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Glassagram is a program that lets you see other people’s Instagram stories without them knowing. You can use a private Instagram viewer even if you don’t have an account on the site. Learn how Instagram works from the inside out.

Glassagram Review 2022

Glassagram 2022 Instagram addict? If so, you probably post photos of food, pets, selfies, and other content on Instagram.

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Anonymously watched Stories? Did you know that?

This Glassagram review explains how to anonymously watch Instagram Stories.

1.393 billion Instagrammers do the same thing.

No wonder marketers, brands, businesses, social sellers, and influencers of all levels use this platform.

Instagram lost users in recent years. Then, as quickly as it grew at first, it grew again due to new features and evolution.

Instagram lost users to Snapchat’s live images and videos.

These disappearing videos and photos created online stars and gained attention.

Instagram needed to catch up and join the trend. Instagram Story soon followed.

Once this feature launched, Instagram grew quickly.

Over 500 million Instagram users watch Stories daily, according to Facebook.

Why is this popular? After 24 hours, it’s gone forever.

What’s the draw? You wanted to share something with someone, but not everyone. Popular because‚Ķ

It’s easy to catch your favorite brand or influencer in action on Highlights.

What if you want to see daily Stories but don’t want to be seen?

Not everyone wants their profile to appear in the Instagram Story viewer list.

The following Glassagram review discusses all this.

Glassagram review?

Want to see someone’s Instagram stories and posts without them knowing?

If so, this article will review a third-party app called Glassagram that can help.

It’s a unique app for tracking Instagram profiles remotely.

It lets you download free posts and stories. Let’s review Glassagram 2022.

Glassagram lets you view and track private Instagram profiles without the users’ knowledge.

Glassagram is legit and aboveboard, unlike many similar companies.

Do you want to secretly view someone’s Instagram posts and stories? This article reviews Glassagram. It’s a unique app for remotely monitoring Instagram accounts. You can also download free stories and posts.

Are you ready to monitor someone’s Instagram? If so, let’s begin!

Review Glassagram

It’s a lengthy article, so you may want to skip ahead. Here are links to the article’s key sections.


Glassgram’s free online version lets anyone view and downloads a person’s stories. Install their app on the target Android phone to view messages, videos, locations, etc. It’s only for Android phones, not iPhones. Instagram tracking requires an Android 4 or higher phone.

Glassagram is the best app for seeing Instagram posts.

Glassagram is online software that lets anyone who has an Instagram account look at any other account. This anonymous Instagram story viewer gives you everything you need to know about a profile.

Glassagram is the best app for seeing Instagram posts

What’s the point of Glassagram?

We offer high-quality ways to look at Instagram without being seen. It is a new item on the digital market. We know for sure that using the service will lead to well-known results. You’ll be able to use the account fully once you’re inside. And you can keep an eye on anything you want. It is safe and sound to use the service. We give you the best ways to look at Instagram stories. Just look here:

Easy to put in place

It’s easy to start using something. Join for free to see how the system works. In 1 minute, you’ll be able to use the app.

Real-time updates

Every 5 minutes, Glassagram will automatically update the data reports. You can’t miss even the smallest detail.

Best price

We have the best value for a fair price, and our products cost half as much as similar ones.

What will the private Instagram viewer let me do?

Anonymous people look at Instagram stories

With Instagram viewer, you can get all the information you need about an account’s stories. There, the responses and comments can be shown. Use of the software is completely anonymous. And the person who made the profile won’t know that you saw it. The Instagram stories viewer will be useful if the profile of the person you want to see is set to hide stories.

5-minutes setup

1. Choose the plan you want to use. After you finish the purchase, you’ll get an email with more instructions.

2. Install Glassagram on a target Android device. It will take you a few minutes to do this.

3. Go to your account and wait until all of your devices are connected and data is being sent.

Start following Instagram without being seen!

You can also see direct messages, the user’s news feed, and likes and comments on IGTV. Also, the stories that were cut can also be shown. With the Instagram profile viewer, you can see everything about a private account even when it is set to private. Get a chance to look inside the account you want to hack.

Do you have to have an account to follow someone else’s profile?

No, you don’t have to sign up to use the platform. The Instagram viewer can be used even if you don’t have an account. All you need is the username of the profile you want to use. All done!

Can I look at the information on a private Instagram profile?

It doesn’t matter which account an anonymous Instagram viewer connects with. The account of the person being watched can be both private and public. There will be access to all the facts.

How is the customer service?

