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We all know that one person who just can’t help but dish the dirt on everyone they come into contact with. Well, now there’s an app for that! pctattletale is a new app that allows users to anonymously report on their co-workers, friends, and family members. Whether you’re looking to get revenge on your ex or just need to vent about your annoying boss, this app is for you! So what are you waiting for? Start tattling on your loved ones today!

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pctattletale – The Best Spy App

pctattletale is the best spy app on the market. It has a free trial and is very easy to login and use. It also has a great review rating.

pctattletale is the best spy app on the market because it is very easy to use and has a great review rating. It also has a free trial so you can try it before you buy it. You can use it to spy on your spouse, kids, employees, or anyone else you want to keep an eye on.

pctattletale - The Best Spy App

Employee & Child Monitoring Software – pcTattletale

Employee & Child Monitoring Software for smart parents and employers. Remotely shows everything your kids or employees do online without them knowing.

Employee & Child Monitoring Software

  • Protect Your Business And Family
  • Monitor Social Media, Text Messages, Email, Web Browsing, Video Games…and more
  • Catch Dishonest Employee Theft and Leaking of Information
  • Cell Phone GPS Tracking
  • Monitor Your Employees
  • 100% Undetectable

What is pcTattletale?

pcTattletale monitors kids. It allows you to monitor your kids online. Their technologies hide it. They won’t know you’re watching them.

Only pcTattletale creates “YouTube”-like videos of their clicks and taps. Your protected pcTattletale account lets you watch their private online lives from your phone or computer.

  • Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft is rising due to greater telecommuting. Most business thefts include it.

Know what your in-office and remote workers are doing. Observe their home-based work. Watch all displays from one place. Remote workers can clock in from home and track their time.

  • Find Leaking Employees

pcTattletale’s secret agent catches thieves, money launderers, and data leakers. Recordings are indisputable. pcTattletale can confirm if an employee or partner is leaking sensitive company information.

Is PCTattletale Safe?

Over 15 years, pcTattletale has helped thousands of spouses, families, and employers like you. A secure cloud stores data. AES and SSL encryption safeguard data transit and storage.

Android Monitoring

pcTattletale runs invisibly. Watch every screen tap. Track their GPS. Watch “YouTube”-style videos of their activities. Android 5-12. Watch on your phone or distant PC.

pcTattletale for Android

pcTattletale lets you see text messages, location, social media, web, email, and more. Breakthrough screen recording technology reveals all.

  • pcTattletale for Android
  • Revolutionary All-In-One Android Monitoring Solution
  • Monitor Social Media, Text Messages, Email, Web Browsing, Video Games…and more.
  • 100% undetectable. Remotely track without knowing.
  • No need to root the target Android phone.
  • Cell Phone Tracker secretly tracks their location

Advanced Cell Phone Tracker

Watch everywhere they go with amazing accuracy. pcTattletale secretly tracks their every move. It turns their Android phone into their very own personal GPS tracker device without them even knowing.

  • Tracks Exact Location
  • View Location History
  • Satellite or maps view mode
  • Realtime up to the second updates

Full Remote Monitoring Made Easy

Watch them from anywhere. Just use your phone or computer to log into your pcTattletale account and see their activity. Once you put pcTattletale on their device you will not need to touch it again. You can even watch them in live mode as they use their device.

  1. Messages
  2. Call Logs
  3. Contacts
  4. Keylogger
  5. Photos
  6. Video Thumbnails
  7. App Activities
  8. Browser History
  9. Calendar

FAQ – Know More About pcTattletale For Android

Do I need to root the android phone before using pcTattletale?

No. Other Android tracking apps require rooting.

Can I use pcTattletale with just their phone number?

No. You must unlock their phone. pcTattletale installs in 5 minutes like other Android apps.

Will they know I am tracking them?

No. pcTattletale runs silently in the background.

How many devices can I monitor at the same time?

Monitor up to devices with your initial purchase. Adding devices is cheap.

Windows Monitoring

pcTattletale tracks every computer click. Its powerful keylogger steals passwords from every keystroke. Read Best Windows 10 Keylogger. Check emails, chats, internet visits, and more. Only pcTattletale records their screen activity.

pcTattletale for Windows

  • Revolutionary Windows Monitoring Solution
  • Monitor Social Media, Email, Web Browsing, Video Games…and more.
  • 100% undetectable
  • Builtin Keylogger
  • View Activity Remotely

Advanced Keylogger

See every key pressed. Get access to their passwords. All activity is recorded and broken out for you to easily search. You can even download the videos and keystroke activity recordings.

FAQ – Know More About pcTattletale For Windows

My Kids have a different Windows login. Will pctattletale still work?

pcTattletale records all logins. Regardless of login.

Can pcTattletale work with 2 monitors?

Yes. The video mixes both monitors. You’ll see their current monitor.

Will they know I am tracking them?

No. pcTattletale runs silently in the background.

How many devices can I monitor at the same time?

You can monitor 3 devices with your initial purchase. Adding devices is cheap.

