubbles.
  • Some icon bugs have been fixed.
  • The live website crash has been fixed.
  • Chat translation does not work permanently.
  • message recovery has been repaired.
  • Marked as viewed and incorrect story saving has been fixed.
  • The Flickr text on the home screen has been fixed.
  • The missing old emoji has been fixed.
  • Text Case doesn’t show a fixed font style.
  • fixed Instagram story crash
  • When stories like Instagram are active, the status search is fixed.

Download WhatsApp Mix Latest Version

App NameWhatsApp Mix
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size42 MB

You can download WhatsApp mix only from the official page. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the official page of WhatsApp mix.

2. After reading the features and details, scroll down and tap on the download button.

3. Then you will be provided with the WhatsApp mix.

4. Make sure you have enough capacity and a stable connection.

Requirements and additional information:

The installation of the app via the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option inside Settings>Applications.

This program is an adjusted version of the first application, created by a third party that has nothing to do with the owner or with Malavida, who have not confirmed, approved or affirmed the last mentioned. Downloading, installing, and utilizing this program is under the user’s exclusive duty, without Malavida being at risk for the effects or results that will take place on your device. Neither Malavida, nor the initial designer of the modified app, nor any of their trademarks have any sort of relationship with this version.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Mix

There are numerous reasons why you should choose to use WhatsApp Mix over other messaging apps. Below are some of the detailed benefits of WhatsApp mix:

How To Install WhatsApp Mix?
  • Multimedia Features

Users can share massive videos and audio files with it. It has a feature that permits you to send more than 50 high-quality images at once.

  • Privacy

The recent version of WhatsApp mix is provided with Antiban Security System. This feature protects your account from being banned.

  • Customization

The WhatsApp mix user interface has made customization accessible. You can alter icons, fonts, etc. as you wish.

  • Forward tags

Forward tags are one of the drawbacks of WhatsApp. This new version has solved this problem.

How to Install WhatsApp Mix?

It is simple to install WhatsApp mix on your device. Unfortunately, WhatsApp mix APK isn’t accessible in the Google Play Store. However, you can install it from the access link on the official WhatsApp mix APK page.

1. First allow access to install from unknown sources.

2. Tap on the link to download WhatsApp mix APK.

3. Wait until the download is complete

4. When the download is complete, put it on your phone and launch it.

5. Enjoy using this awesome version and its various features.

What is WhatsApp Mix – APK Download?

 WhatsApp Mix – APK Download is a website that gives users the most recent and unique APK for their Android devices.

WhatsApp Mix

How do I download WhatsApp Mix – APK Download?

The WhatsApp mix isn’t accessible in Google Play. So, you must go to the official website of the WhatsApp mix and download its APK.

Follow these steps:

1. First, go to your device Settings and allow downloading from unknown sources.

2. Now download the file of the WhatsApp Mix app.

3. When the download is complete, find and open this app to install it.

4. Now create your account by entering your mobile number and confirming it through OTP.

5. After entering and confirming your mobile number with OTP, you can use WhatsApp Mix.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Mix – APK Download?

Here are the benefits of using WhatsApp mix that you can enjoy:

  • New interface personalization is accessible.
  • The ability to mark cases.
  • Adding WhatsApp stories is accessible.
  • The revised sticker set and theme are accessible.
  • Ability to jump to the first messages of a chat.
  • A 5-minute option to enable status or stories.

What should I do if I encounter any issues while downloading WhatsApp Mix – APK Download?

In case you face any problems while downloading WhatsApp Mix – APK Download, contact their official page and they will assist you.

Spy on WhatsApp

Like any other social media, WhatsApp made it much less difficult for cheaters to communicate without the knowledge of their partners. Other than that, when it comes to cybersecurity, kids are the most vulnerable group to becoming victims of cybercriminals.

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 Ways to spy on your girlfriend’s WhatsApp phone

WhatsApp is an extraordinary messaging app that permits users to communicate with each other viably. In any case, there are ways to spy on a WhatsApp girlfriend’s phone without touching it. You will be able to utilize distinctive spying apps to track what your girlfriend is doing on her phone.

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Here are 2 dominant ways to spy on someone’s WhatsApp and how to use them:

1. Spy app

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2. Utilize a tracking service

Another way to “how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages” is to utilize a spy WhatsApp with a mobile tracker free. This tool will send you a mail each time somebody sends or gets a message on their phone, so you will be able to track their activities successfully. Many of the more well-known tracking services incorporate the SPY24 app and Message Tracker for WhatsApp. SPY24 tool can spy on WhatsApp calls messages and more. Once more, be sure to look at reviews before making a choice about which one to use.

What is SPY24?

WhatsApp Spy Tool is a program that helps you to track all the approaching/ active phone calls, SMS, and GPS locations of a specific device. It moreover permits you to track WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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  • Location-based Features
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  • Browsing History
  • Customer Service

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Can I Spy My Girlfriend WhatsApp Messages with SPY24 App?

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In this article, you have read about WhatsApp Mix APK which is a well-known mod for WhatsApp. It has awesome features like other WhatsApp mods. It also gives way better security than most WA systems. You’ll be able to customize and share huge files. Download the most recent themes and stickers from the server, and many more. Download the most recent version of APK now to get exciting privacy features that will never be accessible in official WhatsApp.

 Ideally, Spy24 is an all-in-one solution to stalk any Android or iOS device remotely. It gives all the basic as well as advanced device tracking features for standard and rooted/jailbroken forms. Utilizing the Spy24 app, you’ll track your partner, kids, workers, companions, or nearly anyone else you wish remotely.

One of the foremost great things about the Spy24 app is that it isn’t detectable. After installing the application, you will be able basically to enable the “stealth mode” features of Spy24. This will let you track the targeted Android/iOS device without letting the owner know about it.


How to Disable the Fingerprint of WhatsApp Mix

So, let’s see what steps need to be followed to disable it:
1. Open the WhatsApp Mix APK first.
2. Now, from the interface’s top right click on 3 dots.
3. After that, you find the setting option, just tap on it.
4. And then, click on the Account option.
5. Now click on privacy.
6. Here you find several options, just crawl and go below, and click on Fingerprint lock.
7. Finally, Disable Unlock with Fingerprint Option.

Is WhatsApp Mix a legal app?

Yes, it is a legal application for social communication. It followed all legal rules, regulations, procedures, and standards. Still, it does not violate any legal issues that create any hassle for the users. So, you do not feel concerned about the legal problem.

How to Update WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

Visit to get the latest WhatsApp Mix updates as well as the APK files. We keep updating our mods to give you a smooth and fresh experience. If you have any problems with our MODS, feel free to comment below. Because you all are very important to us.

How to Hide Profile Photo of WhatsApp Mix from The Public

The profile picture is a vital part of the WhatsApp Mix application. people can easily identify or recognize you by looking at your profile image. If you do not want to show your profile publicly, you can hide it. How to do it, let’s see below.

1. Go to the user interface of the WhatsApp Mix APK.

2. Now, from the interface, click on 3 dots.

3. After that, you find a popup listing the setting option, just tap on it.

4. And then, click on the Account option.

5. Now click on the privacy option.

6. You found some options from these options you can click on the Profile photo and get 3 options; you just tick on the Nobody Option. So, people do not find your profile picture.

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