Our customer service staff is available at all times. Customers can ask anything they want about the app. Just send the right request and you’ll get clear instructions about what to do next.

What kinds of devices can Glassagram be used to track?

The Instagram viewer software works on many different kinds of modern devices. You can use smartphones, PCs, and tablets (Android). The software is designed to be easy to use.

Is it safe and secure enough to use your Glassagram service?

Our service is built on a system that is safe and of high quality. No one knows who is working with whom. We don’t share information about our customers with anyone else. It’s not too dangerous.

Can I try out the demo version before I buy it?

Yes, we give our customers the demo version so they can try out the product. We’re sure it’s the best way to learn everything there is to know about the Glassagram software. And in the future, choose the right subscription plan.

Anonymous app to see Instagram stories

Instagram has become a virtual version of how people live their lives now. All of the information about the owner is kept in the online home. But if you close the account, you might lose touch with the person you need to talk to. People who want to learn more can use the Instagram story viewer to do so.

What is an Instagram story viewer who doesn’t have a name?

New technologies and cool gadgets have made it easier and safer for people to keep track of the people they care about. There are many different spy apps on the global market. We can find out where the person is, hear what’s going on around them, read their messages, and see what’s on their phone. The main purpose of these apps is not just to find out someone’s secrets, but also to make sure that your family members, especially your children, are safe.

The Glassagram software is great for both keeping an eye on Instagram and keeping an eye on kids. So, when we talk about video monitoring, we mean the content on this platform.

It doesn’t matter what kind of account you want to follow, by the way. You just put the link or user name on the Instagram you want and see what happens. No one will ever know if you look at the profile from the inside.

With the Instagram story viewer, you can watch someone’s video without them being able to tell you did it. The person being watched won’t be able to tell you apart from other viewers.

The cool thing about this anonymous Instagram story viewer is that you can find out who has been looking at your videos. You know that we can’t tell who exactly watched the video posted on the profile feed. But we know you are interested in this particular piece of information. Or it could be a strange one, which would be a sign to make the profile private for safety’s sake. If you own a small business and want to know who sees your content but doesn’t follow you, you can use the Grassagram Instagram video views app. You can figure out what kind of people they are and how you can get their attention and get them to follow you.

About Glassagram

Glassagram is the first piece of software that lets people look at other people’s Instagram accounts whenever they want. By the way, a view like this from the inside can be useful for more than just fun. This method can be used for important things.

Use the anonymous location tracker to get the best results when keeping an eye on someone.

In 2017, a group of people came up with the idea of using Glassagram to see more on Instagram. The worldwide social media platform is full of pictures of people’s colorful lives, but it also has a lot of secrets. Let’s be honest: we all want to look in on other people from the inside. without following the profile of someone else. You’ll agree that it’s pretty interesting.

Let’s talk and get to know each other better. We are experts who love what we do for a living. In 2017, there are only five guys on our small staff. But now there are more than 70 people in the company. We all know a lot about marketing and how to use the internet. That makes it easier to know what the customer wants.

Our team’s main goal is to make a product that is better than all the rest. The best deal for a price you can afford. Also, we care about the safety of our clients. Because of this, everything we talk about and do through the Grassagram software will stay between us. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and seven days a week.

Why pick us?

One hundred percent privacy

You won’t be known to anyone (views are invisible to the owner of the profile, and your personal data, date, and time of your visits are not displayed or saved).


With our app, you’ll be able to look at your target’s Instagram profile in detail and even see deleted information, like a story or photo.

Best price

We offer the best value for a fair price, with most of our products costing half as much as most other similar ones.

  • Find out what you like. Find out how to see what someone is doing on Instagram.

Don’t know what to give as a gift? Want to learn about someone’s interests and hobbies so you can plan fun things to do with them? Just ask them what they’ve been liking on Instagram lately to get good ideas and unique insights. The Glassagram tracker makes it easy to surprise and impress friends, family, lovers and crushes with thoughtful gifts, experiences, and memories they’ll love.

With the Glassagram options, someone who runs a small business, for example, can check out their strong competitors. And to find out more about the pros and cons of each. The good and bad sides of the business. Or, the software can be used for purposes that are not so global. You might just look at someone else’s feed to see what’s going on. There are a lot of things you can do with Glassagram.

  • Stop being envious and check out who follows who on Instagram.

Worried that your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse might be cheating on you? You don’t have to follow them around or try to look at their phone history without their knowledge. With our handy Instagram activity tracker, you can keep track of the people they follow and the photos they like to see if you should be worried.