3-Step Fast Start

Purchase pcTattletale and create your account. Then sign in to the website (step 3) to remotely watch what they do.

Use a special download link to put the secret pcTattletale recording app on their device. The special pcTattletale recording app is hidden.

  • View Activity Remotely

The pcTattletale recording app makes videos of everything they do on their phone. Just log in and watch the videos from pcTattletale’s web dashboard. pcTattletale’s built-in cell phone tracker can be found here too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if pcTattletale does not work for me?

pcTattletale will refund your entire payment within 60 days, even on the last day.

Can I use pcTattletale with just their phone number?

No. You must unlock their phone. pcTattletale installs in 5 minutes like other Android apps.

Will they know I am tracking them?

No. pcTattletale runs silently in the background.

How do I know if pcTattletale works on their phone or computer.?

pcTattletale for Android works with Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and other major phones. Android 5.0–11 supports the app. XP, Vista, 8, 10, and 11 are supported. pcTattletale does not record iPhones or Macs. You may monitor their behavior from any device. Watch them use their Android phone on your iPhone.

pcTattletale – Computer & Mobile Recorder/Monitor- About

Two pals thought of helping parents monitor their kids’ online activity in 2002. Bryan Fleming and Don Schnure developed pcTattletale.

pcTattletale was released after a year of work! It wasn’t groundbreaking today, but it was then. Parents could potentially see their kids’ online conversations without them knowing.

pcTattletale has helped tens of thousands of parents prevent their daughters from encountering pedophiles since then. It has handled many cyberbullying cases online. For police investigations. pcTattletale is also stronger!

Businesses monitored employees with pcTattletale. They customized the software. Over 1,000 companies monitor employees with pcTattletale. Track productivity, theft, lost hours, and more.

Bryan Fleming has run the company since 2011 from Detroit, Michigan. The global personnel and infrastructure of pcTattletale are virtual.

pcTattletale is updated daily. It aids parents and worried employers worldwide.

pcTattletale - Computer & Mobile Recorder/Monitor- About

How pcTattletale Works

Only pcTattleatle records their Android phone screen. Then it instantly uploads the videos to your online account.

Log into the pcTattletale online control panel to watch “YouTube”-like footage of their actions. This online panel is simple.

Try pcTattletale Free

No credit card is required. The Free Trial is limited to showing you how it works. Upgrade your account to use all the features. Watch the video to learn more.

pcTattletale Reviews

You’re looking for a good keylogger or spying software. Found pcTattletale. It’s good? This article reviews pctattletale. I’ll link to third-party sites where you may read consumer reviews and see videos.

  • pcTattletale review

Keylogger and remote espionage software pcTattletale. Windows, Android, and iPhone support it. It does not require Android rooting. Their iPhone can be used without jailbreaking. This matters while considering alternative options.

TIP: Jailbreaking or rooting reduces security. It grants apps greater device access. It’s hard. It requires technical skills. Avoid jailbreaking or rooting.

iPhone jailbreaking is hard. Most spyware and keylogger suppliers require it. Example: SpyBubble. Not pcTattletale. iPhone jailbreaking violates the warranty. pcTattletale provides the most information without jailbreaking your iPhone. Android too.

Just install pcTattletale on your device to record. Sign in to our website to watch the recordings. Remote keylogger. You can leave pcTattletale on their device. Give it to them and use your phone, tablet, or computer to track them.

pcTattletale Reviews

pcTattletale review – Windows Keylogger and spy software

Windows pcTattletale logs every mouse click. It turns clicks into simple YouTube-like movies you may watch on our website (You can even watch from your smartphone).

The usual video controls are visible. Play the video. Frames. Return. The lower progress bar lets you skip through specific scenes.

We also create a click activity bar chart. It shows things like your kids staying up late playing video games instead of going to bed for school. What about long periods of inactivity for a paid employee? Lunchtimes?

Here is a simple diagram that shows you how all the video controls work:

pcTattletale for Windows features an outstanding keylogger. Not only does it collect all their keystrokes (such as their Facebook password) but it incorporates them into the video. So if you watch the video you can see what they were typing.

  • Easy Windows Installation

pcTattletale installs on any Windows machine just like any other software package. If you can put Microsoft word on their computer then you are sophisticated enough to put pcTattletale on it. To discover how to read this article Windows pcTattletale installation.

  • No Windows Password?

What if you don’t know their windows sign-in password? No issue. Just login into your own account on the computer (or build your own account) (or make your own account). Once you put pcTattletale on the computer it will record everyone who uses it. Even if you don’t know their password.

With pcTattletale for Windows, you will see everything they do on the computer. Using “private browsing” mode is irrelevant. pcTattletale will see it.

pcTattletale review – Android keylogger

pcTattletale does not require rooting your Android device. You’ve probably seen this if you’ve researched Android keyloggers. pcTattletale for Android is our top option. Why?

Like our Windows version, pcTattletle for Android captures screenshots when touched. Our site hosts movies made from those screenshots:

View the screenshot. Our Windows video controls appear. You share the click chart.

Watch their videos on Android. They type emails and texts. These videos handle Android keylogging. We can’t retrieve keystrokes without rooting the device as we can with Windows. For the reasons stated above, we did not want anybody to do that.

Easy Android Spy App Setup

pcTattletale for Android installs easily. Installing any Google Play app is identical. See how to install Android for pcTattletale.

  • pctattletale iPhone keylogger review

pctattletale Review – iPhone keylogger

We couldn’t have an app run invisibly and make videos like Android or Windows. iOS is overly restrictive. Google shows that every iPhone keylogger requires jailbreaking your costly iPhone. Don’t ruin your warranty and iPhone.

pcTattletale for iPhone can perform incredible things. The best thing is you don’t need to touch their phone or install an app. pcTattletale iPhone setup instructions pcTattletale iPhone setup.

iPhone SMS Spying

pcTattletale for iPhone displays every text message they sent. Even old ones. Log into our site to view them:

We display everyone they called. Every site they visited. We also display their contacts.

iPhone Advanced GPS tracking

iPhone GPS location tracking is pcTattletlae’s most impressive feature. We can track them year-round. pcTattletale shows their location and movement:

  • Your hubby works Friday. He’s not at work when you open pctattletlae.

Your daughter’s first date? Where is she? Especially late and she’s not home? pcTattetale shows her at the Friday night football game. Row 6.

Again. pcTattletale for iPhone requires no app installation. Their unlock code is unnecessary. pcTattletale can connect to their iPhone from hundreds of kilometers away. They won’t know you’re seeing their specific location. You also received all their texts.

pcTattletale Customer Reviews

Don’t believe us. Look around on the web and see what people are saying about it. Here are some areas you can seek reviews on 3rd party sites from our customers:

Pricing and Money-back Guarantee: pcTattleatle

Pricing is pcTattletale’s finest feature. It’s a yearly subscription you can cancel. We employ a subscription model to cover the costs of hosting all your data online so you may access it anywhere. pcTattletale starts at $99. That will offer you a full 7 days of recordings on up to 3 devices.

You can combine those three devices. Maybe you need to monitor 3 Windows PCs. Maybe a Windows PC, an Android phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Spyware and key logger suppliers rarely offer refunds. Avoid buying software like that from them. What if it fails? You’re broke.

pcTattletale products work. We’re confident you’ll find it. We’ll return every dime if not.

How To Install pcTattletale On Android & Windows

Create a pcTattletale account and install the app on the target device to begin monitoring. You can now use pcTattletale.

  • Click “Add to cart” on the pcTattletale website.
How To Install pcTattletale On Android & Windows
  • Pay. Create an account by entering your email and password.
How To Install pcTattletale On Android & Windows

Install pc Tattletale On Target Android Phone

  1. Select the target’s device after creating your account. Choose Android or Kindle and click NEXT.
  2. Choose how to install pcTattletale on the phone. I installed the program on the target device without a computer and it worked wonderfully, thus I suggest it.
  3. Copy the download link on the next screen to install the program on the target phone.

Note: You need physical access to your spouse’s phone to install the software. App installation requires their phone.

  1. Change the target phone’s settings to install the spy app. Open the browser on their phone and paste the URL you copied.
  2. The app downloads automatically. Downloading the software is safe despite the warning. Tap OK to proceed.
  3. Tap INSTALL to install pcTattletale.
  4. Tap Allow when the app asks to utilize your mobile data network.
  5. Allow notifications first. Tap OK, GOT IT to proceed to the Android button toggling page.
  6. Tap Android and toggle Accessibility immediately.
  7. Change Floating Window Management next. Android toggles Floating Window Management.
  8. Tap Allow allowing the app to record your partner’s phone screen.
  9. Disable battery optimization by tapping YES to run the app in the background.
  10. Allow location and media/file access by pressing Allow.

To track your employee’s phone, tap START RECORDING to exit. The pcTattletale app icon will disappear in seconds.

Return to your smartphone and select Dashboard from the top-left menu.

Click on the device you just set up to start monitoring it.

Install pcTattle tale On Target Windows PC

  1. Login to your account and choose a tracking device, such as a Windows computer, after paying.
  2. Download the software on the target PC. Copy the pcTattletale download URL from your account and paste it into a browser on the target machine to download the EXE file.
  3. Chrome’s safety policy prevents software downloads on the first try. Don’t worry—click Show All.
  4. Select Keep a risky file, then Keep anyhow.
  5. Finally, your child, spouse, or employee’s computer will download the software. Open the downloaded software and install it on the target PC like any other Windows program.

If you can’t install pcTattletale on Windows or Android after reading the instructions, watch my video.

Waiting for what? Risk-free. Free pcTattletale.


pctattletale is the best spy app on the market because it is very easy to use, has a great review rating, and also has a free trial. You can use it to spy on your spouse, kids, employees, or anyone else you want to keep an eye on. Try it today!


  • The live location tracking feature.
  • It helps you to encrypt and protect your data.
  • It helps you spy on what’s app messages on your spouse’s cell phone without getting detected.
  • Multiple tiers are available depending on your needs.


  • Could be Pricey.
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