With the Glassagram, you can be the hidden observer and see what’s going on from the inside. All the direct messages, including the ones that have been deleted, as well as the photos and videos, likes, and emoji reactions, will be visible. You can also find out more about who is interested in your spouse romantically. This kind of person will use the profile more than other people.

Keep an eye on your kid’s interests. Check out the important things that Instagram followers do.

Remember when it was all the rage to plank in weird and dangerous places? Most parents can’t understand the weird, strange world of what kids like. Then there’s cyberbullying and cybersex, which are also things to worry about. Snoopreport’s IG activity log and Instagram tracking reports make it easy for you to keep track of your child’s online interests, followers, and activity, so you can spot potentially dangerous situations before they get out of hand or put your child in danger.

Start following Instagram without being seen now!

In the search bar, type “@username” or “https://www.instagram.com/username/” followed by the username you want to find.

Glassagram.com Review Scam App Download Free Business

Review of Glassagram: An Anonymous Way to Download Instagram Stories

Want to look at someone else’s Instagram stories without them knowing? You can get help with it from Glassagram. Here is a full review of the app Glassagram.

Do you want to sneak a peek at someone else’s Instagram posts and stories without them knowing? If so, you’re in the right place, because I’m going to talk about Glassagram in this article. It’s the only app of its kind that lets you keep an eye on someone else’s Instagram account from far away. It also lets you download free copies of their stories and posts.

So, are you ready to check out someone else’s Instagram account without them knowing? If so, then let’s get going!

Glassagram Review

Since it is a long article, you might want to go straight to a certain part of the review to save time. Here are links to the article’s most important parts.


The free version of Glassgram is an online tool that lets anyone see and download the stories of a specific person. If you want to see more of their activities, like messages, videos, where they are, etc., you need to install their app on the Android phone you want to track. It’s too bad that right now, only Android phones can use it and not iPhones. Still, the phone you want to track Instagram activity on needs to be running Android 4 or later.

Free Instagram Story Viewer Glassagram Anonymous

To use Glassagram for free, go to its official website and click on the TRY Now button.

Next, you’ll need to type in the Instagram username of the person whose stories you want to see. You need to put a @ in front of the username, or you can type the whole web address, like https://instagram.com/username/. After putting in the username, click the Watch now button.

About Glassagram

After that, it will run a code, and you’ll have to wait while it checks your account. Once the account has been successfully recovered, you can click on “Go To Account” to see the Instagram account without the target person knowing.

About Glassagram

This will take you to their profile, where you can now see their published content and the stories they’ve told their followers.

When you click on a picture or video you want to see, it will open up on a big screen. You can download the picture or video from this page if you want to.

The free version of Glassagram, on the other hand, can’t follow private accounts. If you want to keep an eye on someone’s private Instagram account, you can put the Glassagram app on their phone. Click “Try Now” again to go to the page where you can make an account.

Note that you can only get to the page where you can make a Glassagram account after using the free anonymous story viewer tool shown above. You can’t set up your account any other way. If you don’t want to do all this, you can just click on this link to go to the page where you can make an account.

How to Install and Set Up Glassgram:

1. Sign up for a Glassagram account by entering your real email address and clicking on Sign Up.

How to Install and Set Up Glassgram:

Now you’ll be taken to the pricing page, where you can buy a plan that fits your needs.

3. Finally, pay the bill.

You will get an email with the information you need to log in to Glassagram.


4. Now, use those login details to get into your Glassagram account. A guide to installation will begin. Click on “Next” to start the wizard, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install Glassagram on the phone you want to send it to.


5. When the installation is done, you’ll see a screen that says “Congratulations! Process Complete!” Click “Done,” and you’re ready to track the target person’s Instagram account.


The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to your Glassagram account. It has a dashboard that is very simple. You don’t get a lot of information about it. You only see information about the target device, like how much battery it has, what its name is, what version of Android it is, etc.

Just above “Social” on the left side panel is a section called “Unread.” This part tells you when the person you want to keep an eye on is using their Instagram account.

Glassagram Features

Glassagram takes screenshots of everything you do on Instagram and keeps track of it. This means that every time the person in question opens Instagram on their phone, this app will take a picture of it. This Instagram monitoring app doesn’t miss a single screen, and syncing a screenshot to your account only takes a few seconds. So, you can look at the target person’s Instagram stories, videos, direct messages, likes, and locations without them knowing. How does it work?

1. Story Viewer

With Glassagram, you can see the person’s story or the story of someone else they are looking at on their account. If you look at these stories the usual way, from your own account, the person whose story you want to see will know that you did. But if you look at Instagram stories that were made with Glassagram, they won’t know.

2. Video & Reels Viewer

Even though Instagram has a “no nudity” rule, it is still full of adult content. So, if your kids use it, you should be a little worried because it’s easy for them to see such inappropriate content. You can’t always be with them when they’re on Instagram, so how can you see what they’re doing? Don’t worry. With Glassagram, you can use screenshots to see what videos or reels they are watching from afar.

3. DM Tracker

Do you think it’s possible that your partner or spouse is flirting with someone on Instagram? Why don’t you check their direct messages to see if they are actually hitting on someone? With Glassagram, you can read someone’s Instagram Direct Messages and see who they are sending them to without letting them know.

You can also see what they are talking about with their Instagram followers. But if the chat is happening in the “vanish” mode, all you can see is a black screen.

4. Like Viewer

Want to know who an Instagram user follows? Or maybe you just want to find out what kind of things your kids or partner like on Instagram. If this is the case, you can trust Glassagram because it lets you see who your kids or partner is following on Instagram by showing you screenshots. You can also look at the posts that they liked. With its help, you can find out what they like and give them gifts and surprises that fit their tastes.

5. Location

Do you want to find out where someone has been by secretly tracking their Instagram account location? If so, I have some good news for you: you can also use Glassagram to do this. Most of the time, when people post photos on Instagram, they include where they were taken. So if you look at their posts, you can find out where they are right now. This isn’t as accurate as using GPS to track them, but you can still get a good idea of where they are.

Glassagram Pricing

There are both free and paid plans for Glassagram. You can only see the stories and download them with the free plan. With the premium plan, on the other hand, you can keep track of everything they do on Instagram without them knowing. There are 1-month and 12-month plans for the Premium plans. The monthly plan will cost you $59.99, while the annual plan at $14.99/month will cost you $179.88.

Help for customers 

Glassagram has great customer service because they try to solve your problems as quickly as possible. Also, it’s much easier to get in touch with their support if you need help. Click on the chat support panel in the bottom right corner of your Glassagram dashboard to get in touch with them. Just type in your name and email address, and a chat support worker will be sent to you to help you solve your problems.

Does the Glassagram app hurt the phone it is used on?

No, you can be sure that the Glassagram app won’t mess up the phone you want to send it to. It will use some battery, but not at an alarming rate, so the person whose phone this app is on won’t know that it’s there. During testing, I didn’t have any problems like lag or the target phone getting too hot, so you can use Glassagram to track Instagram.

Glassagram Review: Final Verdict

So, that’s the end of my Glassagram review. It’s one of the best apps to use if you want to watch someone else’s Instagram stories without them knowing. Glassagram can also help you spy on your girlfriend’s followers or keep an eye on your kids’ Instagram accounts to keep them safe from the dangers of the app. Overall, Glassagram is the best way to keep track of everything someone does on Instagram without them knowing, and I highly recommend it.


Glassagram is free, yes.

You can use Glassagram’s free online app to see and download someone’s Instagram story. If you want to see what they do on Instagram, you have to put their app on the phone you want to spy on. The app is not free, though.

Is Glassagram easy to find?

No Glassagram can’t be found, so you can look at someone’s Instagram activities without them knowing.

Can Glassagram be used to keep an eye on a private Instagram account?

Yes, Glassagram can even track a private account.
It lets you download Instagram stories without anyone knowing.
It’s easy to use and syncs the screenshots almost immediately.
Captures every screen so you don’t miss any of the details.
The customer service is great.
You can look at someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing for free CONS
Not available for iPhone
No keylogger data is available

Is Glassagram Free?

Glassagram is free if you just want to view Instagram stories. Extra features cost money. 

Can You Detect Glassagram?

No, the Glassagram profile viewer is undetectable, so you can view Instagram activity anonymously. 

Cheap or affordable? 

Instagram viewing and growth companies tend to have varying prices. 
Some companies sell features for great prices, while others are average. 
Some companies overcharge for their features; avoid them. 
Avoid companies selling their features at rock-bottom prices because the quality is often lacking. 
Middle-of-the-road will do.

Pros and Cons of Glassagram.com


  • See private Instagram accounts
  • 100% anonymous Instagram story viewer included
  • Android & iPhone supported
  • Free version available
  • Reasonable-priced paid plans


  • The full version requires a subscription
5/5 - (5 votes)

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